Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Purifying Water

While a storm, gather a bottle of rainwater and keep it for this purpose. A bible should be put on its bottleneck. Get down on your knees and open the bible and without choosing just pick a passage and read it while maintaining the bible on the neck of the bottle. Continue until you get tired, really tired. You should try to feel the negativity pass from your body to your arms and further out to your hands, to the bottle of water. When you have finished leave the bible there on the neck of the bottle until the next day. Then pour out the water on the base of a tree but not a fruit tree. It could be done several times.

The travel of your inward negativity, from you through the Holy Scriptures, then to the water and the tree is a token of your purification. 

The Egg and the Bush...

To transfer an evil spell.

An evening at precisely sun set, (the exact hour is mentioned on a calendar) during the new Moon, take a fresh egg and pick a hole in it at the top, insert a few strands of your hair into it and prop the egg, underneath any kind of bush. Then hold out your hands over the bush and egg and recite threefold the following:

"I have placed my faith and confidence in God the Eternal and I fear nothing from men. Please free me, oh Great Eternal. Come quickly and free me. With your right hand, rid me from what they have thrown upon me and transfer it to this egg and plant which represent me. Thy will be done."

This "prayer" should be said three times a day for 7 days. The 8th day the egg should be buried profoundly under the bush.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Place a magnet in a small red fabric sachet with a red sting or ribbon to close it, and pronounce three times the following:

"Oh precious magnets, you who in ancient times, procured to the Samaritans, chance and beauty, bring me now, chance and riches."

Place this talisman under your mattress and leave it there.

The virtues of the magnet apply specially in the domains of feelings and money. Its virtues have been appreciated since Antique times. Placing it under the mattress isn't just a random thing to do, it was often there, people hid their money.

Monday, December 29, 2014


A coin, whatever its value, assures good fortune in games, if it is pierced, or of gold, silver or copper. But for it to be effective, it has to be found or given.

The symbolism of the coin is rather obvious, money attracts money, and it is well known that money is only loaned to those who already have money.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Elephant

To capture chance and success, you should have a elephant statuette in your home, somewhere. The 29 of each month, take a banknote of the smallest amount, fold it six times in its length and roll it around its trunk or put it inside if it is hollow. If it is a Friday, you can expect an unforeseen amount of money.

The elephant could also be worn as a jewel, around your neck or wrist, or in the form of a bracelet or a ring of elephant hair, but it should be received as a gift. The most important being that its trunk should be held high, not low.

The symbolism of the elephant, in Occidental regions have been introduced by the Romans and the Greeks. It is probably the elephants size, strength and longevity together with its majesty that have brought it its reputation of good luck.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The horse shoe...

This is one of the most common of all good luck charms. An old, used one is what should be chosen not a new one. It should be put up on the wall with nails going through the existing holes and pointing upward, which is to diffuse the energy toward the sky rather than burying it in the soil. It is also said that you find a horse shoe on your path, you should spit on it and make a wish, then throw it away, over your left shoulder and leave with no turning back. Your wish would then rapidly be answered.

The reputation of the horse shoe comes from the Roman civilisation because of its lunar shape, seen as a very beneficial shape, and its material, iron, which is seen as having the ability to repel negative energies of bad luck. This symbol has traversed the centuries and is still active now, in modern times.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Ametyst

The beautifully violet gemstone is a very beneficial one. Even if it is associated with Pisces its protective qualities includes all the other signs as well. A woman could wear it as a jewel a man as a stone to keep in his pocket, to hold every now and then.

Tradition considers the Amethyst to be an energetic amplifier. It stimulates courage, memory and intelligence, qualities that together favours chance of all sorts.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The red sachet, good luck charm

The sachet should be prepared by the one for whom it is, a Friday of the new Moon. Sow a red silk sachet closed with red strings or ribbons. A small stone and a nail, gathered outside in the streets, a magnet and small coin. Close the sachet and keep it always with you, in your pocket, for example.

