Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I will continue until I succeed.

I have already missed out on enough.

I follow my own path. I have found it, so I’ll follow it. There are safe havens and tall cliffs along the way. When I get to the safe havens I won't begrudge myself a moment’s rest. At the springs along the way I will quench my thirst, and then move on, constantly. At crossroads I will know how to tell the difference between a road that is to be followed and one that isn’t. I don't want to take country lanes ever again. They lead me to meadows or swamps, where I have been delayed for too long. I want to stay on the same course. I can gain experience. It grows like the flowers along the way. I want to feast on these flowers and this experience and to feel joy. I won’t lose my way. The trodden paths lie behind me. To walk along them again will not bring me any further. I do not want to follow the herd either. I want to go as slowly as is necessary and as quickly as I can manage. Nothing can stop me from striding ahead of a herd or from running behind it. I have nothing in common with herds. They move en masse. But I take my own path. Sometimes, however, it can happen that for a small part of the way, you walk side by side. It won’t be more comfortable just because it is trod in company, though it will certainly be more entertaining. There are no signposts along the way either. I will go and ask for directions where appropriate. But I will never come to a standstill nor head back from whence I came.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today will be shaped by my heart and love.

It is an open secret that when people fall in love it blinds them. I want to experience this blindness. I want to embrace the world and look at everything with love. Whether it is a stone, a plant, water, an animal or a person.

Stone existed long before I did and will exist long after me. I want to love it because it is so wonderfully hard, its surface so smooth and yet it doesn’t age. It accompanies me. My house and path are made of stone, as are the rocks on which the waves break. Everything that symbolises indestructibility to me is made of stone. Stone protects me. It supports me and witnesses my life on earth. It will be able to tell stories about me, at some point, a long time after I have passed by. This stone deserves respect. I am ready to grant it that respect. I will love it, and properly observe the stones of this world. I will be able to love a stone. I am ready to take a single stone from a sea of stones and feel love for this world. So much of it is made of stones. I am thankful to the stones that provide the ground under my feet. I love to be held and carried by them. I was never conscious of this love. Nevertheless today I would like to feel this love. I breathe the air of this Earth and I know that this Earth is made up of stones. And yet it’s not static, as much as it may seem so. I can use the stones. I use them to build my house, pave my streets and melt down metals that flow from them. I find it wonderful that the stones offer themselves up in this manner. I love this world and what it is made of, down to the smallest nook and cranny. I love the stone with all my heart.

I love plants. They are also called trees, flowers, branches, weeds, shrubs and specimens. Plants give me strength. I take pleasure in looking at their flowers. When they bloom, I feel good. I sense the good feeling creeping all over my body, on the outside and I get warm inside because I like flowers. Flowers are big and small. They are white, blue, purple, pink, green and yellow. I love their variety and I fill my garden and my house with the flowers that the shrub lovingly gives me. It fills me with great happiness to see these flowers grow from buds. They open up like life itself. They are a splendid sight to behold. I love the flowers. And when the flowers wither, I continue to see how endearing the plant is. In place of the flowers the plant makes something else grow. A fruit springs out from it, filling me and giving me strength for my life and all that surrounds me. Because I want to make my strength available to everyone. I want to lend a hand wherever my help is needed, because the plant has made me strong. I love the plant. It strives so hard to please me, to fill me up. And in the autumn its branches wither. It retreats, deep inside, to its roots. It gives me its boughs, its wood, so that I can be warm when the weather is cold. I am very thankful to the plant for that. It loves me as its nature demands, and I want to love it back with all my heart. It nourishes me. I want to thank it with my love and my attention.

I love water. It flows in my blood. Without water, my blood could not flow through my veins. I love to have water in me. It springs from a source. It springs out and thus reaches me. I want with all my heart to welcome it into my body, which will be refreshed by absorbing the water. But I also love the great bodies of water: rivers, seas, oceans, ponds, and puddles. They serve as shelter and watering place for my friends, the animals and plants. The sparrow swims in the puddle. It drinks from it. It will be able to fly higher than ever. It also loves water. I want to do the same. I want to pour it over my body, to bathe it in it and drink it. It will refresh me and give me new ideas. I love water because fish and sea creatures are at home in it. It is the origin of everything. I also spring from water. I once sprang from the tides. I love water and know that it must be appreciated. I will protect water and respect it, because it made me and all the other things that I know. It deserves recognition. That's why I love water. I will no longer just know how to make use of it, but also become aware of what a treasure water is for me. I love this treasure with all my heart. I like to look at reflections in the water and the waves dancing. It makes me sad when water is dirty and cloudy. I will take care to ensure my water is protected, because I love it.

