Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here is a prayer that may be of use:

I accept myself and love myself as I am. I forgive myself for the negative thoughts I had about myself and I am determined to stop them. I wish love and goodness to all the creatures of the world. I affirm that love, light, harmony, truth, beauty, abundance and security, which God gave me, fill me freely and joyfully, and I know that I am blessed and enriched by my wildest dreams.
If you regularly concentrate on such a prayer, which really expresses your wishes and represents your thoughts, then you will develop a beneficial habit that has a positive effect on your subconscious. And that’s why it will bring you closer to your goals and your destiny.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forgiving and Sharing

Now I’d like to deal with a topic that is closely related to the financial “blockage” with which you are probably struggling. A financial “crisis” often has a lot to do with the fact that you don’t have enough self-confidence.
Your wealth is always associated with your other possessions. If you don’t have enough money at your disposal, then you will also lack self-confidence. But let me tell you something:
  • You are a worthy person.
  • Success – in all its expressions (money, love, health) – is good and desirable.
  • You deserve this success, in all its aspects.
I would like to emphasise this particular point, because it is very important for you to understand that your real talents, including your personal worth, are deeply rooted within you. You received this valuable gift the moment God gave you life. This gift, namely your personality, represents everything worthwhile that you will ever need.
It is not a question of you still having to earn this, as many people believe, but rather living from the outset in accordance with your values. This misunderstanding has, unfortunately, led, through (incorrect) interpretations of society, to fear, hesitation and guilt in your life, together with a vague and unclear concept of sin. These beliefs were passed on for centuries, because people worried more about their power and privileges than working for the benefit of mankind.
Prosperity, wealth and endless abundance are not the privilege of a select few, but rather belong to the natural heirs. We actually only need to remind ourselves in our inner being who we really are, what we really know. Most people don’t make any progress on their development because they feel guilty as a result of events and experiences that happened to them earlier in their lives. This feeling of guilt hinders the flow of the divine (or cosmic) forces from which we could draw our happiness. The outcome is that we are deprived of our vitality, our enthusiasm and the ability to use all our talents.
You can readily see that this form of self-accusation results in failure and misery, whereas, if you forgive yourself, joy, happiness, prosperity and a successful life would naturally flow. The lack of self-confidence that gives rise to unhappiness, illness and unconscious constraints stemming from traumatic experiences in early childhood, prevents the cosmic (divine) energy from flowing through us and results in negative feelings such as fear, insecurity and guilt.
There is, however, a way out since this process is not immutable, because we have the power to forgive and pardon ourselves. That’s right, you have the power to forgive all your failures, mistakes and flaws. This applies both to the past and to the present, if you decide to change your ideas and stay true to them. As soon as you think in a constructive, harmonious, peaceful and loving way, in accordance with the eternal and unchanging laws, your subconscious will react: a balance will be re-established and the past forgotten.
Prayer provides a wonderful opportunity to forgive yourself, to free yourself from the guilt that stands in the way of the fundamental laws of life and divine energy.
Your thoughts are prayers. Prayer can be looked upon as thinking in line with the universal laws and fundamental rules, in line with the eternal truths, just like an engineer working and thinking on the basis of fundamental mathematical truths.
The magical result of prayer is forgiveness. Praying is positive and constructive thinking, which springs from a spontaneous impulse of the heart. It doesn’t matter what religious community you belong to. The cosmic energy of the universe has no favourites and its rules apply to everyone.

I accept myself and love myself as I am. I forgive myself for the negative thoughts I had about myself and I am determined to stop them. I wish love and goodness to all the creatures of the world. I affirm that love, light, harmony, truth, beauty, abundance and security, which God gave me, fill me freely and joyfully, and I know that I am blessed and enriched by my wildest dreams.
If you regularly concentrate on such a prayer, which really expresses your wishes and represents your thoughts, then you will develop a beneficial habit that has a positive effect on your subconscious. And that’s why it will bring you closer to your goals and your destiny.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wealth begins in your head

