Thursday, June 30, 2011

Your health and happiness in July

Week of June 27 to July 3
Friday July 1st marks the arrival of the new moon. This is a perfect opportunity for a lunar fast, to detox your body and cleanse your mind of burdensome thoughts. You may find it works like a charm!

Lucky numbers: 1 – 7 – 13 – 31 – 37 - 41
Week of July 4th to 10th
The moon is waxing. Make the most of it to drive your plans and dreams forward towards success. Give yourself a helping hand on Thursday 7th, by writing all your hopes and aspirations down on a 10cm by 10cm piece paper. Sign your name and keep it with your paperwork.

Lucky numbers: 4 – 11 – 21 – 23 – 32 - 40
Week of July 11th to 17th
The waxing moon makes you fight for what you want. Everyday, magnetize your hopes. Place your hands on the paper bearing your handwriting, imagine your wishes becoming a reality, get out in the sunshine, let its rays renew your energy.  Leave a piece of paper with your wishes written on it out in the sun. Think about what you want. On Friday 15th, in the evening, burn it in the flame of a green candle. Your wishes will be passed to the higher forces.
Lucky numbers: 14 – 18 – 29 – 34 – 36 - 45
Week of July 18 to 24
The moon is waning. You need to think about taking a bit of exercise, to shed what you absorbed from the sun. This is good for cleansing your own body, or equally, for purifying a place. The 22nd, 23rd and 24th are ideal days to book in with your beautician for some depilation!
Lucky numbers: 18 – 26 – 31 – 33 – 36 – 39
Week of July 25th to 31
A hectic week. The moon wanes until the 29th. July 27th and 28th are good days for going on a diet, walking and taking some time to do whatever you please. On the 30th, the day of the new moon, a lunar fast might be just what you need. From the 31st onwards, you will be filled with such energy nothing will stand in your way. Your plans will be driven forwards.
Lucky numbers: 7 – 16 – 20 – 22 – 34 – 43

¬ New Moon Fast Days
Fasting, done properly, is both safe and effective. I personally fast regularly on full moon and new moon days, drinking only water and tea when I’m thirsty and meditating for 30 to 45 minute sessions.
For a new moon fast, you need to plan your meditation session for the end of the day, when your energy levels are falling, while for the full moon you should mediate in the early morning, when your energy levels naturally rise and surge. Here is what you have to do:
Ÿ Sit down on a cushion in a quiet and isolated spot, 1.5 metres from an unadorned, light-coloured wall. Take up the lotus position (right foot on your left thigh and left foot on the right thigh) or the semi-lotus (left foot just placed on the right leg, gently turned inwards and to the left). You can also sit on a chair with your back nice and straight, feet flat on the ground. Then put your hands on your knees, palms facing upward, and eyes half-closed with your gaze fixed on the angle formed by the ground and the wall.
Ÿ Next, let your thoughts play across the screen of your mind, allow them to come and go without making any effort to stop them or take them any further. Respond to each new thought by focusing on your breathing: inhale deeply raising your stomach, then exhale slowly. You can then go back about your daily business completely normally.
These two periods of fasting will allow your body to cleanse itself regularly, and replenish its reserves from the forces of nature and the magnetic currents induced with the progress of the lunar cycle.
You can still drink tea or coffee over the course of the day. However, my advice would be to limit yourself to 3 to 4 cups a day. Mineral water, on the other hand, is completely compatible with lunar energy and can be absorbed in whatever quantities you wish.
You can do this controlled fast four times a year, with each season. As well as cleansing and revitalising your body, it will make you more determined and strengthen your mind. I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it!

¬ Grandma’s recipes
Ÿ Sunburn
You can calm sunburn with a pot of yoghurt. This « mask » should bring relief in 15 to 20 minutes. If you don’t have any yoghurt, rub some slices of very ripe tomato over the burned area.

Ÿ Treat heavy legs
If you suffer from heavy legs and swollen feet, prepare a footbath by soaking your feet in a bowl of cool water with a handful of sea salt. You could also add a few drops of peppermint essential oil.

Ÿ Make your eyes shine before you go out.
If you want to have a sparkle in your eye all evening, even after a long day’s work, what you need are blueberries, which will brighten the whites of your eyes. You can buy blueberry water eye drops at your local pharmacy, for use every morning. They have the additional benefit of relaxing your eyes, which is a very big plus for those who sit in front of a computer screen at work.