I love animals. They are my loyal companions. My dog watches over my family and my herds. My herds protect me from the cold. Their wool clothes me and their skins warm me. I feed myself and survive on their meat. The animals show me the world in which I live. They chart a course in advance. They sniff the air and live breathlessly in harmony with their nature, as we do. I am not able to do this. But I now also want to learn from the animals. I love animals. They provide my food and protect me from dangers. I love them with all my heart.

I love people. I love talking to people. It is wonderful to be accepted by them. I was loved and would like to love again. I am the flesh and blood of my parents. I also want to give life to new people and want to have responsibility for new beings, for their upbringing. I want to do this with someone that I love. I love to hear from others who appeal to my heart. I equally love telling them things, sharing experiences and giving comfort in situations of grief and pain. I want to share everything through love. I have become capable of loving. This is a wonderful experience. I will love as much as I can. My parents, my forefathers, my spiritual fathers and mothers, my relatives, my children and also all the people I choose for company, through my own free will, which sprang from love, in a touch, a smile, a wink of the eye. I know love. It is very special. It is the most valuable possession we have. I want to protect the love in me like a treasure and show it off, so that other people can also enjoy this treasure. I love people. I laugh with them. I weep with them. I share my house, my food, my happiness, my pain, my time, my interests and my life on this earth with them.

How to implement:

Pause for a short while and listen very carefully to what is inside you. Listen to your heart. What memories, people, impressions, pleasures have touched your heart up to now? Close your eyes and remember! What makes you happy and comes from the heart? In what aspects of your life are you ready for pleasure? It doesn't matter whether that you have had bitter experiences in the past. You have gained experience. Nothing can be done to change it. And why would you anyway? You no doubt shed a few tears learning the hard way. But that is now in the past. You have learned. It is now time to determine what makes you happy. What makes you happy? Who touches your heart and why? Think about all these questions.

Be careful not to convince yourself that you would be much happier if, for example, you didn't have to work any more. That is not the case. That would perhaps be the case for a few weeks. This is not the kind of happiness that is meant here. Rather, you should try to find out, from deep inside yourself, what really touches your heart. What would give you great pleasure, such that you would be able to say: “I love my life!” Perhaps success, true love, a moment of breath-taking beauty? Was there once a sunset, a special view or a gemstone that you found in the wilderness that managed to make you happy? Are there people about whom you could say: “Love has been at this person’s side all their life”. Are there people who could say this about you? Are there people or situations that made you cry with joy? If this rings bells for you, you are thus able to love. It may sound mundane but it is so. Nobody is well versed in such matters. Build on this ability to love. Resolve to only surround yourself with those who may appreciate your company. Love is based on this. Too many big disappointments stop us from experiencing new love and from being witnesses to love. And is it not nice to know that you are always capable of loving again? Other people, on the other hand, become bitter with time. Setbacks and injuries make them sick and incapable of loving. It is very important that this doesn’t happen to you. A lost love should absolutely be looked on as over and as a valuable experience, and in no way as something that should continue to influence your future life. Be aware of HOW CAPABLE OF LOVING and LOVABLE you are. This is the link you should make between you and your past. Think of things that warmed your heart. And from now on please use this as a guide.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

8 magic questions to change your life

1. What does you negative attitude to life mean?
How does it influence your psychological well-being?        
Your professional achievements, your relationship and what do you lose through this attitude?
Our attitudes are acquired and they can thus be changed if they harm or hinder us from leading the life that we would really like to lead.

2. Do you have the feeling that your life is under your control?
When we believe that other things, be it fate, hormones, genes, the environment, the past, circumstances or the stars decide our happiness or misfortune, we then feel helpless and our life gets out of hand.

