Sunday, August 31, 2014

If you practice this meditation regularly...

... you will be able to induce sexual excitation at will.

At least once a week would be the best way to attain a good level of energy. For a man as well as for a woman, this meditation can outdo any drug or preparation. Nothing can surpass this natural way of stimulating the vital energies. Consecrate ones best sexual energy to ones beloved is a way of sharing pleasure, incomparably. This kind of exchange is essential for a good relationship. Sometimes the man can do the water meditation and the woman, the fire meditation, just for the contrast. It is a way to feel what the other experience, a lesson of sharing the pleasure totally with the other. This profound knowledge of the other is a guarantee of success of your relationship...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Now, this is how to proceed:

Copy the pentacle with Chinese ink, on a parchment or a good quality paper, and put your initials at the accurate places, 1 first name, 2 surname.

Put down the pentacle in front of you, a glass of hot water beside it.
Sit in the meditation position you feel the most comfortable in. Light a red candle.

While fixing the centre of the pentacle, feel the heat of the desert in your throat. Breathe slowly while imagining how your breath is like a watercourse, coming from your mouth and fertilising the hot sand. At each expiration, water flows.

When you inspire you feel how you become a fresh spring.
Imagine how water comes out of the ground, rises along your legs, heats your genitals, awakens it and makes it vibrate.

Fixing the middle of the pentacle, make your inner waters boil. You can feel the pleasure of the boiling overrun you. A feeling of power arises in you.  Savour this impression a few minutes and expire towards the glass of water, the calm of the water entering you, soothing you.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ritual of water, for a woman

Water is a fluid, infiltrating everything, marries all forms and adapts to all con tenants with a total flexibility. With a perfect meekness, it seeks never to elevate itself except when fire puts it into boiling. It needs the masculine element for it to enter its active phase. The fluidity of water teaches us how to get around obstacles. By its infinite serenity, it is one of the most mysterious elements of nature. A meditation upon the pentacle of water is a beautiful experience, making a woman coming closer to her true nature.

Men and women are composed of 75% of water. It is important to consider this truth, especially for a woman. Because if the man has to cultivate the fire energy within him a woman has to exalt within her, the water element which illustrates her femininity. Thanks to this meditation with the Water Pentacle, you can identify with all the different phases of water, corresponding to your different moods.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Following up on the ritual of Fire

To be successful with this meditation, one has to identify with fire and with all the different stages of combustion. One has to become, through thought, the fire, the smoke as well as the ashes. One own inner combustion is activated to burn all psychological blockages, parasitic thoughts or any other negative cumbersome idea. Only the vital and positive energy will be left in place to nourish the sexual energy which will be tenfold by the flame.

To be able to master your sexual energy, learn haw to visualise it. Fix the centre of the pentacle, sitting cross legged on the floor or on a chair, concentrating on the palms of your feet.

Imagine a fiery, powerful stream of energy going through your feet, up along your legs, feel the life giving and gentle warmth.

Guide this energy up to your genitals, up through your heart and out to your hands. You should feel the heat and energy of fire in them.

Now concentrate on your genitals. Imagine the sun, heating your from a cloudless sky. Imagine how it diffuses its heat to that point and out through your members and further out to the extremities of them, head, arms and legs.

See your genitals in a ball of fire, your legs being like profound wells filled with cold water, coming up to sooth the heat in your abdomen.

With an expiration, let this freshness loose and let it freshen your whole body.

This visualisation upon the pentacle of fire will stimulate your sexual excitement.

If you do it regularly, once or twice a week, or at least before the love making, you'll be tireless.

