Saturday, July 30, 2011


When nervous exhaustion, over-work and daily cares are preventing you from dropping off at night, magnetism can help you to sleep.

First of all, here are a few tips, a few guidelines for you to follow.
To relax you before dinner, have a shower or better still, a nice warm bath.

You want to forget all the worries that have such a disastrous effect on your sleep so don’t spend all evening discussing them, mulling them over, trying to find a solution.

And avoid any subjects that might cause arguments or disputes.

After dinner, to prevent your imagination from wandering and presenting you with all kinds of spectres, watch an interesting show or read to enrich yourself and become more cultured.
These little ploys will get you in the right frame of mind for bed, but it is
magnetism that will finally get you off to sleep.

Once you are in bed (which should preferably be placed North to South, with the head towards the North), stretch out on your back and yawn a few times.
Don’t allow your mind to stray or your imagination will start to run wild.

Focus your thoughts on a peaceful and monotonous image: the pendulum of an old clock, waves breaking on the shore, a mountain waterfall, or the sails of a windmill.

Relax, and put your left hand flat on your stomach (solar plexus). Now, don’t move a muscle, not even your little finger.

Very soon, you will sink into a deep sleep and will wake up feeling fully fit in the morning.

Work and rest

After a period of intense labour you need to rest and relax ... but this truism is
often ignored!!! All too often you soldier on in spite of your fatigue, without taking time
out to recuperate. But you must never push yourself too far. Try to realise that
tiredness is an alarm signal, which indicates that you have used up all your reserves
for the time being. As soon as you feel tired you need to stop, at least for a few
The stresses and strains of a permanently hectic life can wear you out without
you even realising it. They prevent you from resting, and what starts as mere
insomnia may develop into the deepest depression. If you are constantly on your
toes and over-working, this can cause psychological problems which mean that most
of your energies become blocked.
Try to keep nervous tension within acceptable limits. Learn to live in a calm,
relaxed state!
Contrary to what many people believe, you won’t waste any time (the great
phobia of our age!) by interspersing your activities with periods of rest - you will in
fact gain time! Because when you are refreshed and relaxed, you work much better
and much faster, and will increase your output accordingly.
When you feel tiredness creeping over you, do this exercise: close your eyes,
and then using your fingertips, gently massage your temples in a circular motion,
work across over the ears and down towards the nape of your neck, then stop (do
this about ten times). Then breathe deeply and yawn three or four times.
If you put these principles into practice you will become something that is rare
these days - a relaxed man or woman - and by virtue of this very fact, you will be
capable of working smoothly and efficiently.

Friday, July 29, 2011


You need to accept and make the most of the present. You must strive to make as
great a success as possible of every immediate task, purely for the satisfaction of a
job well done.
Little by little, your scope will increase, and so you will climb another rung, and then
a series of rungs, developing your personality as you go, which will give you more
power. Your future is therefore built on the present.
Power depends on how you use your mind. Your ideas can only be based on your
inner substance. What you are inside governs your relationship with the world and
the people around you, and determines your success ... or failure.
When you have grasped these general ideas, you may feel inclined to enrich yourself
and deepen your knowledge of some subject you may be particularly interested in.
Unless you just want to relax, read books that give you something, that improves
your mind.
Learn to read quickly, underlining the main passages that set out and explain the
Review your notes from time to time - and you will gradually build yourself a store of
very useful reference material.
author’s ideas. When you have finished reading, jot down these ideas in a few lines.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Qonquering timidity

