Wednesday, April 30, 2014


21/04 to 25/04                  ACHAIAH
(agate)                            The forbearing or patient God

26/04 to 30/04                  CAHETEL
(sardonyx)                        The adored God

01/05 to 05/05                  HAZIEL
(cornelian)                        The merciful God

06/05 to 10/05                  ALADIAH
(turqoise)                         The favourable God

11/05 to 15/05                  LAUVIAH
(grenade)                         The exalted or praised God

16/05 to 20/05                  HAHAIAH
(rose quartz)                     God the refuge

Monday, April 28, 2014


21/03 to 25/03         VEHUIAH 
(sardonyx)               The exalting God

26/03 to 30/03         JELIEL
(amethyst)              The helping God

31/03 to 04/04         SITAEL
(jasper)                   The God of hope

05/04 to 09/04         ELEMIAH
(selenite)                The hidden or concealed God

10/04 to 14/04         MAHASIAH
(crystallite)              God the saviour

15/04 to 20/04         LEHAHEL
(topaz)                   The laudable or praiseworthy God  

Sunday, April 27, 2014

72 angels...

A guardian angel seem to be a very distant, invisible, inaudible sort of "being"  with whom it must be very difficult to communicate. When one tries to speak to it one have the impression that one speaks to thin air. Nevertheless, therein lies a sleeping potential of a very rich relationship capable of realisation and progression.

In visualising the loved one and at the same time calling for his/her angel to intervene in your favour while you also call your own angel through the same procedure, little by little you will conquer your loved one, with the help of these powerful, positive energies.

During the following days, you will discover the list of angels to invoke, relative to your birth dates of both of you. Then you only have to use them as indicated, during the ritual of provocation, which is the most powerful of them all for the success of your love life.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Traditional 72 Angels

Now that the magical hour have been defined, and you have learned how to calculate their beginning and their end for the day you have chosen to operate, you must now familiarize yourself with the angels. You are about to discover why it is important.

The angel, closest to you, with which you have the most affinities is the one which reigns over the period of your birth. Its action is constant in your daily life and tenfold when you demand its interference. Therefore you should never hesitate to demand its assistance for the realisation of your goals. Associated with the angel of the person whom you want to attract (if you know his/her birth-date) the results will be even better. The united energies of the two angels will settle your union in the celestial realm preceding the terrestrial union. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

The planetary and angelic affenities

When doing your rituals at the specific magical hours, you will get the most accurate energies for it to be successful. No magi worthy of the name would dare to undertake a magical work without being in phase with the planetary influences. Concerning any ritual to do with love affairs, we know that the planets with the accurate energies for that usage are Venus and Mars, depending on the gender of the person you are working on:

*Venus for the work upon a woman (or a man with a feminine tendency) should be done a Friday at the Ist or VIIIth magical hour of the day, or at the IIIrd or Xth magical hour of the night. The angel that will assist you is Anael.

*Mars to seduce a man (or a masculine woman)  should be done a Tuesday at the Ist or VIIIth magical hour of the day or at the IIIrd or VIIIth magical hour of the night. The angel that will assist you is Samael.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Once these calculations done...

you'll know how much time you have, in daytime and night-time, and the time schedule for your ritual.
This is very important because you have make sure you end your ritual within the time frame and chooses the time frames in which you are the most likely to be alone without anybody bothering you.

An example:

going back to the calculations of 8 May 2001, perhaps you prefer to do the ritual in daytime, as the unequal hours are longer then, and start your ceremony in 4:43 AM before going to work in the morning.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Correspondences 2


Hours of the day                              Hours of the night

Hour      Planet        Angel             Hour      Planet        Angel

I            Mars         Samael            I          Saturn       Caffiel                
II           Sun           Mikael             II          Jupiter       Sachiel          
III          Venus        Anael             III          Mars          Samael
IV          Mercury      Raphael          IV          Sun           Mikael
V           Moon         Gabriel            V           Venus        Anael
VI          Saturn       Caffiel             VI          Mercury      Raphael
VII         Jupiter       Sachiel            VII        Moon          Gabriel
VIII        Mars           Samael             VIII       Saturn        Caffiel
IX          Sun           Mikael             IX         Jupiter        Sachiel
X           Venus        Anael              X           Mars          Samael
XI          Mercury      Raphael          XI          Sun           Mikael
XII         Moon         Gabriel           XII         Venus        Anael