¬ Your Guardian Angels
Belief in the existence of a guardian angel dates back to the most ancient Christian texts wherein each individual had a protector, an ally watching over their life.
Psalm 91 – « There shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling. For he will command his angels to protect you wherever you go. They will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. »
Psalm 34 – « The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, And delivereth them. »
Exodus – « I will set an Angel before you, to keep you on your path. »
Guardian angels are generally seen as benevolent friends, celestial brothers, confidantes, advisors and intercessors. Is it not the case that many highly trustworthy people claim to have been saved through the providential intervention of angels?
Ÿ Invocation to your guardian angel
For your prayer to be fully effective, for it to lift up your mind and your soul, it must be charged with emotion. The invocation to your angels will give results if you can tune into their vibratory wavelength, if your prayer springs forth spontaneously from your heart, from a powerful desire for fusion and quasi-amorous symbiosis. Any positive and well-targeted invocation or prayer will always arrive at its destination and trigger a response wave of help to suit the need concerned.
To feel the presence of the Angels, you absolutely must achieve a state of relaxation « let go » both physically and mentally. Releasing your tension is vital. The best way of relaxing is by performing breathing exercises. Your breath linked you to the Universe. Your breath represents your contact with life.
Breathe deeply, holding this positive energy for a moment before exhaling the air, along with all your tension. You are now ready to contact your Guardian Angel.
Invocation to your Guardian Angel
«  O faithful Friend,
(Speak his name three times),
You who protects me at all times,
I send you all my love.
Help me to fight on every day,
Against evil, and to do good,
To move forwards along my path.
Give me good intuition,
A solution for every problem.
Confident of your presence,
I am filled with hope.
Thanks to you I am one with God,
At all times and in all places.
I give thanks to you for this great gift,
As we move forward together towards the Golden Age. Amen. »

Guardian Angels for the month of July
June 27th – July 1st: PAHALIAH
July 2nd – July 6th: NELCHAEL
July 7th – 11th: YEYI-YAEL
July 12 – 16th: MELAHEL
July 17th – July 22nd: HAHEUHIAH
July 23rd – July 27th: NITH-HAIAH
July 28th to August 1st: HAAIAH

¬ Charms
Ÿ Ritual for Prosperity
This is a ritual for when the moon is waxing. Light a green candle. You can use it together with the piece of paper with your wishes written on it, to charge them with greater power. Repeat the following words, three times over, every day of the waxing moon.
« I call on you, all-powerful and benevolent angels, in the name of Yahveh whose lightening flashes light up the world and who guides his flock with the hand of Moses and Aaron.
May the absolute order of the gods and your supreme wisdom act through me from this moment onwards and forever, taking me across the threshold and into the light. Help me so that all my thoughts and actions are guided and inspired on all levels, by the divine law, and may every day bring new opportunities to grow and prosper.
Through the angels of the VII legion, in the presence of the holy angel, their all-powerful lord and excellent prince, by the name of Jupiter and by his seal, I call on you, o great Sachiel who presides over the day of Thursday, to set me on the path towards the inexhaustible source of wealth so I can live in prosperity, abundance and opulence. »

Ÿ Ritual for combating bad luck
This ritual is to be performed on a waning moon. You’ll need a black candle. Recite it 3 times in a row, every day of the waning moon to break down blockages and obstacles to your success and happiness.
« I call on you, angels, divine and powerful guides, in the name of the All-Powerful who sets the stars in the arch of the sky to separate day from night and serve as signs not only on festivals but for days and years and so that they light up the earth.
Smile on me to I can live with unshakeable faith and confidence, in the conviction that there is a way out of all my problems. Guide me in your calm and serene voice, direct my actions and take me by the hand and lead me along the path towards the light.
By the angels that serve in the III legion, in the presence of the holy angel, their all-powerful and excellent prince, in the name of the star of Saturn, I call on you, o great Caffiel who presides over this day, so that all flashes of evil are repelled into the shadows and my life flows as a long and peaceful river. »

