Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Money is only a vector.

Everything in the cosmos comes from the universal cosmic energy, and is therefore itself a manifestation of Divine Love. It is the same for money, the material element of divine origine.

Money is an energy serving as an exchange mean. In reality, money is a materialisation of love.

You probably know that many parents, not knowing how to express their love to their children often give them money or (unfortunately) even have the bad habit to feed them great amounts of junk food.

Considered to be an energy, money is clearly a privileged mean to understand the material worlds lessons. Rejecting it, is to deprive yourself from certain experiences highly beneficial for the individual destiny. As we live in a material world where money exist, we must learn the offered lessons for our spiritual evolution. It would be better to find an appropriate attitude towards money and consider it to be an energy which is meant to be taught to handle money here on Earth, remembering that it is a mean to understand that it has to do with our vision of ourselves.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The true nature of money

Money is currently anonymous; it's hard if not impossible to identify it. Our greatest desire is to attract it… and then use, in a general manner, for our comfort and well-being. Sometimes money "betrays" us; it make us achieve goals or purchase revealing themselves troublesome, when in reality we only  wanted the benefits.

Money is a powerful source capable of salvage or ruin, bringing us everything we want or breaking all our expectations and wishes, with it we can have anything but it can also destroy us.

It's imperative to understand the neutrality of money; the important is how, in what state of mind, we use it. Money is definitely what we want it to be! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

It is essential to understand your true value.

People just aren't aware of their divine nature, they've developed a negative image of themselves, due to insecurity, lack of self confidence, the feeling of being powerless in our world. This lack of self esteem brings an unconscious false idea like; I don't have the right to exist... I don't deserve to live... I haven't my place in this world , etc.. Thoughts like these will not make people prosper, rather the contrary! A bad image of oneself have a tendency to keep success away from you. He or she who lack self esteem lack also money. So you can turn it around and understand that if you don't have wealth you probably do not view yourself positively either, ignoring your real value, nourishing negative beliefs.

So you can easily understand that you need to have a true and positive knowing of self if you want to live a prosperous and happy life.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Conditioned people.

Ecclesiastic authorities maintain people in the fear of God with biblical parables - as the one saying "it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of the needle than a rich to enter the kingdom of heaven". No need to lose too much time on this parabole principally concerning the jealously kept fortune which not shared, generates injustice and an unhealthy economic society.

 Judeo-Christian culture has largely contributed to the negative cultivation of thought against abundance and happiness. It always the same principle : you must suffer, not have enough, to deserve paradise. Profoundly impregnated by these false beliefs, institutions and educational models in our actual society have continued this  pernicious mentality .

The state, family, educational system, parents and teachers (without even knowing it) have continued to condition the individual in such a manner that people now have a vision of our world based upon fear and material insecurity (fear of lack of money, affection, energy, etc.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How do we consider money?

 Regarding money, many individuals are the victims of false beliefs which has often a negative impact on their life. They think they must imperatively "gain their living" with hard work.

Why should we gain what we already have - the divine right for a happy life? At this point every Traditional, spiritual paradigm has the same view: mankind has been created in the image of GOD. Life is a precious and sacred gift. In essence, each living creature has the right to exist and deserves happiness. So there is no reason whatsoever to prove that one has the right to exist.

Religious dogmas has always had a thwarted relation with money. A very hypercritical view. It is widely known that churches have always gathered great fortunes on the back of people and pilgrims with the in a promise of an entrance to the heavens. They've always claimed that money was evil and that you had to get rid of it to have the right to enter paradise. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What you must take into account when doing the pendulum

 1) Some kinds of jewellery like metal bracelets, rings, quartz watches, tend to interfere with the replies. It's best to take them off.

 2) Hold your hands and forearms under cold running water for a few moments. This removes undesirable foreign fluids.

 3) It is always easier to use the pendulum for the benefit of other people rather than yourself. You will see why presently.

 4) ILLNESS: using your pendulum when you are feeling distinctly unwell or have an infection is likely to reduce receptivity and you will probably get deceptive results.

 5) FOOD: don't start any dowsing investigations after a very heavy meal, or one washed down with lots to drink. Alcohol and pendulums do not mix.

6) STATE OF MIND: a peaceful environment and a calm mind will improve the quality of your results.