In order to become successful financially, many people have to get a deeper understanding of psychology than they would have imagined or desired. There are often a whole series of obstacles on the path to financial wealth that can only be overcome if we work on ourselves and our attitude to money.
What exactly is money?Wealth begins in your head
Money is first of all a symbol. It represents a certain value (which can also be a given service) that you can exchange for things or for other services. Before the introduction of money, goods and services were directly bartered, but money opened up a whole new way of valuing (and exchanging) goods and services. Nowadays you can thus be on the receiving end of money for goods or services and buy something else with it. As easy as this may sound, it is important that you look at it in this way because, even if this relationship doesn’t seem complicated, many myths have been woven around money that complicate our dealings with it. Money is nothing more than a small piece of printed paper or a piece of metal. Simple as that.
But you can also view money in another way: when you earn money, you generally perform some work in return, and expend energy as you carry out the work. You receive payment because you have expended this energy. A trade is thus taking place: you give energy and receive money for it, which is thus nothing more that stored energy. The more energy you expend, the more money you get. This is, for example, the case if you perform piecework. The more units you complete or produce, the more money you get.    This also applies to intellectual work, since in this case you have previously expended energy on training – for example, a doctor who first had to expend energy at grammar school in order to pass her A-levels, who then expended energy studying Medicine at university to pass the required exams, before finally investing energy in her thesis, all prior to being able to treat any patients. The worker using her brain thus did work in the past, which will offset her future energy expenditure when she deals with individual patients and requests payment from the mutual insurance company or directly from her private patients.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Examples of mental imagery

To make things clearer for you, here are some examples of mental imagery that might be able to adapt to suit your own needs.

Imagine the scene of sensuality, full of tenderness and sincerity. What you imagine may also be quite suggestive, don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Say and repeat to yourself the things people say, imagining this situation : « If I were with him (or her) I would really love to do this or that and then this would happen like that… » Allow your imagination to run wild, you might perhaps even feel excitement and desire, and this will help you to project your feelings towards the person you love.

Money, wealth, work:
As if in a film, imagine yourself, see yourself: you have a cheque in your hands that you were not expecting. It’s « safe » and you are going to be able to spend your money however you like, because you have no fear of running out of money. Your financial situation is enviable, you can see more money coming in. You are someone who is wealthy. Everything is going well financially. So you can afford to treat yourself to things you have long dreamed of, without a second thought.

Imagine yourself in top form. You are looking at yourself in a mirror, you are glowing with health and energy. If an illness is affecting you in a specific place, imagine this place in the form of a dark patch, or shadow. And little by little you will see that dark patch melt like snow in the sun, you will be freed of the illness and will no longer display any of its symptoms. You will be in perfect health.

Visualise the images of success: you see yourself smiling, triumphant, with your arms in the air and this success, this achievement, follows you everywhere. Wherever you go, people seek to please you, to help you. You feel that luck is with you and that it is « solid ». Your determination is stronger than ever. You can do anything. Nothing can ever again stand in your way on the road to success.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Secret of visualisation or « Mental Creation »

 What exactly do we mean by visualisation? The art of visualisation consists in giving a specific, imaged form to your thoughts. So visualising is seeing with your mind. It’s also wanting, and therefore being able, to consolidate this mental image and transform it into a reality in your life.

The ideal is to see a clear image with your mind. There are people who have absolutely no problem seeing a clear and precise image. Some prefer to concentrate hard, while others sense, or become aware of a feeling. All these different methods are equally effective.

One of the most important things is to feel!

You must have a burning desire of something you want to obtain, in other words, something you need to want your wish to come true from the very bottom of your heart. This is one of the keys to the effectiveness of bubble magic.

You have to both see clearly and feel deeply.

Your thoughts should be full of emotion, your mental images must be accompanied by powerful emotions. They must be charged with positive emotions, with the joy you feel living your dream, as if it were already a reality.

How to practice visualisation:

Close your eyes and relax. Think of a place you know well, a place where you feel good. What is this place like ? Start by seeing the wall in front of you. What is it like ? Look at it in all its detail: you know exactly how it is decorated from memory. Is there any engraving on the wall? Any decoration? Choose an object you like very much. Imagine it in every detail. How does it look in the clear light of day?

Now imagine the carpet or the rug. What colour is it ? Is there any design on it, a pattern ? What is it like ? Imagine another object that you know well and call to mind every detail. Its height, length, colour...

How to practice feeling and sensing:

Relax closing your eyes, and breathe deeply.
Breathe slowly... Naturally...
Gradually relax...
Allow each muscle to slacken...

Remember something nice that happened to you recently, in the last few days. At this time you experience pleasurable physical feelings. This may be something delicious you have eaten. If so, think of the wonderful smell of this dish. Think what these smells evoked in you, even before you tasted the dish.

Think of all the nice flavours that you tasted in your mouth when you ate this dish. Usually, if your evocation is sufficiently accurate, your mouth will water. This is the proof of the power of your evocations.

Now evoke another experience: a leisurely bath you have taken recently. You started by running the water in the bath. You added luxurious bath oil, a product that softened the water. Think about what when through your mind as you slipped gently into the tub, the gentle warmth of the water and the feeling of the bath oil on your skin.