Breathing deeply during the water visualisation, will help you, with a regular practice to channel your energy. During the love making, it will servo you to master and extend your excitement.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The magic of pentacles is very ancient. There are many, different forms and shapes with various fields of use, the most famous being those Salomon and Agrippa.
The energy of the pentacles comes from their geometric drawings, studied by generations of magicians to create form waves. This energy is further exalted by the writings on it, often in Hebrew or a magical language. The most simple pentacles  are composed by an exterior circle symbolising the macrocosm, in other words, the universe, and by an inner circle representing the microcosm, the terrestrial world, completed by a symbolisation of man (for example a pentagram) together with the symbols of the entities which one wants to call upon.
But there are multiple forms that can be used, to make them extremely useful, so they can evolve and adapt to different demands.
A pentacle can be used as a talisman if you customize it it. It can then be used in various rituals as a "fluid transmitter".
A personal pentacle is a tool, incomprehensible for others, while very useful and precious for the one who have made it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ritual of Fire, for a man

The pentacle of Fire should be place before you while doing a meditation. You should make it with Chinese ink and a piece of parchment or at least a piece of good quality paper. At the marked spots, 1 and 2, you should put your initials, 1 the initial of your first name and 2 your surname. Behind the pentacle you'll put a red candle and the room should be dark otherwise.

To meditate upon the Fire, is a way of making you get into contact with the very essence of your virility. Those of you who have an open fireplace, would appreciate even more., because they would feel the energy of Fire, even more, with the show of the dancing flames. A meditation before the flames of a fire in an open fireplace is guaranteed to give you a revitalisation that is both rapid and powerful. But for those who haven't got that, the flame of a candle is good enough.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rituals for sexual magic

Thanks to a work with the Elemental's, meditation, which was practised by the Ancient and the Magi, can augment your sexual power. Western esoteric philosophy builds upon a model based on the interaction of the four Elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air, in China, Wood is the 5th Element which participates in the universal energies. To develop their sexual power, the man uses Fire and the woman, Water.

It is necessary to understand the interaction between Water and Fire in the composition of the sexual energy. Additional to fire, man also contains his part of water, just as the woman her part of fire. They can "play" with these element together to augment their mutual pleasure. Due to the magic of pentacles and the work with visualisation, that you accomplish by meditation, you are going to master the sexual energies that you are currently lacking, so that your relationship gets complete on all levels.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A charm to augment a man's sexual performances

We are about to prepare a desire provoking oil that also favour sexual prowess.

In a, preferably, pink or red bottle, pour in the following ingredients with a silver spoon:

5 drops of rosemary essential oil
5 drops of patchouli essential oil
10 drops of yohimbine extract
1 pinch of ginseng powder
2 coffee spoons of sesame oil

This oil should be used to anoint a red candle which should be lit before the love making or/and as a massage oil for your partner, while reciting the following prayer:

"I implore you, Mars, almighty in the name of Anael.
Let me attain the heart of my beloved with the powerful arrow of love.
The arrow which penetrate the sky will create within us a powerful desire.
Its tip is my love.
Its sting is my decision to possess you.
Come to me, full of desire.
You are under my spell.
Oh Mars, take his/her will and make me the only one to have the power over the heart of my beloved."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A charm to increase the sexual performances of a woman

A day during full moon, take a bath into which you have previously poured seven drops of an essential oil or mixture of several oils, chosen for the pleasant fragrance on it/them your skin.

After the bath, dry yourself in a white, cotton bath towel and sit down in an obscured room only lit by seven red candles previously anointed with jasmine oil.
Drink a cup of jasmine tea or a glass of wine of a year, with special, positive meanings for you.

While drinking your beverage recite this charm:

"I invoke you, Venus, goddess of love, so that you inject passion into me.
I am possessed by an argent love for this man.
Make him yearn for me, make him desire me, make him burn inside for me, make love spread within him.
Make him desire me more than nothing have ever been desired before.
I love him and want him, he must feel the same for me.
Oh Venus, awaken the goddess in me!
I abandon myself to the power of love.
This night will be burning with the fire of love."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A charm for a passionate night

Mix together while stirring clockwise, the following:

1 tablespoon dried hibiscus flower
1 tablespoon dried and grind rose hip
1 teaspoon of dried lemon bark
1 teaspoon of dried peppermint
1 teaspoon of mandrake powder (for a man)
1 teaspoon of ginseng powder (for a woman)

Keep these ingredients in a pot, they can be kept like this for almost a year.