¬ The July Pentacle
Pentacles protect their user from negativity, jealousy and misfortune. They are objects of power, a sign of the union between man and the higher, divine forces. They are designed to pick up on the vibrations of luck and harness them in the service of their owner so permitting them to achieve their goals. Pentacles are personal and cannot be used by any person other than their owner.
Make your July Pentacle
To be made from July 1st onwards.  Making your pentacle with no tool other than a quill pen will bring you closer to the tradition and it will be powerfully charged with your vibrations, hopes and priorities. Your concentration will be more intense.
You will need: - a piece of white card measuring 10cm x 10cm, ideally a square of vegetable or animal parchment – a quill pen with black ink – a white candle.
The ritual:
Light the white candle, then recite the following words.
« With this flame I light up my soul in the light of the Sun; ray of truth, ray of knowledge, ray of nature, be with me in my endeavours, in my mind and my being. May the triple candle of grace light up my soul and protect me from problems and jealousies. May the strength of the light drive my work and empower my pentacle, so it may have the strength to make my dreams come true. May it be so.  »
While you’re making your pentacle, keep you mind
focused on whatever you have asked for.

Place your hands on it and give the following blessing:
« True receiver of the ebb-tide, I take in that which has been spent and can never be spent again. Find a place, through the mysterious turn of the tide, the ebbing of the sea, to cleanse my shores.
Great and good source of flux, send me all that I need to these shores, knowing how I drift, may your long wave be generous. Through the rich gift of the tide, I will lack for nothing. As I wish so may it come to pass.»
To finish, sign the back and write down, in just a few words, your hopes and most pressing needs. Keep it on you for the whole of the month of July. Pick it up often and think of your hopes. At the end of the month, burn it in the flame of a white candle. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Pronunciation : A-u-m  cha-ï-ta-nya  cha-ï-ta-nya  sooa-ha

It is very important to be able to become deeply relaxed. Why? Because if you allow yourself to be worn down by stress (whether the origins of this stress are physical, psychological or social), without being able to recover, you will gradually become suffused with negative energies.

This accumulation of damaging energy is transformed into ‘chronic stress’ and will eventually cause your personal energy field (your aura) to deteriorate in various places. This will leave you without protection against adversity, just as armour with holes in it cannot give proper protection. In other words, you will attract bad luck, because your ‘vibrations’ will be bad.

As a result you will find yourself continually struggling against an unshakeable feeling of tiredness; you will be nervous and will easily become irritable. Your weakened concentration and shifting aims will cause you to make errors of judgement; you will have trouble bringing your projects to fruition; obstacles and problems will pile up. You will become discouraged and full of doubt, you will lose confidence in yourself and your personality will become darker. You will fall victim to conflicts, quarrels, painful ordeals, etc.

In short, you will no longer be the conscious master of your own destiny: you will have turned yourself, most often unwittingly, into a ‘victim blindly searching for happiness’ … doubting whether that happiness even exists.

So don’t wait until you are living ‘on your nerves’ before you take action. By reciting this Mantra, you can gradually regenerate yourself, ‘dissolving’ stress and ‘recharging’ your nerves and your energy levels. This Mantra also has the ability to awaken the power of self-healing. Repeat it as many times as possible, letting yourself be guided by a rhythm of breathing that is natural and comfortable for you.

This will take you only ten to fifteen minutes a day, in the evening before you go to sleep (in the lying position), or during the day, if you can take time out to do it (in this case adopt a sitting position). With practice, you will be able to recite it mentally at any time and anywhere.

Rest assured that the benefits you will receive will be enormous in comparison to the simplicity of the method and the brief time it takes. According to the Master who created it, twenty minutes spent reciting this Mantra will give you the energy equivalent of four or five hours’ sleep. Learning how to say this Mantra will enable you to live as if you had ‘an extra gear’.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Twelve Sacred Mantras of the Emerald Table

Important : although this in itself is not enough to ensure success when using the Mantras, it is advisable to respect the original pronunciation of the syllables of Power. I have therefore indicated the proper pronunciation for each Mantra.

   How to say a Mantra :

It is vital that you should be aware of the nature of the Mantra, so that you can be ONE with it (if necessary, refer back to the section on the Universal Energy Law). You must understand that there is no real separation between the Mantra’s Word of Power, its Energy (representing Divinity) and the person who speaks it.