Think about the feeling of laziness that came over you. Think about the feeling of deep relaxation and well-being that filled you. Try to spend several minutes reliving this experience...

Now evoke another experience of your choice, the most important thing being to recall every single detail and feeling, as if you were back there.

You will see that visualising and feeling with emotion is much easier than you thought. It’s a simple but vital part of each ritual.

This is one of the principle keys to success. It is this reality of your wish, your desire that will be transported to the universe, through the different vibrations used over the course of these powerful ternary magic rituals.

Your conception of Life, The Infinite Intelligence of the Universe…God:

Important: I am not in any way talking about religion here.

Over the course of your rituals, you will appeal to the all-powerful forces of the infinite intelligence of the universe.

This higher intelligence that created you and the universe, which everyone calls life, is the higher intelligence that you are going to ask to make your wishes a reality. The rituals you are going to perform constitute the means you will use to make contact with this intelligence.

Before anything else, you must decide exactly how you are going to perceive this infinite intelligence some call God.

First of all, give it a name: you could replace the words « Infinite Force of the Universe » with the word God or any other word that, for you, best symbolises the ultimate Infinite Intelligence that governs the Universe. What matters most is that you feel comfortable with the name you use.

Then conjure up an image. Many people use the image of a sphere of living light, white or golden. If you like you can choose another image that suits you better. Take your time. But when you are performing the ritual, you should use these words and image that symbolise this power and intelligence. It is this image which will be the recipient of the bubble containing your wish.

It is to this higher intelligence that you will link yourself through the intermediary of your soul. Your spiritual body, your soul, to which you will transmit the vibrations of your wish, by transmitting the emotions of relief, joy and happiness, as if the wish in your bubble were already fulfilled.

Your soul, when connected to the infinite intelligence of the universe, will emit vibrations that will set to work making your wish come true.

Everything in life is cause and effect.

When you perform a ritual, you trigger, on a vibratory level, the logical consequence of your action that comes back to you as an answer.

All current positive actions or thoughts create a positive future result.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


People consume more and more; they always want more, bigger and further. But becoming wealthy is not a sport, a competition where you have to be richer than the others. If you succumb to this tendency, inner peace will continually evade you.  You will always be looking for yourself because you won’t have accorded enough room to spiritual values; you will end up ‘poor of spirit’. You can’t take material wealth with you, you will only have your inner wealth on your last journey. I don’t know when I will die… but when I look back on my life, it makes me happy. And I would like to be able to enjoy this feeling for as long as possible. I am grateful to all those who have helped me in other way or another. Follow my advice: wherever you are on the path to prosperity, always show gratitude for what you already have.

As soon as your mind is not absorbed by material values, it will open up to spiritual values. Look within yourself and think about what really inspires happiness; most of the time it’s not something that money can buy. Yes, now you have achieved your aim: you are rich, inside and out. Now there’s something to be grateful for. 

The secret wealth equation

Each of us is born with the potential to succeed. Some of us fulfil this potential, others don’t. Why is this? The difference is that people who are determined to succeed reach a moment in their life when they decide to use this potential.

You too can take this decision,
regardless of your age or financial situation.

For some reason or other, instead of using these people as role models, many people settle for what they have, never having all the things they need or want. Of course work, self-discipline and an enquiring mind are necessary for acquiring wealth. Those who claim you can become a millionaire quickly and effortlessly are lying. The plan that I am proposing for you is simple to put into practice. It is the basis of all fortunes earned through hard work rather than inheritance. To implement the plan coherently, all you need is a regular income (the amount doesn’t matter) and a minimum of self-discipline.

The wealth equation

Focus all your attention on the following formula so that you never forget it. It is absolutely reliable, having been proven many times, and it will form the basis on which you will build your fortune:

Wealth = Income (or revenue) + Savings + Investments

If you can grasp the way in which all these elements influence each other, this equation will work for you as it has worked for the richest men on Earth. And by building the things you learn in this book into this equation, you will increase its effectiveness still further and prosper beyond all your expectations.

Wealth is the end result we are seeking. You need to adjust your attitude and the plans you make according to the amount of money you want, because this will have an impact on your income, savings and investments. At the beginning, income is the principle source of wealth: the monthly transfer from your employer, your commission, you performance bonus… basically the money you are paid for the work you do. As long as your income remains stable, the wealth equation will work in your favour, regardless of how much you earn, the business you are in or whether you are employed or an employer. What counts is that the money feeds your bank account regularly.

