Thursday, September 29, 2011

How does intuition manifest itself?

I will give you some hints here; they will enable you to recognise your intuitions as you begin to develop the powers of intuition dormant within you …

At the beginning, before you have brought it under control, intuition manifests itself without any warning at the times and in the situations when you least expect it. You suddenly feel a vague, hazy feeling; a sort of illumination from within. Suddenly, you know, without thinking or reasoning, that you have the truth, but without being able to prove it in a logical way. It is located more in your ‘guts’ and your heart than in your head.

The greatest problem which you come up against as intuition develops and this type of feeling occurs, is that you tend to deny it, putting it down to imagination or silliness…and it is often when the intuitive perception is fulfilled that you realise how pertinent it was. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is too late.

In other words, you should seize these flashes of intuition when they happen! But recognising the signs of intuition is not always easy, because it is a capricious faculty that takes on different guises. It might communicate with your mind by making you see images because it knows that these images will meet with a response.

For example, the image of your son receiving a diploma a few hours before he gives you the invitation to the presentation ceremony. Or the image of a friend on a hospital bed the day before his car accident. Or even the image of a person you have never seen before in your life but who appears at your door shortly after this vision.

Intuition also manifests itself through images when it happens in your dreams, in creative visualisations or when meditating (I will come back to this point further on).

Sometimes, intuition emerges through sound. For example, when you hear a voice, inside you, which suggests something to you, a recommendation or admonition. Sometimes, again, you might have the feeling of hearing music. In this case, turn your attention to the music: what does it evoke for you? Is it gentle and peaceful or alternatively, loud and strident?

There are also the ring of the telephone or the doorbell. You pick up the handset…but it’s dead. You open the door…nobody there! Pay attention if this happens, you will know that it is a truly an intuition if soon afterwards you can easily link this bizarre phenomenon to a specific event: a telephone call or a visitor.

In the same line, feelings such as shivers, trembling, sudden anxiety or the quickening up of the heartbeat, or an aversion as rapid as it is inexplicable, are guises that intuition may take to communicate with you, to make you aware that something is wrong or, to the contrary, that something marvellous is happening.

There are also those moments when you get the impression that someone is looking at you, touching you or stroking your hair, even when you are on your own.

As your intuition beings to develop, do not be surprised if you perceive one or several of the manifestations that I have just described. Do not treat them with indifference or scorn, saying afterwards: "I should have gone with my first idea…" Remember that the first impression is often the best.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What is intuition?

Intuition can be defined as a type of immediate knowledge which does not draw on logical and rational reasoning, like a feeling, which may be more or less clear, impossible to put your finger on, as yet unformed.

Intuition could be described as the acquisition of new, spontaneous, sudden knowledge; a flash of information, generally accompanied by a vague emotion or feeling – positive or negative, depending on the case.

In the minds of many people, intuition is often linked to premonition. And with good reason since, speaking personally, my experience as a clairvoyant and medium has shown me how premonition and intuitive perception are in fact similar ; they are manifested in the same way.

Intuition is communication with the infinite intelligence of the unconscious (or alternatively the subconscious) Mind.

It is easier to understand when you realise that the conscious mind is in charge of reasoning, rationalising and intellectualising. It is the alert and voluntary part of your mind. In this respect, the conscious is objective and active: it chooses and decides. All the thoughts and images that your mind forms and conceives are ‘dispatched’ to your subconscious which ‘stores’ them.
The subconscious is the unconscious ‘dormant’ part of your mind. This is the subjective, passive part that obeys the orders given by your conscious mind, which executes all of your instructions to the letter. It does not know how to think, it only knows to obey. It is the seat of your emotions, your habits and your memory.

But there is also a ‘super-conscious’ which is located beyond the conscious and the subconscious. Certain ‘psychic powers’, or paranormal powers, such as telepathy, telekinesis, ‘astral journey’, clairvoyance, belong to the domain of the super-conscious. Intuition also comes from the super-conscious.

People who are experts in occultism, mediums, clairvoyants – in other words those who believe in the existence of realities and dimensions other than those in which we live out our daily lives -, intuition is one of the numerous powers that human beings can develop and learn to master (you too, in this case, if you really want to…).