Don’t shy at obstacles when you come across them, because they will develop your
intelligence, your resistance, your spirit of initiative, and your magnetism, and help
you to employ them more productively and creatively.
Success, like your whole environment and everything that happens in your life,
depends solely on you. Fate is a myth and Destiny is never against you - it is purely
Every victory is an effort, and every effort is a victory! A. Teillard wrote: “Certain
inferiority complexes may oppress an intelligent and courageous person who is the
victim of their own hyper-sensitivity. Their major fear is that other people may judge
them unfavourably. They are afraid of not matching up to others, they are afraid of
seeming ridiculous.”
Their career is therefore seriously handicapped by that great malady: doubt. Very
often, their sex life is affected and this disturbance may lead to impotence or frigidity.
A timid person, more than anyone, needs to develop their personality. In their case,
the increase in magnetism will be very spectacular. They will smash the world in
which their up bringing and society have succeeded in imprisoning them.
If you follow the advice given here, you will be able to chalk up your first success,
then a second, and so on. Once you have achieved your first goal, this opens the
door to further successes and these repeated victories will gradually free you from your prison.
By actively assuming responsibility, you will discover the joy of taking the reins and the glory of succeeding and thereby gain confidence in yourself. And by an imperceptible but infallible process, you will automatically find your new place in your social environment.
the result of how you face obstacles,and it’s by learning to control your thoughts that you will discover the road to Happiness and be able to realise your desires.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Instead, therefore, of bowing to every pressure without exercising any discernment or
control, instead of allowing your imagination to run riot, you will ask your imagination
to supply your subconscious with words and images that will gradually influence and
re-shape it.
So how should you go about this in practical terms? What steps should you take?
First and foremost, you must be calm and learn to control your thoughts as well as
your actions, because without a calm and sober attitude there will be no mastery, no
inner tranquillity, no order or concentration, no clear and considered thoughts, no
single-minded action.
If you can reduce tension and agitation, this will enable you to control the impulses
engendered by your senses and emotions, to govern your thoughts and to enhance
your magnetic potential.
Every evening, practice a session of auto-suggestion. Shut yourself in a dark or dimly
lit room. Lie on your bed or find a comfortable position that allows you to completely
relax. Sense the heaviness in each of your limbs and keep perfectly still - it’s much
easier than people generally think - quietly close your eyes, don’t think about
anything, or rather concentrate on your breathing, feel yourself breathe.
As you gradually train yourself, you will be able to attain this relaxed and mentally
isolated state more and more quickly.
After winding down like this for a few minutes, you can begin the actual autosuggestion
process using phrases like: “I feel calm; I feel calmer every day; I am in
perfect control of myself; my movements are steady, my voice is firm, my behaviour
is relaxed ...”
Then replace these phrases with images or better still a “film” which re-runs the day
that has just gone by. Re-live it, and replay in your mind the moments when you were
dissatisfied with the way you reacted or behaved, when you were too agitated, hasty
or timid. Re-live all these moments, but replacing your actual behaviour with the
behaviour you wish you had displayed and will display in the future.
Soon (the session doesn’t have to last long - ten or twelve minutes will be enough),
you can allow yourself to drift to sleep. But the impression made by these images will
remain in your subconscious, and the proof of this will be the gradual progress you
see, right from the first few days.
There is one important point that must be emphasised: stick to positive phrases like:
“I am ... I can ... I am becoming ...” rather than “I am not ...” or “I am no longer ...”
and don’t use formulae that express wishes, such as “I want ...” or worse “I don’t
want ...”

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learn how to govern you thoughts

Your brain is a mental mirror that registers and reflects ideas. But your ideas are
constantly coming and going, fluttering and whirling around, wheeling past each other
and colliding, never knowing where to land. Power comes to those who learn how to
channel them, to govern them. When your mind takes command, it brings order to
this chaotic and turbulent flock of ideas.
So your mind must recognise its role and control the unruly ideas that fly around your
head. It must sift through them, select them, and sanction them. Once you finally
have a valid set of ideas organised in your mind, then it only remains to take action.
The best way of learning how to coordinate your ideas and to act is to use autosuggestion.
This will set you on the road to success.
The main thing is to revitalise your magnetic potential which may have withered or
waned. In order to do this, you must curb and control your emotions and your
imagination, which dissipate and waste your magnetic power; you must alter, modify
all in-grained and automatic responses which make your actions purely habitual and
worthless. Your reason and your intellect should have the biggest influence on how
you conduct yourself.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finding friends