Being able to save is important if you want to become wealthy. Saving quite simply means spending less than you earn. Of course, it’s difficult to reduce your outgoings – advertising and the media encourage consumers to spend more and more, by offering you the chance to pay in instalments, borrow on interest free credit or defer payment, etc. We have purchasing power even when we are in the red! But its savings that set those who become wealthy apart from others.

You will then use your savings for investments, which will allow your savings to grow. There are different types of investments: shares, bonds, property, starting a business, etc. Investment gives you the chance to increase your earnings. Earn money, save, invest…it’s a never ending circle, so powerful that it leads finally to wealth…and you can start right now!

Free yourself from debt

From now on, nothing will stand between you and the path to wealth. But you may find this hard to believe if you are one of those people who has got into debt. When you are in debt you can’t feel secure, nor can you build the financial foundations of your future. Obviously, it’s hard to look forward to the future with hope when you feel as if you are being strangled by an ever-tightening knot around your neck. However unpleasant they are, debts are not insurmountable and they won’t prevent you from achieving your financial freedom. The wealth equation is simply formulated differently:

Wealth = Income (or revenue) + Savings + Investments – Debts

What you have to do now is approach this ‘difference’ with a positive inner attitude and the same self-discipline you apply to your financial management. Believe that you can free yourself of debt, take the necessary steps…and soon they will be nothing more than a bad memory!

Financial advisors differ in their opinion on what to do about debts: should you pay back your debts first before you start saving, or can you do both at the same time. Personally I prefer to pay off my debts first, for one simple reason: the interest on loans is generally 4 to 5 times higher than the interest you earn on secure investments.

This is clearly shown in the following example:

Level of debt  (overdraft on your current account)                                    10 000 €
Loan Rate                                                                                               12.5 %
Interest payable in one year                                                                             1,250 €
Money saved (at present)                                                                                 10 000 €
Rate                                                                                                                    2.75%
Interest earned over the year                                                                           275 €

The difference between the interest paid and the interest received is 975 euros, money that you could save! The difference in the rates of interest is: 12.5% - 2.75% = 9.75%. I’d like to know where I can find a capitalisation rate of 9.75%, I’d invest all my money in it right away! By investing 100,000 euros at such a rate, I would have 9750 euros extra at the end of the year. So its better to pay off your debts first, if you have them. Not only will you fell better, you’ll save money too.

You should note that this logic does not apply to mortgages or rented property. Firstly, the interest rates are much lower, because the banks providing these mortgages have more collateral, then you can claim tax relief on your mortgage debt, as "negative income from rentals or leasing". This means you pay less tax than you would have done on these transaction, and you even get ‘negative income’ when the advertising costs exceed the rental income, which reduces your taxable income overall.

There are several ways of paying back what you have borrowed, to pay off your debts. If your have several creditors, and you have to pay a certain amount to each of them every month, prioritise the smaller debts. Pay off the highest debts by making the highest payment possible, and the debts with the lowest interest rate should be paid with the minimum repayment. When the debt with the highest interest rate has been paid back, start on the debt with the next highest interest rate, and so on. In this way you will pay off your debts and save money. When all your debts have been paid off, you will then be able to set a new ceiling for your financial security.

Whatever your current financial situation, you can improve your financial power if you are prepared to confront the situation, instil some self-discipline and live according to your plan. The reduction in your debts will give you strength. There is absolutely no doubt that if you programme your finances with the ‘wealth equation’ you will get out of debt and achieve your financial objectives: financial security, financial independence and financial freedom. But you must stick to your programme if you want to become wealthy.

The equation that I am going to reveal to you now is the equation of extraordinary wealth – it can bring you far better results that you would get just by managing your money intelligently! Extraordinarily rich is what you will be when you activate your potential and make your dreams a reality, so much so you will be able to share a part of your wealth with the world. The equation is written as follows:

Extraordinary wealth = (Income + Savings + Investments) x Secret riches

Yes, your personal secret riches we mentioned before can supercharge your finances and significantly speed up the achievement of your financial objectives. Consciously or not, everyone who has become rich embodies that equation. In your case, what you will have to do is activate your secret riches (talents, dreams, wishes, beliefs, love, passions, world vision, etc.)… and mobilise all your money-making potential. And if you can manage this, you will achieve financial freedom.
All those who have combined their secret riches with the wealth equation have achieved extraordinary results.

Bill Gates for example, has the biggest fortune in the world. Born on October 28th, 1951 in Seattle (USA), the second child of a well-off family, he was fascinated by economics and maths. From the age of 13, he developed his talents at Lakeside private school, where he met Paul Allen, his future business partner. After some success using a computer supplied by the school, the two friends set themselves the task of finding faults in the DEC computer programme, of the Computer Center Corporation. Their collaboration was a success and they decided to set up the Lakeside Programming Group. Gates studied at Harvard for a while, until the moment when his ‘business instinct’ was awakened.

