Friday, February 28, 2014

The Four Elements

Western tradition has described the universe as a system composed of four Elements that bring us stability, inspiration and dynamism. These are Earth, Water, Air and Fire. In magic, these Elements, in balanced amounts, are a both raw material and instruments, that need to be worked out for the realization of a wish. In the many forms they assume, the four Elements provide the energy needed for your application to reach the entities that allow its realization. 

To understand this system, it takes a bit of imagination ... Every object surrounding you, is the representation of one or several of the Elements that make up the world, for example, one for the material it is made of and an other for its intended purpose, like an arrow that is of the Earth Element by the wood of which it is made, and the Air Element by its flight to its target. Remember that the ancients lived very close to nature and that their classification was much more obvious. 
Anyway, you'll notice that the rituals require, most of the time, the presence of the four Elements, which then symbolize the material world. These are, in general, the flame of a candle (Fire), the incense or perfume (Air), a flower, a pinch of earth, an egg, a ribbon ... (Earth), holy water or a cup of ordinary water (Water).

Some of the information in this part has already been spoken of before because these are transcripts from some of my books. .

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What you need to know before you start

One should not address any magic without knowing its elementary principles. Some general indications allow you to operate with awareness and understanding of the forces that you put in motion. You will become the magister, who is creating instead of enduring. These concepts are simple and compelling. A careful reading of the following chapters is the indispensable condition for your success, because nothing operates, in magic, without the mastery of ones actions.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our relationship to love

If we, today, see a renewed emergence towards spirituality in the world, greater search of love and compassion, a greater quest for sexual freedom too, it is because the human being has concluded that the material alone is not enough to make him happy, and that all the fortunes of the world are not worth the fusion of a shared love. Money can not buy love. However, what you do with your body and your heart, how you send your vibration to another human being, the communion of mind that you establish with the person you love, is what makes life more beautiful. 
The chapters that will be presented to you here, the following weeks will give you all kinds of advice, attitudes and rituals to practice for the improving of your love life. Up to you, to make good use of it, to find and/or keep happiness!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Love, love,love...

A life without love is barren and infertile, not even worth to be lived. It is therefore understandable why men and women are struggling to find it, keep it, make it even stronger and more beautiful : the more there is love, the more there is happiness. And the accumulation of love is what makes the world a better place to live in.

But even if love is everywhere, love is still not easy to find. It is not easy to love and above all, to find someone to love you the way you would like to be loved. Moreover, if the excerpt from my book "The magic of Love" that I am presenting from now on, is devoted to the magic of romantic possession; it is because love and possession are often very closely linked together in the Western world, unlike the Eastern world where the values ​​tend towards non-attachment and more freedom for the two lovers. Our feeling towards the beloved is often exclusive, without concession, and the lovers hearts suffer from indifference or even the slightest moderation which makes them doubt.

It is indisputable, we like to possess the other and we want, in return, the total amount of passion the other is capable of. However, when this possessive attitude is not satisfied, it can bring about great suffering. A man or a woman can attain such a degree of suffering that life itself becomes unbearable because of their heartache. However, the possessing of the other is not a child's play. Of course, one must not deny ones amorous feelings : human beings are a little hunters... they like to conquer...

But one should not either, give primacy to only sex, which represents only one side of love. When one believe having met the person that one think is meant for him/her, and that this feeling is shared, then one have to try to find a balance that leads to equilibrium and satisfaction, then you have to struggle to preserve this blessed harmony. One of the magic lessons you will discover with the practice of the recipes and rituals, I will present in the following weeks, consists in the fact that one should love the other for his/her true self and for what one could bring to the relationship but also for the mirror effect the other project to us, transforming ourselves, reciprocally,into a "beloved one". This communion is one of the most beautiful things life has to offer.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Love is what we desire the most

We tend to believe that those who succeed in life are lucky ... and that those less successful have got " bad luck " or difficult " karma ". In reality, we are not born to be unhappy and there is not much to blame upon fate in the destiny that life offers us. Those who succeed are mostly the same people who act in general, and magic has always been one of their tools. Experience shows, in fact, that there are hardly any aspects of life in which magic hasn't been a part of. Love, health, money, work ... in all these different areas, it has its raison d'être.
Everyone according to his or her personality, possesses his/her own vision of happiness. For some, it passes through material realization, through professional or/and social success. But for many other people, it is love that prevails over all, thanks to shared emotions, it installs the balance and harmony in their lives and the effect is enough for the rest to follow and making everything fall into place. Love is not only the condition of happiness, it is also the creator of life and just as important as the air we breathe.