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Correspondences 1


Hours of the day                              Hours of the night

Hour      Planet        Angel             Hour      Planet        Angel

I            Venus       Anael             I            Mars          Samael                
II           Mercury     Raphael          II            Sun           Mikael                     III          Moon        Gabriel           III           Venus        Anael
IV          Saturn       Caffiel            IV           Mercury      Raphael
V           Jupiter       Sachiel           V            Moon         Gabriel
VI          Mars          Samael          VI           Saturn        Caffiel
VII         Sun           Mikael            VII         Jupiter        Sachiel
VIII        Venus         Anael              VIII          Mars          Samael
IX          Mercury      Raphael         IX           Sun            Mikael
X           Moon         Gabriel           X            Venus         Anael
XI          Saturn       Caffiel            XI           Mercury      Raphael
XII         Jupiter       Sachiel           XII          Moon         Gabriel

Monday, April 21, 2014

Continuing on the calculations...

When one knows, for a specific date, the duration of the unequal hours of the day and night , it is easy to, from the sun rise , calculate the beginning and the end of the period reigned by  (in this case Samael or Anael).

For example:
Friday 8th of May 2001, knowing that the sun rose at 4h 43m 36s (17015 s) and that each unequal hour of the day lasts for 1h 12m 34s (4354 s):

* the Ist hour of the day starts at 4h 43m 36s
and ends at: 4h 43m 35s + 1h 12m 34s=5h 56m 9s. 

*the VIIIst  hour of the day starts at:
17015 s+8 (4354)=51847 s, 14h 24m 7s
and ends at:
14h 24m 7s+1h 12m 34s=15h 36m 41s etc.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another more detailed example

Now I am going to give you another example with more details (for easier understanding we convert the time span into seconds. For quicker results you can eliminate the seconds and convert the hours into minutes but then the calculations will be less precise.

Tuesday 8 Mai 2001 at Bordeaux (France), the sun rose at 4 h 43 m 53 s AM and set at 7 h 1 m 24 s PM.

Sunrise: 17015 s
Sunset: 69264 s
Duration of the day: 69264 s-17015 s=52249 s (14 h 30 m 49 s)
So each unequal hour of the day lasts for: 52249 s:12=4354 s (1 h 12 m 34 s).

Let us now count the duration of the magic night:, knowing that 24 hours equals 86400 s: 86400 s-52249 s=34151 s (9 h 29 m 11 s).
Each unequal hour of the night will last: 34151 s:12=2846 s (47m 26 s).

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Calculating magic hours

For example:

Friday 9th of November 2001 in the town of Bordeaux (France), the Sun rose at 6.52min 32sec AM and set at 4.38min 56sec PM.

Between the sunrise and sunset, the day lasted for 9 hours 46 minutes and 24 seconds, divided by 12, gives hours lasting  48 minutes 24 seconds. You can immediately see that the unequal hours of the day are shorter that the equals hours measuring 60 minutes, which is perfectly normal in winter.

Between the rise and the set of the sun, the night lasted for 14 hours 13 minutes and 36 seconds which divided by 12 gave us the unequal hours of the night of 1 hour 11 minutes and 8 seconds. You can clearly see that the unequal hours during night-time are longer that the equal ones, for the same reason as mentioned above.

The phenomenon inverses during summer time, giving longer hours in day time than during night.
These magic hours are slightly different than the ordinary hours, but nevertheless added together they form 24 hour days just the same.
Another day, the unequal hours would be different as the sunrise and sunset occurs in other time-spans.
It is very important to learn how to make this counting to be able to do the rituals following the tradition, just as have done, generations of magi and people striving for love. 

I will give a few other examples. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

The calculating of the magic hours

There are two sorts of hours:

* Equal hour:the one you have always known, dividing a day in 24 parts of 60 minutes each.

*Unequal time, magic hour, dividing also the day in 24 parts, but with an evolving duration, following the length of the day and the night, also following the length of the seasons, following also the sunrise and sunset, everybody know that the sun sets and rises differently in the winter than in the summer. 

