Saturday, November 30, 2013

The counting technique

* Lie down on your bed in an occulted room with curtains or blinds closed.

* Start with a relaxation session, of approximately ten minutes, eyes closed.

* When you feel completely relaxed, pronounce within your mind the question of which you want an answer or formulate the problem that needs a solution.

* Then open your eyelids and revulse your eyes (direct your eyes toward your eyebrows). It would be a help to you if you put a small light or a lit candle on place high up, so you have to raise your eyes to be able to see it.

* Still in thought, say three times the following suggestion: "When I pronounce the word ten, I'm in trance".

* Then start counting slowly, staying relaxed and breathing peacefully.

*In the beginning you will not succeed in getting into a trance by reaching number ten. But you have to imagine that you are.

* By repeating the sessions at the rate of one per day, you'll soon easily put yourself in a state of mild trance when you pronounce the word ten. Images and sensations willthen start to flow to your mind.

* To break the state of trance,  suffice to count backwards from ten to one.

Follow thoroughly the steps of these teachings: it is the key to your success. And be perseverant: these exerciseshave to be practiced at least approximately  ten times before mastery.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Continuing yesterdays exercise...

* Repeat several times the sentence that you have chosen, while still focusing the flame, or until your eyes close by themselves. 

* Continue the suggestive affirmations: "I'm more and more relaxed, every muscle in my body is relaxed, I slip into a trance" .

* You actually feel very much relaxed and you can now start the suggestive affirmations that will help you communicate with the invisible realms. An example: "My spiritual guide (pronounce his/her name if you know it) is by my side" or "I am available to communication for my own sake as for the sake of my loved ones" .

* Then stop the suggestive affirmations and just stay like that, with an open mind, listening, thinking of nothing. 

* Images and sensations can then appear within your mind. If this is not the case, you can continue visualising your guide, a beautiful landscape you like, serving as scenery for the experience. 

* It is sometimes necessary to repeat the experience several times to master the technique. 

* To exit this state of mild trance, just pronounce the following sentence: "Now I wake up, after having counted to three. When I wake up, I am fully aware and relaxed".

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Suggestion technique...

* This session of self-hypnosis should begin with the fixing of your attention upon the flame of a candle or of a fire. Some relaxing music in the back grown could help you relax too.

* While concentrating on the flames, breathe slowly and deeply for a few minutes, while doing abdominal breathing : gently inflate the abdomen then only the thorax, hold the air two or three seconds and exhale. Let go of the air from within the chest first, then the abdomen. Wait two or three seconds and then repeat the operation.

* Focus on the flame and on your breathing to clear your mind of the negative thoughts that normally occupy it.

* Once you feel pleasantly relaxed , with an empty mind , you can begin the hypnotic suggestions. It should be said in present indicative form and in affirmative sentences, slowly with a soft and calm voice, or even within your head, for example: " My eyelids are becoming heavier "," My eyes are closing "," I feel pleasantly relaxed  ".

To be continued tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Light trance

One of the essential conditions to enter the state of light trance communicate with the other realms, is to be in a peaceful state of mind, free from your inner voices, your fears, your concerns, your doubts ... and which always tend to discourage you, not even having the time to try. The self hypnosis techniques that I am about to suggest that you experiment, are both preceded by a relaxation session. Thus, once the state of trance is reached, you are completely ready to communicate with the other realms. The "empty" space you've created through relaxation leaves room for any other voices that wishes to speak out, the one of your guide, for example.It is important that you master well either technique because they serve as a basis for most methods of channelling.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A parenthesis between two worlds

Trance is an altered state of consciousness, a natural state that everyone experiment several times a day, a physiological fact; when you emerge from sleep : when you go to sleep : whenever you enter into a reverie or you disconnect, your eyes open but not looking at anything. It is this particular consciousness that takes place between wakefulness and sleep. This state of trance is useful and even necessary to maintain your mental equilibrium .

When you are in a trance, you can experience different sensations; a certain lightness or, at the contrary, a heaviness throughout your body; the impression of being both present and elsewhere; the feeling you more easily remember the past; a better awareness of your reality here and now; more easily disconnecting from exterior perceptions and a feeling of having already experienced this state before, a desire to remain in trance, for the wellness of it ...

This natural state can be induced "artificially" through hypnosis or through certain techniques .