Having friends means having something in common with other people; you give
and you hope to receive - a balance needs to be found, to be created.
Having powerful magnetism can certainly help you to attract sympathy and
influence opinions, but something more is needed to create a harmonious friendship.
To do this, you must adopt a certain attitude.
Firstly, you must banish any egocentricity that makes you impose your own
ways and views without respecting those of others. This is the very opposite of
friendship which requires an equal amount of give and take on both sides.
Everyone has a sense of their own value (which may be real or imagined but it’s
not up to us to say) and wants it to be recognised. You must be prepared to accept
that other people have different opinions to your own. Similarly don’t set yourself up
as a critic and be automatically disapproving without first trying to put yourself in the
other person’s place. Would you do things any better, worse, differently? What does
it matter! Respect their opinion. If you are a true friend, you won’t impose, won’t
The fact that you are someone’s friend doesn’t authorise you to give advice
when you haven’t been asked for it, to ask awkward questions or to commit
indiscretions. And you yourself must think twice before you share confidences that
you might regret later. If you do this, you will gain true, sincere and devoted friends
on whom you can rely and whom you’ll be glad to meet during good times and bad.
Remember that friendship is a balance! Make sure you (and others) don’t tip the
scales too far one way!
Also remember that all negative feelings weaken your magnetic power and can
end up destroying it irrevocably.
A few tips on conversing with friends: don’t try to hog the centre-stage all the
time, make your words simple, clear and precise, don’t drown your listeners with
superfluous or excessively personal details. Don’t turn the conversation onto a
subject that could hurt or embarrass someone, and finally, don’t subject others to a
recital of all your woes because you would do better to forget them rather than revive

Friday, July 22, 2011

What is magnetism?

We can’t touch magnetism, can’t see it, can’t taste it, and can’t hear it. It is
imperceptible, like ultra-violet, infrared, and ultra-sound.
This invisible force, which exists in all forms of life, consists of radiations given off to
different degrees by your body, your look, your voice, your thoughts and even by
your mere presence. And you can in fact learn to intensify these radiations, to focus
them more and even to channel them.
The behaviour of anyone who has enhanced their magnetic potential in this way is
consequently changed. Their personality and ideas assert themselves naturally, they
shine, they adapt and they succeed - they have “luck”! It could therefore be said that
luck can be learned.
Albert Camus wrote: “Luck is the ability to immediately adapt to things.”
But in order to adapt swiftly and smoothly to situations and to people, you need to be
aware of the problems posed by them. Your energies must be gathered together and
directed towards a single precise aim, catalysed by the ambition to succeed, to find a
satisfactory solution.
If you can combine these three elements - awareness, energy and ambition - this will
give you powers of projection i.e. “magnetism” and this magnetism will radiate over
everything around you, will have a favourable influence on it and will open the doors
to success.

The 12 Cosmic Laws

There are twelve fundamental cosmic laws that together cover the « dynamic » of the Universe. Governing both the macrocosm and the microcosm, they are at work both in the individual universe of each and every one of us, providing a constant source of spiritual currents.

You’ll find it easier to exploit your psychic powers if you respect these laws and follow them carefully. Gradually, you’ll see your results improve and your efforts will be rewarded. If you don’t follow these natural laws your life risks becoming beset with problems.

These laws are as follows:

1- The Law of Correspondence

As it says in the Bible: As above (the Heavens) so below (the Earth). There’s a microcosm and a macrocosm: inside an atom, electrons turn around protons while, in the solar system, the planets turn around the sun. The human consciousness and the cosmic consciousness coexist. Mankind must realise that the Universe and the human race are governed by the same laws!

2- The Law of Order

When the mind is full of well-ordered thoughts, it is in harmony with the Source. Like the rest of the Universe, the mind functions according to the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma).  The clearer your vision of the Universe, the greater your capacity to identify the well-ordered connections that exist between the electrons, the planets and the galaxies, as well as those that exist between the plants, the insects, animals and the human race.

3- The Law of Freedom

We cannot ourselves enjoy the same degree of freedom that we grant others. Unfortunately, this is one of the most commonly broken cosmic laws.  It is flouted by husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. It is ignored in workplaces, in management, in religion and in government.  Excessive attachment to people and things costs us our freedom. It is only by freeing ourselves totally from this form of dependence that we can rediscover our liberty.

4- The Law of Harmony
Mankind could be compared to a vast orchestra trying to achieve harmony. Every human being is born unique. You should never sacrifice your own personal and unique expression by trying to harmonise with others.  You should focus on harmonies rather than any points of discord.

5- The Law of Attraction

Despite the differences between us, human beings are attracted towards each other. They can perceive, in a handshake, the thing that unites them within this diversity. The Universe prospers thanks to human love, which is a source of universal love.

6- The Law of Equilibrium

Achieving equilibrium in the Universe is the challenge that mankind must rise to meet. It is clearly difficult to create a balance between physical, intellectual and spiritual needs, and to adapt to accommodate the innumerable forces at work in life, but we must try.

7- The Law of Creation

This is the law that allows the transformation into a visible form of something that already existed in invisible form. In the image of our Creator, the magician within each of us uses this same creative process, which is in reality the same process that operates throughout the Universe. Every human being has the power to create their own destiny and make it as they wish; this is possible because we exercise free will.