3. What are you happy about at the moment?
If nothing comes to you: What could you be happy about, if you tried to look at things in a positive light?
Being happy is a state of mind. When we focus on what is going well and is nice, we become happy.

4. What are you thankful for?
If nothing comes to you:
What could you be thankful for if you really wanted to?
Do not take everything for granted. You have so much to be thankful for.

5. Who is the most important person in your life and what can you do to improve your relationship with this person?
This question should make you realise that you need to look after and take care of the relationship with this person.

6. If you died this very minute, what would you most regret not having done, not having said, not having experienced?
This question should help you to become aware of what is really important to you.

7. How would you change your life if you looked at everything from this point of view: “I can do this. I will succeed. I will find a solution”.
This question should make you aware of the opportunities and possibilities you miss out on if you have a negative attitude to life and the challenges it presents.

8. How far am I from being able to finally change my life?

Think about it:

Our upbringing does not necessarily determine our lives. It depends on what we made of it, what we got from it. Our attitudes and our beliefs are like a film script.

They decide what we see, experience and feel.

Now change your life. Right this minute!

Friday, May 27, 2011


  If you cling on to money, and hoard it (in your thoughts or acts), it will be allowed to "coagulate" and this is likely to cause problems.

  Money is vital energy, which we acquire in exchange for the services we perform for other people and the Universe, and which we then use to satisfy our needs and desires.

  And if we want it to continue to flow our way and proliferate, we have to keep it circulating!

  If this Secret is fully understood and properly applied, it holds the power to significantly increase prosperity.

  This doesn't of course mean that saving is a bad thing!
  As long as you do it for the right reasons.

  Let me explain: I don't recommend saving just for the sake of it, but I do recommend it as a means of developing the appropriate enthusiasm for work. Because financial success requires a certain zeal in your work.

  What gives you this zeal?
  The answer is EMOTION - that strong emotion which drives you towards your objective, helps you to persevere in your activities, and even makes your work easy and enjoyable.

  Without an "emotional spur", saving money is very difficult, if not impossible. No matter how strong your willpower is, it won't make you a saver unless you have some kind of motive.

  Some people rightly think that a stash of money can bring you peace of mind in case of troubled times ahead.
  However you need to distinguish between two different types of behaviour depending on the EMOTION involved.

  There are two different kinds of motive for saving money:
  - the first is based on the negative emotion of fear, which tends to block the free circulation of Cosmic Energy;
  - the second is based on the positive emotion of love, which smooths and even increases the flow of Universal Energy.

  Some people are driven purely by fear, which makes them want to put something by for a "rainy day". But how uninspiring to live in continual fear of disaster! How damaging this is to their psychological and spiritual balance, their spirit of initiative, enterprise and freedom! It's better not to save at all than to live like this ...

  For other people, regularly saving money SERVES their desire to bring pleasure to themselves and other people (e.g. desire to travel, go on holiday, move to another town, buy a new car, improve their children's education, etc.).

  And the energy of Life, Love and Sharing is not blocked; on the contrary, it helps to fuel projects and dreams in a positive and constructive way.

  The main benefit of saving is the following: it really boosts your enthusiasm for work.

  If you are saving, you unconsciously develop ways of improving your work, so that you can earn and save more money.

  So what's really happening here?

  You DEVOTE your efforts to the realisation of your dreams: you use your work to SERVE your objectives which then become CHARGED with meaning and RECEIVE HELPFUL SUPPORT IN THE FORM OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY.

  In other words, you take that magic step which is known in the occult world as "ENTERING THE VIRTUOUS CIRCLE": the more and the better you work, the more money you earn and the faster you realise your dreams.

  This establishes a kind of energy circuit, a flow of money which expands into wealth and prosperity. Or you could express this idea using a little saying: MONEY breeds MONEY!

  Now you will understand that saving does not impede the circulation of money and Universal Energy as long as your attitude is healthy and you use it to further your aim.

How to create a constant flow of money in your life

  A few years ago, a young bank cashier said to me: "How can I get more money? How can I get to do the things I want to do?

  I answered him with a simple explanation, telling him that his habitual thoughts were ingrained in his subconscious mind and that if he steered his thoughts and inner dialogue in the right direction, he could have all the money he needed.