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Modern Western medicine reflects very well our civilisations conception of man - an individual composed of a body with a separated spirit - which is also our conception of the world as such - the material and spiritual, two separate worlds. This is a vision that has no equivalent in other cultures as various shamanistic ones, or in China, where the universe is unified by the Qi or the Prana, in India. Man is, in these civilisations, regarded as a global entity comprising the body, the mind, animated by the spirit.

However, this, our culture's, characteristic dissociation, is the source of many problems. It can, if you are too entrenched in the material aspects of things, make communication with the spiritual world, more difficult.

Trance then represents a way to reunite your body, your mind and soul, to restore you in the universe.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The need for evidence

Once you have established contact with your guide, several times, it could be a good idea to verify that it was indeed channelling that occurred and not your imagination.

To be sure there is a test you do. Just ask your guide, the next time you come in contact with him/her/it, a question that you can check the accuracy of the answer, during the following days. It could be a statement relating to yourself or affecting any of your close friends, or loved ones . If the confirmation does not come, as expected, then do not be discouraged, just try again, at least three times. If it still doesn't come, it is without doubt not yet the good method, as there are many different ways. You only have to find the right channel for you.

You can also request, small favours, but be reasonable and do not ask for the impossible!

It can help you find a parking space or to find a mislaid object, bring about the idea that will solve a problem, amongst many other things... In addition, it allows you, to stay in touch with your guide even while not meditating or visualising or whatever method you have chosen to use, your bond will just become stronger and stronger.

Once you have found the method that works the best for you and which you feel suits you the most, then you'll want to practice it regularly, you will quickly see astonishing results. But don't worry if it doesn't work the first time! Most often two or three attempts are needed, during which you refine the method that suits you the best.

Friday, November 22, 2013

During the meditation...

... the response you get from your guide,can come to you in different manners: as an idea, a picture or symbol that applies to you, a knowing that settles in your mind ...

You can also not receive any answer at all. In this was the case, no need to despair, just end the session peacefully: it is likely that the answer will come to you in the next few following days, as a dream, a coincidence, a special event ... Just keep an open mind and have faith.

It is likely, however, that it will take several sessions to enable contact. It's like life: you must first discover each other!

Sometimes the answer seams to not all be correlating to the question you wanted an answer to. Accept it as it comes and try to make the best out of it. You'll be able to reformulate your question at an other moment.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A meditation that connects you with your guide

Meditation, which is a form of contemplation, is the perfect time to get in touch with your guide, especially if it is a disembodied soul, a saint or your higher self. This meditation helps you to awaken your spiritual soul and alter your state of consciousness for the opening of a channel. Before starting, you should select a question for your guide.

* Start by creating an environment conducive to the task ahead by burning some incense or essential oils, lighting a candle and putting on some appropriate music (without any lyrics, soft and soothing ) .

* Avoid eating two to three hours before the contact, to create the favourable energies needed, taking a bath and practising relaxation before the meditation would be a good idea.

* Start the séance by lighting a white candle and placing underneath it, a piece of paper upon which you have previously written your question, in a few but clear words.

* Then, with joined hands , recite three times a statement such as this:

" ... (you can name your guide if you know his/her/its name ) , here I am ready to listen to you. Please, respond to my request here and now.

* Sit down in your chair, upright but without tension, hands on thighs, and practice a calm and deep abdominal breathing , eyes slightly closed.

* A general relaxed sensation will settle after a few minutes. It is then possible that you notice lights or a tingling sensation, or even a change in surrounding temperature. When you feel ready, formulate your question mentally, the same one, that is written on the paper placed underneath the candle.

* Wait for the answer with confidence and without impatience.

* When you feel that you are ready, finish the session by thanking your guide by a formula like this:

"Thank you ... (mention his/her/its name if you know it). Your advices are valuable to me and I do consider them. Please, stay with me."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This meditation technique should be practised one or several times before a channelling.

* To perform this meditation in good conditions, sit down in a quiet room, rather before sunrise or after sunset, ie not during daytime agitation.

* Set up a table in front of your chair and put a lit white candle on it. It will be the only light in the room.

* Sit in front of the candle and relax. Make a dozen abdominal breaths.

* Keep your body straight but without tension, relaxing each part of it while watching the flame of the candle.

* Close your eyes once you feel totally relaxed.

* Let the firelight persist on the screen of your closed eyelids. Activate it with your imagination seeing it as if your eyes were still open.