From then on he focused on developing new software, working on perfecting the Altair computer, which had already been launched. In 1975, the company Microsoft was founded and in 1981, he laid the foundations of his empire.

Bill Gates recognised the potential of the Seattle Computer Products SCP-DOS system. He bought the system and used it as a basis for creating the MS-DOS system. In 1983 the first version of Windows was launched in MS-DOS, a piece of software so simple that anyone could use it. This system was considered revolutionary but no manufacturer or user was prepared to take a risk on it, preferring to stick with the known systems. Bill went from conference to exhibition, but no major orders were forthcoming. Undeterred, he continued developing the Windows system through to version 3.0 which was launched in 1990. And his perseverance paid off. Now even the most sceptical would consider that he reinvented the computer.

The example of Bill Gates is only one among many. Play your hidden assets…and you will see that they will take you just as far. The door to financial freedom is open: the best thing you can do is step over its threshold.

Friday, April 22, 2011

How to achieve your financial objectives

There is a fundamental difference between ‘becoming rich’ and ‘amassing money’. Of course, money allows you to make major changes to your lifestyle, but wanting to be rich should never be synonymous with greed, to the point where you neglect other values that are also an integral part of life, such as love, friendship, health, spontaneity and joy in life…You should maintain a certain balance between money and your own values. Most millionaires know the difference between needing something and wanting something. Many people would have a less restricted budget if they didn’t give in to their compulsive whims. That doesn’t mean that you can buy expensive things, when the investment is worth making – for example, a lovely pair of shoes will surely give you more than cheap sandals.

Your financial objectives

Most people associate the feeling of being rich with having a certain amount of money. And that’s what this Chapter is about: you can become as rich as you want to be, but first you must decide the level of wealth that you want to obtain. And the only way to do that is by drawing up a financial plan. This plan is fundamental, which is why I keep coming back to it so regularly. Very few people consciously prepare themselves to become wealthy (particularly in so far as concerns having the right inner attitude). Most never ask themselves from what amount of money they will consider themselves rich. If you press them on the subject, they generally mention a massively exaggerated figure, so much more than they have that it seems totally out of their reach. And this stops them from ever trying to get that amount of money. Moreover it’s an ongoing process: if you set yourself a high objective, you have to ask yourself first if you can achieve a less ambitious goal. And in both cases, success is unlikely if you don’t understand the mysteries of financial management.

The starting point for financial success is deciding on one hand how much money you will need to consider yourself rich (according to your own criteria, your own values) and on the other hand, how much time you will need to obtain it. You don’t want it to take so long that you don’t have much time left to enjoy it, nor do you want to plan your objectives over too short a timescale at the risk neglecting other important areas of your life…or even have it turn out to be completely impossible. Be ambitious, but stay realistic! In any case, when you really start to plan out exactly what your objectives are, you will find the right attitude to take.

What would you have to do, for example, to have one million euros after six years? Set yourself an objective of 31,250 euros at the end of the first year then double that amount each year to reach the one million euros five years later. But if six years isn’t enough, you could stretch it to seven years, with an objective of 15,625 euros the first year, or eight years with an objective of 7,812 euros the first year. The important thing about this example is that you have to get a specific amount of money within a specific timescale. Also, you won’t know how you are going to double your capital every year, you should just know that you are going to be able to do it: the ‘how’ will come later.

Getting rich requires careful planning, efficiency and a feeling of responsibility. You should take stock of your current financial situation while keeping in mind the objective you are seeking and what you need to do change to achieve it.

What I am suggesting is a simple programme, with reasonable and accessible objectives. It can be adapted to your needs but it is based on regular income. I use this programme myself and it enabled me to become financially independent while I was still young. And others have obtained success comparable to mine using the same plan. Your outgoings increase in proportion to your income: the more money you have, the more you spend. This plan estimates your needs (or your wants) and is organised around three simple objectives: financial security, financial independence and financial freedom.

Financial security

Financial security means having enough money to provide for your needs, even if you lose your job or suffer a major financial setback. The objective is to guarantee your standard of living for a certain amount of time (one year for example), by setting aside a sum of money, until you can get back your stability. You need to be able to access this money immediately in the event of an emergency (so you can’t put it in high-risk investments that may eat into your savings). I recommend a current account, an investment account, or government bonds or ordinary bonds. With this type of investment, which is almost risk-free, you can set aside enough money to cover your basic needs. Do the calculations and start saving now.