You must completely absorb this concept if you want the Mantra to exert its full power.

It is for this reason that you should begin by repeating the Mantra out loud. Once you are familiar with this form of repetition, you should repeat it quietly, in a murmur. In the final stage, you will repeat it mentally (in your head), in the awareness that your entire being is suffused with the Mantra and its energy.

Unless indicated otherwise, the Mantras can be repeated at any moment, whatever you are doing. In addition to their own specific powers, each Mantra also provides additional protection. It will enable you to concentrate all your energy on what you are doing, making you act more effectively and enabling you to be in full control of yourself.

If, over time, you adopt the habit of reciting a Mantra while you go about your daily business, you will live every moment to the full, without being overwhelmed by events … and it will bring you indescribable pleasure.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mantras, the expression of power

Mantras are words with a powerful charge. They can bring real help to those who chant them, on both the material and spiritual planes. To understand fully the importance and power of the Mantra, you must remember that the Mantra itself (in other words the sound) is a manifestation of the original vibration, and therefore of absolute divinity – like matter, which is a manifestation of energy.

It follows from this that the power of the Mantra is infinite. You will have a better understanding of these notions if you remember that the words that we humans speak are the expression of our feelings, our experiences, and therefore of our whole, private being.

Just as a word is one with the person who utters it, so the Mantra is one with its source, in other words the Divine. The decidedly hermetic words that constitute the Mantras are often accompanied by unusually-shaped symbols, known as Yantras.

Later on we shall consider the meaning of the term Yantra and why practicing the contemplation of the Yantra reinforces and complements the power of the Mantra. By taking advantage of all these aids, and even more by knowing how to combine them, you will become able to concentrate, to control your mental processes and acquire the power that stems from identification with the Ultimate Reality or Universal Principle.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

How does a Mantra ‘work’?

I should like to tell you a story which illustrates the way that sound can effectively change lives. It’s about someone I knew personally, a research scientist, who spent his life studying the physiological effects of the human voice.

This person suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and, at the age of eighteen, was often forced to stay in bed. At this time he was frequently reduced to a pitiful state and the treatments he was given had no real effect.

One afternoon one of his relatives came to see him. She brought her baby girl with her and my researcher friend was fascinated by the little thing: she was the image of emerging life and the joy of being alive, very different from his own poor, weak body.
The scientist wanted to look at the baby and asked for her to be placed beside him. The child began to look calmly around her, then started to fidget a little. She made a few noises, as all children do: aaa, gaa, kaa, maa, buu, mii... He listened, fascinated, then noticed that some sounds involved the abdominal region, others the region inside the ribcage, known as the thorax.

Gradually he became convinced that the child was responding to a precise physiological need, and that this was helping the development of her vital functions, such as breathing, digestion, and so on. That very evening he tried a few exercises using the sounds he had learned from the baby.

He continued for the next few days, and then a little longer, and he gradually noticed something awakening in his weakened body. Encouraged by these early results, he developed this technique, continually enriching it with new experiments.

This is how he wrote about what he was doing.

My method, which consists of breathing while saying the vowel sounds, has notable effects. In particular it produces reactions in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and acts not only on the circulation of the blood, but also on the functioning of the endocrine glands and vital organs.

In addition, the vibrations give rise to emotions. Our language includes five vowels: a, e, i, o, u (‘y’ being simply a transcription of ‘i’). My method involves imagining the vowel and the sound that goes with it, trying to perceive the emotion it awakens in us.

Each vowel has its own specific field of action: my observations suggest that ‘I’ acts on the larynx, nose and head; ‘E’ on the neck, vocal chords and thyroid; ‘A’ acts on the area above the thorax; ‘O’ on the middle section of the thorax; ‘U’ on the stomach, liver, lower abdomen and genital organs. I practiced my method for thirty years and I can state that it has enabled me to recover my health and also to cure other people. Yet it is as simple to practice as breathing or humming.

In reality what this man discovered, on a smaller scale, was the way that the magic of the Mantra works. His desire to get better, his faith and his experiments gradually led him to create his own ‘Life Mantra’, which had the specific effect of promoting his return to health.

So you can imagine the miracles that can be worked by the Sacred Mantras of the Emerald Table, which were developed by true Initiates capable of controlling the occult forces at work in the universe...