The four objects within the sachet, are all four considered by tradition, to be by themselves good luck charms. The nail, symbolising the material and repels bad luck, the stone symbolising nature, the magnet attracts chance, the coin representing finances. The four together in the red sachet unites their power.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Scissors as a talisman

When everything goes wrong, tradition tells us that a pair of scissors is a powerful talisman, that cuts bad luck.

So, a pair of scissors could be worn as a jewel such as a pendant or a brooch.
If it is worn as a bracelet, a woman should wear it on the left hand and a man on the right.

Like many other symbols the scissors can have both meanings, cutting luck or cutting bad luck.

It is what it is representing to you that matters. Nevertheless, never offer a pair of scissors to somebody without a contribution, even a very small one, because as for with any cutting object, they would otherwise bring bad luck.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Wheel

If you have the feeling that your life is stuck, that nothing seems to evolve, you only have to make chance and flow again by wearing a metal jewel in the shape of a wheel around your neck.

The wheel which is a universal symbol for renewal, destiny and the unravelling of events. It is one of the most explicit symbols for chance that exists. The tenth card of the Tarot cards is the one of the Wheel of Fortune.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Herb of Grace also commonly called Rue

Bearing with one, a leaf of the Herb of Grace, attracts wealth and prosperity. It should be picked a Sunday and while doing the sign of the cross and say one Our Father and one Ave Maria. 
A few dried leaves could also be put into a small, all red cloth and thread, sachet closed with a red ribbon, a talisman to capture money, it should then be worn in one way or another.

It was also traditionally utilised as a medicine, being a plant with a multitude of curative virtues. Charles V had the habit of taking an elixir with Rue as a base, a recipe he only shared with very close friends, an elixir he claimed being the reason of his good health.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Winter Solstice everybody or should I say Happy Yule

Yule was the celebration of the winter solstice in the Germanic countries, a pagan tradition which later became Christmas.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


During the Christmas holidays get some Holly to decorate your home and let it sit there for, at least into the new year. Then before you throw it away, take a leaf, dry it if it hasn't yet dried, then keep it in your wallet until the year after, if possible. 

Holly which is associated to the two astrological signs, Aries and Scorpio, has the virtue of attracting fortune and is thus indispensable for business men. It has been used as such for millennia. It is probably due to its beautiful perennial colour and slick red berries.

Bergamot orange

A few leaves of the Bergamot orange in your pockets attracts chance in money affairs. In Sicilie, tradespeople put them in their cash drawer for the same reasons. It is said that if your rub your banknotes with some Bergamot juice they will soon be back.

The Bergamot orange is considered a symbol of wealth.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Humulus Lupulus

Humulus seeds brings good luck.  Put a few of them in an alcohol (90°) filled glass jar. Then every Friday take out and hold the jar while concentrating on a subject which needs luck.

The good reputation of Humulus is certainly due to its many curative virtues: traditionally it is recommended to put a few flowers/cones, under one's pillow, to stay lucky in all domains. The plant as such is also a symbol of joy and happiness, another reason, just as valid, to accord it the virtue of; good luck charm.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Prunus

A dried leaf of a Prunus has the reputation of bringing good luck, suffice to bear it with you always. 

Branches of Prunus can also be suspended on the outside walls of your house, protecting its habitants from negative influence.

The devil is said to abhor the Prunus. It is probably that, that has made the Prunus to be considered to be such a protective plant.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mustard seeds

This  amulet has the reputation to help you take the best decisions to get out of a bad luck period. 

A Sunday, take a nappy pin and string seven dried mustard seeds upon it.
Now fix the pin with the seeds somewhere on your cloths or put it in your wallet, and don't touch it further.

The talismanic virtue of Mustard seeds is well known by tradition. It has the power to protect you from bad luck and witchcraft.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


You should keep with you, in your wallet for example, at least in a protected place, three laurel leaves, picked and blessed on Palm Sunday, i.e. Sunday 23 of March. 

Laurel, Apollo's favourite plant, is known to have protective, medicinal and divinatory properties but it is also an efficient antiseptic, very much utilised in ancient times. It has also the virtue of bringing chance.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The four leaf clover

Of course the four leaf clover is the most common of all good luck charms!
It is just as efficient dried in your wallet as it is represented as a jewel around your neck. Nevertheless the most efficient is the real one you find yourself. It is recommended in particular for prosperity and getting rid of bad luck.