* When the image in your minds eye is totally vivid, then gently turn this imaginary flame, making it descend, down towards your neck and chest.

* Take the time to enjoy the comforting warmth while in your heart and let it then go down to your solar plexus.

*Impregnate yourself with the feeling of warmth, then let it go down to your abdomen.

* Feel its soft, warm presence and enjoy the quietness without thinking about anything in particular.

* After a few minutes, let your conscience be open to your inner voice and listen to what it tells you. Do not ask any questions, but be open to all sorts of images and thoughts that come to you.

* Stop the meditation when you realize that your thoughts fall back onto your daily concerns.

* Then let the flame raise gently, and in an expiration, pull it out of you through your mouth, then open your eyes to put it back on the candle.

* Look at it a few seconds and then put it out and get up.

* Note immediately in your notebook the total content of the thoughts that crossed your mind during the meditation.

Your inner voice will become clearer after several meditations. It will help you sort through whatever questions you could ask your guide and answer by itself some of them.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A meditation for answers...

Generally, the first questions that you ask your guide are often related to the problems we consider the most urgent - "Will I get a job?" - or existential worry - "Is there a anything after death?" They serve as a test, ie the quality of the answers you get, will often decide of the result of further channelling: if you believe that the answers are incomplete or incomprehensible, you get discouraged ... But not to be forgotten that the quality of the answers is mainly due to the way the questions were formulated as well as their content. Were they too complex or unclear? Because then it is likely that the response will be so too. Were they superficial or anecdotal? The answer will then probably be of no interest...

The active meditation that I will explain tomorrow can help you sort through your reflections, to assess the importance and relevance of your questions, to eliminate all those, that in fact, you already know the answer to and all those which are of minimal interest, and to select those truly worth the trouble to be asked.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Continuing our talk about meditation

We could say that meditation is a state of inward contemplation before the focusing of an idea which will then further deepen the focus with all the details for a much broader vision beyond anything you've experienced before. Meditation promotes intuition and inspiration. All great men have meditated during the important moments of their life. Correctly done, meditation can become an important factor in your personal development. It will help you, for example, choose the important questions to ask your guide, to clarify your request, to deepen the content. In fact, there are two forms of meditations:

Passive meditation is done with the help of a symbol or object to observe or a mantra to recite ... Letting the images appear on the screen of our minds eye, without analysing the ideas they bring about and keeping away parasitic thoughts. The goal is to think about nothing in particular. This passive meditation is useful to stimulate your perceptions, intuitions and also attract spiritual guides. It also helps you to become aware of the spiritual energies around you. Ten to fifteen minutes a day is enough, to make the best out of it.

Active meditation is to choose consciously a symbol, a picture, an idea and focus on that exclusively eliminating all other thoughts. Extracting from the symbol, the image, the idea, the very essence, for a useful progress and development of the path of experience and knowledge that you have chosen. It requires a longer and more intense practice.

There are many meditation techniques, Western style or Eastern style. You probably know a few, yourself. The one I'm suggesting here is one focused on channelling and represents only one of the methods that allows you to receive advice from your guide. It is absolutely not the only one.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

For the western intellect, the word " meditation "...

... suggests an intense inward activity of reflection ... In reality, it is quite the opposite ! The word must be understood in the Eastern meaning , ie the mastery of non- thought. It is in this empty space that images, symbols, words, as well as sounds can manifest ... which sums up what is the exchange with your guide.

Meditation is one of the most effective means of exercising your powers of perception. When you close your eyes and relax,forgetting the worries of your daily life, creating this empty space within yourself, you enter another world, fuzzier, less tangible, but equally alive. You can then set your mind on an image  an idea, a symbol. By focusing on it and bringing it to life inside your soul, you stimulate your spiritual perception. You become able to exercise your creative imagination, to see the future and communicate with your guides. Just spend a quarter of an hour a day, during at least a few weeks. No results can occur within a few days, or if you only practice once an awile occasionally.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

An example of what relaxation can bring to you...

I was looking for a job as a clerk for several months without success. I had contacted to virtually all businesses in the small city where I lived, in vain. Alone with two children, I had to rely exclusively on my salary to support my family.

The debts were accumulating and my greatest fear was to become homeless with my kids. The landlord had kindly been patient at first, but after three months of unpaid rent, he was threatening me of eviction. I was desperate.