These various examples are intended to help you understand something important: when you recite or chant the Sacred Mantras, you must allow the Sound to touch you, as if your entire body could absorb it.

Take your cue from young children as they discover and explore their own babbling in a natural, spontaneous, playful and innocent way.

As a preliminary exercise, I recommend that you try this for yourself; experiment with the different ways that the vowels vibrate.

To do this, place one hand flat on the centre of your chest, then make the sound ‘aaaaa…’. You can change the vibration as you choose, making it louder or softer, longer or shorter; don’t be afraid to try things out, to play with the sound coming from your mouth, changing the tone, so that you can feel how it ‘resonates’ within you.

Then try experimenting with the vibration made by ‘I’; place one hand flat on the top of your skull and make the sound ‘iiiii…’  You can also hold your nose and pinch it very slightly; if you do this you will feel the sound resonating in the hollow of your palate.

Keep going by experimenting with the other vowels in a similar way; put your hand lightly on your throat for the vowel ‘E’, on your stomach or lower abdomen for the sound ‘uuuuu’, and so on.

I advise you to start by performing this simple little exercise several times a day, spending two or three minutes on each vowel.

By doing this not only will you gradually familiarise yourself with the practice of saying the Mantra (the ultimate aim being to recite the Mantras of the Emerald Table as I shall reveal them to you), but your body’s cells and organs will benefit from a real ‘internal massage’, which is very beneficial for both your health and your overall energy levels.

Above all, make an effort to feel the effects of your chanting, rather than trying to analyse them. In reality it is pointless to seek to remain rational or, worse still, to try to understand in an intellectual, logical way what a Mantra might mean. On the contrary, a Mantra should be approached through what is felt.

There is no point trying to put up any kind of resistance (mental, physical, psychological…) to it; on the contrary you should allow the sound waves to pass through you, speaking to the deepest part of your being, where the spirit is in perfect harmony with the universal principle.

It is in the nature of Sound to slip into the deepest part of your soul. For sound communicates directly with the spirit, whose expression it is. As a result, the Mantra allows us to return to our own centre, the point of spiritual purity where all forms of magical creation become possible.

Indeed the links between spirit and sound have been the subject of in-depth studies by the Masters since the earliest times (the civilisations of Atlantis, Mesopotamia, India, Egypt…). According to esoteric tradition the Rishis – or ancient sages – devoted themselves entirely to the search for the Ultimate reality or Universal Principle, in other words for that reality which lies beyond the limited perceptions of our five senses (hearing, sight, smell, etc.).

In the course of their long meditations, these seers of ancient times heard sounds that belonged to a transcendent state of consciousness and were thus produced by very high levels of energy vibrations.

These sounds were the original Mantras: divine sounds which do not stem from the human mind. They have a specific nature and were called Bija, meaning "seeds". They represent the essential energy of beings belonging to more subtle levels, which the different traditions have called angels, gods or demons.

The ancient sages were familiar with the secret powers of sounds. So they created Mantras, consisting of Bija (or sound-seeds) and syllables or words from the devanagari alphabet (a way of writing Sanskrit, which is a very old oriental language), in which each syllable has a mystical value.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is a Mantra ?

Mantras were created by the enlightened minds of the Masters spirituality and you can only understand their essential nature by putting them into practice and discovering their extraordinary effects.

The Mantra is the simplest means of understanding the cosmic energies and making them work for you. A Mantra consists of a series of magic syllables which together make up a ‘code’. So this is a code formed of different sounds.

Everyone knows that sounds have an influence on the psyche. The sound of a very high noise can cause a kind of physical pain: people lower their heads and put their hands over their ears.
In the same way, the sound of chalk squeaking on a blackboard makes most people shiver or sets their teeth on edge.

Conversely, deep, low sounds have a soothing, calming effect; we need only listen carefully to television adverts to see proof of this. When the ad-makers want to create an atmosphere of pleasure and seduction, the voice on the soundtrack is always deep and low and speaks very slowly.

People have always understood the incantatory magic of sounds. Remember the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin who bewitched animals and children with the tunes he played on his flute?
In many folk tales and legends we find a fairy who utters magic words (usually also waving a wand) when she wants to cast a spell. An example of this is the famous incantation:‘A-BRA-CA-DA-BRA’, which is a special kind of Mantra.