Magic emergeance...

Magic emerges from our very origins from the heavenly and earthly alchemy worked out by the four Elements (Water , Air , Fire and Earth). The practice of rituals and charms arose from the discovery of the cycles of the heavens through the moons and the seasons, when man wanted to master these energies and make them act for him. He then became the Magister ( the one who commands and becomes the teacher in return) .

At the time of ancient Egypt,which was a key period for magic, the initiated Pharaohs became demigods, the Magi were astrologers, scientists and doctors and no significant personality would never take an initiative before having ensuring that the period was favourable. Later still, how many great destinies haven't been built thanks to the influence of an insider, in the shadow of the Royalty ... The greatest personalities had the greatest magi. Unless it is the opposite, that the greatest magi made ​​the greatest chefs!

The world have evolved, both people and attitudes have changed. However, magic is still today in daily use, for those who need help to better succeed in their life, at any level of society. Even if some magical methods require an initiation to be put into practice, there are many other methods which, if practised consciously and following the rules, require no training and no special talent. Charms and spells, prayers and elixirs, have always been used by magi, sorcerers and healers who lived and practised their art in their communities.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The word "magic"...

appeared for the first time in the manuscripts Coronation of Louis (Coronement Looïs), a "chanson de geste" in english song of heroic deeds from the twelfth century, time of Crusades, chivalry, courtly love, but also superstitions and witchcraft-could that be why the word, nowadays, is often overused and associated with the wonders of legends? But well before the Middle Ages, we can find traces of multiple involvement of magic in daily life .  As early as for the primitive man, it was of paramount importance, gave rhythm probably to all events of their daily life and was articulated on natural cycles : such as day-sun and night-moon, the seasons, climate events etc...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Introduction the the love inducing magic 2...

In a modern world where new values are looked for, love has more than ever its importance and needs to be present and preserved. And this is where magic can change things, magic that has always rekindled, and protected the domain of love. 

This love inducing magic is intended for all those who encounter problems with their love life, or suffers from loneliness and simply want to preserve their happiness. Its easy to read and use and is a valuable tool for anyone who decides to profit its knowledge, it is also an indispensable tool to reach an authentic knowledge which allows to acquire and maintain the love to which we all aspire, even when it seems impossible to obtain. It is based on traditional knowledge, which I have adapted to our modern world.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Introduction to love inducing magic...

Life is such... with its joys and sorrows, successes and obstacles, although necessary to our evolution, but it can also become unbearable and destructive when one is unable to overcome it. This is especially true in the domain of ​​feelings where failure is strongly felt, where the daily life can easily become totally paralysed.

To overcome event like these and nevertheless find our share of happiness, we are not as destitute as we might believe. In fact, when things are too heavy to be supported without help, tradition offers solutions that can be considered unimaginable. Throughout my career, in my practice of the Ancient rites, I have came to realize that it is in the matter of love that magic seems to be the most necessary. Is it not in love affairs that man draws his greatest sources of happiness ? and does not thwarted love bring about his greatest sorrows ? Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde , Héloise and Abelard have created legends, together with many other legendary or imaginary characters. They personified the idea of ​​love that endures even today even though the worlds values has changed drastically.
 We do no live in the twenty-first century as we did in the year one thousand. Sexual freedom has led to very different principles on the way in which man and woman should love today. They no longer engages necessarily for the whole life, there is less effort to understand each other, there is a confusion between sex and love ... In short, it has become more difficult to live together even if they still desire to bond permanently, deep down in their hearts.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The contact of a deceased entity, final part...

* Now visualise a bright line crossing through you, from above and penetraing deeply into the ground. 

* When you have a sharp image of it, in your minds eye, follow alongside its vertical axis and imagine, for example, that your body slides along the line with the rhythm of your breaths, as if it had become a sort of elevator allowing you to go down through the centre of the drawing. 

* After a while, you will feel personalities coming forth to you, floating around like lights and bubbles. 

* One of these personalities will distinguish itself and present itself to you. As this entity belongs to your bloodline, you will find yourself in its place, in its mind at the time it lived.This is a total communication, in the sense that you will experience all that this ancestor experienced, and thus get the answers that you may have about your origins. 

* If you meet the same disembodied spirit every time you practice this channelling, then it means that there is an affinity between your two personalities or that it considers that it should be your guide. 

Each of these contacts will be full of lessons, so enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Following up on yesterdays post...