  I emphasised the fact that his dialogue with himself was responsible for everything happening in his life. And I asked him how he would think, speak and act if he already had the money he wanted. He replied that he would buy a beautiful home for his family and a boat, that he would travel round the world and then he would study political economy at university.

  I suggested that he should speak to himself in the following manner:

  "I have a beautiful house. I am travelling around the world. I am studying political economy at University".

  This was the kind of inner discourse he regularly held as he went about his work during the day at the bank. He never contradicted these things he was telling himself inside.

  And it all came true. Now he earns more money than the bank manager did. Money is circulating freely in his life and he has achieved all his ambitions.

  The inner conversation of this bank employee was conducted as though he already had all these things. Each of them was real in the sense that it existed as a "thought-image" in his mind and this is the key. First you need to possess everything you want in your mind, because everything stems from that.

  This man kept his sights on his aims and objectives, understanding that his inner dialogue was bound to become a reality.

  You therefore need to establish the mental equivalent of whatever you want out of life.

  Think longingly of what you want; your thoughts generate an EMOTION, and when these thoughts are repeated over and over again, they become engraved on your subconscious and are certain to come true. Because this is the Law of your Mind.

   What to do to make money circulate freely in your life

  Take a short phrase which can easily be registered in your subconscious and repeat it again and again, like a lullaby. Here's one you might like to try:

  "I consciously declare that money is circulating freely and happily in my life and that there is always a divine surplus. Money is flowing freely towards me and I am using it wisely, judiciously, constructively."

  Spend five minutes in the morning and five minutes before you go to sleep at night repeating this affirmation; you will see that the idea of prosperity impregnates your subconscious mind.

Be careful to use the present, and avoid words like "I want ...", "I would like ...". Think as though what you wanted already existed.


. Lots of people pray for wealth, prosperity and success, but as they do so, their mind retains an impression of deficiency, failure and limitation.
  Your desire and your mental images must agree. When there is a conflict between your desire and your imagination, it's always the imagination which wins.
  In fact, anyone who declares "I am rich and prosperous" but actually believes they are poor and restricted, will only become more impoverished. You have to get your conscious and your subconscious on the same wavelength, otherwise there is a conflict in your mind. The subconscious always accepts the dominant idea.

. Feeling jealous and envious of other people's wealth is a great obstacle to those who want to be prosperous themselves. Remember that your thoughts have a generative power, and you will create in your own life the things you think about other people. If you have mean thoughts, you yourself will become poorer. It's by rejoicing in other people's good fortune that you create your own.

. It's when you are going to sleep, and your mental activity is winding down, that it's easiest to impregnate your subconscious with whatever you want to. And so this is the time when you must see and feel yourself actually living out your dreams.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Prayer to use every day

"I accept myself and I love myself as I am.

I forgive myself for having entertained negative thoughts about myself or anyone else, and I am determined to refrain from doing so again.

I radiate love and good will towards all beings in the world.

I affirm that the Love, Light, Harmony, Truth, Beauty, Abundance and Security of God are flowing through me freely and joyously, and I know that I am blessed and enriched beyond my wildest dreams".

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Use your imagination to serve your dream

  Careers, great enterprises, massive fortunes, relationships, children, health, personal development, don't all happen "by chance". They do not become a reality by falling down from the sky or rising up out of the depths of some abyss.

  No they don't! Anything that is successful, or leads towards success, originates from an idea, a dream, this notion of the seed that germinates in the heart and mind of a human being.

  A person without a dream - no matter how small - cannot reap a harvest of gratifying success, which means to say that:

 Your success BEGINS with a dream ...

  Do you have a dream in life?
  What is your dream in life right now?

  When we were children, we all imagined what we would like to be when we grew up: astronaut, scientist, actress, doctor, parent, farmer, beautician, teacher, fireman, etc.

 During the course of our childhood, full of play, and our adolescence, full of dreams, we envisaged lots of different roles, and any glamorous position, job or achievement seemed possible and real in our imagination.

  But as we grew older we began to lower our sights. Teachers, parents, other adults, perhaps even our friends, advised us (rightly or wrongly) against embarking on certain things. All too often, we ourselves "chose" to listen to other people's unadventurous opinions, and limited our possibilities... to the point of placing rigid restrictions on our lives.

