Sunday, October 26, 2014

To find a husband or a spouse

Each night before going to sleep, once calm and relaxed, read out loud the following prayer:

"Adorable Saint Joseph whom have been a faithful and loyal husband, who have provided for the Holy family, please help me attract a man (or a woman) good and generous with whom I can live a serene life, who understands my griefs and torments but over all who are willing to share with me, the deliciousness of a life full of love. Loving Virgin Mary, glorious spouse, please intervene with your divine son so that I can meet the man (or the woman) who will be the joy of my life. Make that our union resemble yours. This is the only favour I demand of you. Amen."

Who better than Saint Joseph and the Virgin Mary could help lonely hearts find their twin flame.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love prayers

The power of prayer is immense, the demand must be done to get it and sitting around waiting and hoping doesn't get you what you want. It is the base of all magic and even religion.  Modern civilisations do no longer consider prayers as a powerful mean to obtain what you want while in fact it is very powerful as long as you pray with conviction and are totally sure of the positive result that will ensure.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The perfumed Orange

The ancient Chinese traditionally presented an Orange as a gift when making a demand for marriage, the Orange being a symbol for a fecund and faithful union. 
Take an Orange into which you stick in tight, plenty of Cloves. Keep it in a metal box with some Iris powder and other spices you like to add. Turn it over, every now and then, so it gets impregnated with the different scents. Clean it up and tie a red or green ribbon around it and hang it close to where you sit or sleep.

The colour red, love and passion, the colour green, fertility and renewal, are two colours that are favourable for love.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Linden perfume

A rising Moon Friday, mix and knead into a paste, fresh Linden leaves with a few drops of 90° alcohol. Put it into a glass bottle together with a coffee spoon of alcohol. Close the lid and shake it well with your left hand while pronouncing the following 9 times in a row:

"Gavrial, make...(say the name of the person you want to conquer) think always of me? Gavrial! Gavrial! Gavrial!"

Repeat this whole operation each time you use this perfume before seeing your beloved.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Perfume sticks

To make the Brazilian Love Sticks, very much in vogue lately, and which are very favourable for lovemaking, choose a Friday during rising Moon, Venus hour, mix some grey Amber, with a few Rose petals and a piece of Juniper bark, previously reduced into a fine powder. Add a few drops of 90° alcohol to the mix. Stir the mix into a paste into which you add some Rose water to have the perfect smoothness.
Roll into small sticks and put them to dry.
You'll use them as an incense and pass through the smoke of them, different objects or letters you desire to give to the person you love.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Perfume sachets

To fabricate love sachets, it must be done a Friday during the rising moon at the hour of Venus, mix some powdered Cinnamon and Clove with some Aloe Vera and add Rose water to it. Spray this liquid on a few rose petals which you put into the sachets previously prepared out of a green fabric. You can keep them at home or with you, as it pleases you.

These sachets smells nice and purifies the atmosphere around you while it also creates an a environment favourable for love.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Perfume balls

At the Venus day and hour, , crush and mix together, 250 grams of Rose buttons, 200 grams of Storax powder, 10 grams of Musk, 10 grams of Civet, 10 grams of Grey Amber, 80 grams of sugar until it becomes a paste which you roll into balls and leave to dry in a place near a heat source.
When the person you love pays you a visit, place a few of the balls on a heat source so it diffuses its perfume, creating a specific perfumed atmosphere in the room.

The different ingredients in this recipe are all renown for their aphrodisiac and love inducing faculties.