*Now light a white candle and put it at your right hand side

*Then with your left hand and grasp your right wrist for the energies to flow through like in a circuit, concentrating the ambient energies.

*Face east, your feet placed at one and the other side of the sand drawing on the floor, while activating it with the following words:

"Through The Highest and the Holiest, make so that no unclean spirit ventures upon this space. The forger, the perverse and wicked, are all banished from this place, they can not partake of the sacred bread, nor quench their thirst with the pure water! 

May the flame that enlightens me make them blind and the sky that supports me burn them! "

* Then practice a calm and gentle abdominal breathing for two or three minutes. 

* Then say the following statement: 

"Today, I ... (mention your name), present myself in the light of the Highest and the Holiest, so that this servant can give me a sign." 

* At this time, focus your attention on your open hand. You should feel a slight tingling or warmth. This is the sign that the sand drawing is taking action and is opening a vortex.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Contact with the deceased

If you want to contact a deceased member of your family, a simple and effective ritual exists.

Suffice to draw the following attached figure, with white sand on the floor (two hundred fifty grams would be enough), after having consecrated it with the following prayer, to be pronounced with your hand outstretched over it:

" Croll, Zaron , Zainon , Zevaron , Elion , be present and bless this white sand, so bless it with the necessary virtues to my request, by the King of heaven and the God of angels.

God of Gods and Lord of Lords who created everything from nothing, deign to bless and sanctify this white sand so that the placing on the floor, it acquires the virtue needed for it to realize my desires. Amen . "

* Then trace the hereby drawing, with the sand, so that the diameter of the circle is about twenty centimetres. If it is not perfect, it will not prevent the ceremony .

* Then draw a triangle in the square, again with the sand, pointing to the east, and finish by drawing an "i" in the middle.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Capricorn Mandala

As for with any channelling technique, the first test is not always the best. The more you use these mandalas, the more they "charge" energetically and become more effective. You can even put them under your pillow at night and bear with you daytime.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sagittarius Mandala

Choose the mandala upon which you want to meditate for a contact, generally the one of your birth month otherwise the current month. 

* Duplicate this mandala on a paper or a parchment with Chinese ink (or even print it it). 

* Take a cleansing bath, put on comfortable clothes and stay barefoot. 

* In a quiet room, arrange a favourable atmosphere for a contact, incense, soft music, dim light...

* Sit comfortably, close your eyes and practice the abdominal breathing for a wile. 

* Then watch the mandala for a few minutes, thinking of nothing, then close your eyes anew.

* On the screen of your eyelids, try to recreate; without forcing, the design of the mandala. Do this SEVERAL times. 

* Let yourself be carried away by the sensations you feel while remaining available to any manifestation of the entity that wants to answer.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scorpio Mandala

As with any other channelling technique, it is necessary to ask a specific question, because the entity who will answer it, will be, in a certain way, "specialized" in this area. This is at least what we observed, during the months of our practice. These mandalas therefore provide opportunities for the contact with very different entities and not always the same one. Tomorrow I'm going to explain how to use these mandalas...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Libra Mandala

I sincerely encourage you to use these mandalas, knowing from experience that they offer good results for everyone. All the people I know of, having utilised them have, successfully, entered into contact with entities of the spiritual world, and have got very useful answers to their questions.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Virgo Mandala

During our numerous sessions, we often asked Arthur why he delivered us these precious mandalas. His answer was always the same: they would allow people who was sensitive to this kind of channel to contact the other realms without going through the complicated rituals such as the initiated does.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lion Mandala

These mandalas balances the brains two hemispheres, to facilitate the channelling of energies and open up a door between the Earth and the Sky. If you meditate regularly while fixing one of them, you permit the expansion of your consciousness, you become more receptive to messages from beyond the visible and you attract entities, eager to communicate with you.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cancer Mandala

The idea was to use the mandala corresponding to ones month of birth. Twelve mandalas were transcribed within a state of psychic trance during these sessions, and reworked to improve the drawings. I used them many times and I noticed they opened a doorway to the invisible realms, for myself as well as for many other people to whom I had passed them on to. This new technique of channelling has served me well since, utilised together with the magical rituals that I have always been using. It allows me, in a state of trance, to seek the help of the angels and archangels that I invoke. For her part, my friend Sylvaine, also continued to use these mandalas to communicate with Arthur, but also with her guardian angel and many others entities.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mandala series... Gemini Mandala

After a few weeks of regular practice,  we managed to get contact with a superior entity presenting himself as Arthur. The months that followed, we communicated very regularly with this entity and received a large amount of messages. During these contacts, Sylvaine my friend, who asked her questions by herself, thanks to her artistic talent and her gift as a medium, was able to draw mandalas inspired by this quide, which serve to refine and improve the channelling through meditation.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Taurus Mandala

Following up on yesterdays post...