  The vast fertile fields which lay before us began to shrink down before our eyes, until our vision of future success was reduced to nothing bigger than a pot of flowers. Suddenly, most of the world seemed inaccessible in our mind.

  But the essential point to recognise is of course that the unlimited potential of childhood and the tight constraints of adult life, both originate mainly from our imagination.

  If you believe that you can, you no doubt can.
  If you believe that you can't, you probably can't.

  You need to have faith in your dreams for them to come true. Take my word for it, it won't cost you anything to try and the rewards can be fantastic!

  Remember that the response to your desire depends on the strength of your imagination and not on external events.
An individual who restricts himself to his five physical senses sees only an acorn, whereas the person who knows how to use his imagination sees an oak tree.

  And when man wakes up to the power of the imagination, he discovers that imagining and sensing the reality of his desire leads to the manifestation of this desire.

The world outside a human being, and everything happening in it - events, experiences, etc. - are projections of his mental images, i.e. of his imagination. When he sees the link between his inner world of the imagination (the cause) and the external world of effects, he starts to bring his dreams to fruition.

 Through this process, of which he is conscious or not so conscious, depending on his level of awareness, he is simply conforming to a cosmic principle: the Universal Law of Manifestation.

  The Ancients called the imagination the "workshop of God". Use your imagination to realise your dreams, your aspirations. Define what you want and imagine it being accomplished to perfection. Sense the reality of the fulfilled desire, and the result will follow.

  You have just learnt something fundamental: the imagination is an amazing force.

It's also a talent.

  There is another Universal Law which tells us "If we don't use our talents, we lose them".
  Just like an abandoned orchard ends up producing sour or wizened fruit.

  Now for some good news: it's perfectly possible to "make capital" out of the strength of your imagination. So, I'm going to reveal a few useful exercises which will help to boost the power of your creative imagination:

.      From now on, be very conscious of what your senses tell you. Try to take in as many images, sounds, smells, textures and tastes as possible. Feel the carpet, fresh earth, wet sand or dew-soaked grass under your feet. Smell the countryside, the ocean breeze, the fragrance of the trees and flowers, the aromas wafting out of a restaurant or bakery. Notice all the shapes and colours around you as you walk from one meeting to another, or while you're relaxing at the weekend. Be more curious, and more aware of your environment.
.      When you are at a meeting with colleagues, acquaintances or friends, and you are listening to someone else talk, try to imagine the situation they are describing. Allow their words to stimulate images, emotions, and sensations.

.      When you yourself are speaking, use descriptive and evocative words. Describe events and projects with lots of enthusiasm. You will then have the advantage of being able to enrich your conversation and become a better speaker.

.      Settle yourself comfortably on a chair. Relax for a few seconds. Then observe the objects around you. Now close your eyes and try to remember as many of the objects in the room as you can. You will be surprised how many you can bring to mind.
Do this exercise as often as possible. When you think of an object, try to recall its shape, its colour, its texture and its size. The main thing is to remember the object by its image, and by not its name.

.      Pick up an object in your hand and close your eyes. Feel this object as you pass it from one hand to the other. Run your fingers over its contours and at the same time, try to picture its shape in your mind.

.      Try to follow the television with your eyes closed. This may seem ridiculous, but it's an excellent way to get your imagination working. The television is one of the main reasons why our children lose their creativity so early. It offers them very little scope for interaction and doesn't encourage them to use their own imagination because all the images are provided.

.      Jot down your thoughts regularly, in a notebook or on a pad. Just throw down your ideas onto paper just as they come to you, without worrying too much about spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. which will tend to interrupt the spontaneous flow.

  If you practise these "exercises" regularly, you will find your imagination awakening, and you will then be able to use it like a video library with a rich store of memories, and like a weather satellite helping to forecast a sunny future.

  BETTER STILL: your dream in life will become much more distinct, and will gradually start to materialise.

  Just like the germinated seed which lies hidden under the ground already contains the future plant.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Envisage your problems in the short term

  If you are having problems balancing your budget or if you are short of financial resources, above all don't despair!

  Put your problems in perspective.

  Tell yourself that a "failure" is never definitive, it's only a temporary setback and not a defeat, a short detour not an impasse.
Regard it as a short-term thing.