When you want to have your passionate night prepare a pot of tea, two coffee spoons of the mixture per cup. While letting the tea infuse, pronounce the following prayer:

"I implore you, Anael, who protect the world beneath your wings,
You who cannot be approached but who is the personification of love,
Golden winged founder of the universe,
You who's light is darkness, you who exhale a dark folly which inhabits every soul,
You generate an invisible fire by you herbal tea of love, with my desire, I strengthen you.

When two lovers shares this potion, their love intensifies like in the ancient Garden of Love."

Sweeten it with honey and share it with your beloved.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Light a red candle previously anointed with rose or jasmine essential oil...

and put it on the side of your bathtub, and say this prayer:

"I implore you Venus, by the name of your angel Anael, gracious and admirable, so that you open my heart and elevate my spirit.
May my whole body reflect in yours, which is so beautiful no word could describe its beauty, radiant of light. 
May this bath purify my body and soul and make it behold seduction and attraction, making me become a being surrounded by an aura of love."

Stay in this bath during the time you feel comfortable, relaxing and visualising yourself full of energy and charm.

Blow the candle, get out of the bath, dry yourself with a white cotton or linen bath towel. You are now ready to conquer !

Monday, August 18, 2014

A charm for making you more attractive

During full moon, you should start by taking this magical bath which will give you an attractive magical aura.
Add the following ingredients, that can be purchased in special shops, in a very hot bath:

3 tablespoons full of almond oil in which the kernel has macerated for 8 days
3 tablespoons full of ordinary almond oil
1/2 a tablespoon of rose water
13 drops of jasmine essential oil
6 drops of rose essential oil

Mix by hand and throw dried camomile flowers into the water before entering the bath.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sexual Magic

In the domain of love, there is one that should be privileged, that is sexuality.  For the man as for the woman, the love they share and the fusion it leads to, is the basis of a successful relationship. When sexuality is not the concrete of a relationship it wither, love dissolving slowly, which is often a condemnation leading to a break up.

There are also moments when worries, stress, problems perturbs the sex life of the couple, interrupting the communication. Sometimes it is simply shyness, that inhibits the sexual relationship. There are multiple reasons why a couple would have difficulties within their relationship, to attain the pleasure that leads to happiness for both partners. To be able to make love in the best conditions, one have to feel free within ones mind as well as within ones body. If a blockage, an inhibition, annoyances or that some kind of fear submerges one of the lovers, the sexuality will not thrive, leaving an unwanted embarrassment within the relationship.

The searching for sexual harmony and total sexual pleasure between lovers has developed through decades, religious and moral duress becoming simultaneously less harsh and therefore dis-inhibit people.
Nowadays, lovers require a perfect concord on every plane in the relationship.
It is important to release oneself from the bondages of the daily life of our era, to be available for lovemaking. The occult proposes solutions to that endeavour.

Since all time, magi and sorcerers have worked to satisfy men and women consulting them. I am going to present them here to you, solutions to improve your your sexual performances as well as those of your partner. You can then create the perfect moments for your relationship to evolve into a perfectly harmonious one.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

End of this ritual

This ritual should be done 28 days in a row, knowing that from the second day after your shower and calming down before the beginning of the ritual, you light the candles, the charcoal, the incense and consecrate the candles.
The 28th day, the residues of the candles must be buried under a oak tree or any other tree except any of the resinous trees. The salt should be gathered and thrown into running water.
As soon as the following moon, the results should start to be visible.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ritual part 3

Now, move the two red candles beside the white one and pass the incense burner, previously re nourished with a pinch of each of your incenses, seven times so that the candles gets surrounded by the smoke.