One day in the late afternoon on my way home,completely despairing because of my disappointment after having presented myself without success at several jobs, I heard a distinct voice saying to me : " Turn right !" I turned and looked around, but didn't see anybody. The street was deserted. This frightened me, I thought I was losing my mind ... I ran all the way home.

Once I got home, I called an old friend of mine who had studied psychology, to tell him what had happened to me and ask for his advice. He began by reassuring me, telling me that I was not crazy, then he asked me if I believed in spirit guides and guardian angels. He invited me to come over to his place so we could discuss it more in depth.

Everything he told me that evening fascinated me and when he saw how interested I was, he explained to me how to proceed, relaxation methods, how to empty my mind and meditate. He also lended me a book on the subject, emphasizing the importance of relaxation.

Back home, I read the entire book and the next morning, I decided to practice what I had discovered.

After a moment , I was again having the impression of a presence beside me and then I heard a voice . This was not a human voice. I felt as if it came from inside of myself. I didn't really understand what it was saying.

I was intrigued so I immediately put the relation into practice and felt that the message became clearer. It was interesting to realize that the more I relaxed, the more the words became more understandable .

The voice told me not to be afraid, that I would be helped, I had to return as soon as possible to the place where I was, the day I heard the message the first time. From there, the voice would guide me further.

So I left my home and when I arrived at the location, I, once again, heard the voice that told me to turn right, which I did. It was a small alley where buildings had to been built recently and where others were under construction. My guide told me to pass between two buildings and there I discovered commercial arcades. I had never been there before, never even seen the site.

My guide told me then to walk along the arcades to the corner of the building. Once at this place I discovered a small decoration shop. On the door, there was a sign stating : "We need a sales clerk ." A woman inside the shop was arranging it...

The shop looked very luxurious so I hesitated to enter. Then my guide told me in a loud voice that startled me: "Go inside, what do you risk?"

So I entered the shop, uncomfortable, mentioning the ad that was on the door.

After an hour of friendly discussion, the woman told me that I was engaged and asked me if it was OK for me to start the following week. I couldn't believe it...

Since then my life is much better. And I continue to enjoy relaxation to this day, for the pleasure it gives me!   

a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. The practice abdominal breathing throughout the exercise.

* Close your eyes and listen to your breathing (for thirty seconds).

* Relax completely and fully enjoy this feeling (about one minute).

At this point, you're probably well be relaxed ... You are wrong! E, focusing on every part of your body, you will find that you can do much better!

* Direct your consciousness sue your toes and relax them (thirty seconds).

* Raise your awareness along your legs and relax them (thirty seconds).

* Your feet and legs are relaxed ... Bring your attention to your pelvis and your belly. Relax all the muscles in your abdominal belt (about thirty seconds).

* Replace your consciousness shoulders. Release the tension that inhabit them.

Friday, November 15, 2013

A few tips for your relaxation session...

Relaxation is easier said than done! When you begin, it is not as easy to master as you might think. Here are some "tips" for facilitating the learning:

* Prefer lying down, provided you do go to sleep.

* Choose a background music or sound from nature (sound of the ocean, wind, bird or whale song ...) some music without words, soft and melodious, which evokes no particular memories for you.

* Dress in a way to keep you warm (not too hot either though) when you are relaxed.

* Do not begin the session before having gone to the toilet, being thirsty or hungry, neither if you have eaten too much.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Put yourself in a comfortable position...

First of all, find yourself a quiet room where you will not be disturbed and sit down with your head maintained in a comfortable position or even, lay down. 

You should practice abdominal breathing throughout the exercise.

* Close your eyes and listen to your breathing (for about 30 seconds).

* Relax completely and fully enjoy the sensation (about one minute).

At this point, you probably believe that you are now thoroughly relaxed ... You are wrong! If you concentrate on each part of your body, you will discover that you can do much better!

* Now direct your consciousness upon your toes and relax them (30 seconds).

* Raise your focus along your legs and relax them too (30 seconds).

* Your feet and legs are now relaxed ... Bring your attention to your pelvis and your belly. Relax all the muscles in your abdominal belt (about 30 seconds).

* Let your attention dwell on your shoulders. Release the tension that inhabit them (30 seconds).

* Now , relax your arms, elbows, hands and fingers ( 30 seconds).

* Your whole body is relaxed , you breathe calmly. Relax your neck ... and your jaw. Let it hang loose, naturally (30 sec ) .