  Learn the obvious lessons from your difficulties and then use them as "fertiliser" to help you to cultivate success.

  Farmers use compost made from rotting plants, leaf mould, etc., to boost their harvest.

In just the same way, your failures, difficulties, problems, obstacles, can help to enrich the earth of your mind in which you are planting the seeds of success.

  Some people maintain that you should avoid problems and failures at all costs. But if you think about it this is non-productive because the only way to avoid making a mistake is to do nothing.

  Any "failure" contains in it the beginnings of success and achievement. Our failures are merely adjustments in the creative process, which bring us ever closer to our aims. In reality, there's no such thing as failure. What we call failure is simply a mechanism through which we learn to do things correctly.

  To convert your financial (or other) worries into fertiliser, you must first learn from your mistakes and then banish them from your mind. Just regard your failures and disappointments as signposts that will set you back on the right track, that of positive and constructive thinking.

  The adversity, which everyone meets in their existence, poses only one danger: that of associating failure with yourself instead of circumstances. Modern psychologists all agree that failures, big or small, mean nothing in themselves.

  The harvest ravaged by frost or storms does not reflect on the merit of the farmer; neither does it mean that the earth will never be fruitful again!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Ritual of Abundance

This ritual should be performed in the following way:

            In the evening, before going to sleep,

     .      Find yourself a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed (telephone, television, etc.).

     .    Sit down, with your spine really straight, and your hands resting on your thighs.  If you want, you can sit cross-legged on the floor. The important thing is to be able to hold this position quite comfortably for a short while. Slip a cushion under your bottom if necessary.

       .    Close your eyes and breathe naturally and easily. You will become more deeply relaxed with each breath.

.    Imagine that the Cosmic Energy of the Universe is satisfying your needs... Allow this energy to pour into you and fill you with all its beneficial treasures. Feel calm... the Universe contains all the riches imaginable and there is plenty for everyone.... feel a kind of large space in your heart to receive this Abundance,... then feel this radiant Love and Light flowing out from your heart and gently dissolving all your fears, your limitations and your negative thoughts.

       .      Now visualise a white screen in front of your closed eyes, as though you were at the cinema. Think very hard, and clearly, about what you would do, what you would say, if you had all the money you needed to satisfy your desires.

Allow mental images to project themselves freely onto your white screen.

     For example: if you dream of owning a house, picture it in all its detail, visit the bedrooms, admire the big fireplace in the sitting room, walk round the garden, visualise your friends saying to you: "Your house is fabulous, congratulations!".

     Remember one thing: prosperity, in all its forms, is a good and desirable thing, and you deserve it. Develop a friendly attitude towards Wealth and it will give you everything you could wish for in return.

.    Thank the Universe, express your gratitude, then breathe deeply and open your eyes again.

.    When you wake up in the morning, murmur your wish softly as though it were fulfilled. For example: "I have a beautiful house", "my bank account is full of money", "I've got an excellent job", "I'm in perfect health", etc... Visualise once more the images of the previous evening in order to "fuel" your wish with your thoughts and emotions.

.    Begin this ritual on the first Thursday, which follows the new moon, and perform it daily until the day of the full moon. Repeat the process in subsequent months if necessary.
Maintain that strong feeling that what you want is already a reality.

  It's important to concentrate and be completely focused on what you are doing when you perform this Ritual.

  But in your daily life, it's not necessary to be frantically trying to develop a positive attitude all the time to make wealth materialise. In fact, permanently making a conscious effort to develop a beneficial frame of mind can sometimes become a source of tension.

  Let things happen by themselves. This magic knowledge will automatically structure itself inside you, and your behaviour will be able to change spontaneously, on its own, with a minimum of effort.

  Just like the gardener who is not constantly watching his plants, but nevertheless checks their growth regularly, and fertilises or prunes them as necessary.

  He trusts in Nature to do the rest ...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Negative thoughts are "harmful"

I must also warn you of the risks inherent in the act of stirring up negative thoughts when actions calling on the intervention of Magic are under way.

Certain mediums have gifts of clairvoyance allowing them to see into the invisible world that is the Astral world. They tell us that each human being is surrounded by a sort of luminous halo (occultists call it the Aura), varying in colour according to its place on the body and the individual concerned. Moreover, from the colour of the Aura, it is possible to gain a precise picture of a person’s state of physical and spiritual health.