Put back down the incense burner and continue with this invocation:

"The righteousness of the almighty is my path. 
The divine love fills my soul, guides my steps and assists me in my search of the eternal affection of...(full name of your beloved).
The divine success is mine now. The divine peace and harmony reign in my life, in all circumstances and makes me materialise my wish of the loving possession of...(full name of your beloved)."

Now, concentrate a few moments while breathing calmly. Then blow the candles and put them back at their initial place.

Let your altar be like that until the next day (the incense will continue to burn), close the door so that nobody can touch or undo the arrangement, if it is not possible then pick up everything and store it away. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ritual part 2

Now, concentrate a moment, and palms toward the altar, read the following three times, with sincerity and persuasion, "The Grand Love Invocation":

"I conjure you, in the name of the nine hearts amongst whom you belong, oh Anael,
I conjure you, in the name of the angels and archangels, the thrones, the dominations, the principles, the powers, the virtues, the cherubims and the seraphims,
I conjure you in the name of Uriel, the guardian of the north,
I conjure you in the name of Raphael, the guardian of the south,
I conjure you in the name of Mikael, the guardian of the east,
I conjure you in the name of Gabriel, the guardian of the west,
I conjure and adjure you, oh Anael, in the name of these attributes as such, their almighty syllables, so that you leave your celestial dwelling and condescend to  come down to me, oh illuminating powers, and help me in this endeavour of love possession.
I implore you, oh Celestial Anael, in memory of the signs, you gave the apostles!
Please condescend, oh angels of light, to manifest your agreement in acting heavily upon my beloved...(say the full name of your beloved) and make him/her dream of me, think of me constantly, so that he/she sees me in his/her minds eye all day and night. Make his/her love grown more and more as the days goes by."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Beginning of the ritual, to be done the following 27 days...1

Hold your right hand around your candle and your left around the candle of your beloved and read the invocation of the creative forces:

"Oh Divine Power, you who are sitting upon the cherubim ans seraphim, you who reign upon earth and oceans, I lift my hand toward you and implore you."

Lift your arms above your head, palms toward the sky and concentrate on the divine powers that you are invoking. Then pronounce the following:

"You who are the unique accomplishment of the good works, You who render their beloved to those who suffer, You who are the father of life and the destroyer of death, You are my support, You are the protector of those that invoke you, protect me, keep me and favour me during this operation of love that I undertake with all my faith, Oh Divine Power reigning and residing in the Eternal, within me and within each of my gestures. Amen."

Sunday, August 10, 2014

First day...4

Place both your hands around the candle representing you and repeat this:

"I consecrate you who are in my image and my name...(your full name) and who represents me in this action.
I consecrate you who are in my image and wears my perfume.
I consecrate you who are in my image and who are going to assist me in this love possession endeavour.
I consecrate you who are in my image and whom I reinforce with magnetism so that I attract my beloved toward me.
By the virtue of the holy angels Gabriel, Samael, Mikael, Zachiel, Anael, Cassiel, Raphael, all of them present here with me. Amen"

Then put your hands around the candle representing your beloved and say:

"I consecrate you who are in his/her image and his/her name...(his/her full name) and who represents him/her in this action.
I consecrate you who are in his/her image and wears his/her perfume.
I consecrate you who are in his/her image and who are going to assist me in this love possession endeavour.
I consecrate you who are in his/her image and whom I reinforce with magnetism so that I attract him/her toward me and takes possession og his/her heart and love.
By the virtue of the holy angels Gabriel, Samael, Mikael, Zachiel, Anael, Cassiel, Raphael, all of them present here with me. Amen"

Saturday, August 9, 2014

First day...3

Take your incense burner and make it turn above and around the statuettes so that the smoke of both your incenses surrounds them totally.

