Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of 2011 and the beginning of a new era

This year has been full of challenges and difficulties for many people throughout the world, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, deaths of fishes, birds, riots, war mongering and what have you, we heard of chem trails, fluoride in water, aspartame, flu shots making people sick, Gardasil killing young girls etc. etc. many of these things could be signs of end times as spoken of in the Bible and in other ancient texts. I don't believe in the "End of the World" theory, rather " A coming new dawn", but for this new dawn to come in place there must be some destruction such as the breaking down of our financial system as it is very unfair with extremely rich people having everything while the foremost having nothing, struggling daily to work hard to pay taxes etc. when people do have jobs, as many don't even have, they find themselves  in the margin of society, no job, no home, no healthcare, hardly anything to eat, this cannot and will not continue. This year 2012 we are going to see many events unfold, sometimes rather scaring events, but we must never loose faith, continue to believe in our creative power, project in meditation or daydreaming, how we would like our future to be, each man or woman equal to anybody else, animals having the same rights as people, as the other kingdoms, animal, plant, mineral, are also part of our universe and deserves respect just as we do. Internet has been very fortunate to bring to us much information we wouldn't have got only through mainstream media, this could eventually be seen as fear mongering but I believe this was necessary for people having no idea what was happening, relying  only to the news they hear on television, they had to, first of all, discover that we have been lied to for very long. Now that people awaken, more and more every day, we are ready to start the process of creating our new existence, all of us together, we have the power. I wish you all, my universal brothers and sisters a Happy New Year 2012, and I'm absolutely sure it will be the greatest year ever, have faith.   LOVE & LIGHT

Friday, December 30, 2011

Profitable positive affirmations to repeat and integrate

-      « Repeated daily, Mantras opens up a flow of success and happiness which becomes larger and larger every day »

-      « A positive mental attitude is an unlimited source of wellness, happiness, abundance and health »

-      « Enthusiasm is the main ingredient  of everything having been accomplished here on Earth. I radiate with thoughts of peace and joy towards everyone, like a radiant sun diffusing without any limits whatsoever, its brightness and warmth »

-      « An unlimited source of Cosmic energy sleeps in me ; suffice for me to awaken it for it to help me »

-      « With my positive mental attitude, I permit the creative forces of the universe to enter my life and help me. They will then galvanize and  regenerate my psyche, my spirit and my body »

-      « Thanks to these highly benefiting forces flowing in my veins, I can easily obtain whatever I desire, I only need perseverance »

-      « Good intuitions will stream in great numbers instantly. To benefit the advantage, I apply at once. My intuition inspires me with good luck for money games, lottery and gambling »

-      « Money is a precious item; I respect it and use of in a constructive way for the good of people around me as for myself »

-      « My thoughts are expressed in a positive way so to create productive intuitions for the quick solving of all my financial issues »

-      « Unlimited abundance  flow in and through me and I share it voluntarily with others. In acting with my heart, success enters my existence even more rapidly »

-      « My personal business gets projected towards realization and prosperity easily. The more I give, the more I receive. Everything comes to me as by magic. Money enters my household, in profusion »

-      « I am in the right to have much wealth. Each amount going out comes back multiplied. I learn to give with kindness and I know that the more I share the more I get. The use of the sacred principle, will give me the opportunity to every day get more and more of it »

-      « If I doubt, or if I get pessimistic or if despair came to me, I immediately practice positive thinking; bringing back the good luck and benefits into my life »

-      « I totally accept the happiness and luck, which the intelligence of the infinite universe has prepared for me ».

RECOMMANDATIONS : To obtain the best results, do not hesitate to create by yourself your own positive formulas. They can be adapted to your specific needs. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Be careful of how you think!

When you think: « I can't have enough money to do this or that… », your  subconscious mind memorizes your thoughts,  reinforcing your beliefs concerning you ability to attract wealth. The ineluctable consequence will then be that you will always be in lack of financial means …
 So you must change this way of thinking with appropriate Mantras. Once this done you 'll start seeing things change.