These savings constitute a ‘safety net’ even if they don’t earn a particularly high interest rate. You will be able to sleep easy at night, knowing that you are protected from dire situations such as having to move to a smaller house or sell your car to sort out your money problems. Investments paying a high rate of interest come in the next stage.

Financial independence

Once you have assured your financial security, you can then start concentrating on financial independence. In theory, this is acquired from the time when you have enough money to stop working. So you have to calculate the income you would need to spend the rest of your life in financial security. When making this calculation, don’t confuse needs and wants – for example, the place to live you need and the house of your dreams…Consider the different areas: clothing, studies, holidays, leisure, etc. Estimate the amount of money you need to maintain the lifestyle that suits you. Of course you could spend all your income, but this would mean sacrificing the chance to build your fortune.

To help you work out your needs and wants, consider your current lifestyle: if you are satisfied with it then you probably have everything you need. Now think about the possibilities for cutting back, for example, saving on your utility bills (electricity, heating, water, etc.), your leisure activities (there are probably some things you can do more cheaply), etc. If on the contrary you are not satisfied with your lifestyle, calculate the minimum it would cost you to live in an acceptable manner. Calculate the monthly outgoings necessary for the standard of living you think appropriate and then work out how much you would need to have saved in order for the monthly interest to cover these costs. For example, if 30,000 euros per year would be enough for you, you would need 300,000 euros, invested at a rate of 10 %, to be financially independent. So there’s your next objective.

Knowing the amount of money that would give you financial independence gives you a great deal of strength. Of course, 300,000 euros is a lot of money, but it’s a significantly less overwhelming figure than the millions that many people imagine they would need to be financial independent. It’s an amount of money that you can reasonably set yourself as an objective, and I am going to show you how to achieve this objective. With the right mental attitude and the right information, you can attain financial independence, and maybe even more!

Financial freedom

The third stage in the organisation of your financial freedom consists in working out how much money you would need to achieve financial freedom, which is a state that can be described as follows: having enough money in different investments to accrue sufficient interest to pay for you to do everything you want to do. Think of all the things that you have always dreamed of doing, things you enjoy, things that fascinate you or make you happy. How much would all that cost? Write down how much each of your dreams would cost and add them up. There’s your financial objective.

To achieve this objective, you need to build a portfolio of investments that guarantee optimum returns. At this stage, you can put your money in more ‘daring’ investments, than when you were saving for your financial independence, but avoiding high-risk strategies, such as games of chance. Financial freedom is more than financial security and financial independence, because it requires an income that is constantly increasing. I remember reading that Microsoft increases its wealth by 240 million dollars every day; Bill Gates probably now has more money than he knows what to do with. When you achieve that freedom, you will be totally free of all financial cares. You will then be able to set your energy to improving your standard of living and that of those around you, you will be able to make all your dreams a reality…Allow this feeling of financial liberty to sink in: it will keep your spirits up while you are reading this book, and while you are pursuing your objective of wealth and prosperity.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The right attitude to wealth

If you haven’t yet managed to take in the fact that you are going to be wealthy. I am now going to tell you how to do this, and more importantly, detail the stages of this process. To transform your current belief system – so that wealth will be drawn into your life, you must do the following:

1- Take inspiration from a ‘positive role model’. This means someone who is trustworthy, someone you respect, who has the right attitude to wealth, and take on this attitude for yourself. For example you can watch carefully what this person says and does in their relationship with finance and money, look into the type of situation or circumstances that have helped them to prosper…and most importantly tell yourself: Whatever they can do, I can do too!

2- Put this model in practice, trying it out in situations that occur in your daily life, so that you gradually change your ‘way of thinking’, and transform the beliefs you hold that don’t promote the arrival of money into financially productive thoughts.

3- The third stage consists in the frequent repetition of positive statements and formulas, which will imprint positive mental images on your mind (this is a type of self-suggestion). Of the three possibilities, this is certainly the most powerful and effective at freeing you of your old, restrictive beliefs. Affirmations and visualisations contribute to replacing your unproductive mental habits with powerful convictions that generate success. At first, this process is a conscious one, then through the power of repetition, it is automatically recorded on your subconscious mind. Once programmed, your subconscious mind works, drawing on itself, towards the achievement of your financial goals.

The ‘programming’ of your inner attitude is based on the principle that you already have the qualities you need. By consistently nourishing your subconscious mind with positive images and thoughts, your thought patterns will change and produce better results. You must understand that if you continue to think and act as you have in the past, you will carry on obtaining the same results as in the past – and that’s not what you want, is it?
When you have changed your beliefs, you will think and act as if you were rich…and then you will become rich!