Tomorrow we will start the serious stuff.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The magical time

The notion of time is primordial in magic. So much as there is another quite different time system than the one we are used to. For example, in the occult world, each magical hour is governed by a special entity, an angel whose powers and personality must accord to the emitted demand. So for the provoking the love of a woman, you must appeal to the angel Anael a Friday, day of Venus, because it is those energies, voluptuous and tender, that you would need. Whereas to provoke the love of a man,, one should rather invoke the angel Samael a Tuesday, the day of Mars, for masculine energies. To succeed in your magical work, it is not sufficient to know that Friday, Anael governs the day as well as the night and that Tuesday it is Samael, you have to, also, there is a calculating that must be done to determinate  how to operate in the best conditions. It can seem a little complicated but it is absolutely necessary for the success of such a work.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sentemental provocation

When you start a magic work to force the feelings of somebody, you get into the very heart of the occult art, its entire power is expressed. In fact, the inducing of love has always been the main reason for demanding a magic work. It is, because, often it seems as if very little was needed for the person who rejects or ignores you to finally apreciate you and fall in love. You only need an occasion to be able to show yourself in the best manner, have a date, offer him/her a gift, talk to one another. But you don't necessary get the occasion.
So to provoke someone, in other words, to attract him or her you desire, into a relationship, magic is a very effctive tool.
It is very efficent if you do it as it should be done. For sentimental provocation, the rituals concerns the magical hours, the calling of Angels, without which nothing could be possible, because they act upon your demand and are the best mediators between the heavenly forces and yourself.It is what we are going to learn together

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Occult Philosophy (Book II) 1727

"if a man is laying outstretched feet on both sides right and left, and the hands are held high to the extremities of the line that passes over the head, then the extremities of the feet and hands will make a perfect square with the navel in the centre"

Sunday, April 13, 2014

End of the ceremony

Put back the soil mixed with rose petals in the centre of the triangle.

Take the parchment, cut it in three pieces and burn each piece in the flame of one candle each. Take the ashes and add it to the soil and petals.

After that, stay straight up arms at your sides for awile.

Breathe calmly and deeply for the stabilisation and assimilation of the newly activated energies.

Meditate awile on the new force that you have gained, that will allow you to realise your desires.

Then , blow the candles and throw away the remains, they should never be used for anything else than this unique ceremony.

Throw away the soil, ashes and petals, back into the earth, somewhere outside or in a pot you have, the soil going back to its origines, gives life and growth to your wishes.

The ceremony is now over.

If you want to, you can reinforce the action of the ceremony during a week after, bu then you have to keep the remains of the candles and light them each evening  for some 10 minutes during which you will meditate on the flame illuminating your body giving you a strong magnetic attraction and an immense clarity.

Then after a week, throw away the candles.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Now procede the same way as previously...

... draw the pentagram, in the air above the parchment held in your left hand, as specified in the previous post, from the right hand side.

Then close your eyes and breathe deeply and calmly whle pronouncing mentally the following formula:

"I capture the energies of Fire which will give me passion and enthousiasm."

Then go back to the altar, put down the candle and the parchment, take a small amount of soil with rose petals in both your hands and read the "Prayer of respons to the Moon" turned towards it, eve, if you cannot see it:

"Now, see Lucius, I have come, your lamantations and prayers have made me come and save you. I am the natural mother of all that is, mistress and housekeeper of all the elements, the worlds originates from me, I am the holder of divin powers, the queen of all of hells inhabitants, sovereign of those living in the sky, unique manifestation of all gods and goddesses.
I do as I please with the planets of the heavens, with the winds of the oceans and the gloomy silence of the underworlds. My name, my divinity are adored throughout the universe in thousands of fasions and usages, under a multitude of designations.
Listen to me: the Phrygians, the first men, call me: Mother of the gods in Pessinos; the Athenians who birthed from their own ground call me Minerva the vecropian and the Cypriots, surrounded by the seas, call me Venus the paphian. For the Cretans, bearers of arrows, I am Diana the dictian, for the Sicilians, who speaks three languages, I am Prosperine the infernal and for the Elusians, I am Ceres their old Goddess? For some I am called Junon, others Bellone, Hecate, Ramnusia, but there are two sort of people, the Ethipians from the east, illuminated by the morning sun and the Egyptians, excellent in the ancien doctrins, and who have the habit to adore me through my true name which is: Isis the queen. So here am I , I have come and have pity for you, for your destiny, your tribulations. Listen, I am here to favour and help you. Stop your lamantations, chase away your sadness, for here is the salutary day of my presence." 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Now replace the candle...

... at its place and take the other one (the one representing fire).

