Thursday, April 17, 2014

The magical time

The notion of time is primordial in magic. So much as there is another quite different time system than the one we are used to. For example, in the occult world, each magical hour is governed by a special entity, an angel whose powers and personality must accord to the emitted demand. So for the provoking the love of a woman, you must appeal to the angel Anael a Friday, day of Venus, because it is those energies, voluptuous and tender, that you would need. Whereas to provoke the love of a man,, one should rather invoke the angel Samael a Tuesday, the day of Mars, for masculine energies. To succeed in your magical work, it is not sufficient to know that Friday, Anael governs the day as well as the night and that Tuesday it is Samael, you have to, also, there is a calculating that must be done to determinate  how to operate in the best conditions. It can seem a little complicated but it is absolutely necessary for the success of such a work.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sentemental provocation

When you start a magic work to force the feelings of somebody, you get into the very heart of the occult art, its entire power is expressed. In fact, the inducing of love has always been the main reason for demanding a magic work. It is, because, often it seems as if very little was needed for the person who rejects or ignores you to finally apreciate you and fall in love. You only need an occasion to be able to show yourself in the best manner, have a date, offer him/her a gift, talk to one another. But you don't necessary get the occasion.
So to provoke someone, in other words, to attract him or her you desire, into a relationship, magic is a very effctive tool.
It is very efficent if you do it as it should be done. For sentimental provocation, the rituals concerns the magical hours, the calling of Angels, without which nothing could be possible, because they act upon your demand and are the best mediators between the heavenly forces and yourself.It is what we are going to learn together

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Occult Philosophy (Book II) 1727

"if a man is laying outstretched feet on both sides right and left, and the hands are held high to the extremities of the line that passes over the head, then the extremities of the feet and hands will make a perfect square with the navel in the centre"

Sunday, April 13, 2014

End of the ceremony

Put back the soil mixed with rose petals in the centre of the triangle.

Take the parchment, cut it in three pieces and burn each piece in the flame of one candle each. Take the ashes and add it to the soil and petals.

After that, stay straight up arms at your sides for awile.

Breathe calmly and deeply for the stabilisation and assimilation of the newly activated energies.

Meditate awile on the new force that you have gained, that will allow you to realise your desires.

Then , blow the candles and throw away the remains, they should never be used for anything else than this unique ceremony.

Throw away the soil, ashes and petals, back into the earth, somewhere outside or in a pot you have, the soil going back to its origines, gives life and growth to your wishes.

The ceremony is now over.

If you want to, you can reinforce the action of the ceremony during a week after, bu then you have to keep the remains of the candles and light them each evening  for some 10 minutes during which you will meditate on the flame illuminating your body giving you a strong magnetic attraction and an immense clarity.

Then after a week, throw away the candles.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Now procede the same way as previously...

... draw the pentagram, in the air above the parchment held in your left hand, as specified in the previous post, from the right hand side.

Then close your eyes and breathe deeply and calmly whle pronouncing mentally the following formula:

"I capture the energies of Fire which will give me passion and enthousiasm."

Then go back to the altar, put down the candle and the parchment, take a small amount of soil with rose petals in both your hands and read the "Prayer of respons to the Moon" turned towards it, eve, if you cannot see it:

"Now, see Lucius, I have come, your lamantations and prayers have made me come and save you. I am the natural mother of all that is, mistress and housekeeper of all the elements, the worlds originates from me, I am the holder of divin powers, the queen of all of hells inhabitants, sovereign of those living in the sky, unique manifestation of all gods and goddesses.
I do as I please with the planets of the heavens, with the winds of the oceans and the gloomy silence of the underworlds. My name, my divinity are adored throughout the universe in thousands of fasions and usages, under a multitude of designations.
Listen to me: the Phrygians, the first men, call me: Mother of the gods in Pessinos; the Athenians who birthed from their own ground call me Minerva the vecropian and the Cypriots, surrounded by the seas, call me Venus the paphian. For the Cretans, bearers of arrows, I am Diana the dictian, for the Sicilians, who speaks three languages, I am Prosperine the infernal and for the Elusians, I am Ceres their old Goddess? For some I am called Junon, others Bellone, Hecate, Ramnusia, but there are two sort of people, the Ethipians from the east, illuminated by the morning sun and the Egyptians, excellent in the ancien doctrins, and who have the habit to adore me through my true name which is: Isis the queen. So here am I , I have come and have pity for you, for your destiny, your tribulations. Listen, I am here to favour and help you. Stop your lamantations, chase away your sadness, for here is the salutary day of my presence." 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Now replace the candle...

... at its place and take the other one (the one representing fire).

Turn a quarter of a turn at the right and read the prayer of the guardians of fire also called the "Prayer of the Salamanders":

"O God of light of the world, You whose destiny is to prevent the Sun from dying, and to reinforce its vital energy and glowing power and also to ensure its perpetual resurection by Your flamboyant power, revive the flamewithin me so to that it never falters and rises towards the sky to the supreme spiritual and subtle evolution. 
Guide me on the path of transformation that following Your divine law, take sme to  the dissolution and unification,  to th source of Your kingdom within which the pupae metamophes into butterflies. 

Celestial spirit, like a ruby with the brilliant glittering of the infinite lights, including the majestic golden eternal flame shining above the world, ablazing the stars, I invoke You, to enlighten my world and nourish my mind with a purificational glow, full of wisdom. "

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Continuing the ritual

With the lit candle, held with your right hand, draw in the air, above the parchment held with your left hand, a pentagram (a five branched star) starting from the highest point and descending towards the right hand side.

Once this done, close your eyes, breathe calmly and deeply, while thinking within yourself:

"I capture the energies from the spirits of the Air from whom I will acheive mobility and vivacity"