* Your muscles are relaxed now, your tension has disappeared. Enjoy the sensation.

Once fully relaxed , you can ( if it pleases you) take advantage of this state to experiment new sensations . Have trust in your imagination.

For example, let the weight of your body suck you down, into you chair or bed, and visit the floor below ! Or rather, fly up and imagine that you are a bird ... Whatever you do, please don't think about the mountain of work ahead of you or the worries of your daily life!

When you feel that you have discharged all your tensions you can slowly begin to gently move your limbs , and in the way of a cat , stretch out and yawn ... Do not get up until after a minute or two and enjoy the feeling of new lightness, within you .

Do not forget to thank your body for the gift it has just given you.

Perform this exercise very regularly -five minutes a day is better than one hour a week ! Once familiar with it, it will become so natural that you can relax completely in a few seconds, whenever you need a moment to relax or just before a channelling session ...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Relaxation, the beginning...

Relaxation helps you bring peace to your mind, turning your attention from the outside world to the inner world, detaching from all external stimuli. The relaxation of your body, helps you also clear your mind and make place for other things.

There are a multitude of relaxation exercises and perhaps you already practice one that suits you very well. Otherwise, I will present to you a simple method which is as easy as it is pleasant. I recommend a daily experimenting, for you to familiarize yourself with it. You'll get there easily if you register the points that I am about to enumerate for you, with your voice, or that of a loved one, while ensuring a time space long enough between the different points of the experiment.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

To open up a channel...

... it is important to know how to relax. When your body is completely relaxed, with a peaceful mind, disconnected from the outside world, your brains frequency waves changes, together with your state of consciousness. This state (expressed in alpha waves) is essential for communicating with your guides.

"The alpha state is to the unconsciousness what an antenna is to a television set. It is this vibrational state that allows not only the manifestation of the communications  but also the transmission of what is drawn from other vibrational worlds inaccessible for other people. To be able to have access to this gift, the belief of its existence is indispensable, with a powerful desire to discover and understand its mechanisms- no doubt whatsoever could be permitted. Most people are not ready for this gait, which blocks this ability. "(André Daprey, The Awakening of the man of light)

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Astrological Perfumes

There is another tradition, which advocates the use of the fragrance from the plant which governs your birth sign, to put you in harmony with the celestial vibrations. These perfumes exist under the label "astrological oils", a few drops to be put in the bath water, before your relaxation session. This subtle fragrance enhances your vibrations and creates the conducive atmosphere for the communication with the invisible realms.

Indeed, spiritual entities are very sensitive to fragrances and enjoy them greatly.

Here is the list associated to the twelve signs of the zodiac:

Aries: Sandalwood
Taurus: Chamomile
Gemini: Orange
Cancer: Lavender
Lion: Marjolaine
Virgin: Ylang-Ylang
Balance: Savory
Scorpio: Patchouli
Sagittarius: Laurier
Capricorn: Pin
Aquarius: Birch

Fish: Myrtle

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Perfume 3...

These different scents, in the forms of essential oils, scented incense or perfume are irreplaceable to change your state of consciousness and facilitate contact with your spiritual guide. To determine which is the best for you, feel free to experiment and let your instincts tell you! The choice of a perfume is very personal.

Then for, use this scent by diffusing it into the environment in which you usually retire to open up and create a channel. The usage of an essential oil : put a drop on a hot ceramic ring for light bulbs  Burn some incense in a corner of the room (choose a natural, good quality, incense). As perfume, put one drop on the inside of your wrists.

Then, utilise this scent by diffusing it into the environment in which you usually retire to open up and create a channel. Incense should be burned in a corner of the room (choose a good quality natural incense). As for the perfume: one drop should be put inside each one of your wrists.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Continuation Perfumes...

* Chamomile helps you get in tune with nature. It is therefore particularly suitable when your guide is a spirit of nature. It helps balance your spiritual perception.

* Lemon attracts positive spirits with good intentions. It works well when your guide is a disembodied human. It also helps you weigh the pros and cons during the channelling.

* Incense purifies your aura and your environment. Accurate when your guide is a human disembodied. Its high vibration keeps away lower or malicious spirits. It stimulates your perception in the superior realms.

* Apple blossom facilitate contact with guides chosen from mythical characters such as the elementary beings. It also boosts your perception of things from nature.