It is by the support of these esoteric traditions (yesterdays post) that I have set up the ceremonies of angel contact I now commonly use. But at that time, I was also interested in another practice with a friend of mine, a medium and artist who is also the author of Artemis Tarot. We worked together for several months, on an original method of contact for reaching our guides, which allowed us to get answers on the material plane as well as on the spiritual plane.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Twelve Mandalas... Aries Mandala

In the eighties, I worked a lot with angelic contacts. I have described it precisely in some of my books, how to communicate with ones guardian angel and the planetary angels. I have had personal experience with such contact myself many times, after a long period of research and restoration of ceremonies practised by great initiates as Cagliostro and John Dee.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Angels

Angels exist, all of the major religions states it in their texts: the Old and New Testament, the Koran, the Torah, the Hindu texts ... All the great mystics have recounted their encounter with the "light beings". Their role is still that of an intermediary between God and man and to protect humanity. 

It is not known when and how the angels were "invented" by God. Saint Augustine believed them to have been created at the same time as light itself. However, they did precede the creation of man and are higher in the scale of evolution.

This is probably why we all have guardian angels, like big brothers who watch over us and tries to educate us to accomplish our mission here on Earth, to our best. However, the more we try to accomplish our mission, the closer they are to us and the more willing to help us. We should therefore never hesitate to put our angel to contribution, to talk to him and ask for his advice. 

The most complete and active tradition on the behalf of angels is the Kabbalah, which describedthem as consisting of nine armed legions of eight angels each, each one governed by a rector: the closest one to God is that of the Seraphim led by Mettatron Serpanim, then comes the Cherubim conducted by Jophiel, the Thrones led by Cassiel, Sachiel ruling the Principalities, the Virtues led by Samael, Michael leading the Powers, the Principalities by Aniel, the Archangels led by Raphael and those closest to men, the Angels conducted by Gabriel.

Finally, you must also know that every angel of the tradition has his counterpart: a fallen angel, just as in life, evil vs good, black vs white, night vs day, etc.. This reproduces the duality that exists in the cosmos and underlies the universal balance, also called contrast.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Daily ceremony for first contact

* Take the daily pentacle in your hands and meditate upon your question. You can also chant the name of your guardian angel. Finally, request a manifestation of presence and ask your questions. 

* If you do not get any answers, take the bell and read this prayer to neutralize any undesired intruder: 

"By the power of Adonai, the true God, I neutralize any malicious angel that could otherwise become an obstacle to my request. Hear us, good angels and be ready whatever part of the universe in which you are, obey the voice of God Almighty the names of the Creator. I let you know by the signal from this bell that you are summoned here, so therefore be ready to respond to my request!"

* Then ring the bell three times. 

* Again take the pentacle in your hand and meditate again with the pentacle while holding it. You can also chant the name of your guardian angel. Finally, request the manifestation of presence and ask your questions.

* Finally, recite the prayer of departure whether you had a contact that day, or not: 

"O ye good and benevolent spirits, we thank you for your generous benefits bestowed us liberally; speak out in peace to govern the element that God has assigned to you as a your dwelling Amen.". 

* Repeat this ceremony every day until you have your first contact.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prayer for Saturdays

"Adonai, El, Eheih, Prince of Princes, Existence of existences, have mercy, and cast Thy eyes upon Thy servant ... (your name) who invoke Thee with devotion and beseech Thee by Thy Holy and Wonderful Name Tertragrammaton to favour him/her and send Cassiel to establish a divine contact and provide real and true answers to all the questions that would be asked of him. O ye angels, celestial spirits, O ye elementary spirits, O ye all spirits present in this place, I beseech you to manifest your agreement to our interviews. I humble servant of God beg Thee. Amen. "

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Prayer for Fridays

"Adonai, El, Eheih, Prince of Princes, Existence of existences, have mercy, and cast Thy eyes upon Thy servant ... (your name) who invoke Thee with devotion and beseech Thee by Thy Holy and Wonderful Name Tertragrammaton to favour him/her and send Anael to establish a divine contact and provide real and true answers to all the questions that would be asked of him. O ye angels, celestial spirits, O ye elementary spirits, O ye all spirits present in this place, I beseech you to manifest your agreement to our interviews. I humble servant of God beg Thee. Amen. "