8- The Law of Continuity

This law governs what is commonly known as evolution. Each and every life form follows this perpetual process: birth (incarnation), growth, maturity then death, before being reborn. Conscious acceptance of this cycle contributes towards the evolution of each soul over the course of incarnations.

9- The Law of Compensation

This law is linked to Karma. Plant a carrot and a carrot will grow. As we sow so shall we reap, in other words, we will always harvest the fruit of our actions, words and thoughts. There is no way of escaping this.

10- The Law of Circulation

The Universe is in perpetual movement. The wind, the air currents, the tides as well as successive incarnations are all part of this cyclical movement that echoes the path of the planets and the galaxies.  Our own lives obey this law, everything circulates, from our blood to our money. The wise thing to do is understand that nothing can hinder this perpetual movement that lies at the source of the wealth of life.

11- The Law of Vibration

Everything originates in the Cosmic Consciousness, manifesting itself in energy vibrations. Matter is nothing more than condensed energy. The senses – hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell – absorb these vibrations. Meta-physicists can pick up on these vibrations, whether they are emitted by people or by cosmic forces.

12- The Law of Resilience

Battling against the winds of a storm, the majestic oak often fares worse than the willow that « bends but never breaks ». Resilience means: swift adaptation to the forces of adversity. In Nature, there are neither « irresistible » forces or « immovable » objects. Just like the willow, a wise man bends to avoid breaking.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The importance of giving gifts

Since time immemorial, people have endeavoured to win the affection of others by offering them gifts. They instinctively feel that, by owning and holding the present the receiver will have a constant reminder of the giver.

Books are frequently given as gifts. The content of a book serves as an intellectual bond between the giver and the receiver of the gift. We know that a book chosen for the ideas expressed within it is one of the best ways of getting one person to think in the same way as another.

As you can now see, there are some simple methods for establishing a link strong enough to allow you to make a connection between you and the person whose way of thinking you wish to influence.

These methods have been tried and tested by people from all backgrounds and in all sorts of situations. Over the past twenty years, they have been perfected, while being used by those studying the world of business, where convincing others swiftly and easily is vital. While specialist business and psychology magazines often make vague reference to the subject, this is the first time it has been presented in the form of a manual. The advice you’ll find inside represents the sum of experience acquired in a world where results are all that matter!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hypnotic Induction in everyday life

In our daily life, we come up against all sorts of situations, some of which are pleasant, while others are annoying or mundane. Sometimes our thoughts are « impregnated » with invisible energy that helps us to overcome these obstacles or fill up with a feeling of wellbeing. This is because our soul has a permanent connection to higher forces.

If two listeners want to hear the same programme, they have to tune their radio to the same wavelength. In the same way, when you concentrate your thoughts on someone you love, you « stimulate » the mind of that person with such force your thoughts become imprinted on their mind instantly, as you think them. Hypnotic induction is made easier when both minds are on the same wavelength. 

Numerous experiences have proven that the most remarkable instances of hypnotic induction occur between people who are closely related or who share a close bond, quite simply because they are similar. Their minds are in harmony and therefore totally receptive.

Hypnotic induction is achieved through emotional and intellectual activity. When our mind is entirely focused on something, or if we are experiencing a very strong desire, we emit vibrations that are powerful enough to have an impact on someone else’s mind.

We can use hypnotic induction to great effect in our everyday life because it is possible to establish a connection with someone, so long as we first ensure we are « on the same wavelength » as that person – like the two radio listeners tuned into the same programme.

A professional hypnotist does the same thing: he or she establishes a connection with the subject, for example by touching their hands or knees, to create an atmosphere of confidence and serenity. This simple contact will be sufficient to synchronize themselves mentally and physically with their subject, or to put it another way, tune into their wavelength. An analysis of the individual, who is already « asleep », shows their cardiac rhythm to be altered, as it synchronises with the hypnotiser’s heartbeat.

This mechanism, consisting in establishing a link with someone, is one of the keys to hypnotic induction phenomena.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Extra-Sensory Perception

Have you ever had premonitions or dreams that have turned out to be true? Do you ever think about someone only to see that very person coming towards you? Do you often get letters from people when you’ve been thinking about them more than usual?