Intuition, (the sixth sense) is, however, a sense similar to other senses (hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste), except that it is not linked to any visible organ. It is a strange thing that little children are taught from a very early age to distinguish between colours and smells, to enjoy caresses, reading, writing, singing, etc. whereas they are NEVER told that the little inner voice that they often hear (particularly before the age of 8) is worthy of all their attention.

It is only by making use of this sense that they can learn to distinguish right from wrong, genuine people from fakes. It can show them the path to follow so that their life will be strewn with roses rather than nettles, and by following its recommendations, they will have access to the secrets of the Universe.

Your subconscious does not distinguish between the imagined and the real.

 The emotional impact of your images on you remains the same. Also, visualise yourself talking and acting as if you were ALREADY the ideal person that you want to be. Or as if you had already accomplished your goals.

You, like many people, have great capacity for creative visualisation, but you have forgotten it. This ability develops during childhood; you only need to watch children playing to see how true this is. Children are capable of inventing all sorts of scenarios and games. Nothing seems impossible and or unattainable to them. Children master this ability for creative visualisation instinctively.

Children later gradually lose this ability, and on different levels. They lose their innocence and with it go many of their dreams and illusions. This is due to a considerable extent to their education, their environment and the thoughts that form in the wake of their own negative experiences.

Fortunately, you can rediscover your capacity for creative visualisation, still intact deep within you, because it is just a case of mental conditioning. You can do this thanks on one hand to the Ritual which I am going to perform for you, and on the other, by following my advice.

   You will find that everything that I reveal to you here is true, and you will be able to see for yourself the efficiency of this method for reprogramming your subconscious. You will feel a very positive transformation take place within you, which will be externalised in the form of lucky opportunities…as if by magic!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Your emotions are also creative.

 They are a source of energy that you receive. When you imagine, speak and feel, that can become a very powerful creative force. Your fears and insecurities, if you do not control them, will end up by dominating you. You subconscious will direct you in that direction and you will reap the consequences…unless you get the upper hand and orientate your words positively.

You will then obtain a feeling of confidence which will become the source of your motivation, and you will take your decisions on the basis of the assurance and determination that you have created within yourself.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

How to use positive and creative affirmations

Here is a list of positive affirmations that you can use to inspire yourself to begin. Obviously there are others. I recommend you create your own affirmations based on what you want to happen in your life. 

-               I am calm, peace reigns in my heart.
-               I like myself and I accept myself as I am.
-               I find the source of love within myself, I find security within myself. 
-               I am open to change and I am focused on the goal I want to achieve.
-               I am developing unlimited confidence in myself and in my own creativity.
-               The power of the repetitions and suggestions that I make to myself is certain.
-               I am voluntarily conditioning myself so that I can be and become: a person full of energy, in good health, at ease with myself, happy to be alive, in harmony with my surroundings.
-               I am getting used to thinking positively at all times of the day.
-               I am changing my way of thinking by setting aside my negative thoughts and multiplying my good, positive thoughts.
-               All the affirmations that I repeat are not imposed on me, I know that they are good for me and I freely choose my conditioning.
-               The conditioning that I voluntarily practice serves to fight against all the other negative conditioning that I have suffered until now.
-               Every morning I wake up with good resolutions and every evening I go to sleep at peace with the conviction that tomorrow will be better.
-               When I become obsessed by a negative thought, I think of something nice and positive.
-               Each one of my thoughts has real power over my life. I take care to cultivate good thoughts within myself.
-               I stimulate energy and well-being within myself. I do not use depressing words. My self-confidence is ever increasing.
-               Day by day, week by week, month by month, all around me is transformed, becoming more and more positive.
-               Thinking positively attracts success and achievement.
-               Abundance and prosperity will come into my life thanks to my constructive thought.
-               I am becoming master of my destiny since every second of my life I can choose to have good or bad thoughts.
-               I am more and more convinced that marvellous moments await me in the future.
-               All my fears will eventually disappear, because I know that they only exist in so far as I accord them importance.
-               I act without haste at the right moment, I do not allow myself to be influenced by things that do not form part of my objective.
-               Pessimism and doubt are disappearing from my life because I am doing nothing to increase their influence.
-               I do everything necessary to get what I want. Good things will necessarily happen to me; it is a natural Law.
-               I carry within me my deep and positive convictions even when circumstances give the impression that fate is against me
-               My faith, my positive thought, increases as I train myself to think positively.
-               At any time my life can change for better or for worse: It is me who decides.
-               My luck increases constantly because I think better and better.
-               The magnetism of my new personality helps me to make my presence felt in the important situations in my life.
-               It is never too late to change your habits.
-               I am not a slave of my negative emotions, instead I dominate them.
-               The obstacles that crop up along my path are also enriching experiences for my future success.
-               I know how to be patient in any situation, my self-confidence allows me to remain calm and serene.
-               I form a block against external influences that are harmful to my positive thoughts.
-               I make positive affirmations and visualisations, and that transforms me positively.
-               I am choosing today to change the course of my existence and change my thoughts of defeat to thoughts of victory.
-               When I take charge of my thoughts, I am on a path to control and success.
-               I move ahead in live with assurance because I know that my lucky Star is guiding me.
-               I know that I can be there for others because I can be there for myself.
-               Etc.