The virtues of the four leaf clover comes probably from the fact that it is rather rare and also that it has the form of a cross. But it had already, before the spreading of Christianity, some 200 years before Christ, very high value, as the druids picked them at the same time they went fetching their so cherished, Mistletoe.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Willow tree...

An ancient tradition was to take some Willow leaves, it should be done the last week of December, and write on the back of them the month during one had issues, and if one has good memory, even add the week and the place where they occurred and really concentrate on the problems as to "charge" the leaves with the negative energy of it, then read out loud the following:

"Veni, Creator Spiritus, Mentes tuorum visita, Imple superna gratia quae tu creast pectora.  Qui diceris Paraclitus, Altissimi donum Dei, Fons vivus, ignis caritas, et spiritalis unctio. Tu septiformis munere, Digitus Paternae dexterae, Tu rite promissum Patris, Sermone ditans guttura. Accende lumen sensibus, Infunde amorem cordibus, Infirma nostri corporis Virtute firmans perpeti. Hostem repellas longius; Pacemque dones protinus; Ductore sic te praevio, Vitemus omne noxium. Per te sciamus  da Patrem, Noscamus  atque Filium, Teque utriusque Spiritum, Credamos omni tempore. Deo Patri sit gloria,  et Filio, qui a mortuis Surexit, ac Paraclito. In saeculorum saecula. Amen."

Then you throw, one after the other, the leaves into a fireplace.

This is an act of transferring, which is a common act in magic. It is clearing a memory of a failure or an ordeal by purifying it with fire. The Willow tree is, traditionally considered to be "the sadness tree" a tree with the capability to absorb the sadness of the person caring with him/her a branch of it.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The magic pentacle against bad luck

Reproduce the following pentacle on a vegetal parchment or on a piece of good quality paper with black Chinese ink. On the back side of it, write down your full name and date of birth together with a short description of what it is you desire to acquire or obtain concerning the bad luck that you are burdened with.
Keep this pentacle with you, taking it out every now and then and watch it while you visualise happy events you'd like to experience in your life.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Magnetised Parchment

To augment the turnover of your business, copy this drawing upon a plant based parchment, respecting its scale.
Then put it somewhere in the direction, North-South, where it will not be touched by anyone. On the backside of it put a photo, a map of your enterprise or shop and write down exactly what you want, with a few words, to channel the energy to what you want.

Wave forms, geometric drawings emitting strong energies, are very efficient when they are conveniently employed. So verify thoroughly the directions with a compass.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Magic Dust

To be luckier than your competitors.

If you have issues in your business or trade, try this secret recipe to success and attract the same or even more luck than your most successful competitors.

A Thursday AM, solar hour, go to the shop of one of your principal competitors, a very successful one. Gather some dust from the floor, discretely, keep this dust in a plastic or cardboard box. Once back in your shop, release the dust in your shop while pronouncing this prayer:

"I send this prayer to you, with confidence, so that you intercede for me to God, that he makes my business flourish. Like a tree, thriving upon the bank of a river, giving beautiful fruits, season after season, never losing its leaves, that is how I want my business to thrive, always."

Like the other shop, my shop will have as much clients.

In this recipe, the dust as well as any other item from the prosperous shop have been "magnetised" by the positive energies of the successful shop. The dispersing of the dust in your shop will attract to it the clients of your competitor. No need to have much dust for it to work, a pinch will do just fine.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Fatima's Hand

This is the key to the oriental Kabbal. This one has been created by Joseph Balsamo, earl of Cagliostro, born on the 8th of June 1743 in Palermo, and who did, throughout his numerous journeys around the world, gather knowledge in the domain of the occult and secret sciences which gave him the utmost reputation by his contemporaneous. The discovery of a very ancient oriental manuscript made him lift the veil of the mysteries of the hand of Fatima. For you to be able to  unveil your winning  numbers, you should take the letters of all your names and note the corresponding numbers in this hand of Fatima. Then add together the different numbers and you obtain your magic number.

