Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back to our Magical circle( following up on the postings from 2nd of April)...the inner space of it

Within the inner space of the circle,write down the names of the seasons as following:

West (under the name of the Angel of the day): the season. (Spring: Talxi, Summer: Gasmaran, Autumn: Ardarael, Winter: Fallas).

South (above the name of the Angel of the hour): the name of the Angel of the season.( Spring: Amatiel, Summer: Gaviel, Autumn: Guabarel, Winter: Amabael).

East (at the left hand side of the name of the hour): the name of Earth. (Spring: Amadai, Summer: Festatwi, Autumn: Rahimara, Winter: Gerenia).

North (at the right hand side of the name of the Angel of air: The name of the Moon. (Spring: Agusita, Summer: Armatas, Autumn: Matasignais, Winter: Affaterim).

Between these four names, insert a little five-branched star with its superior branch  pointing outwards, towards the exterior of the ring/circle.

Monday, April 29, 2013

• TUESDAY, the positive phrase to meditate on:

don't say: "I have no choice.", instead say: "I choose to accept the consequences." There are rarely situations without problems. We always have a choice, even if it's only to stop being stubborn, fearful or closed-minded… We can choose to be confident about life and open our mind to new solutions that arise. We can choose to ask others for help. And, above all, we can choose to go for it and do something, even if the consequences could be worrying. Acceptance rarely solves problems.

• MONDAY, the influence of the Moon:

on the 28th and 29th, the Moon is Sagittarius will bring happy outcomes and you'll meet new people. Don't refuse invitations. Make the most of it and show yourself to best advantage. Luck will come in many forms, so keep your eyes open! Marriages will be easier in the long run. Most favoured signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Cancer and Pisces. 
On Tuesday 30th, the Moon in Capricorn means you should be careful. Don't commit yourself to anything. Instead, start spring cleaning. Cleaning your home and purifying yourself will be the best things to do this month.

Friday, April 26, 2013

• SATURDAY, the phrase for the weekend :

 "The more I put in, the more satisfaction I get." Write this on a piece of card and reread it several times during the day. In the evening, burn it in the flame of a white candle and rub your hands with the ash. Impregnate yourself with these words. Then wash your hands - the words are now part of you.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

• FRIDAY, motivate yourself for a diet:

it is very easy to stop eating anything if you use the purifying power of garlic: take a piece of your favourite sweet thing, whether it is a cake, a cookie or a piece of chocolate… and bury it in the garden or a flower pot. Plant above it three pieces of garlic. The garlic will rid you of cravings and strengthen your commitment to lose weight.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

• THURSDAY, the lunar prayer:

every month, Wiccan magic celebrated the Full Moon in an Esbat. April, for witches, meant a return to the light, the warmth of the Sun that allows cultivation of the garden and of the soul. Pink clothes and candles were used in ceremonies, with anise, lavender or rosemary perfumed incense. They ate lemon biscuits and drank citrus juices. During this lunar month, in the corner of their garden, witches left a vase full of seeds given special properties by the fairies. They called the fairies with songs and said a prayer over the seeds: "Seeds that spread special powers, make these qualities grow in me!"

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

• WEDNESDAY, the positive phrase to meditate on:

don't say: "I don't want to get involved", instead say: "I take responsibility!" There is no secret: if you don't get involved in things, if you won't make decisions, if you avoid all types of responsibility (family, friendship, love, professional…), life will pass you by. You won't be protected by not acting. The opposite is true - you will lose contact with the universal energy and become weaker, less resistant. So, do things, take decisions and take control of your life!