You can choose suggestions that are particularly suited to your own case and repeat them all though the day to change the content of your subconscious (in the morning when you get up and in the evening when you go to bed are the best times, but also when driving, in the shower or bath, walking in the countryside, etc.).

Everything you say using the word "I" will become a reality for you in time. Spend a few minutes every day in silence in order to listen to what is going on inside you. Make the most of these moments to nourish your mind with positive words.

You should always speak your positive affirmations in the present tense. If you phrase them in the future, your subconscious will only register the future part of your affirmation and will put it all off for later.

The same thing applies if you refer negatively to the present: the subconscious will only register the negative part of your affirmation and carry it out. For example, if you say: "I shouldn’t manage my money badly", the subconscious records "I manage my money badly " and you will do exactly what the opposite of what you wanted to do. It’s better to say: "I manage my money well". In the same way, reject any negative affirmation involving you and replace them with positive ones. Say, for example: "I am clever", "I am honest", etc.

If you continually repeat to yourself that you are ill, you will get ill, in the majority of cases not because it is your physical reality, but because your subconscious registers what you say and makes it happen. In such a case, it is not your body that is ill, but rather your thoughts. The cure is to be found in your thoughts.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

You need to understand...

that if you refuse to look yourself in the face, you deprive yourself of the possibility of development, and you repeat the same errors, running the risk of becoming utterly disheartened.

If you make an effort to get what you want in life, achieve your aims and if you always opt for the same choice of thoughts, you will obviously always obtain the same results.

Take an example. All of the thoughts and the results of which I speak here are like the bee that attempts hopelessly to get through a closed window to find freedom. The problem is not in the level of effort that it puts into getting through the window, since it will persevere until it is dead. The problem lies more in the way it tries to solve the problem.

So no, the bee does not understand that it is impossible for it to get through the glass, and it continues to hurl itself against it. Therefore it makes the same wrong choice over and over again and obviously achieves the same result. All it would need would be to stand back from the situation a little to realise that it only needs to fly for a few seconds to be free, by choosing another, open, window a little further away in the same room!

If you have thoughts like: "All my business ventures fail… I’m ugly… I’m fat…I will never have enough money to be able to afford this or that…or to do this project, etc.", you will condition your subconscious to prove you right. Your subconscious mind will fulfil the orders it receives from your negative thoughts and ‘manipulate’ you without you being aware of it to prove you right.

Thought is the primary source of creative energy. This is what I call positive visualisation. These are the mental images of your thoughts. It’s an invisible but very powerful energy source. All great successes have begun with an imagined or dreamed idea.

The word is your second source of creative energy. It can be transmitted through the formulation of your thoughts or verbally. Your words are a communication tool that externalises and packages your thoughts. It is very powerful because it is capable of producing vibrations and thereby changing matter. It also has the power to generate emotions of fear or love.

When you choose to speak positively, you condition yourself to think in the same way. It is through your words that you can channel your thoughts and emotions positively. Your actions will then follow along the same positive course and you will reap the positive consequences in your life.

