Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Magical Bracelet

Traditionally this bracelet is famous for its faculty to attract the favours of a specific person, if you wear it until it falls off, by itself.

The first Friday of the month, or of the new moon, buy a green 25cm long ribbon. The same evening after sunset, write the three following words upon it:

"...(your name), Venus!...(his/her name)...Love!"

Tie with three knots this ribbon around your left wrist, making sure the writings touches your skin.

While concentrating upon your beloved, touch each knot after the other, holding it for a while between your thumb and your index, and say the words you have written, as often as you like.
The manipulation and wearing of it will wear it out and it will, finally fall off.
It is then that your wish will be answered.

The knots associated with the colour green (standing for growth) gives the force to the bracelet, symbolising the circle of live, the energy that circulates between two people. When it breaks, the circulating energies crystallise your wish into a force that provokes its realisation.

Monday, September 29, 2014

An orange for love

To conquer a woman, take an orange and stick a pin in it while concentrating on the woman you love, then remove it and keep the orange on your skin, near your heart, all night long. The next day give it to her to eat., 

The always green orange tree was considered, in the Mediterranean countries, to be a symbol of love and marriage. Piercing it with a pin is repeating the act of Cupid who pierces the heart of the lovers with an arrow to symbolise the fulgurance of love.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

To stimulate the desire of your partner

Make a heart out of a small amount of bee wax, and engrave into it, the full name of your partner.
Concentrate for a wile upon what you want to obtain and put it to melt in a fire into which you have previously put a branch of thyme and rosemary, famous for their faculties, joy and love.
While watching the flames concentrate on your partner and his/her sexual ardour, and pronounce the following:

"May the flame elevate, may the embers burn, may my love come because its coming create an impatient longing within me."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to cure impotancy

A Friday during full moon, make this elixir that stimulates sexual energy, to use when the mental and physical energies are low.
Infuse during 10 minutes, a pinch of Satureja, (the satires herb, during antiquity) two pinches of Mint (a mind releasing herb) in boiling water. 
Drink this herbal tea morning and evening during at least 5 days.

Friday, September 26, 2014

How to combat frigidity

Every night before going to sleep, drink a herbal tea of Satureja ( a pinch), Borage flowers (2 pinches) and Mint (a pinch). The Mint is a tonic and Satureja is aphrodisiac, Borage gives courage. So their combined forces are ideal to combat frigidity due to a psychological blockage.

You could also have with you a small Artemisia bouquet, picked before sunrise the morning of Saint John, and during night, put it under your mattress, right beneath your sexual organs.  This herb consecrated to Artemis, the Greeks lunar goddess, is famous for its sexually stimulating powers. It is also know for its virtue to chase away spells, so to combat frigidity emerging from fear.

How to make someone who doesn't love you at all, fall in love with you...

This recipe only works if your love is totally sincere.

Get a personal object from this person, an object in wood, fabric or paper, it has to be a material that can burn. Keep this object, on your heart and skin, seven nights in a row, then put it in a secret place.
Each night after, touch the object before going to bed, think about the person intensely.

At sunrise Friday morning, during rising moon, period of construction, burn the object as if you made a sacrifice to conquer the one you desire, while pronouncing the following words:

"By Sheva, I want you to love me!"

Gather the ashes and as soon as possible after, put some directly on the skin of the person you love, without him/her noticing it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To force a persons feeling

Between 12 AM and 4 AM, during rising moon or full moon, go to the countryside and get seven different herbs, pick them with your left hand, the hearts hand, then seven more herbs with the hand of reason which is the right hand. Any kinds of herbs will do as long as they are all different, what gives the force to this recipe is the gathering of them. So you'll have 14 herbs, twice the amount (7) the number for realisation. Put them to dry in a protected but open space during 15 days, after that, burn them to ashes.
Then put the ashes in a red silk handkerchief, closed with a red ribbon, like a purse. Wear it on your heart, directly against your skin, a long string or chain will do. Wear it a day and a night. Then wait for the moon to descend, between 12 AM and 4 AM and open up the purse and throw the ashes in the wind while saying the following:

"By the almighty powers of magic, may all invisible beings reigning upon this Earth, the people and their affections, go and provoke within...(say the name of the person), a spell bounding love for me, an everlasting love. Amen."