Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Migraines and Headaches

Name: Silver hoop 
Aim: to dispel temporary headaches
Frequency: every 5 to 10 minutes, for 1 to 2 minutes, until the headache disappears.

"Close your eyes. Breathe out 3 times and imagine that your head is held in a silver hoop whose shining ends clasp each of your temples. Feel this hoop tightening around your skull and pressing on your temples and then being suddenly being released. Again, the hoop grips your temples like a vice and is released. Repeat for a third time. Then open your eyes, aware that the pain has gone.”

Name: Open eyes 
Aim: to dispel migraine
Frequency: as often as necessary, for 2 to 3 minutes.

"With your eyes open, look upwards, in the direction of your migraine for 2 to 3 minutes. Then look ahead normally."

Name: Lake of the brain 
Aim: to dispel headaches caused by tension
Frequency: as required, every 5 to 10 minutes, for 3 minutes or more.

"Close your eyes and breathe out 3 times. Look down at the top of your head from above. Open up your skull as if it were a boiled egg and look inside. You can see the nerve fibres moving in the fluids like aquatic plants. Then all this fluid flows out of your head. Feel how the tension at the base of your neck is released as the fluid flows away down your spine. Now a new fluid is flowing up your spine and filling your skull. You can see the nerve fibres through this new transparent liquid. Feel the new blood flowing up the back of your neck and through the rest of your body. Close the "lid” on your head, breathe out and open your eyes."

Burying the Past

Aim: to free yourself from the influence of the past.
Frequency: once a week, for 3 to 5 minutes, for 3 weeks.
Many of us find it difficult to free ourselves from the past. We continue to be haunted by it, experience regrets or feel trapped or guilty, which prevents us from functioning efficiently. This exercise helps to relieve these tensions.

"Close your eyes and breathe out three times. You are walking along a country lane scattered with rocks that you clear away from the path. When you reach the end of the lane, you sit down under a tree. Pull off a leaf and write down everything that has been troubling you, all your regrets and all the things standing in your way. You use the sap of the tree as ink. Dig a hole, in the knowledge that you are going to bury a past that is already dead, although it is still alive within you, and that in so doing it will disintegrate. Also write on the leaf the date on which you want this past to disappear. Place the leaf in the hole, cover it with earth and quickly retrace your steps, noting if the lane has changed. Open your eyes.”

The visualisation exercises described below are simple and effective. They can be performed separately or in association with medical treatment, with which they are entirely compatible.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Garden of Eden

Aim: to prepare yourself positively for everyday life.
Frequency: daily, for 3 minutes in the morning before breakfast.
This exercise is an ideal way to start the day: it will put you in a good mood and improve your immune system.

"Close your eyes. Breathe out three times and imagine you are walking along a street. Leave the street and go down into a valley, meadow or garden and go right into the centre. There, you find a golden feather duster, a small brush or a small rake, according to your preferences or the degree of purification necessary. Clean yourself conscientiously from head to foot with the implement of your choice. How do you feel now you have brushed away all the dead cells and the confusion that was inside you?
Put down your implement and listen to the sound of a stream that is flowing to your right. Kneel down on the bank and scoop up some of the crystal-clear water in your hands and wash your face, conscious of the fact that you are washing away the external impurities of your body.
Then scoop up some more water and drink it slowly to wash awy the internal impurities. The water refreshes, awakens and revitalises you.
Now, go and rest in the shade of a tree, on the edge of the meadow. As you lean against its trunk, breathe in the pure air and the oxygen from its leaves that is diffused in the form of a golden-blue light. As you breathe out your carbon dioxide, it is absorbed by the leaves and transformed into oxygen that descends into the trunk and enters your body through all your pores. In this way, you form a respiratory cycle with the tree and you breathe in unison. Let your fingers and toes dig into the earth like roots, drawing on its energy. Keep this image within you as you retrace your steps. When you are once again seated on your chair, breathe out and open your eyes.”

Saturday, February 25, 2012

If you lack Imagination

Not everyone has the same powers of imagination. You may need a little practice before the images come naturally to your mind.
Here are a few useful tips.
If  you find the following visualisation exercises difficult, look at photographs of landscapes for two or three minutes, then close your eyes and try to reconstruct the same image in your mind. You can also relive a pleasant memory from your past, with your eyes open. Then close your eyes and try to recreate each detail.

You can use the "phosphene” technique (see: the Magic Lamp) to maximise the effects.