In relation to this, the music of opera also has a remarkable effect. Of course it’s often quite hard to see the singers on stage as the gods or heroes they are supposed to be playing. Yet, when they start to sing, a subtle magic invades our senses and our whole being begins to vibrate in tune... as long, that is, as we have been able to let go and to open ourselves up to the sound. For that is the key!

In the martial arts there is much talk of the Kiaï, which is known as the ‘shout that kills’. If it is given with the ‘spirit’ it causes a kind of momentary short-circuit in the nervous system.

People who train in the martial arts practice giving the Kiaï, not so that they can use it to kill, but because this sound cannot be correctly made unless the person’s entire being is concentrated in the spirit: when this happens the Kiaï becomes the expression of an inner strength which draws on cosmic energy itself.

In a quite different field, the Western esoteric tradition has given us the Gregorian chant, whose aim is to raise us up to higher states of consciousness.

Furthermore, it’s no coincidence that cathedrals were built with high vaulted ceilings, giving a greater resonance and power to the sounds within. All these deep, subtle vibrations would penetrate the psyches of the congregation, taking them into a ‘mystic’ state in which ordinary thoughts are silent, leaving the way open to the experience, in other words the sensation, of pure perception.

Energy follows thought and intention

We could put this major cosmic Principle another way by stating that : energy flows in the same direction as attention, and also energy follows intention.

So a positive state of mind and constructive thoughts will have beneficial results. On the other hand, dark convoluted thoughts and a pessimistic or destructive outlook will, in the end, always have harmful and damaging effects.

In this way, we human beings literally create the reality within which we live our lives ; the divine gift of free will gives us our greatness, but also our responsibility.

This remarkable Principle, taken from spiritual Knowledge and preserved in the Emerald Table, is part of the heritage of Thoth-Hermes, one of the greatest Initiates ever to walk the Earth. This Master of Wisdom, whose prodigious knowledge in the field of occult Magic raised him almost to the level of a God, lived in India and Ancient Egypt.

This Energy Law also means that the more precise an idea, the clearer a vision that we have of something, the more freely, effectively and powerfully the creative Energy flows within us.

In other words, the harder you concentrate on something, the better you will visualise it and the better your results will be. In this case, your recitation of the Scared Mantras will be all the more effective in turning your wishes into reality because you will repeat them in the full awareness of what you are doing, rather than in an automatic, mechanical and soulless way.

It is absolutely crucial that you understand that without sustained concentration and conscious intention on your part, it will be difficult for the Magic that lies within the Sacred Mantras to do its work, despite my help and all the occult knowledge that I am placing at your disposal. But don’t worry: if you follow my detailed instructions you will be able to use the Mantras in the correct fashion.

Now that we have clarified this point, let us look in greater detail at what the notion of a Mantra means, so that you will see this reality for what it is, rather than as an abstract idea.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The reason for suffering

Along with the majority of human beings, you too have probably been confronted with suffering and asked yourself the following fundamental question: "Why is it me that is suffering. What have I done to deserve this?"

Suffering seems to be the lot of mankind: we come into the world crying and die often in pain, and sometimes people’s entire lives are dogged by suffering.

Our suffering is often rooted in the first years of our life: the way we are brought up and the love and attention our parents give us plays a basic role in the way we see the world, and the way we see the world determines our experiences.

It’s easy to destroy children, make them suffer, damage their self-esteem, to the point where they are no longer in a position to live their life, where they don’t even have the strength to meet their basic needs for survival.

By means of illustration of these comments, I would like to tell you a true story: "One day, a woman came to see me with her 25 year old son, because he was suffering from depression. She had consulted various doctors, without ever seeing any improvement in his condition. As I listened she said over and over again that her son was very sick and unable to work, I tried to ask her son some questions, in the hope of engaging him in a dialogue. Every time I asked him a question, it was the mother who replied, her son did not have the right to speak."

The poor man, or more correctly the poor child, did not have his own identity, he had never been allowed to become himself, he was merely the reflection of the anxiety of his mother who projected all her fears onto him. His body did not belong to him, not even his mind, which was that of his mother. He was her object. As the American psychoanalyst Joyce McDougal put it so very well, there can be « one body for two », and in this case there was one body, the mother having taken possession of the boy from his earliest years, without ever giving him the slightest chance of becoming himself.