* Gardenia acts as a magnet to the spirits of nature. It can sharpen your gifts of telepathy and facilitate your communication with the spiritual world.

*Glycine is for those who await creative and intellectual stimulation from their guide. It also facilitates contact with those spirits who helps to acquire healing energies.

* Lavender is suitable for people that channelling intimidates because it attenuates stress. It also helps to establish contact with those guides chosen from characters known for their wisdom and height of view.

* Lilac is very well known to promote contacts with the spiritual world. It attracts kind spirits and stimulates clairvoyance.

* Carnation protects you efficiently against disembodied beings animated with bad intentions or of no interest for your quest.

* Rosemary is recommended when your guide is an elementary being, especially an elf. At the same time, its energy protects you from negative entities.

* The Rose permit contact with the saints and spiritual beings full of love and joy. It also helps to cultivate your psychic abilities, especially divination.

* Violet attracts spirits of nature and facilitates telepathy with them. It promotes the conditioning before channelling.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Whether it is herbs, essential oils or incense, perfumes have been used since the beginning of time, to change the consciousness of people who pray or meditate to increase their internal perceptions. Used wisely, they can facilitate contact with your guide.

Throughout your life, you have probably many times experienced the evocative powers of odours  The smell of the perfume your mother were using when you were a child, for example, will bring you back to those blessed moments whenever you smell it, making you experience a range of nostalgic emotions. 

It is the same with all odours, especially perfumes: combined with an emotional context, they stimulate a level of subliminal perception and open up channels of communication with the spiritual spheres.

The scents themselves are not sufficient to establish contact with your guide, but they can create a favourable atmosphere enhancing the vibration of a place.

From long-time observation and experimentation, the ancients established a code of perfumes, by associating each fragrance to a particular level of perception. Tomorrow I will present to you the most commonly used, with some indication of their specificities. You have two ways of using them, as essential oils or incense.

To be continued...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Positive results in your life...

In addition to the development of your talents, these exercises will transform your mental attitude.
The benefit you will derive will spread to your physical life, your mental life and even your spiritual life. Your world-view will alter, becoming fuller, richer with more sensations and emotions.

Once you have put into practice this new mode, you will notice that it will be easier to have trust within yourself and also in people around you. Trust is an essential element of your evolution, because if you are constantly awaiting a negative reaction from people around you, you'll create a door that allows doubt to enter and even settle durably in our mind. If you doubt, you maintain a lower vibration for yourself and also of people around you, you strengthen your flaws and you delay your progress.

However, if you stay in confidence, a positive current will establish between you and your environment, a current charged with energy and full potential.

Finally, trusting others, makes you trust the universe.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Intuition and Premonition exercise...

* Sit comfortably in a quiet and not too brightly lit, room. Practice a few abdominal breaths to put you in a calm and receptive state of mind.

* Pay attention to the area between your eyes, the so-called third eye which is the seat of your intuitive perceptions.

* Imagine that this place starts to shine, a bright and clear light, lightening up when you inhale and softens when you exhale. Practice three soft and deep breaths.

* Then again with your imagination, bring the light of your third eye up to the crown of your head, where awakens the consciousness of your higher self.

* At the same time, imagine that the third eye and the crown chakra are connected by a energy thread of bright light.

* Focus on the light at the top of your head during the time of three deep breaths and during which a warmth in your head is spreading.

* Then take the light down to your throat, the seat for premonition, your ability to contact the invisible.

* Imagine that a glittering thread is connecting the top of your head with your throat.

* Practice again three breaths that enliven the light at your throat.

* Finally, bring down the light from your throat to your heart, connecting these two centres by a bright thread of energy.

* Once the light in place, practice three deep and calm breaths making your heart sparkle. The energy is intensifying at each inspiration.

Finally, draw the light from your heart back to your third eye, creating a closed circuit of glistening wire.

* Then make three profound breaths, enlivening all four of your energy centres.

Throughout the exercise, keep in mind that the visualization and breathing stimulates your higher faculties, associated with these four centres.

Once your circuit accurately activated, still very relaxed, expand your awareness and pay attention to the outside world, with your ears, with your heart and mind. Do you feel a presence? Do you feel a tingling? Do you see a colour or perceive a particular noise? ... Be attentive to your sensations, and when you have finished the experiment, take a few minutes to note what you felt, heard or saw in a book for this purpose.