You can also use your non-visual senses. For example, if you hear fish frying in a pan or an audience applauding, use the sounds and smells to recreate images.
Find out which sense you are most responsive to. If you are responsive to sound, think of the sound of the ocean and see what images it brings to mind. Concentrating your attention on what you feel will enable you to slip more easily from sound (for example) to images.
All the senses are linked and become visual once you make an effort to describe your experience.
While trying to improve your imaginative powers, relax (breathe deeply and close your eyes) and let the images drift into your mind.

Wait for them and accept them as they are.
Everything that comes into your mind can be useful,  even if it seems silly or absurd.
You will find that, with practise, the process becomes much quicker.

The two following exercises do not relate to any particular illness; they will  help you stay healthy and maintain your general wellbeing.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Posture

The ideal posture is known as the "Egyptian Posture”. Sit very straight on a chair, with your arms on the armrests and your hands open, palms upwards or downwards, whichever is more comfortable. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Don’t cross either your arms or your legs, which should not come into contact with any other part of your body.
Breathing is important; it helps introspection and is the link that enables you to discover your personal images. To strengthen the images, try to relax(that is your aim). Breathe regularly, breathing in through your nostrils and out through your mouth. Exhalation should be longer and slower than inhalation, which is normal, easy and effortless, i.e. without exaggeration.
When you feel comfortable and ready to begin, breathe out three times, beginning with an exhalation, i.e. you breathe out 3 times and in twice.
Then you can begin. During the exercise, breathe normally: all your attention will be focused on the image and your breathing will come naturally.
When you have completed the exercise, breathe out once before opening your eyes.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Visualisations of Healing

Visualising, working on images, is a very simple process. It involves finding, discovering and creating a mental form or image. These imagined, but nevertheless real, forms have all the characteristics of the incidents, objects or situations that you encounter in everyday life. The difference is that, unlike the objects perceived while you are awake, they have no volume or mass.

However, they have their own energy.

Think of these images as "brainchildren”: you create them so that they can act as healing agents on your behalf, and so that their energy stimulates the healing process.
They are as real as your emotions, and charged with as much meaning as your nocturnal dreams. Emotion is the life force (what Bergsen called the “elan vital”) that is expressed in inner feelings (happiness, satisfaction, sadness) and external actions (a spontaneous reaction of surprise, anger, impatience).

Emotion is closely allied to images: all emotion can manifest itself in the form of images. Your images. No two people in the world create exactly the same images.
An image is therefore the mental form of a feeling, but it also has a physical form: sensation. When you are angry, for example, you often feel a sort of constriction in the area of the rib cage. Joy, on the other hand, spreads a sensation of lightness throughout the body.

In the visualisation of healing, images are  used to modify emotions and sensations, in order to create or transform an experience.
You will quickly realise that images are in fact a way of achieving physical and mental health.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to prepare the "Kollath breakafast”

Ingredients per person: 30 to 40 grammes fresh wholewheat flour (the
Kollath breakfast makes the wheat digestible without cooking), 3 to 5 spoonfuls water, 1 to 2 spoonfuls fresh lemon juice, 20 grammes dried fruit, 200 grammes freshly grated apples, or any other (local or seasonal) ripe fruits; 1 spoonful almonds or crushed nuts to sprinkle over the top.

THE EVENING BEFORE: pour the wheat flour (an electric coffee grinder converts the wheat into wholewheat flour in a few seconds) into a bowl and add 3 to 5 spoonfuls of mineral water (NEVER use milk).
Stir and leave at room temperature until the next morning. During the night, the cereals swell and the fermentation process – which gives the “Kollath breakfast” its dietetic value and digestibility – takes place.
Cut the dried fruit (figs, raisins or dates) into small pieces and leave to soak in another container.

Mix the contents of the 2 containers using the water in which the dried fruit has been soaked and add the fresh lemon juice. Add the freshly grated apple (or pear) or crushed seasonal fruits (strawberries, cherries, plums, peaches, etc). Sprinkle the mixture with the almonds or crushed nuts.
To vary the recipe, add almond paste or a spoonful of honey to taste. Those with a good appetite can eat some wholemeal bread and low-fat, soft white cheese, for example, AFTER the “Kollath breakfast”. 