When you go and see friends, do they sometimes say: We were just talking about you? When you’ve been thinking long and hard about a difficult situation, are you sometimes surprised to hear someone voicing your hopes and hears out loud, using the very same words that have been going through your own head?

If something happens to someone very dear to you, when you are apart, do you feel that something is up? Do you see vague images in your mind? Or do you have a sudden sensation of discomfort that makes you think: I wonder what’s going to happen now?

All these feelings « out of the blue » are manifestations of telepathy, or in other words, spontaneous communication between minds. Hypnotic induction is a similar phenomenon: the difference is that you can command it at will.

Some of the feelings that we « receive », do not come from other human minds. A lawyer has a dream about a rare work of art. The next day he finds the very same object on display in the window of an antique shop he has never heard of, in a neighbourhood he has never before visited.

Many clairvoyants claim they can gain a very clear idea of the results of their investigations before even taking out the pendulum or divining rod. Sometimes the object of their study is not another person but rather a source, a stolen car, a state of health or the affinity between a land and a culture. In such cases, there is indeed « communication », but it is between the mind of the clairvoyant and the material elements. We also know that hypnotism and suggestion, practised remotely, have the potential to bring about psychic manifestations between the source and recipient of the waves emitted.

Nowadays, phenomena of this type are classified as Extra-Sensory Perception (or ESP).
This booklet, which contains the result of research and experiments carried out over a period of years by a wide range of scientists, will enable you to benefit from the most recent discoveries in ESP. It will, I hope, help you broaden your knowledge and understanding of life, and allow you to make this quotation from William James your own:

« The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind »

The harmful influence of negative thoughts

Today we know about the existence of psychosomatic illnesses (which originate in the mind). These are very real illnesses. They can take the form of skin ailments, behavioural problems, migraines, breathing difficulties or a stomach ulcer, to mention just a few examples.

But they can also extend even to cancer!

So these illnesses, when they are psychosomatic in origin, are triggered by a negative, morbid and depressive state of mind. All doctors are familiar with this phenomenon.

Allow me to give you a very powerful formula for protection from these psychosomatic illnesses. It is also a formula which has proved effective in curing a certain number of illnesses:

Repeat several times in a row and several times a day:

Every day and in every way,
Things are getting better and better…

This formula, apparently so simple, has nonetheless comforted or cured thousands of people! Nobody has ever come up with a better one…

The poorly recognized origin of most cases of bewitchment

Which are the people most vulnerable to bewitchment?

Negative people!

What do we call negative people?

It is those who adopt a pessimistic attitude towards life.

Those who think and speak ill of others. Those who wish for the misfortune of others.

Those people are infinitely more vulnerable to the negative waves and impulses surrounding them, because in a way they are on the wavelength of negative waves.

They attract misfortune like a magnet attracts iron.

Then they absorb that misfortune like a sponge…

Evil leads to evil, sadness leads to misfortune.

Yes, a person who wallows in negative thoughts, who rushes to speak or think ill of others, in some kind of way “attracts” the same ill to him or herself.

You’ve understood what happens: negative people “bewitch themselves”, as often as not, with their negative thoughts!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The origins of your lack of luck?

The other risk with black magic is that part of the negative energies may get lost on the way and affect innocent people who have absolutely nothing to do with these practices.

Fortunately these residual energies are generally very weakened.

But just the same, the result may be that a totally innocent person is to a greater or lesser extent the victim of an absolutely unfair lack of luck which he or she completely fails to understand.

I think that some such thing probably happened in your case…

That’s why we mustn’t take any risks as this period of extraordinary luck you are going to experience approaches.

Fortunately there are very effective means of driving away for good that negative energy which ought never to have reached you and which seems to have kept away the good luck that was intended for you.

For periods of greater or lesser good luck have already occurred in your life without you benefiting from them as you should have.

Therefore we are not only going to drive away any negative energy from your surroundings for ever, but also protect you from it for good.

And we are going to do it in a flash, believe me.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The magician

The magician is thus responding to the wishes of the person consulting him or her.

On the face of it, the intention to help that person attain happiness is positive. So are we here dealing with white magic that is entirely beneficent?

In some cases, yes, in others, no!

Allow me to explain that answer using two specific examples.

If it is a question of encouraging love between two single people, it is indeed white magic since nothing is harming anyone.

On the other hand, let’s imagine that one person wishes to win the heart of another who isn’t free. If the person “to be won” is already loved by someone else, somebody will inevitably suffer if the magic practices achieve their end.