Monday, April 22, 2013

• TUESDAY, reconciling two enemies:

take a white candle, a white ribbon, a small box, some sea salt and photos of the two people you want to help reconcile. Light the candle, then take the photos and tie them together with the ribbon. Put the sea salt in the box, then add the candle and photos. saying three times: "The quarrelling will end, and peace and happiness will fill your hearts. So be it!" Keep the box in a secret place for the whole lunar cycle and watch what happens…

Saturday, April 20, 2013

SUNDAY 21st and MONDAY 22nd of April

• SUNDAY, your lucky numbers: 1 – 5 – 17 – 19 – 20 – 29 – 31

• MONDAY, the influence of the Moon: 

on April 21st and 22nd, the Moon in Virgo means you should be prudent. Amongst other things, you could regret over-eating. Don't say things that could annoy people and be tactful. Impulsiveness will lead to problems, and be careful when on the roads! These are good days for communication and publicity, and also days to cut or treat your hair. 

On the 23rd and 24th, the Moon in Libra will allow you to uncover and stop a plot against you. Keep your eyes open! The most favoured signs: Libra, Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius and Pisces. You should do well in competitions and prize draws and other things will bring rewards too… 

On the 25th, 26th and 27th, the Moon in Scorpio means you should get the recognition and rewards for things you have done in the past. You could get a pay rise, as well as new projects for you or collaboration with others, depending on what you do. The 25th is the Full Moon,  so think about a lunar fast and the rituals that go with it. The 26th is a great day for looking after your body, nails and hair. Think about your figure and weight. Make time to restart a sport or activity.

Friday, April 19, 2013

• SATURDAY, the phrase for the weekend:

"I love myself as I am!" Write this on a piece of card and reread it several times during the day. In the evening, burn it in the flame of a white candle and rub your hands with the ash. Impregnate yourself with these words. Then wash your hands - the words are now part of you.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

• FRIDAY, get rid of bad habits:

to help someone (or yourself) to stop smoking, biting your nails, or stop any other bad habit, take nine hairs belonging to you or the person you are helping, and wrap them around an iron nail. Put the nail somewhere natural, like an old fence in the countryside. Your bad habit will disappear as the nail rusts.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

• THURSDAY, purifying your aura:

cleaning your aura will restore the energy given off by your body that makes you attractive to others. Others will see you in a better light and you will feel better about yourself. It is essential you do it for the sake of your health. So take a kilogramme of coarse sea salt and repeat the following incantation: "By the Three Kings and shepherds who worshipped Christ, who went to Bethlehem through Jerusalem and worshipped him, carrying salt and incense, protect me." Take a bath or shower without using any products. When you finish, don't towel yourself but rub your body with handfuls of magnetised salt. Rub yourself well. The salt will soak up the water and moisture from your body. It will remove negative things. The salt will remove bad water.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

• WEDNESDAY, the positive phrase to meditate on:

don't say: "Why should I change something that works?"

instead say: "I am looking for new ways to do things!" 

Routine can be useful for many things: it can save time, avoid accidents, reassure… But things should not become systematic, firstly because things change and the routine may become outdated, and also because it prevents us from thinking of new ways that could make things better. So lives ruled by routine can't see new things and so become boring and even paralysing. So, periodically change your routines to see life from a new perspective!

Monday, April 15, 2013

• TUESDAY, improve your self-confidence:

gather a recent photo of yourself, 2 red and one white candles, some lavender essential oil and some Nazareth incense, a piece of blood orange peel and a small piece of amber. Put your hands in some water containing a few drops of essential oil. Draw a circle on a large sheet of paper (A3 size), put the white candle on it and then the two red ones at the other two points of a triangle. Put the incense to the left of the white candle, the amber and orange peel to the right and your photo in front. Light the red candles then the white one. Light the incense. Take the white candle and pour a few drops of wax onto your photo. In your right hand, take the orange peel and the amber, and in your left hand your photo. Say 6 times the following incantation, staying concentrated: "I invoke you, Samaƫl! Give me self-confidence, and make my timidity disappear quickly and forever." Blow out the candles, first red then white. Remove your photo from the circle and let the incense burn to its end before putting everything away.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The week-end of 13th and 14 th of April

• SUNDAY, your lucky numbers : 3 – 5 – 17 – 30 – 34 – 38 - 40

• MONDAY, the influence of the Moon: 
 on the 14th and 15th, the Moon in Gemini will help you start new projects or boost your career. Don't hesitate to build your contacts or to cultivate influential and important people. Family and friends can be important for your future. It's a good time for cleansing your skin or body. The most favoured signs: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra and Virgo. 