Turn a quarter of a turn at the right and read the prayer of the guardians of fire also called the "Prayer of the Salamanders":

"O God of light of the world, You whose destiny is to prevent the Sun from dying, and to reinforce its vital energy and glowing power and also to ensure its perpetual resurection by Your flamboyant power, revive the flamewithin me so to that it never falters and rises towards the sky to the supreme spiritual and subtle evolution. 
Guide me on the path of transformation that following Your divine law, take sme to  the dissolution and unification,  to th source of Your kingdom within which the pupae metamophes into butterflies. 

Celestial spirit, like a ruby with the brilliant glittering of the infinite lights, including the majestic golden eternal flame shining above the world, ablazing the stars, I invoke You, to enlighten my world and nourish my mind with a purificational glow, full of wisdom. "

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Continuing the ritual

With the lit candle, held with your right hand, draw in the air, above the parchment held with your left hand, a pentagram (a five branched star) starting from the highest point and descending towards the right hand side.

Once this done, close your eyes, breathe calmly and deeply, while thinking within yourself:

"I capture the energies from the spirits of the Air from whom I will acheive mobility and vivacity"

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Now take the parchment in your left hand...

... and the candle representing Air (the left), in your right hand.

Make a quarter of a turn at the left and read this prayer for the guardian of the Element Air also called the "Prayer of the Sylphs":

"O Goddess, more beautiful than the Rose of the wind, You who have created space and renewed Earths forces, You, who fills the sails of the ships so they can reach their harbour and bear the birds for their migrations, who chases the clouds from my soul and heart so my spirit can reach the banks of liberty and dare to reach for the great, infinite spaces, where no man have ever been.

Preserve me from Your worst wraths so I can navigate on a silky ocean, and fly in space as one of the feathers, escaped from Your pure white wings.

O breath of God, Divin, multiply winged, messenger, intermediary between the Heavens and Earth, I invoke You to infuse me with the cosmic breath which gives and takes the form of all that is.

Please, give me the power to elevate my soul high in the firmament, so I can enjoy the lightness of the divine thoughts."

Monday, April 7, 2014

Step back three steps...

Standing, arms outstretched, palms facing the candles representing the Elements Air (left) and Fire (right), while fixing the flame of the candle in the middle.

Meditate like this, a few minutes while breathing deeply and calmly. Visualise the new event that are coming into existence in your life.

Now take three steps back towards the altar and write down, on the parchment, in a few precise words, what you would, most dearly, see come true, first, within a short time, in your life. For example, meet your twin flame, fall in love, make new friends...

Now put your parchment on the floor next to the soil. Stretch out your hands over it and read this prayer three times in a row:

"O God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, please, bless this creature of earth and roses so it can gain force and power to attract the good spirits, bringing with them, for me, success in all that I undertake. O Holy Adonai, who sees all and reigns during centuries and centuries. Amen."

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The ritual for luck in relationships

Light the candle at the top of the triangle and say:

"I exorcise Thee, ô creature of wax, by the one who solely created all that is, by the word and vertue of whom is pure truth. May power flow out from Thee, bringing me beneficial influences and any other thing that could help me create happy and successful relationships with my loved ones. Ô mighty powerful, by your Holy Name, Amen."

Then light the left candle representing the spirit of Air and say:

" Spirit of Air, by this flame I reveal Thee and demand support for this ceremony."

Now light the candle representing Fire and pronounce the following:

"Spirit of Fire, by this flame I reveal Thee and demand support for this ceremony."

Take three deep breaths, and stretch out both your hands, palms down towards the soil on the ground in the centre of the triangle while reading the prayer:

"O God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, please, bless this creature of earth and roses so it can gain force and power to attract the good spirits, bringing with them, for me, success in all that I undertake. O Holy Adonai, who sees all and reigns during centuries and centuries. Amen."

Saturday, April 5, 2014


As before any ritual, take a shower. It will refresh and purify you from the negative vibrations accumulated during the day.

If you don't have time to take a shower at least rince you face, mouth and hands. Then put on light clothing and stay barefoot.

Prepare the altar with a white tablecloth or sheet in a natural material as cotton or linen.

Put your three red candles marked with FM (full moon) in a triangleshaped form, big enough for you to mouve within it easily.

Pour a small amount of soil mixed with rosepetals, in the centre of the triangle.

Put your parchement next to the soil.