Try it religiously for a few weeks and see the results for yourself!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The "KOLLATH" Breakfast

Eating this breakfast on a regular basis has a number of beneficial effects:
·                                                       You feel full for at least 4 hours. You don’t feel hungry during the morning, and you don’t overload your stomach;
·                                                       It stablises the weight: weight-watchers will not feel hungry before lunch and will therefore be able to eat less. By contrast, those who want to put on weight will find it improves their digestive system and helps them to put on weight. This may sound paradoxical, but it is perfectly logical;
·                                                       It eliminates constipation which poisons the system;
·                                                       Because this breakfast cleanses the system, the symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion, which are an indication of an accumulation of toxins rather than real tiredness, disappear;
·                                                       It increases physical and intellectual efficiency;
·                                                       An improved biological balance gives a general sense of wellbeing;
·                                                       It improves the powers of concentration because the digestive system is not overloded (digestion uses 70% of our available nervous energy);
·                                                       It improves tolerance of stress;
·                                                       It improves the composition of the blood: the improved irrigation of the tissues eliminates eczema, boils and scurf and gives a fresh, clear complexion;
·                                                       Hair becomes supple and shiny. Eating this breakfast regularly even prevents greying and enables the hair to recover its original colour;
·                                                       Nails become shiny and less brittle;
·                                                       It improves dental health and loose teeth become firmly rooted in their sockets;
·                                                       It strengthens bones, which become less likely to fracture and mend more rapidly in the event of an accident.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Energetic Exercise

This exercise, which should be done every day, has a number of benefits for  daily hygiene and health.
·                                                       Lie flat on your back, with your arms beside your body. Take a complete yogic breath and focus your attention on your "solar pexus”;
·                                                       Raise your head and press your chin hard against your sternum (breastbone);
·                                                       Then raise your shoulders and look at your feet;
·                                                       Raise your heels a few centimetres off the ground, bending your knees slightly and leaving your arms by your sides.
·                                                       Hold the air in your lungs;

This is performed in a single synchronised movement.
In this position, your "solar plexus” will start to vibrate.

·                                                       Maintain the posture for as long as possible, without tiring yourself. Breathe out slowly, releasing the air through your mouth. Relax.
·                                                       Continue for 15 minutes, relaxing after each exercise.

Beneficial effects: This exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, massages the intestines (toning the liver, pancreas, bladder and kidneys, and activating intestinal peristalsis), and promotes the irrigation of the spinal cord. This has the effect of eliminating any excess fat on the stomach and thighs and giving you a slimmer figure.

Energy and Food

To maximise the energy obtained from food:

·                                                       Chew your food until it is reduced to a creamy consistency in your mouth and you have swallowed it without realising.

·                                                       Water fulfils two functions: if it is drunk mouthful by mouthful and rolled beneath the tongue, it releases all its energy into the mouth where it is absorbed by the mucous membranes; the liquid hydrates the entire body.

·                                                         Do not eat you fill at night or you will take a day off the length of your life.

·                                                       Do not sleep without protecting your breath: try to sleep with your mouth closed.

By applying these rules of hygiene and secrets of longevity, you will ensure that you enjoy good health and excellent vitality.
After only a few weeks of patient and persevering exercise, without trying to achieve anything other than a calm and peaceful regularity, you will, without fail, begin to feel the first effects. Your entire body will be calm and relaxed, your nerves will be purified, your voice will have a new – gentle and beautifully resonant – quality, your eyes will be clear and bright, you will have a fresh complexion, greater lung capacity, etc.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fasting, a source of power

All traditions advocate fasting as a form of purification and meditation. It is the simplest, most natural and oldest known way of renewing old reserves of energy, burning waste and stimulating the unsupected power of new energy. The important thing is to fast intelligently and in moderation.

Here are a few rules for a one-day fast:

·                                                       Eat a very light supper before going to bed the night before: broth or soup, salad, fruit (an apple);
·                                                         Do not eat from when you wake up the next morning until the same time on the day after your fast;
·                                                         Drink lots of hot or cold water. Don’t drink stimulants such as tea of coffee. If you feel weak, drink unsweetened thyme and sage teas;
·                                                         Take at least one long walk, in the countryside if possible;
·                                                         Read texts that stimulate inner reflection: sacred texts, scholars’ memoirs, philosophy or poetry;
·                                                         Avoid all major effort, noise and agitation;
·                                                         Break your fast with ordinary or herbal tea, a yoghurt, a piece of fruit, a small piece of bread and butter. No more. Eat more later, but avoid sauces, cream, alcohol and heavy meals.