It’s also a good idea to use creative visualisation, which is incredibly effective.
Take some time to relax – when body and mind are relaxed, the conditions are ideal for your subconscious to record modifications. Visualise yourself in situations in which you have already achieved the sought after prosperity. Give free rein to your imagination: for example, you can visualise the house of your dreams, the car you would like to drive, the perfect holiday…etc. You must be able to see yourself in different places and situations. The more vividly you feel and live these virtual scenarios that play in your imagination, the more powerful and durable the reprogramming of your subconscious with positive beliefs. Visualise ever better, more colourful and more gratifying situations, to attain a life full of wealth and prosperity.

Do this creative visualisation exercise every day, for around 15 minutes; you will soon notice the effects. Remember that it is your thoughts that determine your life, not your circumstances.

From now on cultivate an inner attitude conducive to wealth

Look at your surroundings from the perspective of wealth and prosperity, and keep this vision at the top of your mind. Never doubt that success will soon come to you. Concentrate on what you have – your value, your talents and skills, instead of focusing on what you lack or what you don’t like. Establish a positive and creative mental relationship between what you have and what you would like to obtain…and it will come to you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The path to financial freedom

Increasingly, our consumer society leads us to scorn our inner life and its benefits. People end up identifying with their car, their bank account, their club, etc. They think that their own personal wealth can be defined in terms of their material possessions. The prevailing belief is that the more money you amass, the happier you are. Advertising and marketing executives put an end to spiritual values such as selflessness, generosity, dedication, tolerance, etc. That’s not how I want to live.

There are many stories about immensely rich rock stars or famous actors who no longer know how to spend their money, or even lottery winners who can’t seem to take in their sudden wealth. In principle, their money should guarantee their happiness, but more often than not they end up surrounded by ‘parasites’ rather than sincere friends. True happiness is not linked to the fact of having lots of money. It would be more accurate to say that the main advantage of money is security, the freedom that it can bring, not having to do anything tiresome or boring to provide for your needs, being free of financial worries, having the chance to try new experiences that promote personal development. Money doesn’t necessarily make us better people, but by using it intelligently we can find personal enrichment.

Let’s take the example of travel. Think about everything there is to explore on our planet! You can broaden your horizons, learn about different cultures, admire the splendours of nature, the architectural marvels man has built, if that’s what you want to do. Reading books or seeing films on these subjects can be fascinating of course, but there’s nothing better than experiencing them for yourself – and that’s something that wealth can buy for you. And as far as your home is concerned, you can buy, or have built, the house of your dreams, in a nice area, and furnish it exactly the way you want, etc.

As you will note along your path, having money doesn’t just broaden your horizons, it also increases your level of social responsibility. It gives you the chance to help others, whether in material terms or helping other people to discover their own hidden resources. Prosperity also entails a certain degree of individual responsibility, such as the need to appreciate every moment of your wealthy lifestyle, knowing how to be thankful for all you have, seeking to achieve good physical and mental health, so that you remain worthy of the privileges that money brings.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Relaxation and Visualization exercise

  Sit down and relax.

 This method relies exclusively on breathing. Breathe in deeply inflating your stomach, which favours the maximum retention of air. Once you have breathed in, block the air in your lungs while counting slowly to seven. Then, breathe out deeply through your mouth while tucking your tummy in order to expel all the air. Then, breathe normally.

If you wish you can repeat the process a second, even a third time. As well as enabling rapid relaxation, this simple exercise also revitalises the cells of the body. This energy recharge starts to take effect from the fifth second that you hold your breath.

Now you are ready to start the task of visualisation itself.

Do you want your wishes to come true? Your projects to come to fruition? For Providence to generously fill your needs?

Then run in your mind a film in which they have already come true. Imagine yourself saying, doing, being and having what you want to say, do, be and have … and harvest the satisfaction, honours and benefits.

If you have a money problem, imagine yourself winning the lottery…see yourself banking a cheque… visualise the house, the car of your dreams, etc.

Do you desperately want to meet the man or woman of your life or sort out a problem in your love life?

Imagine yourself meeting the partner who is perfect for you, see yourself sharing moments of tender complicity with that person, visualise the ideal circumstances for that meeting, imagine that the difficulties troubling your relationship find a happy solution, etc.

Do you have a health problem?

Imagine yourself talking to your doctor who is telling you that you are completely cured ! ….and so on…The only limits of your visualisation are the limits of your imagination.