On the 16th, 17th and 18th of April, the Moon in Cancer is particularly kind to those born in the sign of Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius and Pisces. Good days to travel. It will be easy to find new things professionally or in relationships. You must take advantage of these positive times to make progress. Good days for legal or administrative things - you could find more understanding and listening from officials. A good day for anything to do with water, such as travel, watering the garden, cleaning and purification. 

On the 19th and 20th, the Moon in Leo means this is a good time to treat damaged hair or parts of your body. Do something about your appearance or wardrobe, as you will soon find this has been useful. Make contacts, play sport, do this and you will see the benefits. Watch and participate. 

The 20th is a particularly good day to clean and decorate the house. Being fair is the best way in all things, or else watch out for heated and negative reactions!

Friday, April 12, 2013

• SATURDAY, the phrase for the weekend:

"I plan my time to improve the quality of my life." Write this on a piece of card and reread it several times during the day. In the evening, burn it in the flame of a white candle and rub your hands with the ash. Impregnate yourself with these words. Then wash your hands - the words are now part of you.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

• FRIDAY, a good day for making money:

get a green candle, jasmine incense and 5 coins. On the night of the Full Moon, find a maple tree. Light the candle and let the incense burn. Then bury the 5 coins at the foot of the tree, saying these words sincerely three times: "Maple, I entrust my possessions to you. make them grow for me. Bring me wealth and power. So be it!" Then blow out the candle and leave without turning round.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

• THURSDAY, passing driving tests:

get two yellow candles, some lemon oil and a piece of quartz. Coat both candles in lemon oil then light them. Coat the quartz in the oil too and place it between the candles, so that it reflects their flames. Then say the following incantation: "I charge this quartz with fire, to fill my mind with wisdom, to keep my mind alert and clear, and to make sure nothing interferes with this. My mind is quick and organised, I will remember what I have learned and it will be with me for life. This is my will - so be it!" While the candles burn and charge the quartz, visualise your driving test by projecting all the energy that you have. Carry your crystal with you during the test.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

• WEDNESDAY, the positive phrase to meditate on:

don't say: " I'm afraid to commit too quickly...", instead say: "I've thought long enough!" How many of our projects, desires or decisions never see the light of day because we are afraid to make a bad choice! We will never do anything if we don't take some risks. We need to commit ourselves, not sit on the sideline of life. So once you have weighed the pros and cons, make a decision - get started or give up.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday 7th and Monday 8th of April

• SUNDAY, your lucky numbers: 9 – 11 – 18 – 24 – 26 – 32 – 43

• MONDAY, the influence of the Moon: 

On the 7th and 8th of April, the Moon in Pisces will favour Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Leo. You will have good ideas, whether for a short weekend away or your next vacation. But avoid things that are too expensive! There is a risk that you will have something lost or stolen, so be careful. 

On the 9th and 10th, the Moon in Aries will encourage commerce and business. Your new ideas could bring you money in the near future. Don't hesitate: think and then take action. The 9th is a good day for skin care and facials. 

The 10th is the New Moon, so think about fasting: drink only tea or herbal tea, and meditate. It is also a good day for a massage or starting a new sporting activity. 

On the 11th, 12th and 13th, the Moon in Taurus will emphasise your finances and your long-term plans for daily life. You will have no problems finding the things to do to bring success and happiness. So think! Also good for studies, driving tests and all personal activities. Avoid contracts or commitments.

Most favoured signs: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Cancer and Pisces.