We immediately see that in this case the white magic aiming to unite two people is not as “white” as it claims to be, since at the same time it is causing unhappiness to a third person.

To sum up, we can say that if someone suffers from magic practices, even indirectly, we are not dealing with white magic.

Take care: every magic practice
entails a “repercussion”

First of all, what is a repercussion?

It is quite simply the well-known scientific principle:

Every action produces a reaction.

That reaction may vary in speed, but it always exists.

In fact, in the universe, everything is linked:

Good and evil alike, a word, a gesture, a thought,
form part of a whole and act on it.

Everything that happens is the consequence of something else, an act or a thought-force that has given birth to it.

Which explains why every act triggers
a long sequence of chain reactions.

Those reactions vary in speed and in most cases are totally unforeseeable.

Do you want me to give you an example of an apparently harmless act that can have unforeseeable devastating and negative effects?

 Think of avalanches…

A simple noise in the mountains can trigger a deadly avalanche that is totally unforeseeable and of incalculable strength.

That more or less describes what a repercussion can be!

Where magic is concerned, the commonest example of repercussion is when the magic act fails to achieve its objective.

In that case the “magic” intention to alter the natural order of things does not get an opportunity to apply. 

Therefore the negative vibrations that have failed to achieve their objective come back towards their originator, the “black magician” who had practised black magic with the aim of doing harm. Of course he tries to protect himself, but this is far from always being possible.

But the negative vibrations sent into the universe to do harm also come back towards the real culprit, the person who really wanted to do harm, in this case the magician’s client.

As that person can’t protect him or herself, he or she will feel the full impact of the repercussion and undergo the consequences of the harm he wanted to inflict.

As you see, it’s more or less the same principle as a boomerang which, if it doesn’t hit its intended victim, comes back to the person who threw it.

Be the creator of your own destiny!

   If you’ve followed my preliminary instructions and practiced the exercises rigorously, your vibratory level should now have increased and your level of consciousness will be much higher.


-       You’ve learned that life is made of "coincidences" charged with meaning that show something “mysterious” is happening.

-       You’ve become aware of the existence of the invisible energy of the universe that reacts according to the way you think.

-       You’ve understood that it’s pointless and draining to try to appropriate energy from other people. What’s more, you’re quite capable of knowing when you’re losing your connection with the divine guide, in a way that can often trigger a subconscious strategy that sees you ‘manipulating’ other people to capture their energy.

-       You know you can consciously connect up to the universal cosmic energy and start to use your new level of consciousness to receive vitality, magical opportunities and many other gifts of universal intelligence !

In other words, you’re ready to embark on the last stage of the "Ultimate Secret"
And capable of using this secret of happiness and luck to live the life of contentment of your dreams!

How, in practical terms, can we use the energy that comes from a higher vibratory state and consciousness?

This ‘magical operation’ is possible with the use of a secret process I will now reveal to you.

Based on the combined action of positive thinking and creative visualisation, this process is highly effective at attracting whatever you want into your life (money, love, success, friendship, health, etc.).

It works by exploiting the natural creative power of thought and imagination. Let’s look at it together.

You’ll no doubt already have noticed the close link between thought and feelings and emotions.

For example: if you have sad or bitter thoughts, your mood inevitably becomes gloomy, you feel pessimistic, your energy levels plummet, you have no desire to try anything new, noone wants to be around you, almost no lucky opportunities come your way and problems arise…this is a sign that you’re cut off from the universal energy!

It’s easy to see, then, that our "way of thinking" has an enormous influence and impact on the life we lead. Most people are prisoners of the habits and behaviours they repeat over and over. They’re not really aware of their "way of thinking", and they’re easily overwhelmed by negative thought… which is really bad for their destiny.

From the occult and esoteric viewpoint, the intrinsic nature of thought implies certain effects: every time you ‘emit’ a thought, the brain releases a tiny amount of energy that travels through the atmosphere. This energy is like radio waves, it crosses the universe, unhindered by distance or material objects.

When you have a positive thought, what you’re actually doing is spreading a tiny – but measurable - amount of energy around you – that works towards harmony, balance, love and the cosmic order.

If, on the other hand, you emit a thought charged with fear or anger, you release negative energy that works for chaos, disharmony, problems and misfortune.