In the case of some people, "leakages” of vitality occur, manifesting themselves by the discharge of a sort of coloured "vapour". It is then possible to see, clinging on to the Aura, kinds of excrescences which experts designate by the name of "larvae". Like larvae, they feed at off those to whom they have attached themselves, "sucking" their vitality.

But very fortunately there are other "energy forms" or entities living in human beings’ Auras. These are beneficent, for not only do they not sap the vitality of those on whom they are located, but on the contrary they exercise a protective function towards them. These fluidic forms constitute entities that are commonly called "Guardian Angels".

Their role is to put the people they protect into contact, on the astral plane, with other people capable of giving them their help, or else with groups of benefactors. The meeting with such a person, whose support will turn out to be particularly effective, subsequently takes concrete shape in the reality of the visible material world.

In a way, it can be said that the beneficent psychic beings that are our Guardian Angels are the product of the positive and beneficial thoughts of their hosts. If the latter entertain negative thoughts to the detriment of positive ones, they automatically move away …

Truth to tell, it is mainly from our thoughts and our words that either these larvae or else these beneficent psychic beings develop. The larvae are generally produced by our negative and destructive thoughts. Moreover, when the emission of negative thoughts is very intense and extends over a long period of time, we speak of "self-bewitchment": the individual is the victim of a form of "bewitchment" which he has unconsciously provoked of his own accord.

For example, following a setback in any field, a person succeeds in convincing himself of his inability to succeed (he thus makes himself the plaything of a negative belief…) and finishes by being certain that he is unlucky (whereas he in fact attracts bad luck!). He is then surrounded by negative waves, and those waves then block all his initiatives, and prevent him from achieving success.

Conversely, all optimistic, happy, constructive, positive thoughts reinforce the protection accorded by our Guardian Angel: the greater its force is, the less hold the larvae have.

So you understand that it is important (it would be impossible for me to overemphasize this point) to nurture positive and beneficent thoughts if you wish to obtain happiness and success.

You should know also that once created these beneficent or maleficent psychic beings attract towards themselves Guardian Angels or larvae of the same nature, which are travelling in the Astral and trying to attach themselves to an aura.

As they cluster together, these psychic beings become increasingly powerful, so reinforcing an individual’s positive or negative state of mind. And this is the snowball phenomenon: the happy or unhappy event unfailingly materialises in a longer or shorter space of time.

Therefore you now understand clearly that it is up to you to choose and control the direction of your thoughts.

Thus, to a large extent, you have the ability to shape the events of your life. Optimistic, confident thoughts engender an environment of positive waves and, through the agency of a beneficent psychic being, attract the happy event wished for by the person who thinks them.

On the other hand, people who think they will never succeed surround themselves with negative waves and will see the unhappy outcome of their gloomy thoughts materialise.

To highlight this phenomenon of interaction, here is a simple comparison with a well known natural phenomenon: the formation of clouds and rain.

The water lying on the surface of the earth evaporates and forms clouds, which then condense in the form of rain, in certain temperature conditions. Rain changes the relief of the earth and its consistency.

Likewise, as they think all human beings on earth "secrete" a substance which spreads around them, comparable to vapour from water. That "vapour formed by psychic water" is exuded by each of us continually, and forms the astral plane. Certain astral forms gather together in "clouds", constituting "astral clouds ". These clouds end up by turning into "rain", i.e. special astral currents that will alter events, the state of matter and human behaviour, i.e. the material plane.

Obviously, depending on the quantity and quality of the substance "exuded" by each individual, there will be different clouds, which will produce different sorts of rain. The astral plane is thus partly the product of the thoughts we entertain.
So when we change our  thoughts in a positive way, we inevitably have an impact on the quality and quantity of the vibrations emitted by the spirit. And as it has a constant, ongoing impact on matter via the astral plane, we also alter the circumstances of our lives for the better.

If this phenomenon is channelled and amplified by the use of appropriate Magic Formulas, it then offers a wonderfully effective means of controlling the course of our existence, directing events, and achieving success, luck and happiness much more easily.