Allow yourself to be carried out on the broad wings of your imagination, your fantasy. This will lead you into a fabulous world in which anything can be achieved; allow yourself to be guided by your little inner voice because it knows better than anyone what is exactly right for you. Listen to it! Obey it and be receptive to it.

Beneficial positive affirmations:

-       « The daily repetition of positive formulas opens up an increasingly broad road to happiness and success »

-        « From today, I will voluntarily reprogram my subconscious, positively and according to my own desires ».

-       « I am voluntarily conditioning myself to be and become what I want to be: a person full of energy, in good health, happy in my skin, happy to be alive, in harmony with those around me ».

-       « I am getting used to thinking positively at all times of the day ».

-       « I am changing my way of thinking by leaving behind my negative thoughts and multiplying my good positive thoughts ».

-       « I act and take decisions for my greater good ».

-       « Every morning I get up with good intentions and every evening I go to sleep in peace with the conviction that tomorrow will be better ».

-       « My ambition is to succeed in life: I act with perseverance for everything to be positively transformed ».

-       « When a negative thought obsesses me, I thing about something nice and constructive ».

-       « Every one of my thoughts has a real impact on my life, I take care to cultivate good thoughts in myself »

-       « I stimulate within myself energy, wellbeing. I do not speak depressing words, my confidence in myself increases constantly ».

-       « Day by day, I feel better and better ».

-       « I am becoming master of my destiny because at any moment in my life I can have good or bad thoughts ».

-       « I am more and more convinced that marvellous moments await me in the future ».

-       « Pessimism and doubt are disappearing from my life because I do nothing to increase their influence ».

-        « I do everything necessary to obtain what I want. The good things that await me will inevitably happen: its a natural Law ».

-       « My positive belief increases as I train myself to think positively ».

-       « I keep away from people who still have pessimistic, depressing, negative thoughts »

-       « My luck increases continually because I always think more and more positively».

-         « Everything is arranged for the best of my interests, everything will come to me « .

-       « I form a barrier against external influences that are harmful for my positive and independent thought ».

-       « A positive mental attitude is an unlimited source of wellbeing, happiness, abundance, success and health ».

-       « I radiate thoughts of peace, joy towards the world, like a radiant sun diffusing its heat and light freely ».

-       « A source of unlimited Cosmic Energy sleeps within me: all I need to do is become aware of it to awaken it and obtain its help ».

-       « I feel how new creative forces burst out from my entire being. I know and feel that I am really starting a new life of success ».

-        « Through my personal mental attitude, I let the creative forces of the universe enter my life to help me. They galvanise and regenerate my mental and spiritual being ».

-       « Every day, I am more in harmony with the Creative Forces of the Cosmos. I channel them in a constructive manner. Everything I undertake is therefore crowned with success ».

-       « From now on I know that everything is possible. I know that through the regular practice of Magical Thought, all my wishes will come true »

-       « My imagination is more and more fertile. I feel enthusiastic, efficient, at peace with myself. I give thanks for this continuous happiness ».

-       « Good intuition will flow and instantly, to make the most of them, I will apply them without delay. My intuition will bring me luck in competitions ».

-       « Money is a precious asset: I respect it and use it constructively for my well-being and that of others. My thought is expressed positively and makes my intuition fruitful for resolving my money problems as soon as possible »

-       « Unlimited abundance flows in me and through me, and I share it freely with others. By acting according to my heart, success will come more rapidly into my life ».

-       « My personal affairs are driven towards success and I prosper with ease. The more I give, the more I receive. Everything comes to me as if by magic. Money flows profusely into my home ».

-       « I am entitled to have lots of money. Every amount that I spend will come back to me multiplied to infinity. I am learning to give out of kindness because I know that the more I give, the more I receive. Every day, by applying this sacred principle, I have the opportunity to earn more money ».

-       « I have full confidence in my future, because I am building it today with my positive thoughts that are invincible and deeply magnetic magic formulas ».

-       « I am always friendly with others. New energies reinforce and stimulate in my body burning feelings of love. I irresistibly seduce the being that is my destiny ».

-       « I attract sincere love as easily as a love draws fire. My sensuality, my magnetism intensifies a little more each day ».

-       « My magnetism irresistibly attracts the ideal loved one for me to fill my desires. I freely guide my destiny, with happiness and gratitude"

-       « If I am set upon by doubt, pessimism or despair, I practise positive thought with faith, luck will come back into my life and my morale is back on a high ».

-       « I forgive others and I forgive myself. I fully accept all the happiness and the luck that awaits me, according to the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe ».