Sunday, August 31, 2014

If you practice this meditation regularly...

... you will be able to induce sexual excitation at will.

At least once a week would be the best way to attain a good level of energy. For a man as well as for a woman, this meditation can outdo any drug or preparation. Nothing can surpass this natural way of stimulating the vital energies. Consecrate ones best sexual energy to ones beloved is a way of sharing pleasure, incomparably. This kind of exchange is essential for a good relationship. Sometimes the man can do the water meditation and the woman, the fire meditation, just for the contrast. It is a way to feel what the other experience, a lesson of sharing the pleasure totally with the other. This profound knowledge of the other is a guarantee of success of your relationship...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Now, this is how to proceed:

Copy the pentacle with Chinese ink, on a parchment or a good quality paper, and put your initials at the accurate places, 1 first name, 2 surname.

Put down the pentacle in front of you, a glass of hot water beside it.
Sit in the meditation position you feel the most comfortable in. Light a red candle.

While fixing the centre of the pentacle, feel the heat of the desert in your throat. Breathe slowly while imagining how your breath is like a watercourse, coming from your mouth and fertilising the hot sand. At each expiration, water flows.

When you inspire you feel how you become a fresh spring.
Imagine how water comes out of the ground, rises along your legs, heats your genitals, awakens it and makes it vibrate.

Fixing the middle of the pentacle, make your inner waters boil. You can feel the pleasure of the boiling overrun you. A feeling of power arises in you.  Savour this impression a few minutes and expire towards the glass of water, the calm of the water entering you, soothing you.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Ritual of water, for a woman

Water is a fluid, infiltrating everything, marries all forms and adapts to all con tenants with a total flexibility. With a perfect meekness, it seeks never to elevate itself except when fire puts it into boiling. It needs the masculine element for it to enter its active phase. The fluidity of water teaches us how to get around obstacles. By its infinite serenity, it is one of the most mysterious elements of nature. A meditation upon the pentacle of water is a beautiful experience, making a woman coming closer to her true nature.

Men and women are composed of 75% of water. It is important to consider this truth, especially for a woman. Because if the man has to cultivate the fire energy within him a woman has to exalt within her, the water element which illustrates her femininity. Thanks to this meditation with the Water Pentacle, you can identify with all the different phases of water, corresponding to your different moods.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Following up on the ritual of Fire

To be successful with this meditation, one has to identify with fire and with all the different stages of combustion. One has to become, through thought, the fire, the smoke as well as the ashes. One own inner combustion is activated to burn all psychological blockages, parasitic thoughts or any other negative cumbersome idea. Only the vital and positive energy will be left in place to nourish the sexual energy which will be tenfold by the flame.

To be able to master your sexual energy, learn haw to visualise it. Fix the centre of the pentacle, sitting cross legged on the floor or on a chair, concentrating on the palms of your feet.

Imagine a fiery, powerful stream of energy going through your feet, up along your legs, feel the life giving and gentle warmth.

Guide this energy up to your genitals, up through your heart and out to your hands. You should feel the heat and energy of fire in them.

Now concentrate on your genitals. Imagine the sun, heating your from a cloudless sky. Imagine how it diffuses its heat to that point and out through your members and further out to the extremities of them, head, arms and legs.

See your genitals in a ball of fire, your legs being like profound wells filled with cold water, coming up to sooth the heat in your abdomen.

With an expiration, let this freshness loose and let it freshen your whole body.

This visualisation upon the pentacle of fire will stimulate your sexual excitement.

If you do it regularly, once or twice a week, or at least before the love making, you'll be tireless.

Breathing deeply during the water visualisation, will help you, with a regular practice to channel your energy. During the love making, it will servo you to master and extend your excitement.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The magic of pentacles is very ancient. There are many, different forms and shapes with various fields of use, the most famous being those Salomon and Agrippa.
The energy of the pentacles comes from their geometric drawings, studied by generations of magicians to create form waves. This energy is further exalted by the writings on it, often in Hebrew or a magical language. The most simple pentacles  are composed by an exterior circle symbolising the macrocosm, in other words, the universe, and by an inner circle representing the microcosm, the terrestrial world, completed by a symbolisation of man (for example a pentagram) together with the symbols of the entities which one wants to call upon.
But there are multiple forms that can be used, to make them extremely useful, so they can evolve and adapt to different demands.
A pentacle can be used as a talisman if you customize it it. It can then be used in various rituals as a "fluid transmitter".
A personal pentacle is a tool, incomprehensible for others, while very useful and precious for the one who have made it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ritual of Fire, for a man

The pentacle of Fire should be place before you while doing a meditation. You should make it with Chinese ink and a piece of parchment or at least a piece of good quality paper. At the marked spots, 1 and 2, you should put your initials, 1 the initial of your first name and 2 your surname. Behind the pentacle you'll put a red candle and the room should be dark otherwise.

To meditate upon the Fire, is a way of making you get into contact with the very essence of your virility. Those of you who have an open fireplace, would appreciate even more., because they would feel the energy of Fire, even more, with the show of the dancing flames. A meditation before the flames of a fire in an open fireplace is guaranteed to give you a revitalisation that is both rapid and powerful. But for those who haven't got that, the flame of a candle is good enough.