Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A powerful and strong love is light...

lightening up life and become the most beautiful thing that could happen to two beings. Love possession is not a constrictive magic. You will not force upon another a love otherwise impossible. The one under influence will fall in love and be fascinated by the one inducing the magic. It will open up the hearts of the protagonists and create a bond facilitating the fluid of emotions, passion and attraction flow freely. Living a passion is a wonderful thing something everybody desires. But you have to give as much as you want to receive.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

These magic operations should not be taken lightly...

because passion inducing magic is very serious. Keep someone 
under a spell can be very appalling but it one have to take into 
consideration the responsibilities that comes with it.
The one that are to be spellbound has to be happy. You have to satisfy him/her totally, giving everything you want in return. If you don't apply the law "give to receive" you create an imbalance that would bring about the worse scenarios.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The possessiveness of love...

a serene love without worry is rather rare, most people question the future, will it last?... Then comes the day when you are no longer sure of the impact of your own seduction, your sex appeal, which can lead to problems within the relationship. 

The occult can give you the answers to your questions and help you with magic rituals, bringing about a new relationship, save one that is breaking up, attract a beloved person and even bring back someone who has left you for another. The magic of the possessiveness of love is a magic that can create love within a person who didn't even think of you at all. But be aware though! You have to be totally sure that the person you want to bewitch, is really the person you want to spend your life with. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

This love returning ritual is now over...

and the celestial forced you have invoked will now respond to give you satisfaction. The results will be visible in short term.
Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to reinforce your action, for example keep your concentration all way through to your success, in the following manner, once a week, at least and preferably Friday, Anaels day, the angel of harmony in relationships.
Chose an time when you will not be disturbed and light your red candles. Put the two pictures on the pentagram or some of the "witness" (hair, nails etc.)you had before, upon the two names written in the branches of the pentagram.

Put your hands above, reciting seven times the great invocation of Anael (one time for each day). Between each reading, visualise the person coming back, not as if she/he was already back, because the person must have some time to organise, within him-herself as well as for his/her private life. Sometimes there are breaking ups and problems to solve. Be confident but also lucid. Thing cannot be done in a day and precipitation would only be a nuisance.
So take the time necessary for the your beloved to respond to your calling. Your two consciousnesses can then unite again. The happiness that will follow will only be much more intense.

Angel pentacle, Enchiridion of Pope Leon, Rome, 1630

Friday, July 25, 2014

The 28th day, when your statuettes have joined...

put them face to face one upon the other and attach them together with the hemp string. To assure its efficiency each time the string does a tour around the statuettes, make a knot and recite the consecration for each day:

"For Monday, I attach...(your beloveds name) to me...(your name). For Tuesday, I attach... etc."
Making seven tours with seven knots.

Then with your right hand, take the attached "dagydes" and hold it above the incense burner, in its fumes,  and pronounce the Great invoking of the angel Anael:

"I beg you, in the name of the nine hearts of whom you are part, oh Anael.
I beg you in the name of the angels and archangels, the thrones, the dominations, the principles, the powers, the virtues, cherubims and seraphim's.
I beg you by the heaven and earth, by the Sun and the Moon, by the day and the night and by the four elements.I beg and implore you, oh Anael, in the name of all these attributes, that you respond to the call and leave your celestial domain, and descend into these statuettes.
I implore you, oh celestial Anael, in memory of the signs you are willing to transmit to the apostles! Please, oh angel of light, manifest your agreement and your aid in this return of affection so that this action is successful and brings back to me the great love I once shared with...(name of your beloved). 

To close this ritual, you shall now wrap up the attached statuettes in a red cotton or silk cloth and bury them, the same evening, under an oak tree or any other tree except a coniferous tree.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

As the days goes by, bring the dolls closer to each other...

so that they, end up, together in the middle of the pentagram, on the 28th day of your ritual.
Also, each day, finish the work with your hands upon one doll after the other, while reciting the invoking of Anael, the angel of love.

"I invoke you angel Anael, who sparkles with a pure flame and reigns close to the Throne of the Almighty. You are the guardian of my soul and I, humble servant, I implore you to lower your eyes on me and help me.
Guide me on the path of the light, on the high mountains where the sky is always blue, in the places where the sun never sets, so that I live, forever, in the kingdom of clarity.
Let the rays of your intelligence and the warmth of your love penetrate me so that I can shine with an aura so bright, that I attract to me, all the happiness and the fulfilling of my most cherished desires.
Give me the power to live with an absolute faith in the future, in complete serenity, convinced that I direct my life and make the decisions for my good.
Oh angel Anael, you who reign over magnificent powers, similar to the thoughts of the Almighty, you who are my guardian angel, who presides over the seventh day that is consecrated to Venus, I invoke you holy angel Anael, with all my devotion so that...(say your beloved's full name) falls in love with me."