Finally, outside of the triangle, put down your pen and the ink.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Equipment for the following ritual

You'll be needing these following things for this ritual:

*One or two handfull of soil symbolising fertility and growth. Earth receives the seeds which feeds humankind. The soil, in this ritual, represents all the riches and new relationships that will enter your life. Take some soil in your garden or some baught compost. Avoid soil from a public garden or square, it could be contaminated.

*A few red rose petals to mix with the soil. It symbolises love and the emotions you want to attract.

*A small table or commode covered with a white cotton tablecloth.

*Three red candles.

*A piece of parchment, 10 x 10cm.

*A reservoir pen with Chinese ink.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ritual for emotional luck.

You are now going to discover another full moon ritual, complementary to the first one and adviced to do after having finished it. Once the negative energy clensed it will help attract the necessary positive energies for the fulfullment of your realisations. It creates a harmonious relationship with the forces of nature, giving you the courage to change your life and the force to accept the incoming love. 

This ritual is also bearer of emotional luck. The moon in well known for its role as a nourishing motherfigure, she who takes care of her children, bringing them what they need, in this case; love.

The course of this ritual is slightly the same as the one of purification but it put in motion other energies, with different prayers and gestures. This ritual too, has to be done after sunset.

It should be done at the full moon, or at least the day after. Just as with the previous ritual, you altar should be placed in a calm room, not your kitchen or bedroom.

Before proceeding, I recommend you to read thoroughly the instructions so to familiarise yourself with the gestures and prayers.

The following prayers should be written down in your notebook just after the prayers from the previous ritual, so you have them ready the day you need them.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Ritual 6... End

Now put back the salt in the middle of the triangle.

Take the parchment and cut it in three pieces, burn them, one by one in the flame of a candle. Mix the ashes with the salt.

After having done this, stay up straight for a few instants with your arms at your sides.

Breathe calmly as you did in the beginning of the ceremony while meditating upon yourself, the destruction of the blockages, the elimination of the negative influences that weighed upon your existence and that you have now destroyed.

Finally, blow out the candles and get rid of the salt and ashes in throwing it in running water (the ancient throwed it in a river, in town you use the toilet or kitchen sink).

The purification ceremony of the full moon is now over.

During the following 8 days, you will light your candles at a calm moment in the day, to reinforce the present action.

For some five minutes you will think of the flame burning the negative residues that could still be within you. During five other minutes, you'll think about how positive energies are entering your body and your life, that the best is coming, making everything possible.

Then you put out your candles and store them in a place where nobody can see them until the following day. After these 8 days, you get rid of the remains of the candles, they shall not be used for anything else than this ritual.

You shouldn't expect immediate result, that wouldn't be realistic! The new energies that have been released need time to attune with your own energies to express themselves.

The effects of this ritual will be felt progreeively and differently for each person: a feeling of liberation, a renewed joy for life, more serenity, more opportuities, your impact on others have changed...

It is up to you, now, to take the chances that comes to you, because nothing can be acheived without your total consent and active participation.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Ritual 5

Now take a small amount of salt in both hands and read out loud the prayer "The Moon call", while turning your face towards it, even if you cannot see it:

"O Queen of the heavens let be that you are Lady Ceres, the original source from where everything upon Earth originates, and who, after the reunion with her lost daughter Proserpine, within the great joy that was then felt, made completely disappear and stop the hunger of the ancient people, whose solely food was acorns.
You who made ​​plough and sow the bare soil of Eleusis which was sterile until then, 
You who by that gave humankind better and sweeter food, 
You who became the celestial Venus, who at the beginning of the world, made the male and female mate in a budding romance which made the human species spread eternally , 
You whom we adore in the temples of the island Paphos, 
You who are also the God Phoebus sister, 
You who rendered service to many people in illuminating them and decreasing their illnesses and suffering due to their work, with your remedies, 
You who today are worshipped in the sacred places of Ephesus and who like Proserpine can become terrible because of the mortals screams that you release , 
You with your threefold face that has the power to stop and repel the invasion of the Furies and spirits that appear to people and hold them locked in the prisons of the earth , 
You who wander in the woods and who we invoke in various fashion, 
You who nourishes the world's seeds in your moist heat by giving them your light, which you change according to your travel far away from or nearby the sun, by the many names and ways or forms it is permissible to give you, 
I beg you to end my immense tiredness and misery, to revive my missing faith and deliver me from the misfortune which has so long pursued me. Please grant me, peace and emotional happiness, because I have endured enough of ruptures, work and danger. "."