Don’t loose the opportunity to re-programme positively your subconscious with the aid of positive and creative affirmation. I can guarantee you that you will be amazed by the results that you will not have to wait long to see.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is the inner voice that has always spoken to you.

 You should know that this part of you is beautiful and pure. During life, we change on a physical level and on the level of our personality. We change very little in our character and we do not change in the slightest on the level of our soul.

This is because our soul does not age, it remains young, open and new, whether you are seven or seventy. If you are at peace with your soul (particularly thanks to positive thoughts), love and its succession of blessings will come into your life.

There are many examples that well prove that material success, beauty, great intelligence, or the absence of the same are not necessarily any guarantee of success or failure in life. How many people have been victims of abuse of all sorts and yet have succeeded in building themselves a life full of love and hope, while others who started out with all the requirements for success have unfortunately failed?

By choosing to think positively, you work for yourself rather than against yourself. But let me recommend something to you.

Before you do something important, you need to find your own truth, because you are the only person who will live with the consequences of your choice. Those who give you advice do not live the consequences. You alone really know what you want to do. I have noticed many people who constantly go to others when the time comes to make a decision, because of their feelings of self-doubt. Then, if they find that they are unhappy with the results, they blame others for their misfortune.

Learn to value yourself and have confidence in yourself, but if something doesn’t seem right, take some time to think about it, step back a little so that you can see further into yourself. Learn to listen to your heart, which knows your deeper truth and live in harmony with yourself.

So it is up to each of us to choose the quality of our thoughts.

You choose the message you want to send out

Do not be afraid to follow my advice to the letter; take as proof the numerous testimonials of thanks from people who I have had the opportunity to help over the course of many years. Many have thanked me for having helped them to improve their luck and to change the course of their lives for the better.

Be convinced of this: you too, you can achieve it, all you need to do is improve the way you think from now on. Your distress, your confusion, the extent of your problem matter little, you can find hope again and achieve your childhood dreams, making the life you dream of a reality.

Whether it is love, business, friendship or another aspect of your life; you can change the course of your life for the better at any time in your life. It is never too late and you are never too old to do it.

There is one point on which I want to insist: positive thought favours and facilitates contact with your lucky Star. Thinking positively is a little like turning the button on your radio to tune into the station that is playing the music you want to listen to. It enables you to find the "right wavelength", without unwanted static or interference. The best thing for you is that it is both the easiest and the most pleasant, isn’t it?

Similarly, the lucky Star watching over your Destiny (your Internal Guide or your Guardian Angel, if you prefer) Guide emits the messages that can potentially help you on a certain light frequency.

But if your mind is full of negative energy (as a result of negative thoughts, words, emotions or actions), it will become very difficult to pick up the information that your Star wants to send to you (remember, that’s its role and mission!). It tends to interfere with the reception.

In fact, the protection and guidance of your Star can provide, and is to a certain extent a tributary of, your feelings.

Furthermore, your Lucky Star is in direct contact with what we might call the soul… with the energy of your soul. You could say that your soul is the part of you that is eternal, because it is not subject to earthly, physical laws. It is the divine part of you within you; it comes from God and it returns to Him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We are formatted since childhood

It is true that right from the start, during infancy, our environment (parents, teachers…) condition us to think and believe in a certain way that is more or less appropriate. We are influenced, but not condemned to indefinitely repeat behaviours which are incompatible with happiness.

You should know that today you are totally free to choose your thoughts, to discover your full value and your deepest raison d’ĂȘtre. You can bring into your life the benefits resulting from your thoughts without having to force events.

It is important to understand this: the more you choose to think positively, the more beautiful your daily reality will become, because your actions always run in the same directions as your thoughts. The more you anticipate positive results (comfortable life sheltered from want, a beautiful home, a healthy bank account, harmonious and shared love life, good health etc.), the more you will reap the hoped for results.

In other words, in life you will harvest the fruits of the seeds you sow in your thoughts. And you are free to sow whatever seeds you wish. Remember that life smiles on those who consider themselves to be lucky. Start by valuing yourself and accepting yourself as you are. You are fundamentally a being of Light and Love…even if, like all of us, you have your qualities and your faults!