This energy that is released is perceived on a subtle level by those around us. For example, we are sensitive to the vibes given off by someone who is full of joy and love, just as we pick up on the ‘electric’ atmosphere given off by people who’ve just had an argument.

The "way of thinking" – the mental attitude, state of mind – impacts you life in several ways, but the general principle may be summarised as follows: 

- ‘negative’ thoughts, i.e. thoughts that harbour negative emotions (fear, regret, jealousy, anger, sadness, discouragement, doubt, etc.) create ‘bad vibrations’ in the environment that in turn trigger an accumulation of negative energy.

People who emit thoughts like this have lost their connection to love and light, to universal wisdom. They find it very hard to feel the Divine Spirit within them in all things. The result: without realising it, they attract misfortune and problems – luck, success and happiness evade them!

- "positives" thoughts, that is, ones originating in constructive feelings (love, compassion, loyalty, joy, courage, enthusiasm, devotion, etc.) wrap the person in a protective aura of positive energy. 

The result here is that the person feels secure in their environment – as if there were in a “state of grace". They attract lucky opportunities, people and circumstances. Harmony, success and prosperity flow into their life.

  In fact, every thought is like a seed that germinates and grows and develops into a tree that bears fruit. Fruits always come from a seed. Each type of fruit corresponds to a specific seed.

So it’s no surprise then, that if you plant a negative thought, you reap a negative event… and that if, on the other hand, you think positively, you harvest happiness.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Preserve and increase your energy

From now on, you will never forget you are living in a tangible world that is simultaneously a universe of dynamic energy: everything in existence is a ‘universal energy field’ that you can access through signs and intuition.

Energy follows wherever your direct your attention, and as you also know you can project your energy by channelling all your attention and will in the desired direction. This works on other energy fields, multiplying the frequency of coincidences in your life and reinforcing the divine guidance.

I am now going to tell you something that’s essential for applying the ‘Ultimate Secret’:

As a way of activating your own energy field (and so attracting everything you need towards you) you should ideally maintain a connection to the universal cosmic energy, because this give you an unlimited source of energy with the potential to increase the power of your conscious mind.

By applying the instructions, techniques and exercises I give you in this document, you will connect to the universal energy quite naturally.

You’ll no doubt already be aware that some types of behaviour are best avoided, because they’re likely to weaken this link – as I will go on to explain below.

Most people are not aware of the reality of universal energy. This means they have no way of consciously connecting to this unlimited reservoir of energy. Their inner connection to this source is generally weak or underdeveloped.

The result is they tend to feel vulnerable and insecure, which drives them to take energy from other people to recharge their own levels. They do this by seeking to manipulate others, or dominate their attention. We all have a tendency to behave in this way, but it is a course of action that has a seriously prejudicial impact on the happiness of our future.

Those who succeed in dominating others in this way feel stronger, while the other person feels weakened and often resorts to aggression.

Human energy exists in a limited quantity, and the competition to capture that energy is the cause of all conflicts between human beings. Yes, we are in competition with each other, to get energy. We do this subconsciously every time we meet someone else.

By observing your own interactions and those of others, you can develop your awareness of this struggle, and understand the issues underpinning human conflict.

As your consciousness broadens, you’ll start to realise that energy obtained in this manner doesn’t last long!

You’ll then go on to discover that the true energy you are seeking comes from the universal energy source: you don’t need to extract it from anyone else. And the clearer your understanding of your tendency to want to control, weaken, outstrip, and be suspicious of others, or please them, the sooner you’ll break these habits for good.

In fact, the ‘struggle’ for energy and power goes back to the beginning of time. Our instinct for survival goes hand in hand with psychological and spiritual needs for security, intimacy, material ease, a feeling of belonging, social recognition and control over our life.

Our attempts to meet all these needs underpin everything we try to achieve in the world. When a need is not met, we summon all our energy on achieving it.

The need to ‘dominate’ the situation, to maintain our energy, is clear from childhood. When we’re little, we depend for our survival on the adults who look after us, and we draw on very specific recourses to acquire energy from our family environment.

So, we start to set up ‘domination strategies’ and mechanisms for manipulating energy, to attract the attention, love, recognition, support and approval of others – which are all forms of energy. We use this energy we ‘extract’ from others to ensure our personal development: we receive enough love to feel secure and sufficiently important to others to enable us to build our identity.