Perform this type of fast on a regular basis (ideally once every 10 days). You can then follow the same programme for a two- or three-day fast. In this way, your body will be cleansed of its toxins and your mind of its pollution. It is like drinking at the Fountain of Youth!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Ha (Sun) Breath

·                                                       The purpose of this esoteric technique is to purify the mind and sageguard mental health. It enables you to resist negative external influences. It refreshes the circulation of the blood, completely cleanses the respiratory  passages and counters the tendancy to feel cold. The HA (SUN) breath effectively eliminates the mental toxins and rapidly banishes feelings of depression and anxiety.

·                                                       Stand straight, with your legs slightly apart, and do the complete yogic breathing exercise. To do this, breathe in slowly through your nostrils while distending your abdomen (this is known as "abdominal” or low breathing as the air is drawn into the lower part of the lungs).
·                                                       Continue to breathe in slowly and deeply, while expanding the ribcage (this is known as "intercostal” or middle breathing as the air is drawn into the middle part of the lungs, while the abdomen and shoulders remain still).
·                                                       Continue to breathe in, expanding the upper part of the ribcage (this is known as "clavicular” or upper breathing: the air is drawn into the upper part of the lungs as the clavicles and shoulders are raised slowly). Breathe out by expelling the air sharply through your mouth.

In pratice, these 3 stages follow on smoothly and naturally to form the complete yogic breathing exercise, whose beneficial effects are incalculable. Practise breathing in this way for a few minutes, several times a day, sitting, standing or lying down.

·                                                       As you breathe in during the complete breathing exercise, raise your arms slowly to a vertical position, hold your breath for a few seconds, then lean suddenly forward and bring your arms down in front of you, making the sound "HA” as you expel the air through your mouth.
As you breathe out, the sound should be produced by the force of the air and not by your vocal chords. Perform this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes, so that you complete at least twenty HA breaths.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Walking Barefoot

·                                                       Walking barefoot is not only good for the health, but also promotes energy. Although apparently unimportant, it is excellent for the tonus of the nerves.

·                                                         It is done in the open air, in natural surroundings, preferably in the morning when the grass is still wet with dew, on the wet stones on the bed of small mountain streams or in newly fallen snow. Breathe deeply and rhythmically as you walk.

·                                                       After walking, don’t dry your feet with a towel, but rub them and massage them with your hands until the the skin is dry, supple and warm. Walking and massage stimulate the reflex zones (acupuncture meridians) located on the soles of the feet, which promotes the circulation of the "chi” throughout the body.
·                                                         Walking barefoot re-establishes contact with the ground and enables you to absorbe the "chi” of the Earth.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Purifying the nerve channels

·                                                       Run your tonge over your teeth, from left to right, inside and out, then gradually collect saliva under your tongue. When your mouth is full, bend your head to one side and swallow it.
·                                                       You can swallow your saliva in this way after the "life breath” exercise, or at any other time of the day. This is an exercise for longevity and prolonged existence.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The “Life Breath”

Just as human respiration is a double process – the inhalation (YANG) of new breath and exhalation (YIN) of old breath – so the circulation of the breath of the world is also considered a double process involving the life breath and death breath.
The life breath is YANG (positive, corresponding to day, sun and life), the death breath is YIN (negative, corresponding to night, cold and death).

"While you should absorb the life breath, you should not absorb the death breath”.

There are two particularly favourable times of the day to absorb the life breath:
·                                                       As dawn is breaking, when the air begins to warm up just before sunrise, this is the life breath rising: everything in Creation is peaceful and life is about to reawaken over the world;
·                                                       In the evening, at sunset, when the air is growing cool and the day is drawing to a close, this is a time of profound calm when everything in nature relaxes… this is the life breath descending.
 These are the best times to practise absorbing the life breath:

·          Face the rising sun (or setting sun in the evening).

·          Do this before eating (morning), or 3 hours after your last meal (evening).

·          Sit on the ground or on a cushion; ensure that your spine is straight; your upper torso, neck and head should be in a straight line and your chin tucked in; your hands should be resting flat upon  your upper thighs and your legs tucked under your body.

·          Grind your teeth twenty-one times (three series of seven times),"to drive away bad influences and gather the spirits”, i.e. focus the attention.

·          Then, before you start, breath out deeply in three stages, gradually lowering your head each time, hollowing (retracting) the abdomen to expel the air; finish each exhalation with a hollow abdomen, and your chin on your chest.

·          Then breathe in deeply inhaling the air through your nostrils. Then think of your body, that it is healthy and vigorous, it is your best instrument. Think of it as being as solid and pure as diamond, think that with the help of this body you are going to cross the ocean of life. You feel that your body is vigorous, your mind strong and you have unlimited faith and hope in yourself.