If, instead of thinking negatively, you thought rather like this: "I will, for sure, have enough money to change my car", then the creative energy from this way of conscious thinking will produce the astral forms for the realization of your desire.

If you think : « I will get the necessary amount of money to buy the house of my dreams », your subconscious mind will then produce the circumstances necessary for the realization of your wishes: it will attract, like a magnet, the events or people which will permit the manifestation of what you've projected.  Occasions never seen before will then come to you; occasions for you to realize your wishes will present themselves as by magic.

If the mind is ready to create, the creation is ready to come forth. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Positive projection...

 consists in a constructively pronounced affirmation together with positively energized thoughts. These creative thoughts - "luminous thoughts" - comes from positive emotions and feelings like love, brotherhood, compassion, joy, devotion, enthusiasm loyalty etc.

Mantras using repetitions of this type of affirmations get the individual in communion with his/her environment and with the universe in its entirety. The result of this is that this person will stay in a harmonious state of mind with him/herself and people by whom he/she is surrounded ; chance will be a part of his/her life, issues and problems find easily their solutions, success and prosperity comes into existence.

Negative thoughts (or "dark thoughts"), to the contrary, are nourished by negative emotions and feeling like fear, hate, jealousy, anger, sadness, discouragement, doubt etc, etc. creates an accumulation of negative energies.The individual is then no longer linked to the light, the love,the universal wisdom; he or she will then have difficulties to sense the divine part of him/herself. The consequence will be that he/she will, without even being aware of it, will attract to him/herself , problems and issues of all sorts and success and money will stay out of reach for him/her!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How does a Mantra work?

Pronounced with a conscious intention , the repetition of these syllables creates a principle which acts accordingly together with the cosmic energy, all around us in the ether (the ether, in which everything is contained, is a  subtle fluid impregnating the human being and the cosmos in its entirety). So to unite the two poles of the same energetic principle, the microcosme (the individual being) and the macrocosme (the Universe).

The repetition of a Mantra creates « brain waves » which created a reverberation in the astral; the accumulation of energies can then be projected throughout the ether, with the possibility to achieve the desired goal. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

The use of Chanting and Mantras

 The word Mantra means literally « thought as a tool » and comes from sanskrit, from the ancient  Hindu "Rishis", highly initiated in the  Arts of Magic.

Even if people usually aren't aware of it, the vibration of sounds in general, and particularly the spoken word, have intrinsically a power on the matter, dense (physical state) or subtle (psychological state). For example, you have certainly noticed that certain high-pitched sounds (train whistle, boats siren…) or more low-pitched sounds (industrial sirens,  percussion instruments…) can give shivers and all kinds of unpleasant or pleasant feelings having no link whatsoever with the eardrum, as if these sounds had an impact on the organism as a whole.

Many people doing martial arts know of the famous « Kia├» », the paralysing scream… which can even be lethal! The Gregorian chanting, monks utilizing similar techniques to enter states of superior consciousness, to celebrate their magic.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The progression of a session of creative projection

First, define in your own way, your goal for prosperity. Start with a modest and simple goal. Then, progressively you'll be able to achieve more elaborate goals, attracting more and more money or whatever you are aiming to achieve.

Choose a calm place to do your sessions, somewhere nobody will disturb you: like your bedroom, for example. Sit or lay down comfortably as you please, the most important is to maintain your spine correctly. Relax and breath calmly and profoundly during a few minutes.

Let go of your thoughts don't let anything bother you, if any thoughts come up just don't let them "float" and drift away, stay in a meditative state.

Remember that creative projection is to impregnate images in your subconscious mind for it to then be materialized by its incredible creative power.

Then, behind your closed eyelids, let the "film of your wishes" be projected in your head, a film showing your wishes a an already established fact.

Now you have the tools to start "projecting" and create the "miracles" you have always been waiting for. You have the power now, to start to modify your destiny and to transform your existence, creating it instead of being subjected to it. 
Good Luck!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve...