Let me tell you one thing: there are natural Laws in the Universe that are universal and to which we are all subject. And among these Laws is one that is well understood by those who succeed in life, which is the Law of attraction.

This means that not only do you attract in your life people who think like you, you also attract circumstances and experiences that are similar to your thoughts. The higher you value yourself, the more you attract people who value you, because you accept no less. The more you are at peace with yourself, the more you create harmony and abundance in your life, because you carry them within you.

Think about that: the world around you is only a mirror of the love you have for yourself.

When you admire a quality in someone, it is often because you also appreciate that same quality in yourself. When you envy a quality in someone, it is simply the case that you already have it but you repress it or block it due to a lack of confidence. Your potential is there, and it is only through gratitude that you will recognise it and it will manifest itself in you.

It could also be said that if you are stimulated by a positive state of mind and constructive thoughts, your external life will be filled with agreeable and happy events. To the contrary, if you "brood", harbouring negative ideas and feelings, you will see your fears and doubts materialise around you.

This also means that any problem (at work, in your relationship, with your money, etc.) that figures in your reality is necessarily the reflection, the extension, the concrete manifestation of a personal, internal problem.

Do you see how it works?

People who choose to think positively naturally attract into their lives positive actions and solutions. The same goes for people who choose to think negatively. That’s how the Law of attraction works.

And the Law of attraction is the basis of positive thought. Everything you send out in thought, in words, in emotions and in actions into the Universe inevitably comes back to you.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Your lucky star exists, I can assure you.

So, you now say, if that is true, why does life not lavish its benefits on you? Why don’t you get the luck, abundance, love, success, harmony which you are entitled to expect from your existence?

The answer is very simple: you have lost ‘contact’ with your Lucky Star.

In other words, you have lost the Path of Light, … Although your Star lives on in you and forms an essential part of your internal being, you no longer ‘communicate’: you can no longer profit from its guidance and enlightening messages.

It’s a little as if an opaque ‘smokescreen’ had gradually come down, a screen that your Star cannot penetrate.

So you remain confined to an ordinary state of consciousness, in which your perception of yourself and of the universe is fragmented, limited. You no longer have access to the ‘magical’ part of the universe, to the transcendental reality – bigger than your beliefs, more vast than anything you can imagine.

The consequence: instead of blossoming materially and spiritually, your life stagnates. In a way, you are cut off from your personal resources and from the creativity that would allow you to lead a life oh so much richer and more gratifying in every way.

But do not worry, I have promised you my help and I will do all within my power to honour that promise. You have made the right choice by placing your trust in me, and I know that I am going to be able to help you efficiently.

Together we are going to rid you of that opaque ‘smokescreen’ that is stopping you from benefiting form the positive influence of your Lucky Star. To do this, I am going to perform for you a Grand Ceremony of Energetic Contact, designed to re-establish contact with your Spiritual Guide – You Enlightening Star.

As soon as this radiant link is reactivated, you will see how your problems gradually become resolved, as if by magic. Your life will take a turn for the better, as the potential for happiness and prosperity buried deep within you begins to break free.

For your part, you do not have to do anything in particular, other than follow the secret advice and instructions that I am now going to reveal to you. It is, however, important to do this, if you want the ‘Ceremony of Energetic Contact’ to be fully effective.

First of all, though, allow me to give you some explanations on the nature of what I call the ‘smokescreen’, and on how this ‘screen’ formed and was able to deprive you of the protection of your Lucky Star.

It is negative conditioning which has allowed this opaque screen to come down. This conditioning is generally the result of incorrect beliefs, instilled during infancy (mainly during the first three months of life), then during childhood, by parents, schoolteachers, teachers of all sorts.

For too long now, the current education system favoured by our society has been based on the devaluation of the individual more than on the development of innate qualities. Effectively, traditional education is not generally adapted to the development of human beings: it does not teach the individual to love and accept him or herself for what he or she is, that is, a being of divine essence with limitless potential.

We no longer know this, because we are taught the contrary, from generation to generation, from earliest childhood. Children are ceaselessly told, ‘it’s like this’ or ‘it’s like that’.  A child who is taught that he or she is ‘rubbish’ at maths, for example, ends up being rubbish at maths.