With each inhalation, feel the life force of the energy-generating "chi” penetrating each muscle, each nerve, each cell. Feel this energy flowing through your whole body, area by area, increasing in strength with each breath. Visualise this life force as it gradually circulates through your body, stimulating and recharging each nerve centre as it flows from your head to your feet.

Continue the exercise for 10 to 15minutes. If you can’t do it in the open air, do it in a well-ventilated room with the window open.

During this meditation, breathing should be calm, steady and regular. Breathe in through your nostrils, gently and deeply, and out through your mouth, forming it into an “O” as if you were trying to make the flame of a nearby candle flicker.

·          Eat your breakfast joyfully.

The quality of the "chi” that you absorb in in this way is excellent and entirely egenerating.

There is an alternative form of this breathing exercise, which is also very powerful:

- Place your left hand on your navel for 5 seconds;
- Breathe in, then hold your breath for 5 seconds;
- Breathe out for 5 seconds. Imagine your abdomen like a luminous sphere being recharged with "chi” at each breathe.
- Do this for 10 to 15 minutes.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hygiene and Health

The Source of all things is the Cosmic Energy that fills the Universe.
This energy is known as "CHI” (Life Essence).
Our basic constitution as an individual is determined by the "chi” that we receive at the moment of our conception and which depends on the age and health of our parents, and the circumstances of our birth.

This prenatal "chi”, stored in the area of the kidneys, cannot be increased.
But, whereas a life distorted by all kinds of abuse can diminish it, a healthy life can preserve it.

However, there is also a post-natal "chi” that consitutes a constant input of Cosmic Energy. This is the "chi” that we receive from the Earth via the food we eat and from Heaven via the air we breathe.

This "chi” can be increased by an art of living based on principles of everyday hygiene.

If you observe these natural principles, you will find it easy to stay fit and healthy.
By applying them regularly and assiduously, you will soon recover a full and  satisfying vitality:

·          Get up early, about 7 am, and if possible at sunrise in spring and summer. Drink a glass of cold or tepid mineral water before you eat.

·          Breathing: it is an excellent idea to do a few breathing exercises every day

·         Diet: this should be healthy and balanced. Seek to achieve moderation and maintain a balance between the 5 flavours: sweet, savoury, bitter, acid and spicy. You don’t have to follow a vegetarian or macrobiotic diet, but eat as little meat and fish as possible (no more than twice a week) and replace it with cereals and vegetables.
Uncooked-food diets purify the organism, but cannot be followed for too long. One third of your food can be uncooked. Do not exceed this proportion except in very hot weather.
Avoid ice-cream and iced foods and drinks which upset the spleen and stomach.
Avoid very fatty foods and particularly cooked fats, i.e. fried food.
Reduce your intake of dairy products (milk, yoghurt, cheese), especially if you are prone to colds, allergies or respiratory complaints.

·          Stress management and relaxation: Relax for 10 to 15 minutes before lunch and the evening meal, if possible by lying down comfortaby, in silence, with your eyes closed, breathing gently and peacefully.

·          Stimulants and drugs: coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol (to name but a few) are the  drugs that "help” us to confront everyday stress, but they are all harmful.
They are all harmfull to the energy of the kidneys, especially coffee, while alcohol affects the liver and tobacco affects the lungs.

It would obviously be better to give up drinking and smoking altogether, but since the guiding principle is moderation, don’t give up immediately.
Instead, try to reduce your consumption. Be aware of your body and its needsand don’t impose a regime that would cause your body to react too strongly. However, remember that excessive consumption of these products pollutes your vital energy, which diminishes the prenatal "chi” and blocks the circulation of the post-natal “chi”.

·          Protecting your body: it is essential to protect your body against the adverse effects of wind, cold, wet and heat, factors that contribute to or cause illness. It is particularly important that the neck, shoulders and lumbar region are protected from cold. Knees and ankles are also vulnerable, depending on the individual. These are the areas from which considerable amounts of energy are lost.

·          Physical exercise: this is essential; all physical exercise is beneficial per se, and more so if you want to increase your "chi”.

·          Go to be early: the most beneficial sleep is between 10.00 pm and midnight. Before you go to bed, bathe your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Sleep – preferably with your window open – with your head pointing to the North, and always go to sleep on your right side.