"The Love Possession Prayer" which should now be pronounced:

"Oh angel Anael, accompany me in my desire.
May the force of the feelings I endure for...(name your beloved) fill his/her entire being, day after day, night after night.
May my guardian angel...(name it) unite with his/her guardian angel...(name it) and may this union be successful just as our union is successful here on earth.
May nothing nor anybody oppose it and may whatever tries to oppose it b e destroyed.
Oh angel Anael,transform his/her heart and spirit like my heart and spirit have been transformed since I met...(name your beloved) whom I love.
May the power of the four Elements and the prince of love, the angel Anael, via our guardian angels (name them) unite us forever.
May the power of my love penetrate and invade the body of...(name your beloved) and may my true self unites with his/hers."

Friday, August 8, 2014

First day...2

Light the charcoal upon which you are going to put your corresponding incenses, mixed together.

Then light the three candles.

Place your hands around the statues and say the following:

"Oh Adonai, Supreme Father and creator of the heaven and earth, the four Elements and the spirits, I implore you by your powers and virtues to sanctify these statues, prepared in your Honour and representing me (say your name) and my beloved, whom I adore above everything...(say his/her name).
I exorcise you, by the truth, by the eternal life, by the creation has forth come from the nothingness, so that nothing else than the truth, the virtue and power be within me.
I want it, it is my desire, may it be."

Thursday, August 7, 2014

First day...1

At the suitable hour, dress your altar in the following manner; the pentagram in the middle, the white candle at the top of the highest spike in the pentagram, the two red ones, in the spikes, at the upper left and right hand side, the two voodoo dolls in the centre, the two lower spikes empty.

Concentrate a moment.

Take one doll after the other and incorporate your "witnesses" inside them (the one representing you, your "witnesses" and the one representing your beloved his/her "witnesses") in a hole in the torso of it, and close the hole afterwards.

Put, as usual, the consecrated salt on the circle around the pentagram while reciting this prayer:

"El, powerful and magnificent, I bless you, I glorify you, I invoke yo. I give you grace so that this salt can become capable of ridding all my emotional blockages, as well as all my relational hindrances.Through you, oh holy Adonai, and by your adorned name throughout centuries, permit me to accomplish all things."

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


As usual, copy the text that you shall pronounce during the ritual, with the Chinese ink within the beautiful notebook that you have gotten uniquely for the purpose of this usage. Fetch the "witnesses" you'll be needing, hair, nail, sperm, blood etc., from the one you want to bewitch as well as from yourself.

You would've previously fabricated or purchased your voodoo dolls (to be found in specialised stores).
Before the ceremony, you should dress lightly and staying barefoot, after having taken a shower.

The previously mentioned materials should be consecrated before the ritual as such. To do so, hold your right hand above each item, while pronouncing the following prayer:

"By the truth and life, by the creation sprung forward from the nothingness, so that only purity, virtue and power comes into my possession.
Oh Adonai, Pure Supreme, Celestial and Terrestrial Creator of the four Elements and spirits, I conjure You by the powers and virtues, to sanctify this...(name what you are sanctifying) which has be prepared for your honour."

Prepare also your candles, engrave with the pin, into the wax of the two red candles, your name on one and the name of your beloved on the other. On the white one, engrave the two names of the guardian angels of both of you, (the lists of angels having previously been written down in this blog). The entirety of this preparation is to be done only the first day of the ritual.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Grand Ritual to Create and Keep Passion

The ritual you are now about to discover needs a certain investment, in organisation and time, because it lasts 28 days. But just as in life, in magic also you obtain nothing without giving something in exchange!

The material you'll be needing

* 2 red candles
* 1 white candle
* 2 dagydes (voodoo dolls) with the corresponding gender, if you haven't managed to find any, you can replace them with large candles which you have excavated so to insert corporal elements such as nails, hair etc.
* 3 candlesticks
* 1 pentagram drawn within a circle as previously shown
* 1 white cotton or linen tablecloth
* 1 incense burner
* Astrological incense corresponding to the two persons
* Some charcoal
* Some non refined sea salt
* Some "witnesses" as previously described
* Chinese ink and a pen
* A pin

Monday, August 4, 2014

Possession rituals are the ultimate love rituals...