Example: Patrick Lemaire: Patrick= 263, Lemaire= 150, the two added together equals 413, so the magic numbers of Patrick are: 4, 1 and 3.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The candle and the nest

A Sunday during waxing Moon, go out in the countryside and find yourself a birds nest.

Then go to a church and get yourself a church candle and bring the two items with you home.

Fix the candle in the middle of the nest so that it doesn't move. As soon as it is dark outside, light the candle, concentrate on the flame while reciting the following seven times:

"Shemeshiel, Paimoniah, Rekhodiah, Halkiel, your reign is eternal and your power is and will always be. Accord me power so that well-being, wealth and justice are always and forever present in my house. Amen."

Put a coin or a banknote in the nest and cover it with a green cloth.

Repeat the operation every night until next full Moon.
Each time you go out to do some gambling, take a coin or a banknote from the nest and add it to your game setting. It will augment your chances to win.

The nest, where eggs, symbols of fertility and growth, rest. Putting money in it, invites it to multiply. The green colour of the cloth reinforce the symbol, evoking riches and luxury of nature.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Magic Drawing

To augment your gains in gambling and lottery. 

To put all chances on your side in money games, copy thoroughly this drawing on animal parchment. On the back side of it, write down your full name and birth date. Keep it on you together with an amount of money, in your purse or wallet.

A drawing is a wave form, an emitter of energy that can be very efficient if the trait has been thoroughly studied. This one has been specially created to bring luck in money games.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Celtic Stick

To develop your revenues.

This method can be used to provoke game wins but also to favour promotions, mutations, augmentation of your income... anything that could increase your financial situation.

The mediumistic drawing hereby represents a stick that was seen during a levitation of the megaliths of Morbihan in Brittany (France).The inscriptions engraved into it appear on both sides of the object.
 For it to emit the energy thoroughly it should be held solidly at the base of it while the operator read the following:

"Oh great God, living as One in the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost!
I adore You with the Greatest of respect and submit myself to Your Holy and Worthy protection with the utmost faith: I believe with my most sincere faith, that You are my Creator, my Benefactor, my Support and my Master, and I therefore declare that I have no other desire than to belong to You for Eternity. Amen!"

Here are the characteristics of the cylindrical wooden object hereby so you can reproduce it:

Colour: black
Length: 50 cm
Diameter: 4 cm
Characters: engraved

To utilise this stick, hold it at its base and point it to a picture, a business card, a pay slip or any other attached to the issue that preoccupies you, and concentrate some 10 minutes.

Repeat this action every night for a whole lunar cycle, starting with the day after the black moon.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Recipes for chance and financial success

Financial success is often the major preoccupation of people in modern days, because most problems they have could be solved with money... And even if money doesn't bring happiness as such, it does help! Money, success, are often related to chance, opportunities, occasions to grasp. Traditional magic have many rural recipes which have been tested for ages, that could give the kick-off needed. Whatever financial issues one has, some chance could solve the problems easily!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The magic seven to succeed with your exams

Draw this pentacle, exactly as it is with your name on it, your maiden name if you are married, it should be done on parchment (animal) and with Chinese ink, red for the names together with the A and 7 and black for the rest of it. Active its positive energy by signing with red ink on the back side of it. Keep it always with you, in your books, during the preparation of your exams and on you the day of your exam.
The seven is a sacred number. Its  mystical  value represent that of success and knowledge. It is a very powerful symbol since antiquity.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Poppy, to stimulate artistic creativeness...

The Poppy is the artists own plant, with a power that is useful for artists. Make a small pouch in white fabric into which you'd put a Poppy flower and a few seeds. Then close it with a white ribbon. This should be done preferably a Sunday. Kept with you, it will stimulate creativity. Put under the pillow, it will bring about good ideas and will develop your artistic talents.

The Poppy is also associated with sleep and dreams, generating images and ideas, reason why, still in modern days, it is still very actively used by creators and artists of all sorts.