We transmit, mostly without knowing it, our fears, our doubts and our beliefs to our children, without giving them the chance of growing more than us, having a vision of existence that is broader than our own. In order to feel loved by adults, children renounce their own perceptions and their direct apprehension of life, and end up accepting our limitations.

Why do we find it so hard to accept ourselves as we are? Because we have not been loved for ourselves as children; because however well-meaning they may be, our parents project themselves onto us. They idealise us, out of a desire to ‘manufacture’ a little carbon copy who will give back a pleasing and satisfying image of themselves.

It follows that the child tries to mould itself to this projection to receive the love it needs, while denying its own creative nature, its own individuality. Because if this child succeeds in conforming to the image projected by his parents, a denial of his or her true nature and deep internal discord will inevitably follow.

If the child ‘fails’, then he or she is not loved and accepted by parents who expected ‘something else’ from their offspring, who in turn suffers from self-doubt. In any event, the child cannot love him or herself as he or she is, and gradually becomes cut off from its creative resources and powers of imagination and intuition, in other words, the child will no longer be capable of receiving the messages from its lucky Star.

 … and so that’s how the ‘opaque screen’ forms!

The consequence is that many people do not have confidence in their own resources and do not know the enormous potential dormant within them, that they possess to confront life and develop as they should do.

So you see that it is not always easy or straightforward to have self-esteem, because you are often the subconscious victim of your own negative beliefs.

In order to generate positive belief in the area of love, or in any other area, a child needs to have received enough attention and affection from its parents. This allows the child to develop an attitude in adult life of confidence, security, openness, to express his or her emotions and feelings, and to share them with others.

If this has not been the case, the child will gradually crystallise within itself the negative belief that he or she does not deserve to be loved (or that he or she does not deserve to exist, or is useless, etc.). Deep down, the child will acquire the certainty that it will not be loved, because it is not sufficiently ‘valuable’ for that.

The repercussions on the existence of the child are highly significant. The child may opt for one of several ‘life strategies’: for example, affective isolation, or behaving in a way that attracts the rejection of those around it, or becoming lost in a false personality that will better please its parents, to the detriment of its own identity, etc.

For example, if a father never tells his daughter that he thinks she is beautiful and worthy of his love, if he never shows his daughter how much he loves her, a little girl will form a negative image of herself. Later on, in her life as a woman, this image will function as a ‘bad filter’ in her relations with others, particularly in her relations with men.

She will think therefore, subconsciously, that she doesn’t deserve to be loved by her companion. She will continue to live her life, acting as if unaware of the image of her father in her relation with her male partner and this will function as a negative filter which clouds the reality.

It is not difficult to imagine the misunderstandings that may arise between a couple, when the woman addresses her partner – and interprets his reactions – as if he were her own father!

In the subconscious belief that she does not deserve to be loved by her companion, this woman will behave in the relationship in such a way that her negative beliefs and fears will be confirmed.  In fact, to ‘verify’ her beliefs she will, subconsciously of course, manufacture the situation in which effectively her partner neglects and loses interest in her…until the marriage hits the rocks.

This example can be related to relationships and love, but this negative conditioning mechanism also has harmful repercussions in other areas such as work, material and financial success, etc.

The truth of it is, since there is no perfect, ideal education, every little boy and little girl will suffer, in childhood, from a ‘insufficiency’ and will suffer a negative psychological conditioning specific to its family history. This will lead to the child forming negative beliefs on its own value and its place in life.

On reaching adulthood, unless the individual becomes aware of it, this belief will tend to have a harmful influence on his or her life, depriving the person of the happiness to which he or she is entitled.

As you will now understand, it is essentially the ‘negative’ beliefs instilled in infancy as a result of the bias of education, that constitute the greatest obstacle to a truly fulfilling life.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let me talk to you a little about luck and how you can ‘get it on your side’.

First of all, you should know there’s a powerful link of cause and effect between your attitude to life and the luck you may or may not get.

Chance is the opposite of luck. Think perhaps of a game of dice, which relies purely on chance. A normal dice should have one chance in six of falling on each face (assuming it isn’t loaded, obviously). Chance constitutes an exception to the laws of nature, in which improbable series do occur, because he who has luck may find the winning number several times in a row. The same lucky individual may avoid misfortune and bad luck throughout his life.