I wish everybody a wonderful Christmas with love and warmth, good food, tradition and joy, laughter and fulfilled desires, tender moments to be shared with family and friends, and not forget the lonely, sick or depressed ... Love & Light to Humanity as a whole.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Exercise 3

This time choose a simple object : a match-box, a book, a vase etc.. Comfortably installed, look at the chosen object for some time to engrave it in your mind. Don't bother about the details merely its silhouette. Then close your eyes and try to represent the image of it in your mind with as much details as possible.

At the first try you'll see that the image is not very clear and has a tendency to escape. Try to make it become more clear. Then open your eyes and this time observe the details of the object. Then start over again, close your eyes and re compose the object in your mind as perfect as possible. Do the exercise as often as needed to master the technique.

Now you can continue with the next step in the learning procedure. Now create a black round circle in your minds eye. if needed use your finger to "spot" the third eye zone.

Once having stabilized the round black circle, try to change its color, into violet. Pronounce several times the word violet. It must be said with conviction from the most profound of yourself.

You are totally capable of doing this!

Once the color changed into violet, you're going to try other colors as well, blue, green, yellow, orange and finally red.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exercise 2

 Write a black dot in the middle of a blank piece of paper. You must be able to see it distinctly. Then sit down comfortably in front of the sheet of paper and look thoroughly at the black dot. Look at it during a minute slightly out of focus. Don't let any thoughts bother you, just try to sit there calmly.

Now, start to fix the dot as if you really wanted to see exactly its details. Try to do it without any eye movements. Do this during approximately two minutes .

Now you know every detail of the black spot. If you were asked to, you could copy it without any difficulties. Now put down the paper and close your eyes. With your mind, try to see the dot.  Very quickly you'll have the feeling that the dot is floating in your head and fix itself in the back of your forehead. Once this image in that place you can  put your finger and press slightly at the very spot at the root of your nose, at the spot where you see the dot, your mind will remember the connection of the image and the pressure.

Then do the same thing with a straight line.

   In the beginning the images will have a tendency to disappear rather quickly but with some exercise it will become stable.

   The image will stay fixed in a spot between the eye brows, the very place where the nose begins (the famous "third eye" zone). This exercise will help you make more easier your future creative projections as your subconscious mind has registered the pressure of your finger. You can then try with other images as a cross a circle, a triangle, a square, a letter of the alphabet etc..

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Learning how to project

In practising regularly, you'll gain an excellent level of attention in your daily life. It will give you much more discernment, and make you capable of maintaining your fixed goals more easily.

Once having made it become a habit, it will be very easy for you to concentrate on your goals on a daily basis. Your thoughts, mental energy and also your psyche will be acting as tools for you to use whenever you need to.

Exercise 1 : While walking, make it a habit to attentively look at the people you're meeting, noting mentally every detail of their appearances, as to the model or colours of their clothes and shoes, their haircut, how they behave and even their features. Do the same with all sorts of things, animals or people you meet.

This habit will make you become a very good observer with a very good memory. After this kind of preparation you'll be ready for more complex concentration. In other words, you'll be ready for the creation of mental images in the following exercises.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Creative projection is imagination

Without limitation : thanks to your imagination, you are able to "write" the scenario you want, animate it, realise it, modify it as you wish during its realisation, add some "paintings" to fulfil your desires… in others words, create the situation you want to create with your own mental images making your reality become the reflection of your creative projection. This is how to create your reality.

I believe you have already noticed, when you awaken in the morning, you sometimes have the feeling reality and dream are the same. It is similar to "awaken dreaming" which is the creative projection : in using mental images, correctly constructed and elaborated, « charged » with luminescence and emotion, it is possible to identify these images making them  « live », so they can come to realisation in your existence.

