Monday, April 30, 2012

You are here to thrive...

 You are here on earth to grow, mentally, spiritually and materially. You have the inalienable right to express yourself and develop yourself fully, surrounded with comfort and beauty. Why settle for little, the minimum, when you can enjoy infinite wealth? In wanting financial comfort, you aspire to a fuller life, it is a cosmic impulse: which is good and perfectly legitimate for anybody.

Furthermore, it is advantageous to cultivate a certain kind of carelessness towards money. This may seem paradoxical at first, but by developing this attitude, you will eventually gain largely. Indeed, attracting wealth implies never to worry over money. If you are obsessed with the money you need, you will remain in the state of needing. Wealthy people does never worry about money because they know that, from wherever it comes, there are an endless supply.

It is important to understand that if you see money as purely physical, the fear  of it running out, remains! Being too eager to get it, we are not able to see it as a gift from God.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Failure does not exist

Maintain hope within your heart as the most precious divine gift, for hope is the principle that will determine the outcome of what you desire. So aim always for the best and you will ultimately discover that the outcome is spontaneously contained within your hope.

Do not doubt, do not get discouraged, have the serene faith in the fact that the money will flow into your life ... and you will see that abundance will manifest easily. Tell yourself that 
the seeds of success, are contained within occasional failures. In reality, failure does not exist: the so-called "failure" is a mechanism through which one can learn how to do things correctly.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Divine Spark within

Consider your financial success in a sustainable manner. If you consider yourself having wealth only once, during a short and present moment, you will always be afraid of losing it. Consider it as a process of attracting money to you, throughout existence, in a never ending flow, by opening your heart and mind to abundance, you'll build from within a sense of richness that nothing and nobody can take away from you.

Be convinced that life has placed its divine spark in every human being. Know that you can and must reclaim this wonderful legacy of unlimited creativity existing within you, and transform this inner spiritual wealth into exterior material benefits. You are here on earth to live a full and rewarding life.

Let me tell you a secret: true wealth is the result of a mindset in which, everything you need comes to you without any particular effort, for you to thriveWealth is a part of reality and my purpose of telling you, is to help you perceive the nature of this reality.

The "consciousness of abundance" produces wealth

It is also necessary to follow some "Rules of Wealthto maximize the benefits granted by the Mayan Ceremonies and attract even more happiness, wealth or whatever you could desire.

Based on the cosmic laws and principles outlined in my previous posts, certain rules should be observed that favors the arrival of money.

Understand that all the elements necessary to attract wealth pre-exist within your consciousness: they are already within you.
Whatever the circumstances of your present existence, these are the fruits of your"thought-seeds" planted in the garden of your past. A fortiori, if you want a bright and wealthy future, the seeds that will bear a good crop needs to be planted now.

Luck or the use of magic obviously favors, the arrival of fortune. But you must understand that without the right emotions, without the proper and necessary state of mind, the possible benefits will obviously be rather limited.

The first step on the path to wealth, abundance and material prosperity, requires 
that you develop the adequate mindset towards money. Your mind can truly become a "detonator" of success, making you get everything you could ever expect if it is in harmony with the laws of the creative universe and properly directed.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some examples to use with profit

Concerning financial matters, here are some examples of affirmations you can use with profit. This will strengthen even more the Great Mayan ceremonies and rituals:

- I prepare myself for receiving the Universes riches and benefits, and I accept them with joy.

- Thoughts of gratitude to the sun lights my mind, warms my heart and provides generously for my material needs.

- Money is a precious commodity that I use constructively for my own welfare and for the welfare of the people around me.

- My personal affairs are propelled towards success and I thrive with ease.

- The more I give, the more I receive. I succeed all my enterprises as by magic, and money flows into my home.

- I have numerous and lucky intuitions. apply them immediately, 
to take advantage of them. My intuition makes me win in money games.

- My thoughts are expressed positively and makes me successfully resolve my money problems rapidly.

- I have the right to be wealthy. The money I spend, comes back infinitely multiplied. I learn to share my wealth with others with sympathy because I know that the more I give, the more I receive. Applying this sacred principle, I have every day the opportunity to earn even more money.

- My prosperity enriches others and their prosperity enriches me.

- I agree to receive from life everything I could ever need.

- Abundance and prosperity manifests in my life, through constructive thoughts.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Re-programming your subconcsious mind

If you entertain thoughts like: I always fail... I will never have enough money to offer me this or that ... or realize such a project, and so on, you condition your subconscious mind proving it that you 're right. Your subconscious mind will then execute the commands it gets from your negative thoughts and manipulate it into completion, without you even knowing it was you, yourself who created it in the first place.

On the other hand, when you choose to speak out positively, you condition your thinking along the same lines. Your voice helps you direct your thoughts and emotions in a positive way. Then your actions will go in the same positive direction and you will transform your life into a real "Eldorado"!

So do not miss this opportunity to positively reprogram your own subconscious mind with positive and creative affirmations. I guarantee that you will be amazed by the results you'll soon get. Simply repeat them as often as possible during the dayaloud or mentally, focusing on the significance of what you're repeating. The best time is in the morning, right after the awakening and at night before falling asleep.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Constructive thoughts...

You now know that you always create following your thoughts, the positive changes begin within your mind. You know that your mind is the "place" where is realized the spiritual alchemy of the solar energy, the place where you transform lead into gold!