7) FAVOURABLE TIMING: it's best to do your investigations in the morning just after you wake up. Then your mind will be clear and your mental focus will be better. (However this isn't a really hard and fast rule, because much also depends on your level of training and your powers of concentration).

8) UNFAVOURABLE Climatic Conditions: for outdoor investigations, it's best to avoid unsettled weather. Before a storm, when the atmosphere is saturated with positive ions, dowsing perceptions tend to be less efficient.

9) FAVOURABLE Climatic Conditions: dowsing sensitivity is greatly improved during the 3 hours immediately after a storm.

Monday, November 21, 2011

7 rules for your pendulum

If you really want to maximise your fortunes and success, here are 7 proven rules for dowsing. I recommend you follow them to improve your results.

1) Only ask TRULY worthwhile questions: the pendulum will reply with all the necessary precision every time you really need help (for yourself or another person).

 2) Questions you can solve yourself with a bit of serious thought, often lead to failure (a distorted answer).

3) Don't brag about your prowess or your normally good responses will diminish. Remain very humble.

4) Errors are often likely to occur if you use your pendulum to give a public "demonstration".

5) In the majority of cases, it is much more effective to operate in secret. The bad vibrations given off by certain curious or jealous people can interfere with the good results you expect.

6) If you are trying to harm someone or wreak revenge, not only will this provoke a refusal from the pendulum, but it will also lead to a severe cosmic backlash (some kind of counter-blow for example).

 7) Trying to learn about other people's private business behind their backs leads to false answers (because the "Infinite Intelligence" does not condone this kind of operation).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

You need to put your questions simply and clearly

Basically, you know that your pendulum has only two ways of answering, i.e. YES or NO.

So your questions need to take this strict rule into account.

If your questions don't lead directly to one of these two alternative answers, then you need to rephrase them.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write them down, following these guidelines:

Your questions should be as short, precise and direct as possible.

Here are a few examples of typical phrases to say, or not to say, which will help you to construct your own in a way that works really well.

Here is an "absurd" illustration of why you need to submit your questions with the utmost clarity:

If you ask:

"Can I jump out of the window?"

The pendulum can answer "YES", because this act is within the realms of possibility, even if you are on the 20th floor of a building!

But if you ask this instead:

"Should I jump out of the window?"

In this case, the "Infinite Intelligence" obviously knows that jumping out of the window would not exactly be in your interests…

And it will therefore compel the pendulum to answer NO.

This extreme example shows you that the difference between an appropriate answer and an inappropriate answer can depend on the use of a single word: can or should.

These two words have different meanings.

They will therefore produce two different answers, one good and one bad.

So pay great attention to the precise meaning of every single word in your question.

If you ask:

How much money will I have on such and such a date?

You won't get any reply, because this question can't be answered with a YES or a NO.

If, however, you ask:

Will I be in possession of £500 on the forthcoming 5 June? (for example)

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

If you ask:

How many children will I have?

Again this question can't be answered with a YES or NO.

But if you ask:

Will I have one child?...

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

Will I have two children?...

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

If you ask:

What number should I use in the lottery?

This question can't be answered with a YES or a NO.

But if you ask:

Should I enter the lottery?

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

I will come back to LOTTERY techniques in more detail later.

If you ask:

"Will I have enough money to buy myself a car?" 

As you have probably noticed, this question is in fact a double question and it is therefore likely to lead to a distorted reply.

In a case like this, it would be better to ask:

"Will I be able to buy myself a new car?"

I'll leave these examples there for the moment because I know that you are beginning to see exactly what kind of questions you should be asking. And I will be giving you some more examples later. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Establishing a mental convention with your pendulum

You are going to begin your apprenticeship by using some material aids that will serve to amplify the vibrations of the replies you are monitoring.

These aids will be remarkably effective in helping you to sort out the responses.

Get yourself six pieces of white card, each shaped in a square with sides measuring about 5 cm. You are going to write a word on one side of each card, in Indian ink or a black felt-tip pen, as follows:

1st set of 3 cards:

First card, write:           YES
Second card, write:      PLUS
Third card, write:         POSITIVE

2nd set of 3 cards:

First card, write:           NO
Second card, write:      MINUS
Third card, write:         NEGATIVE

You should of course make sure that nothing shows on the other side of your cards (the ink should not soak through the paper and no clues should be visible).