In keeping alive consciously certain mental images, you create a psychic energy bringing about the construction of your wishes. possible only thanks to a specific skill of the brain:  the subconscious mind do not distinguish reality from illusion; from its view point, it is exactly the same.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Creative projection is a little like dreaming

But dreaming (either you remember the dreams or not) happens during sleep, during a time when the cerebral activity is intense but unconscious. Creative projection in fact resembles dreaming as it is viewing images behind closed eyelids too, only creative projection is a sort of "conscious dreaming".

The elements creating a dream comes from the conscious life : things seen, heard or said during the awakened state, people you've met, books you've read, deceptions, movements, joyful events, problems related to your life, from your recent life and even from the past, from childhood. All this creates an imbroglio of dreams.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Concentration is important

Usually while we are awake, occupied with whatever we are occupied with, we utilise only something near 8-9% of our potential of our brains capacity. Creative projection permits a better percentage of considerable proportions. Principally thanks to a greater concentration, which is an important key to the realisation of accurate projection.

Concentration, is the creation of a focal-point of what otherwise was scattered. Then, without letting the attention fail, focus on a unique subject or goal. In doing so, you attract a large amount of cosmic universal energy helping the realisation of your goal.

To illustrate this; it is like gathering the sun rays into the midst of a lens. Everybody knows that in passing sun rays through a lens you can put on fire anything touching the ray of energy coming out through the other side of the lens.

You see, creative projection is seeing with our spirits own eyes. Psyche and intuition then become linked creating a more clear communication between consciousness and unconsciousness, in a universal language, the one of images.

Friday, December 16, 2011

In what consist Creative Projection?

You could say, in simple words, that it is a technique of representation of the wanted issue with the help of mental images - in other words by the means of images kept within thought. It is the faculty of imagination, in creating images in ones head so to speak and nourish them with light until their materialisation and make them become reality.

As it concerns the creating of mental images you can easily comprehend that the phenomenon don't need the intervening of the physical senses. You'll only utilise your psychological faculties exclusively which could be resumed by the expression: the power of thought.

By the way, not to forget, the universal law stating: the power of your thoughts (mental energy, psyche, imagination) creates the events and circumstances in your life. In other words, you create your reality with your thoughts

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The magic imaging...

has little by little vanished because of modern civilisation. Inventions like photography, television, cinema, computers, etc., have brought a profusion of images "ready to consume". This technology has taken the place of the ancestral knowledge, leaving people deprived of these natural, prodigious resources of their brains, separating them from their divine nature, unfortunately enough.

Nowadays, only some rare people use this technique « spontaneously » ; they are probably not even aware of doing so, but they have this advantage on others who don't. All the people who reaches success in life in whatever domain, consciously or not. You see, utilisation of creative projection is the foremost, successful tool for all types of creative peoples (artistes, inventors, scientists, etc.).

In fact, every success started with imagination or a dream. The famous physicist Albert Einstein often said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge". 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creative Projection...

is one of the most ancient and magical knowledge able to create miracles. Since ancient times, Egyptian Sorcerers, the Chaldeans and many others used the creation of mental images during their magical ceremonies. It came from a long and patient observation of the mechanisms of nature the Universe and was then considered to be rather common knowledge.

From this observation, they gained the knowledge that: the essence of life flowing in the reed is the same as the one in the Oak tree … and that the essence of life in a man is the same as in every other man, whatever his social position might be. To them, life is simply what we call God, the Divine Source, The Cosmic Energy or whatever one want to call it.

These highly initiated people had the exceptional mastery of the Cosmic energy. Their knowledge held, together with much more, the fabulous powers of the brain functionalities,  capabilities which can be liberated with the help of creative projection.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Be strong-willed...

to bring prosperity, it is essential. The will to take responsibility of your actions, make a decision and not fail. It is the total concentration on the chosen goal, which you cannot be departed from whatever happens.

To obtain wealth (or anything else in universe), you need to want it deep down inside yourself. Once you've pointed out your objective, the decision has become unchangeable, nothing can oppose it. Then it is the cosmos who takes care of the details, who organise and orchestrate the opportunities. All you would have to do then is to be ready to seize the coming opportunities.