·          Prayer: this is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle!
What is prayer? In this instance it is not a question of religious beliefs but of using the Magic associated with Cosmic Energy.
In fact, you pray each time you feel, and give yourself up to, a spontaneous and heartfelt response towards life, either consciously or inconsciously.
The more you consciously give yourself up to this surge of love, the more freely you will be able to access the amazing reserve of energy contained in the Cosmic Power that gives life to all living beings.
Take every opportunity to pray; i.e. to express your joy and gratitude for the  divinity that is within you.
By praying, you continually replace negative thoughts by constructive, harmonious thoughts. In this way, not only are all your errors and "faults” completely forgiven, but you also improve your health and vitality.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cosmic Energy and the Law of Attraction

You can perform this ritual if you are single, lonely, and you sincerely want to fiind a soul mate.

Your mental attitude (positive or negative thoughts) to a large extent determines your quality of life. If want to attract a true wife (or husband), you must first  of all imagine her/him in your thoughts and ideas; i.e. as an "ideal”.

Meditate and say the following prayer morning and night. Just as a seed sown in the ground will germinate, so will the qualities and characteristics of the man (or woman) about whom you are meditating will appear in your life in the the form of the ideal wife (or husband).

·          Meditate in your Sacred Space or in a place where you feel comfortable (natural surrounding, a park, lake, etc). Perform the “Cross of the Elements” ritual.

·          Then say the following prayer, slowly and out loud, remembering that each word releases a particular type of energy depending on what YOU are thinking as you pronounce it.
It is not so much the words that are important as the thought-energy that accompanies them.
Different people can pronounce the same word and achieve a completely different effect.

For a woman:
"Infinite Intelligence, let me attract a man who believes in marriage and worships the Divinity who gives us life; who is therefore loyal, faithful, spiritual, intelligent, prosperous and successful in life; who is in perfect harmony with me, spiritually, mentally and physically; who loves my ideal and whose ideal I love; who no more seeks to transform me than I seek to change him; we share the same love, freedom and mutual respect; who comes to me free of all commitments, through an act of the Providence that creates all new things.
The intelligence of the Cosmic Energy within me unites us within the Divine Order”.

Take great care not to subsequently deny what you have affirmed, as you will then neutralise the process of prayer.

For a man:
"Infinite Intelligence, let me attract the ideal wife who believes in mariage; who is gracious, charming, honest, sincere, loyal and believes deeply in the
great eternal truths of God; we share the same love, freedom and mutual respect. I am spiritually, mentally and physically united with these qualities in the woman I desire, and I know that while I am meditating on these qualities, they penetrate my subconscious, and I am drawing to me, within the Divine Order and through Divine Love, the woman who is the incarnation of my ideal".

Affirm these truths with deep commitment morning and night. Your subconscious will gradually absorb them and you will automatically attract your ideal spouse: the person with whom you will share love and mutual understanding.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ceremony of Forgiveness

Fears, energy blocks and limitations of all kinds prevent you from allowing the energy of the Universe that we call Love to flow freely within you.

Forgiveness is the remedy that leads to the full and unreserved acceptance of the energy of Love and its free circulation.
A word of warning: the ritual of Forgiveness is powerful and its Magic Power is very strong. So it should only be performed genuinely: in your soul and in all conscience and sincerity. If not, it could have violent repercussions.

Forgiveness is in fact based on "resentment”. By fully expressing your resentment you can rid yourself of fear, guilt and limitations.
You can use this ritual when:
·                              You feel remorse towards someone;
·                             You are irritated with someone for something they have done to you;
·                             You can’t forget a person who has died and whom you need to forgive or who needed to forgive you;
·                            You split up with someone to “sort out” your relationship.

·          Light a white candle and place it in the centre of your Altar and burn incense.
·          Proceed as for the “Energy of Love” ritual (sacred space, breathing, etc.). Then imagine the person appearing before you, on the screen of your closed eyes. You forgive this person for what they have done and say aloud:  "I forgive you for having done this or that …”.
At the end, you say: "I forgive you and I release you”.

·          Then you ask the person in question to forgive you for all that you think you have done and say: "Forgive me for having done this or that …”
·          Finally, you forgive yourself and say: "X (your first name), I forgive you for having done this or that to such and such a person and I release you”.

·          Feel released, at peace with yourself, clear and focused. Thank the Universe for this forgiveness and thank yourself.

·          Leave the candle to burn down completely making sure that no one goes into the room where the ritual was performed.

You can complete the process of Forgiveness when you take your shower, by imagining that the water is washing away all traces of guilt, all the negative thoughts and emotions resulting from your relationship with the person in question, and that it leaves you totally purified.