Then place the first word from the first set of cards in front of you, under your pendulum, face up.

Gently swing your pendulum backwards and forwards...

Then wait until it decides to turn.

Make a note of the direction in which the rotation occurs.

Repeat the exercise with the other 2 words from the same set.

Each time, note which way the rotation occurs.

Then repeat the exercise with the 3 words in the second set.

When your pendulum turns in the same direction 3 times for each set of "witnesses", you can be pretty certain that you have established clear mental conventions.

However to make absolutely sure, it would be a good idea
to do a further check.

Hold your 6 square cards with the back (blank side) facing you. Mix them up in exactly the same way as you would shuffle playing cards. Then place them on the table in front of you in a single row, with the side that has been written on hidden from view. Then you simply need to question your pendulum by dangling it over each square card to find out which set it belongs to.

Be sure to make a note of the responses you have obtained.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Dialogue with your Pendulum

You would not address a foreigner whose native language you couldn't speak, because you wouldn't be able to hold any kind of dialogue with this person. Similarly, you can only dialogue with your pendulum once you have learnt its language.

To be successful in your experiments, it is crucial
to interpret your pendulum's replies correctly.

You are therefore going to make an "agreement" with it and this is what's called a "mental convention". This convention will be very simple because the pendulum uses a language that is very rudimentary (but amazingly clear). In fact, it can only reply to you in two ways:

The first is YES.

The second is NO.

On this basis, all you need to do now is to "mentally" agree with it which way it will turn to reply YES, and which way it will turn to reply NO.

We will look at this in detail in a moment.

But what should you conclude when it doesn't turn in either direction, but oscillates backwards and forwards, from left to right, or in a straight diagonal line?

As a general rule, this means quite simply that your subconscious is unable to reply to your question via the pendulum.

(There are a number of reasons why this might happen, and I'll give them to you).


Lots of amateur dowsers might tell you that if your pendulum rotates clockwise, this automatically means that its answer is "YES".

The "NO" answer being indicated by an anti-clockwise rotation.

But it would be more accurate to say that this is true in the majority of cases.

Because there are quite a few exceptions to this rule:

Some women and left-handed people, for example, tend to reverse the generally accepted direction of rotation (YES to the right, NO to the left).

And indeed sometimes, for a reason that defies human logic, the subconscious suddenly reverses the normal direction of rotation. If this happens, don't worry, you have not lost your "GIFT", it's just a temporary phenomenon.

This reversal of the replies can be triggered after a spate of terrible mental ordeals or a period of illness. The stressful conditions of the world we live in can also distort certain responses.

These irregularities are probably caused by a temporary disconnection from cosmic forces (the line of communication with your intuition is "out of order", but not for long).

Remain confident, get some rest, and everything will get back to normal…

So to sum up, only experimentation will tell you in the end
which rotational direction means YES, and which means NO,

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to personalise your Pendulum

Before "magnetising" your pendulum to personalise it, you must first purify it of any foreign vibrations that it might have picked up since the day it was made (e.g. while travelling through the post, or in the shop if you buy a new one). Otherwise, these foreign vibrations are likely to distort the accuracy of the replies it gives you.

This "purification" technique is very simple and is known to produce excellent results. You are the only person who can do it,  because no one but you should touch your pendulum.

It consists of leaving the pendulum to soak in a container full of cold water for a period of 6 days, while the moon is waning, changing the water every day.

After this, wipe it with a clean white cloth made of natural fabric.

Then pass it through the centre of a candle flame.

Be careful, you mustn't let it burn in the flame - it only needs to be in contact for a fraction of a second.

Pass it through the flame 4 or 5 times in succession.

And as you do so, say:

"I purify you of any influences that are foreign and contrary to my objectives".

If it has a metal chain, pass this through the flame too.

The chain should be purified in a separate container.

In the case of a thread (silk, cotton, flax, etc.) remove it and destroy it.

You can attach a clean one after the purification ritual.

Here is a tried and tested technique,
for thoroughly charging your pendulum,
with your own magnetism...

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: for this operation to be totally successful, it's crucial to perform it while the moon is waxing.

I.e. the 9 nights that precede the date of the full moon.

At night, just before you go to sleep, place your pendulum on your navel. Cover it with both hands (open). In other words, place your right hand over your pendulum then your left hand over your right hand.

Lie like this for about 5 minutes, thinking about the positive use you are going to make of your pendulum. Then place it by your side on the bed-sheet, a few centimetres away and level with your abdomen, for the entire time you are asleep.

Do this for 3 consecutive nights.

On the following 3 nights, place your pendulum on your heart. Cover it with both open hands for about 5 minutes, thinking about the help and many joys it's going to bring you.

Then go to sleep, having carefully placed it beside you, under the bedclothes, level with your chest.

Do this for 3 consecutive nights.

On the following 3 nights, place your pendulum on the upper part of your left temple, holding it firmly in place with your open left hand, and placing your open right hand flat on your solar plexus (level with your stomach).

Spend about 5 minutes visualising imaginary scenes (dreams you would like to come true). Imagine that your dreams are being realised thanks to the replies obtained using your pendulum.

Then go off to sleep, having placed your pendulum next to your head (level with the top part), thinking about the positive and constructive cosmic energies that are impregnating your pendulum.

Do this for 3 consecutive nights.

On each of these 9 nights, go to sleep alongside your pendulum, your mind filled with positive thoughts of joy and happiness. Think of cheerful times in your life, for example wonderful situations you have experienced on holiday, or any other happy scene…

This will boost the positive power of your pendulum to a remarkable extent.


One vital point you mustn't forget is that you should never allow anyone to borrow or even touch your personalised pendulum, on any pretext whatsoever. Otherwise it will be "contaminated" with foreign radiations and is likely to become much less effective.


It is in fact hard for me to give you a really precise answer to this question. Let's say that the choice is very much up to you.

Every dowser has their own preferred cord length, and it can vary between 3 and 20 centimetres.

It's more a question of adaptation than a strict rule that must be obeyed. You should however know that the speed of movement of the pendulum is proportional to the length of the suspension cord.

So the longer the cord, the slower the movement will be and the longer it will take to get going. Whereas a short cord of about 4 or 5 cm, allows you to see the pendulum reacting almost instantaneously and in a clear and precise manner.

However, if you are of a nervous disposition, I would seriously recommend adopting a cord length somewhere between 10 and 20 cm.

This will considerably reduce the risk of seeing your pendulum swinging wildly in all directions, as a result of your unconscious movements.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you actually aware of how wonderfully privileged you are?

You are lucky enough to be able to change your whole life!

But if you really want to make the most of the opportunities created by your new knowledge (that will help you to exploit your  Intuition), the key factor is the regular application of this new information in your daily life!

Only if you put this knowledge into practice
will you be able to unlock the doors to
prosperity, happiness, health and peace.

This knowledge will henceforth give you the means to decide your future.

You now hold the keys to success in your hands. But remember: a key is just a lump of metal.

You must admit that it would be a real pity not to
achieve the Success, Prosperity and Happiness,
that these secrets can bring you…

Simply due to a lazy attitude,
or a desire to take it easy.

Even if these keys I have just given you were made
of gold, they would still remain just lumps of metal,
until you took the trouble to turn them in the lock
to gain access to the luck and happiness awaiting
you on the other side.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Different types of Pendulums

The Egyptian Pendulum:

An extremely sensitive pendulum which picks up and transmits the thoughts of its user in an amazing way. It acts as a powerful transmitter for charging an object with particular emanations. Actually, it’s a Magic pendulum, probably used by the Ancients in the old days to send information from one place to another.

Due to the laws of harmonisation, an influence focused on one object was projected onto a second identical object, even though it might be situated at a considerable distance from the operator.

The "Fictive Cone" Pendulum:

This is a detector used mainly to detect the colours of the solar spectrum (visible and invisible).

The AbbĂ© Mermet Pendulum:

Very practical, because you can use a sample or "witness" by placing it in the bottom part that unscrews.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. There are hundreds of other kinds, although a large proportion of them can only be used in the specific conditions in which they are designed to operate.

However, it's worth noting that it's often the pendulums with the simplest structures that prove to be the most reliable.


Whatever choice you make, don't forget that Rule No.1 for being successful is to have a pendulum you find pleasing.

Monday, November 14, 2011

How can a Pendulum provide such accurate answers?

Remember that when pendulum dowsing, you are, as it were, directly connected to that "Intelligence" that people also call the "Infinite Spirit", the "Super-Conscious", the "Astral World", the "Cosmos", or that believers call "God"...

You have inside you, a fragment of that same "Infinite Intelligence" that exists in the Universe: you have in you a fragment of that "Divine Spirit".

You see, when you have an intuition, you are receiving a "message", a "sign", a "warning" addressed to your own "Divine Spirit" by the "Infinite Intelligence of the Universe" which knows everything in advance!...

It's rather like a father or mother giving advice to a much-loved child…

Until the present time, you have been unable to receive these "messages" because your intuition has been "blocked", "cut off". It's a bit like there's a fault on the "telephone line" between the "Infinite Intelligence of the Universe" and the fragment of that same "Divine Spirit" that lives inside you (your Inner Guide).

The use of the pendulum will make it possible to "repair" this telephone line!

As you practice, inspirations will inevitably flash into your mind, and you will receive clear insights more and more frequently.

I recommend, by the way, that you write them all down carefully in a notebook, marking the date they arrived, so that you don't forget them because they are precious allies for you.

You will subsequently discover just how useful they can be to you for solving your problems. Once you get used to them, these flashes of intuition will become increasingly clear, precise and conclusive.

You will then realise, with joyful surprise, that you really do possess this amazingly useful faculty that certain researchers from the scientific world are only just beginning to recognise.

Your pendulum will bring you lots more satisfactions…

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Pendulum is a Fascinating Object!

Thanks to your pendulum, you will soon become aware of the Cosmic influences that are governing your development: you will be able to discover the periods when influences are favourable so that you can take more advantage of them. Then you will be able to make the best decisions at the most auspicious times…

The divinatory pendulum will be able to change your whole life in a wonderful way … maybe even more than you dare to hope.

It will be there, by your side, always ready to do its work, to help you, to give you valuable support in any situation like a "Guardian Angel" you can count on until the end of your days.

From now on, every day will be like a new door that you eagerly push open to reveal a future that is constantly getting brighter, happier and more satisfying.

The divinatory pendulum will give you a firm and lasting ascendancy over the people around you (once you have properly mastered its technique).

You probably know that certain film and show-business stars, and lots of familiar figures from the business and political worlds, have admitted to the press that they go and consult a professional dowser before taking important decisions. 

It could be the same for you (on a more modest scale) thanks to the advantages the pendulum can bring you:

- Predict your own future, and that of others too
- Pick the right numbers for the lottery and horse racing
- Choose the directions that are most favourable to your success
- Determine what days and times will be lucky and successful
- Read other people's minds like an open book
- Anticipate events a long time, sometimes a very long time in advance.

And that's not all.

This is what else you can obtain from your pendulum:

- Acquire a power of attraction over others, be loved, admired, honoured, respected. And perhaps gain more responsibilities in your job… 

How do you USE a pendulum?

There is nothing "wizardly" about it, because the way it functions has absolutely nothing to do with magic. In fact, the mechanism by which the pendulum works is extremely simple. This is what you should do:

1) Dangle your pendulum by its chain from the tip of the first two or three digits on your right or left hand, depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed (we will cover this technique in more detail presently…)

2) Close your eyes and think as hard as you can about the first question that interests you, regarding the subject you want to elucidate... 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Using the pendulum will help you regain your intuition

As you are not exploiting your natural intuition at the moment, it could be said that you are not living your life to the full. You have not been able to take advantage of the huge share of happiness that could have been brought to you by your intuition, that fantastic "Power" living inside you.

Fortunately, it's never too late to put things right!…

And the best way I know for you to speedily regain the full use of this power of yours (your great intuition) is simply to use a divinatory pendulum. The pendulum will enable us to develop some of your innate qualities including your intuition.

There's nothing complicated about it, you just need to do some serious and regular practice. Then little by little, you will come to recognise the "messages", the "signs", the "warnings" that are sent to you by the "Infinite Intelligence that created the Universe", to guide you towards success.

Over the years, lots of "signs" have already been sent to you. Until now you haven't been able to pick them up or interpret them, and in my opinion this largely explains the difficulties you have had to face.

It's high time we took some action, in the interests of your happiness…