So you might think that someone who has luck is "protected". And you would be absolutely right! Consciously or otherwise, a person who’s lucky has a special state of mind that can repel the harmful, negative vibrations that are responsible for bad luck. 

Some people are convinced they are cursed, unlucky or the victims of misfortune. They need to realise this is indeed the case, and will continue to be the case for so long as they believe and act accordingly.

Just believing in bad luck is enough to earn you a seemingly endless series of strokes of misfortune. Yes, if you think yourself unlucky, you will be. The contrary is also true, although it’s harder to think ourselves lucky because of the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that plague us. That’s why it’s easier to start smoking again or put on weight than give up smoking or lose weight.

Be aware of the power of your mind, the strength of your ideas and the role your belief system plays.

First of all, you must halt the conditioning process perpetuated by you saying you have no luck in life. The great military strategist Napoleon Bonaparte avoided anyone who was unlucky, and he was right, since they are contagious and can ‘jinx’ you.

Believing in your luck makes you lucky, although it may happen in less spectacular way than for bad luck; when people think they are on a lucky streak, opportunities crop up.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

You know what intuition is, don’t you?

Yes, it’s that little inner voice, the voice you hear when you need to solve a problem, answer a difficult question or when you don’t know what’s the right thing to do, etc.

Most people hardly ever listen to this little voice, probably because they distrust it or think it is not real, nothing more than a distortion of the mind - and then after the event they say:

I knew it, my ‘guess’ was right!

Whether you call it your ‘inner guide’ or ‘6th sense’, your intuition really is your most valuable friend. Even though your mind is silent, it is in constant communication with you through your intuition, dreams, signs and omens (the Initiates speak of learning a lesson "from the inside").

Over the course of a day you receive large amounts of information that can have a vital impact on your life, particularly when it concerns you directly. All you need to do to pinpoint and exploit it is be aware and on your guard.

Intuition can manifest itself through an idea, a thought, a sudden desire, a visual or auditory ‘clichĂ©’ (mental image), which may be either fleeting or persistent, sometimes without any direct link to your concerns at the time.

It may also take the form of a phrase you hear ‘by chance’. Or it may happen that a friend or a stranger gives you, without knowing it, the exact answer to a question or the solution of a personal problem. With practice, you can even receive clear answers to a question, someone before you’ve even asked it!

More often still, intuition takes the form of direct action: you’re driven to do or say what is needed at the right time, or events seems to spontaneously conspire to take you in the right direction, or friends or strangers are impelled to act in a way that suits you, against all expectations. A solution emerges just when everything seemed at an impasse!

My advice is that you should be listening to your intuition all the time, whatever form it may take. Bear in mind that it’s a fragment of Divine Intelligence and Conscience, and it really can bring you all the riches you’ve ever wanted.

Tell yourself the little voice of your intuition is like an "Inner Guide" ready to endow your business affairs with way above average profitability.

So every time you come into conflict or competition with one or several people, every time you’re on the verge of doing something important, whatever the area concerned (finance, love, work, etc.), ask your intuition (your ‘spiritual me’) to inspire you and guide you to find a swift and favourable outcome.

Follow this piece of advice: don’t do anything without first consulting your inner conscience by way of your intuition.

Ways of facilitating contact with your intuition:

Leave off from the left-hand side of your brain, the seat of your reasoning and limited objective faculties, and make the right-hand side of your brain, the seat of your intuition, do the work for a while.

To do this, make your wish or ask your question deep down in your heart, then let what comes come (idea, thought, feeling, etc.). This generally works better in a calm atmosphere, conducive to concentration and the meditative state. Close your eyes, relax, breathe slowly and deeply.

Don’t worry if at first you can’t always hear the ‘little inner voice’, this is quite normal, you’ve been stifling it for so long, out of error or ignorance, which makes it hard to identify among the melee of your jumbled thoughts and emotions.

Persevere with this introspective method: the part of your mind that has a natural connection with the infinite cosmic Intelligence and Wisdom will send you the inspiration you need to achieve your goals…it can be no other way. All it needs is a little effort and faith on your part and it will work for you and serve you, since it cannot ever impose any authority on you.