You must never forget to be thoroughly grateful and thank the universe (and the people who helps you) for what you receive. The expression of gratitude is a powerful force which generates even more of what you've already got.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cultivate a certain detachment concerning money

 I can guarantee you that you'll soon be a winner if you develop this attitude towards money. You see to gain wealth you must have a form of detachment towards money, never worry about it. If you are constantly worrying about the money you need, money will always stay out of reach. Rich people don't worry even when they lose it because they KNOW that it will come back from the never-ending source.

 Give and receive: in following this principle, wealth will be yours. Help others to achieve wealth and receive the same. Help others to realise their dreams is a true mean to get your dreams come true too.

Receive is as important as giving. Receive with grace is an expression of the dignity of giving. Those who have difficulties in receiving are the same as those who have difficulties in giving. Both are different aspects of the universal energy flow. It concerns also the non material world. Receiving a compliment, admiration or respect gracefully,  means also that you should be able to give it to people around you too, in the manner. Lack of respect, admiration and elegance towards others is also a form of poverty... whatever state in which your economy is in!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Money must circulate

 Money is like blood : it must circulate. Hoarding it is letting it coagulate, loosing its fluidity provoking difficulties. Money is a vital energy which is to be exchanged for a service, a result for a service you've offered to universe. And to make it come back to you, you must keep it circulating.

Hope is the principle that what you expect is what you get. So expect always the best and you'll see that the result is spontaneously contained within the hope. Have no doubts, never discourage, have faith in the results … and abundance will manifest by itself! Tell yourself that an occasional failure contain the germ of success within itself. In reality, failure doesn't exist; what is labelled "failure" is merely a mechanism through which one can learn how to do things correctly.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wealth is part of reality.

 Once you've understood the fact that our reality is the same as ourselves, our own nature, that the way in which we can change ourselves we can also change our reality. We are part of the same Source as everything else surrounding us, the stars, a galaxy, a forrest, a human body or a thought. Yes, I know it is mind boggling!

All materialistic creation able to be touched, seen, heard or felt is composed by the same matter and comes from the same source. Once you've totally integrated that concept, you are able to obtain whatever you desire.

Which are those states of consciousness able to bring the experience of wealth to your life?

Primarily you must understand that prosperity, the incoming of money is subordinated to a goal. Each one of us has a goal, a mission so to speak, and we head for the realisation of this goal during our lifetime.

This goal or mission, is for each and every one of us, to find or determine, by him or herself. You must be able to voice it in very simple termes. For example : « My objective in this life is to heal, to bring happiness to all the people I meet and create peace ». Or : « My objective in this life is to bring material comfort, material security to myself and my loved ones ». 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wealth : a state of consciousness

Be convinced: you have the right to be rich. You are here on Earth to live an abundant life, free and happy. You were supposed to have whatever you needed (as for money) to have a prosperous existence.

There is no virtue in poverty. It is just a sickness like any other; which must be got rid of wherever we found ourselves here on Earth. I presume that if you were sick you would do whatever you could to get healed wouldn't you? So the same to lack of financial means, if there is a lack of money flux in your life there must be something wrong with the energy flow... so it is necessary to deal with that issue.

You came here to grow – spiritually, mentally and materially. You have the divine right to fully experience and develop, to surround yourself with comfort and beauty. Why should you be satisfied with little when you could have infinite riches? In having the desire to be financially comfortable, you are desiring a more satisfying life ; it is a cosmic impulse: it is alright and totally legitimate.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lack of money...

... or its profusion could be harmful to us, if the human being doesn't dispose of superior goals in his/her life, finding him/herself left alone facing his/her own weakness.Peoples own flaws are making them vulnerable, too much money could then bring them troubles like drugs, vice, excess of all nature. That's why we often hear; money alone doesn't bring happiness.

In other words money is not dirty, nor bad, or dangerous by itself: it is the human being lacking spiritual awareness who is being a danger for him or herself.

You must "love" money if you want to be loved by it, so to speak. I know this statement goes against classic moral teachings. But it is accurate in the occult world. If you don't "love" money it will stay out of reach for you.

People in general lacking money have a tendency to put their frustration on money itself and also on extremely rich people. There lies the error itself. I is if you reject the one you love and in the same time be sad because of loneliness. If you reject what you want, how could it then come to you?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Money = good or bad?

Nowadays money is not the unique reason for misdeeds here on Earth; someone could compromise another one for a woman, a friend could be betrayed for political or ideological reasons, another one could spread lies about a work colleague to take his/her place. In some countries, one doesn't hesitate the slightest to kill someone else for religious reasons.

It is not the money, nor politics, ideology, work, religion that represents the « evil », but the lack of individual moral values, which brings people into obliviousness of the good of others and the respecting of life. The use of money could be positive or negative.

Regarding this, it is not different from the natural elements or other utile human discoveries which could be utilised for positive or negative means too. For example; fire, could be utilised to heat somebody suffering from cold but could also be utilised to provoke an arson.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

You were never meant to be poor...

...or to go hungry.

Most people make money stay away from them because of their wrong idea about it: they believe money is something evil, that their desire for it is the reason for whatever bad happens to them. It is consciously or unconsciously, it can be both. Their daily  behaviour or attitude, reflects their negative beliefs.

Even if people has been led to believe that money is bad, it is only how it has been gained or the manner in which it is spent that makes it good or bad as per say.

Money could be seen as something bad only because of what "man" is capable of doing to get it: meaning, steal or kill.

It is clear that as soon as money becomes the only reason for existing, money being the only goal in life, it become dangerous. But even in this case, money is not dangerous in itself : one forgets too often, that "man" did those evil actions even before money existed. Pre historical humans did steal fire, the gatherings of others,  women… and he killed too.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wrong ideas considering money.

It seems  necessary, to me, to clarify certain very common ideas about money, serving to keep fortune out of reach for people! In doing so, the principle of love and exchange could manifest easier in your material world.

Money must be seen as a symbol of exchange representing liberation of needs, beauty, elegance, abundance.

You were born to succeed, to overcome difficulties and develop all your faculties. If you're in lack of money,  do the necessary changes.

While reading these sentences, you probably think: « I want more more … I deserve a better salary than the one I get… », etc.

I'm convinced that most people are not remunerated as they should, and one of the causes is that they have, silently and also openly a sort of contempt about money. They have been made believe that poorness is a virtue, due to their education since childhood, from superstition or a false interpretation of the Scriptures.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The more evolved the more abundance

Prove is the initiated and the masters have this abundance, money included. The only difference is that they use it with a spiritual consciousness. When you're is this state of consciousness, you don't earn money, it is providence. While you have a purely material view of money you maintain yourself in the state of constant fear of loosing it or never having enough; you can not see it as a gift from above because of fear of not receiving it.

Money energy must flow; it has to be shared, just as the Universal Cosmic Energy is a vibration of love condensed into the matter. To be able to understand how money comes to you, you must accept the notion of it as the payment for a good action. The good action is to be seen in a large sense: it could be something done to oneself, in honouring ones divine nature, in respecting oneself, as much as a service done to someone else, some help, charity or compassion.

The correct use of money

In the beginning of existence one has a tendency to use money as a mean to satisfy ones desires in whatever domain. Then one starts to create goals in very specific sectors (profession, marriage, children, scholarship, etc.) and one uses money to reach these goals. Later in life one will try to reach an ideal (political, religious, ecological or something else) with the help of money.

During these first phases, one spends money only for materialistic goals ; the majority will stay in this consciousness level of money energy. They stagnate in their evolution and this is one of the reasons why they are often incapable of developing prosperity.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Money is only a vector.

Everything in the cosmos comes from the universal cosmic energy, and is therefore itself a manifestation of Divine Love. It is the same for money, the material element of divine origine.

Money is an energy serving as an exchange mean. In reality, money is a materialisation of love.

You probably know that many parents, not knowing how to express their love to their children often give them money or (unfortunately) even have the bad habit to feed them great amounts of junk food.

Considered to be an energy, money is clearly a privileged mean to understand the material worlds lessons. Rejecting it, is to deprive yourself from certain experiences highly beneficial for the individual destiny. As we live in a material world where money exist, we must learn the offered lessons for our spiritual evolution. It would be better to find an appropriate attitude towards money and consider it to be an energy which is meant to be taught to handle money here on Earth, remembering that it is a mean to understand that it has to do with our vision of ourselves.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The true nature of money

Money is currently anonymous; it's hard if not impossible to identify it. Our greatest desire is to attract it… and then use, in a general manner, for our comfort and well-being. Sometimes money "betrays" us; it make us achieve goals or purchase revealing themselves troublesome, when in reality we only  wanted the benefits.

Money is a powerful source capable of salvage or ruin, bringing us everything we want or breaking all our expectations and wishes, with it we can have anything but it can also destroy us.

It's imperative to understand the neutrality of money; the important is how, in what state of mind, we use it. Money is definitely what we want it to be! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

It is essential to understand your true value.

People just aren't aware of their divine nature, they've developed a negative image of themselves, due to insecurity, lack of self confidence, the feeling of being powerless in our world. This lack of self esteem brings an unconscious false idea like; I don't have the right to exist... I don't deserve to live... I haven't my place in this world , etc.. Thoughts like these will not make people prosper, rather the contrary! A bad image of oneself have a tendency to keep success away from you. He or she who lack self esteem lack also money. So you can turn it around and understand that if you don't have wealth you probably do not view yourself positively either, ignoring your real value, nourishing negative beliefs.

So you can easily understand that you need to have a true and positive knowing of self if you want to live a prosperous and happy life.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Conditioned people.

Ecclesiastic authorities maintain people in the fear of God with biblical parables - as the one saying "it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of the needle than a rich to enter the kingdom of heaven". No need to lose too much time on this parabole principally concerning the jealously kept fortune which not shared, generates injustice and an unhealthy economic society.

 Judeo-Christian culture has largely contributed to the negative cultivation of thought against abundance and happiness. It always the same principle : you must suffer, not have enough, to deserve paradise. Profoundly impregnated by these false beliefs, institutions and educational models in our actual society have continued this  pernicious mentality .

The state, family, educational system, parents and teachers (without even knowing it) have continued to condition the individual in such a manner that people now have a vision of our world based upon fear and material insecurity (fear of lack of money, affection, energy, etc.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How do we consider money?

 Regarding money, many individuals are the victims of false beliefs which has often a negative impact on their life. They think they must imperatively "gain their living" with hard work.

Why should we gain what we already have - the divine right for a happy life? At this point every Traditional, spiritual paradigm has the same view: mankind has been created in the image of GOD. Life is a precious and sacred gift. In essence, each living creature has the right to exist and deserves happiness. So there is no reason whatsoever to prove that one has the right to exist.

Religious dogmas has always had a thwarted relation with money. A very hypercritical view. It is widely known that churches have always gathered great fortunes on the back of people and pilgrims with the in a promise of an entrance to the heavens. They've always claimed that money was evil and that you had to get rid of it to have the right to enter paradise. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What you must take into account when doing the pendulum

 1) Some kinds of jewellery like metal bracelets, rings, quartz watches, tend to interfere with the replies. It's best to take them off.

 2) Hold your hands and forearms under cold running water for a few moments. This removes undesirable foreign fluids.

 3) It is always easier to use the pendulum for the benefit of other people rather than yourself. You will see why presently.

 4) ILLNESS: using your pendulum when you are feeling distinctly unwell or have an infection is likely to reduce receptivity and you will probably get deceptive results.

 5) FOOD: don't start any dowsing investigations after a very heavy meal, or one washed down with lots to drink. Alcohol and pendulums do not mix.

6) STATE OF MIND: a peaceful environment and a calm mind will improve the quality of your results.

7) FAVOURABLE TIMING: it's best to do your investigations in the morning just after you wake up. Then your mind will be clear and your mental focus will be better. (However this isn't a really hard and fast rule, because much also depends on your level of training and your powers of concentration).

8) UNFAVOURABLE Climatic Conditions: for outdoor investigations, it's best to avoid unsettled weather. Before a storm, when the atmosphere is saturated with positive ions, dowsing perceptions tend to be less efficient.

9) FAVOURABLE Climatic Conditions: dowsing sensitivity is greatly improved during the 3 hours immediately after a storm.

Monday, November 21, 2011

7 rules for your pendulum

If you really want to maximise your fortunes and success, here are 7 proven rules for dowsing. I recommend you follow them to improve your results.

1) Only ask TRULY worthwhile questions: the pendulum will reply with all the necessary precision every time you really need help (for yourself or another person).

 2) Questions you can solve yourself with a bit of serious thought, often lead to failure (a distorted answer).

3) Don't brag about your prowess or your normally good responses will diminish. Remain very humble.

4) Errors are often likely to occur if you use your pendulum to give a public "demonstration".

5) In the majority of cases, it is much more effective to operate in secret. The bad vibrations given off by certain curious or jealous people can interfere with the good results you expect.

6) If you are trying to harm someone or wreak revenge, not only will this provoke a refusal from the pendulum, but it will also lead to a severe cosmic backlash (some kind of counter-blow for example).

 7) Trying to learn about other people's private business behind their backs leads to false answers (because the "Infinite Intelligence" does not condone this kind of operation).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

You need to put your questions simply and clearly

Basically, you know that your pendulum has only two ways of answering, i.e. YES or NO.

So your questions need to take this strict rule into account.

If your questions don't lead directly to one of these two alternative answers, then you need to rephrase them.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil and write them down, following these guidelines:

Your questions should be as short, precise and direct as possible.

Here are a few examples of typical phrases to say, or not to say, which will help you to construct your own in a way that works really well.

Here is an "absurd" illustration of why you need to submit your questions with the utmost clarity:

If you ask:

"Can I jump out of the window?"

The pendulum can answer "YES", because this act is within the realms of possibility, even if you are on the 20th floor of a building!

But if you ask this instead:

"Should I jump out of the window?"

In this case, the "Infinite Intelligence" obviously knows that jumping out of the window would not exactly be in your interests…

And it will therefore compel the pendulum to answer NO.

This extreme example shows you that the difference between an appropriate answer and an inappropriate answer can depend on the use of a single word: can or should.

These two words have different meanings.

They will therefore produce two different answers, one good and one bad.

So pay great attention to the precise meaning of every single word in your question.

If you ask:

How much money will I have on such and such a date?

You won't get any reply, because this question can't be answered with a YES or a NO.

If, however, you ask:

Will I be in possession of £500 on the forthcoming 5 June? (for example)

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

If you ask:

How many children will I have?

Again this question can't be answered with a YES or NO.

But if you ask:

Will I have one child?...

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

Will I have two children?...

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

If you ask:

What number should I use in the lottery?

This question can't be answered with a YES or a NO.

But if you ask:

Should I enter the lottery?

Your pendulum can reply YES or NO.

I will come back to LOTTERY techniques in more detail later.

If you ask:

"Will I have enough money to buy myself a car?" 

As you have probably noticed, this question is in fact a double question and it is therefore likely to lead to a distorted reply.

In a case like this, it would be better to ask:

"Will I be able to buy myself a new car?"

I'll leave these examples there for the moment because I know that you are beginning to see exactly what kind of questions you should be asking. And I will be giving you some more examples later.