Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A charm for a passionate night

Mix together while stirring clockwise, the following:

1 tablespoon dried hibiscus flower
1 tablespoon dried and grind rose hip
1 teaspoon of dried lemon bark
1 teaspoon of dried peppermint
1 teaspoon of mandrake powder (for a man)
1 teaspoon of ginseng powder (for a woman)

Keep these ingredients in a pot, they can be kept like this for almost a year.

When you want to have your passionate night prepare a pot of tea, two coffee spoons of the mixture per cup. While letting the tea infuse, pronounce the following prayer:

"I implore you, Anael, who protect the world beneath your wings,
You who cannot be approached but who is the personification of love,
Golden winged founder of the universe,
You who's light is darkness, you who exhale a dark folly which inhabits every soul,
You generate an invisible fire by you herbal tea of love, with my desire, I strengthen you.

When two lovers shares this potion, their love intensifies like in the ancient Garden of Love."

Sweeten it with honey and share it with your beloved.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Light a red candle previously anointed with rose or jasmine essential oil...

and put it on the side of your bathtub, and say this prayer:

"I implore you Venus, by the name of your angel Anael, gracious and admirable, so that you open my heart and elevate my spirit.
May my whole body reflect in yours, which is so beautiful no word could describe its beauty, radiant of light. 
May this bath purify my body and soul and make it behold seduction and attraction, making me become a being surrounded by an aura of love."

Stay in this bath during the time you feel comfortable, relaxing and visualising yourself full of energy and charm.

Blow the candle, get out of the bath, dry yourself with a white cotton or linen bath towel. You are now ready to conquer !

Monday, August 18, 2014

A charm for making you more attractive

During full moon, you should start by taking this magical bath which will give you an attractive magical aura.
Add the following ingredients, that can be purchased in special shops, in a very hot bath:

3 tablespoon full of almond oil in which the kernel has macerated for 8 days
3 tablespoon full of ordinary almond oil
1/2 a tablespoon of rose water
13 drops of jasmine essential oil
6 drops of rose essential oil

Mix by hand and throw dried camomile flowers into it before entering the bath.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sexual Magic

In the domain of love, there is one that should be privileged, that is sexuality.  For the man as for the woman, the love they share and the fusion it leads to, is the basis of a successful relationship. When sexuality is not the concrete of a relationship it wither, love dissolving slowly, which is often a condemnation leading to a break up.

There are also moments when worries, stress, problems perturbs the sex life of the couple, interrupting the communication. Sometimes it is simply shyness, that inhibits the sexual relationship. There are multiple reasons why a couple would have difficulties within their relationship, to attain the pleasure that leads to happiness for both partners. To be able to make love in the best conditions, one have to feel free within ones mind as well as within ones body. If a blockage, an inhibition, annoyances or that some kind of fear submerges one of the lovers, the sexuality will not thrive, leaving an unwanted embarrassment within the relationship.

The searching for sexual harmony and total sexual pleasure between lovers has developed through decades, religious and moral duress becoming simultaneously less harsh and therefore dis-inhibit people.
Nowadays, lovers require a perfect concord on every plane in the relationship.
It is important to release oneself from the bondages of the daily life of our era, to be available for lovemaking. The occult proposes solutions to that endeavour.

Since all time, magi and sorcerers have worked to satisfy men and women consulting them. I am going to present them here to you, solutions to improve your your sexual performances as well as those of your partner. You can then create the perfect moments for your relationship to evolve into a perfectly harmonious one.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

End of this ritual

This ritual should be done 28 days in a row, knowing that from the second day after your shower and calming down before the beginning of the ritual, you light the candles, the charcoal, the incense and consecrate the candles.
The 28th day, the residues of the candles must be buried under a oak tree or any other tree except any of the resinous trees. The salt should be gathered and thrown into running water.
As soon as the following moon, the results should start to be visible.