Of course, like many others, you’ll be familiar with the following: sibling rivalry, competition, the inability to be happy with what you have, the feeling of being ‘invisible’, etc. The painful hallmarks of suffering in early life, the feeling of being undervalued, mistreated, neglected, abandoned, fear and guilt are at the root of the struggle for domination.

These feelings build as the body grows, as we gain our qualifications and become adults, and finally these early experiences trigger the formation of special techniques – domination strategies – for obtaining energy.

During childhood, we have few resources for protecting ourselves from or understanding situations in which we are ignored, criticised or ridiculed. As we get older, the accumulation of negative experiences affects our self-esteem and the way we approach life and other people. We feel something is missing, and have a natural desire to fill that gap, by drawing on the energy of others.

In fact, all the ways in which we try to control energy are rooted in the original fear that if we become separated from the source of energy that links us to our parents, we won’t be able to survive.

Let’s look at an example. Perhaps you can remember being in a group of people all talking animatedly? … You were waiting for a chance to say something, to relate something that happened to you and when finally the break in the conversation came, just as you were starting to tell your anecdote, the conversation started up again, as if you didn’t exist. You turned to the person next to you, to hide your embarrassment and your energy drained out of you. As a way of getting it back, you had to cling to that person, appropriating their energy and keep their attention away from the general conversation.

Did that person look at you with interest, or did they look at the rest of the group, to see if what they were saying was more interesting? How did you feel if their attention turned back to the group? Did you feel doubly ignored? What happened to the flow of energy when you realised that noone was listening to you any more? You probably felt like people were ignoring you and like you were invisible to them.

This may well have reinforced your natural tendency to avoid risks, to keep your distance, or perhaps it made you more assertive, more determined to be heard?
Depending your self-esteem levels at that time, you either ignored the problem, or you came down hard on yourself for your lack of confidence, or you hated the others for their lack of kindness…but in any case, you lost energy!

The energy exchange is constant and so universal that you are barely conscious of it – until the time you clearly perceive your energy levels are drained or soaring.

Now, you’re aware there’s a source of universal energy to which any of us may have access; you no longer need to carry on applying your old domination and survival strategies.

If you leave behind this mechanism rooted in fear, and tap into this energy source, you will access a higher vibratory level. Control mechanisms, when they’re brought out into your consciousness, become powerful assets.

Follow the below advice to help yourself to break the habits originating in the ‘domination strategy’ that urges you subconsciously to suck the energy from others: 

-   Remain in the present moment; anchor yourself in the "here and now".

-   Be aware of your feelings and your choices.

-   Listen to what others have to say but have faith in your own final decision. Remind yourself you’re quite capable of hearing different opinions without feeling pressured and without taking a rigid, defensive stance which means you have to either win or lose.

-   Keep in touch with your emotions and express them as clearly as possible, in the knowledge that you’ll find out many more things if you’re open to events.

-   Stay in touch with your intuition and the personal motivations that drive you to act.

Irrational power struggles always happen when we’re losing energy because someone is manipulating our attention, forcing us to react to regain control of the situation.

To start to free yourself of the need to dominate and master situations, you need to learn to concentrate on your feelings when you start to feel a ‘block’ or anxiety. There’s no point analysing others or trying to change them, just ask yourself: What am I feeling right now? What is it that I need right now?

Once you’ve made contact with your most innermost feelings, you’ll find it easier to progress towards more appropriate behaviour (accepting disagreements, don’t seeing ‘winning’ as essential) and transfer your attention to connect with the universal.

As soon as you’ve understood this dynamic of battling to capture the energy of others, you’ll start to recover your own power. The balance will be re-established when you stop relying on other people for your source of energy and start looking within yourself, to connect to your guiding spirit.

 It’s very important to remember that from the moment you longer need to exert control over others to make things happen in your own life, your horizons will miraculously open up. Quite simply, pay attention to coincidences and the messages they bring, tap into the universal cosmic energy and let the universe guide you. The universe always works in your best interests and wants you to have everything you desire.

But the spirit of resistance and the urge to do battle are not necessarily ‘bad’, as sometimes they allow us to see that change is necessary and show us a more passionate way of life. Stop ‘calculating’ what you want, setting yourself goals and trying to impose your rigid ideas on the world, and learn instead to be more receptive to your intuition and act according to it.

Don’t give in to frustration if you get the feeling your progress is slow; tell yourself that all these ‘new ideas’ constitute a new world vision for you, and will take a little while to be assimilated into your belief system.