Do you know what happened to this young man a few months after he came to see me?

One day the anguish became too great and he put an end to his days, since he could no longer live with that suffering. The psychiatrist who was treating him couldn’t do any more for him. For my part, I only saw that young man once and there was nothing that could be done, his « karmic traces » were too dense.

Another day, an alcoholic man came to see me for me to relieve him of his vice. After placing my hands on his head, some images came to me: "Child, I see you before the hanging body of a man, in a hay barn. Later, I learned that the child was him and that at the age of 7 he had found his father hanged in the barn."
For his whole life, he had never spoken of this unhappiness to anyone. That event had left traces that had branded him with a terrible anguish that only alcohol could relieve.

But why do I speak to you of these dramatic events? You will come to understand over the coming pages. But allow me for now to speak to you of the age-old wisdom of the Hindu Masters and of the reason why you are today beginning a new life, the potential of which you cannot imagine.

You should realise first of all that every man on earth hopes to avoid suffering and find happiness. The Buddha Sakyamuni, in his speech on the four noble truths, more than 2500 years ago, spoke at length of suffering. After a very severe ascetic regime and years of silent meditation, he came to understand the why and the how of human suffering, and even defined a path that made it possible to avoid it.
The sermon on the 4 noble truths that he gave in Sarnath near to Bénarès, before his former companions the 5 ascetes, constitutes a teaching on the topic of suffering:

  • Dukkha, the acknowledgement that there is suffering in humanity

  • Samudhaya, the appearance and the source of suffering

  • Nirodha, the possibility of bringing suffering to an end

  • Magga, the path or the method that leads to the cessation of suffering

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The secrets of Karma


You can find out about your past actions by looking at your current actions, since they are the fruit of your past karma.

There is only one, unique law of karma on earth: that of cause and effect.

Karma is a word that comes from Sanskrit, which is the oldest form of writing and language in the world. It comes from the civilization of the Vedas, the sacred writings of India, where it is considered to be the language of the Gods, of those who are no longer linked to the duality of opposites.

To find out about your future and your future lives, take a close look at what you do every day of the week, every night before going to sleep, look at and memorise what happens over the course of your day.

At the end of every day, examine your conscience, allowing your heart and your intuition to speak. They will tell you what you can do to make things better for you and for those around you. In this way, gradually, you will free yourself from your karma and build a positive future.

The best way to free yourself of negative links with your past is through the method non-attachment.

Non-attachment is like a fire that burns the subconscious impregnation of the past, and the feelings, emotions and thoughts associated with it.

Non-attachment does not mean being indifferent, but rather just relinquishing the fruits of your actions. Live your life the best way you can without seeking any benefit for yourself, knowing that a good deed will always have a positive impact on your life.

Where there is suffering, attachment is not far away, since attachment is the mother that gives birth to suffering.

Non-attachment expands the conscious mind of human beings and when your consciousness is united with the universal consciousness, it is no longer under the influence of karma, which is gradually dissolved. Although this person may still live in the world, he or she will no longer have any hold or influence over you and your past experiences will be consumed by the fire of wisdom.

The prayers of a sage are always answered, because he is exempt from karmic traces, he is free of ignorance. Place yourself at the service the divine and your wishes will be fulfilled, forget yourself and become ONE with the source of all things.

If, at certain times of the day, you can immerse yourself in a state of total communion with the great ONE and you make your request while in this state, you will always be heard, my friend.

Then, keep this energy within yourself and it will revitalise you, fill you with joy and drive all obstacles far away.

Always listen to your heart and your little inner voice, because they provide a constant link with the All-Powerful. God speaks to you through your heart and through your intuition. If you do this, you will gradually distance yourself from suffering and free yourself from the weight of your past.

You have nothing to fear, because if you follow the divine path, the path to freedom, you will always have what you need, because God will meet your needs, as a mother meets those of her children.

Here, then, is a meditation that I myself was taught by my Master and which has the power to dissolve negative karma. Recite it in your head, or out loud for ¼ of an hour at least, every day, do it with all your heart and you will be astonished with the results.