Once you have done this exercise several times, you are ready to question your guide and feel the responses. Your everyday perceptions will also be amplified.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Intuition and Premonition

Intuition is a phenomenon experienced by everyone, at one time or another. Some dare not rely on it, others having followed it, have had their lives saved... Premonition is an intuition pushed to the extreme, an image or a feeling that comes to you, awake or asleep, in your dreams. It is not an effect of a fertile imagination or a hallucination. A considerable amount of testimonies have demonstrated the reality and accuracy of intuitions or premonitions, putting under the spotlights, future events and even events while they are actually happening.

Where do these messages come from? some say they are the result of the unconscious mind, drawing its own conclusions, transmitting experiences and memories from life through sensations, symbols or images in dreams. Other believe they come from other realms and that they are sent to you, for your greater good, in a moment when you need it. Others even think they are the result of a gift of perception activated by emotions or stress.

Whatever, premonition and intuition could be practised and mastered for your highest good. The big secret is simply to be receptive. All there is to do, is to calm your mind, distract you from the outside, hectic, noisy, world, and finally listen to your inner world, where you link with the invisible and where you can come in contact with your guide.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Back to our exercise...


* Fire a light beam with your mind between you and the lit candle. You will then no longer need to be inside the flame to feel its energy. The sensation will then arrive via the ray, or beam. Stay in this state for a few minutes.

It is the same kind of ray/beam, with which you will, when you're ready, connect to other people. With a little practice, you can transfer whatever you want to the people with whom you want to communicate, conveying positive thoughts, or sense their emotions. Similarly, you can use this exercise to achieve the goal of communicating with your guide.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

An exercise to cultivate your empathic/telepathic faculties

* Choose a time of day when you can spear at least an hour.

* In a quiet room in which you have previously installed a small altar, put an armchair with its back turned towards the altar, and at a distance of around a meter from the armchair, put a candlestick with its lit candle on the floor.

* Sit comfortably in the armchair, bare feet , back straight , hands on thighs.

* Look at the flame and say in a low voice :

" By the power of EL, light the hearts of all the spirits and all the angels, I call for them to manifest before me. This is my will. "

* Repeat this phrase for several minutes like a mantra. Let these words totally occupy your mind, until you no longer think about your daily worries .

* Then join your hands in the universal gesture of prayer and rest your forehead on the tips of your fingers with your eyes shut, stay like this for awhile.

* Then raise your joined hands up and forward so that your thumbs touch your forehead, pointing your fingers toward the candle.

* Cross all fingers except thumbs and forefingers .

* In this position, eyes still closed , recreate in your mind , in colour,  the image of the candle : both its flickering flame and its straight body, which in fact represents two aspects of reality.

*With a calm breath continue the visualization for a few minutes.

* If you have difficulties with the visualization of the lit candle, as a "living" image, within your minds eye, then stop the exercise and do it again the following days, until you succeed. Only when you know how to do it correctly, you can continue with the following tasks.

*Imagine that you approach the lit candle and enter the flame becoming one of its particles, following its movements, its heat, its light, until you feel that you are one with it.

* Once you have reached this level (it could take several sessions) then only can you repeat the two first stages and continue with the third.

to be continued tomorrow...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Empathy and telepathy

Empathy, the ability to put yourself in the fellow human shoes, being able to perceive other peoples world, without forgetting your own identity in the process. It is a gift that facilitates personal and social relationships. It is the prerogative of those who know how to combine imagination and generosity. Unfortunately, empathy is no longer taught in a world that has become individualistic and self-centred to the extreme.

In some circumstances, it could develop and become telepathy, ie the ability to communicate from mind to mind with another person. There are natural telepathic people but it is a rare gift that is not given to just anybody out there. However, there are techniques able to allow rapid progress towards Mastery .

By cultivating your empathic powers, and even telepathic powers, you also open the door for channelling, and therefore be able to access a level of perfect communication with your spiritual guide. You'll learn to overcome time and space and meet the universal. Soon I will give you an exercise for that endeavour.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The right mindset for channelling

To practice channelling, your mental attitude is paramount. The most important points would be:

* To clarify the reason why you want to have this experience and practice honesty with yourself.

* To purge your emotions and eliminate fear, hatred, and other negative emotions and feelings.

* To develop your compassion and love for others.

* To learn how to concentrate.

* And never use channelling for the purpose of enrichment or personal glorification.