This is your "personal space" where the spiritual seeds you sow will materialize, into a beautiful and abundant orchard full of wonderful fruits. To increase your awareness of the thoughts you are entertaining within your mind, make a daily session of introspection. Take 5 to 10 minutes, preferably at night before going to sleep, and think about what you experienced during the day.
Review the thoughts you have brewed throughout the day, associated with the emotions you felt and actions you have taken in any given situation. Do not judge, just acknowledge. This little exercise will harmonize the solar principle (spiritual principle per excellence), it will help you "fix" your thoughts and allow for the smooth running of your magical rituals.
For example: If you look at a bee trying to, desperately, get through a closed window to regain freedom. The problem lies not in the effort it makes to try to cross the glass, it will struggle and ultimately die of its efforts. It lies rather in the way to go about solving it.
 The bee does not understand that it is impossible to pass through the glass, and it continues to struggle. So it repeats incessantly the same wrong choice of course and harvest the same result. A step back would give it the understanding that within only a few seconds of flight another window was open in the same room!

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23rd to 30th

• MONDAY, the influence of the Moon: 
On the 22nd and 23rd, the Moon in Taurus will set just the right atmosphere for planning new short- and long-term project. You might also want to take up something new, either of a physical or spiritual nature. You’re ready to get involved. You may be thinking about conceiving a child. 
On April 24th and 25th, the Moon in Gemini will see you wanting to get out and about. You’ll really step up the pace of your social life, reviving friendships with people you haven’t seen in a long time. You’ll find it easy to pick up the phone and talk to friends and family. This is a great time for you and your relationship future. 
On the 26th and 27th, the Moon in Cancer will make you feel like improving your house and home environment. If you’re looking for a new home you’ll find just what you need without problems, or get help selling an apartment or house. 
On April 29th and 30th, the Moon in Leo will smile generously on you. You’ll feel good about yourself and want to share that positivity with those around you. You’ll often find yourself at the centre of conversations and interest of your social circle. Make full use of this period to refocus your mind and show yourself as you really are.

• TUESDAY, a positive affirmation: « I see every problem as a good opportunity to show everyone my talent and spirit of initiative! » Everyone has their problems, there’s no point in feeling like a victim when something happens to you. Face up to your issues, dealing with them one by one and you’ll grow as a person. Think about these words and let them sink into your psyche.

• WEDNESDAY: this psalm is the prayer of the wanderer who want to finally stop and rest, in the house he has long dreamed of. It’s useful when you want to buy or rent somewhere to live, but for different reasons, things are not going your way – indecision, lack of money, admin issues. It’s a prayer that can unblock the situation. Write it down, in your own hand, then read it every day when you’re looking for your house or apartment. As you read the words, somewhere peaceful and calm, visualise the ideal home (be realistic!) where you’d like to live. Between readings, fold the paper in four and tuck it in your wallet: « May your resting place be peaceful, O Lord of Armies! My soul sighs and longs for the place where I may rest for all eternity. My heart and my flesh cry out to our Living God. Even the humble sparrow finds its home. And the swallow lands to build a nest for its little ones! You have your altar, O Lord! My kind and my God, happy are those who live in Your house! They can worship you still. Help me, so that it may come to pass! »

• THURSDAY, reenergise your business: this secret will ensure you get the same amount of luck as your most prosperous competitors. This Thursday, before midday, when the sun is high, visit one of your competitor’s shops, where business is good. Unobtrusively, without attracting attention, collect some dust from the floor and put it in a little cardboard or plastic box. Once you’ve done this, go back to your own shop. Spread the dust gathered from the rival store in your own, while speaking this prayer: « I send you this prayer, in faith that you will do what need to be done, for me on God’s behalf, so that my business may prosper. Like a tree, ever beautiful, that grows and flourishes on the banks of a river, bearing its fruit season after season, never failing, always following the right course, always prospering. » This will mean you’ll attract as many customers as the other shop. With this spell, the dust, like everything in the prosperous shop, is « charged » with your competitor’s good luck. More and more clients will come to your shop. It doesn’t matter how much dust you gather and scatter, it works on quality not quantity. A pinch should be enough to obtain the desired result.

• FRIDAY, protect your baby: on the last Friday of the month, pick a red rose, the flower of pregnancy. Strip off the leaves and put the petals and the heart in a little red sachet which you can sew up using a ribbon of the same colour. Wear it on you for the whole of your pregnancy, in a pocket, not directly touching your skin. It will protect your baby. Both roses and the colour red are symbols of love, and here the power of maternal love, measure of the safety of the baby. After all, we say a happy life is a bed of roses, don’t we?

• SATURDAY, lesson for the weekend: stop saying: « I always rush headlong into everything! » Instead say: « Everything in its own time! » Write these lines in red ink on a sheet of white paper and keep it on you all weekend. Whenever you get a chance, read it and take a few moments to imagine yourself in a situation to which these words might apply. On Sunday evening, burn the paper, after reading it one last time.

SUNDAY, your lucky numbers: 5 – 13 – 27 – 36 – 38 – 40 – 46

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Learn self esteem...

...  trust yourself, and if something bothers you in your decision, consider taking a step back to have a better view. Learn to listen to your heart,  your deepest truth and live in harmony with it.

 The quality of ones thoughts is therefore  an important choice for everyone to make.

If you haven't got the life you desire, then analyze the thoughts that you maintain all day long. See how your thoughts have resulted in what is currently your daily life. Look at the consequences of them. Finally, correct your thoughts to get what you want. Because you can!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's up to you what you want to create.

You can improve your life, in any manner you like: suffice to improve the way you're thinking. Whatever your needs could be, the confusion you feel or the extent of your problems, you can regain hope and realize your dreams, at last get the life you once dreamed of.

Whether it is love, business, friendship or in any other domains that you would like to improve, you can reverse the unfolding of your life so to get advantage over any aspect in your life. It is never too late, you're never too old to succeed.

Think positively, it's a bit like turning the button on your radio set, to locate the station which is broadcasting the program you want to listen to.