Friday, April 5, 2013

• SATURDAY, the phrase for the weekend:

I know how to take the time to make myself happy." Write this phrase on a small card strip and re-read it several times a day. In the evening, burn it in the flame of a white candle and rub your hands with the ash. Impregnate yourself with these words. Then wash your hands - the words are now part of you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Your Guardian Angels in April:

31 March to 4 April: SEYATEL
Acts against evil spells.

5 to 9 April : ALAMIAH
Uncovers traitors and deceit.

10 to 14 April : MEHASHIAH
Lets you live in peace with your surroundings.

15 to 20 April : LELAHEL
Treats illness.

21 to 25 April : AKAIAH
Lets you discover the secrets of nature.

26 to 30 April : KEHATEL
Prayers will reach the heavens and bring divine help.

• FRIDAY, the plant of the month:

the myrtle is a small Mediterranean shrub, with thick and aromatic reddish branches, and small, sharp and tough leaves that are a beautiful bright green. It has small white flowers. The Myrtle was sacred in ancient times, used to fumigate and perfume oils and ointments. It was a symbol of purity, grace and female love, often associated with the goddesses Jana, Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus, and the Virgin Mary. In the Far East, it is thought to bring blessing, and in the West, we say that angels love its scent. Mixed with Frankincense or Mastic, it purifies a place, and can be used to create a good atmosphere for meditation and prayer. Myrtle also is a plant for love. For example, we can wear a crown made of fresh myrtle leaves. It is also used in some bridal bouquets. Myrtle is often added to love potions, especially those that aim to encourage the sexual aspects of love. It is also worn on the body to maintain youthful vigour and fertility. Lastly, it is also used in money rituals.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

•The April pentacle:

allows you to boost your generosity. It is powerful, creating a link between you and higher and divine forces. It is personal to you and cannot be used by anyone else. To make this link, you will need: a piece of white cardboard 4in x 4in (10 x 10 cm), a red ink pen and a red candle. Light the candle and say:

With this flame, I illuminate my soul with the light of the sun. The light of truth, the light of knowledge, the light of nature, will shine on my reading, my spirit, my being. The triple candle of grace illuminates my soul and makes me more generous to people around me. The power of the light illuminates my April pentacle to make me more open. This is my will!

Draw the pentacle without stopping: do the first circle and then the second. Trace the inner diagonal lines, then add the signs and symbols in their correct places, and finish by writing the magic names. Then place your hands on it and consecrate it: 

"O most powerful Adonai, most strong El, most holy Agia, Aleph and Tau, the beginning and the end; I humbly beseech and request your Holy Majesty that this April pentacle is blessed and primed by your power to receive qualities and energies to increase my generosity. Through you, o most holy Adonai, whose kingdom, empire and authority will exist and last forever.” Finally, sign the back and then write underneath “Help me.” Carry it with you for the whole month. Then at the end of the month, burn it in the flame of a red candle.

Within the outer space of the magical circle...

the names of the Angels are to be scripted as following:

West: the name of the Angel of the day.
South: the name of the Angel of the hour.
East: the name of the hour (what this means will be explained later on)
North: the name of the Angel of air.

Between the four namesfour crosses should be drawn.

Monday, April 1, 2013

How to create a magical circle

In a magic circle, each cardinal point is a Reference to an element: Water (West), Fire (North), Earth (South) and Air (East).
Its fabrication varies with the time, date, location, and season. One must also seek the spirits that we want to invoke, the star or planet that presides at the the precise moment of the action.
On a square white fabric of linen, of about 1.50m side, draw three circles from the same centre, the first one with a 1.40m diameter, the second 1.30m and the third 1.20m. Between the three circles, there are two areas of 10cm within which the names we will indicate here below, should be written.
Do not use common ink but a rather a mixture of a few drops of holy water and some ash obtained by burning a blessed piece of buxus, making an easy mixture to write with, with a paintbrush.