...that guarantee daily sentimental happiness and also its durability. It works out fine for a newly starting relationship, making it last, or when you want to reignite your existing relationship or even to create a new sexual passion between you.
These rituals need to be kept and renewed every now and then, to keep fresh the polarities between you, while preserving the quality and harmony of the influencing, surrounding energies.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Total Possession Charm

Take a red throughout dyed candle and engrave into it, with a knife, two faces, eyes, noses and mouths.
Under each face engrave with a pin, both your names, yours and your beloveds.
Vaporise your own and your beloveds perfumes on it (if you don't have the perfume of your beloved then take musk essential oil).

Entwine a red ribbon or string around the candle making four series of seven knots each, 28 knots corresponding to a lunar cycle. The following phrase should be pronounced at each series of seven knots:

"Hereby I attach...(say the name of the person) to me, body and soul. He/she is mine and I am his/hers, together forming one entity."

The light the candle and pronounce the following charm: 

"Oh divinity of the flames of love, whose name should be pronounced with a whisper, so that earth doesn't open up under your feet.
I invoke and call you, me humble servant, on my knees before your greatness, these torches illuminating your beauty and sensuality.
Please give me the power to take possession of...(his/her name) body and soul.
Make him/her be filled by me and me by him/her.
I block his/her will, love and sexuality.
He/her can no longer detach from me, can no longer leave me.
My energies pour out toward him/her and he/she approaches me.
He/she are filled with thoughts of me and cannot think of anything else.
His/her destiny is now engraved within me and we are now linked together forever.
Our two bodies and spirits have melted together to form a single entity."

Then blow the candle and store it in a place where only you can come in touch with it. To revive the energy of the charm, if you would feel the necessity, just take it in your hand and pronounce this phrase again:

"Hereby I attach...(the name of your beloved) to me, body and soul. He/she is now mine and I am his/hers, together forming one entity."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Charm of Possession

Take a dyed red candle (dyed throughout) and rub it with apple blossom essential oil.

Put the candle upon a picture of the person you want to charm, if you don't have any, you can take a piece of paper with the persons writing instead.

Light the candle.

Take a red string and attach it around the candle, making three knots, while pronouncing this:

"At each knot you get more and more attached to me and at the third knot you will be totally mine."

Then take a pin in your right hand and engrave in the wax of the candle,seven turns around it. These seven turns represent the days of the week, meaning a complete duration, to manifest your will to possess his/her love every minute of the day.

Finally recite this following charm:

"Oh Hecate, lunar goddess whose beauty and sensuality reflects in the incandescent light of desire.
You who knows the fire of passion and the bodily love, You who connect heaven and hell, hear Your servants call.
I invoke You so that I also can know the storm of passion and the love of two intertwined loving bodies.
That from the moment I have finished this charm...(full name of your beloved) cannot sleep, and burns and raves in hot desire. Make him/her unable to eat because of the longing for me.
Make him/her burning, his/her mind, heart, as well as his/her arms and legs.
Make him/her dream of me constantly.
Oh great and divine Hecate, bring me (his/her full name), passionately lovelorn. Make him/her get down on his/her knees and embrace my feet and the rest of my body in desire. Make our bodies inflame and unite, into one...(full name of your beloved) is mine, he/she is in my possession and I can do whatever I desire to him/her.
All pleasures are his/hers.
All my desires are his/hers. With him/her I attain the supreme passion and de divine ecstasy."

Then blow the candle and put it in a discrete place where nobody can find it.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The charms of love possession

These very efficient charms can be undertaken before going through the rituals, to "feel the terrain" so to speak, to see if the person you want to spellbound is reactive to the energies you put into motion, or even to do a preparing work, so the rituals afterwards work out better.
But they are enough as such if the person you work on is already attracted by you and you only need a little "push" to get it going and create the passion you want to install.