Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Magical Bracelet

Traditionally this bracelet is famous for its faculty to attract the favours of a specific person, if you wear it until it falls off, by itself.

The first Friday of the month, or of the new moon, buy a green 25cm long ribbon. The same evening after sunset, write the three following words upon it:

"...(your name), Venus!...(his/her name)...Love!"

Tie with three knots this ribbon around your left wrist, making sure the writings touches your skin.

While concentrating upon your beloved, touch each knot after the other, holding it for a while between your thumb and your index, and say the words you have written, as often as you like.
The manipulation and wearing of it will wear it out and it will, finally fall off.
It is then that your wish will be answered.

The knots associated with the colour green (standing for growth) gives the force to the bracelet, symbolising the circle of live, the energy that circulates between two people. When it breaks, the circulating energies crystallise your wish into a force that provokes its realisation.

Monday, September 29, 2014

An orange for love

To conquer a woman, take an orange and stick a pin in it while concentrating on the woman you love, then remove it and keep the orange on your skin, near your heart, all night long. The next day give it to her to eat., 

The always green orange tree was considered, in the Mediterranean countries, to be a symbol of love and marriage. Piercing it with a pin is repeating the act of Cupid who pierces the heart of the lovers with an arrow to symbolise the fulgurance of love.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

To stimulate the desire of your partner

Make a heart out of a small amount of bee wax, and engrave into it, the full name of your partner.
Concentrate for a wile upon what you want to obtain and put it to melt in a fire into which you have previously put a branch of thyme and rosemary, famous for their faculties, joy and love.
While watching the flames concentrate on your partner and his/her sexual ardour, and pronounce the following:

"May the flame elevate, may the embers burn, may my love come because its coming create an impatient longing within me."

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to cure impotancy

A Friday during full moon, make this elixir that stimulates sexual energy, to use when the mental and physical energies are low.
Infuse during 10 minutes, a pinch of Satureja, (the satires herb, during antiquity) two pinches of Mint (a mind releasing herb) in boiling water. 
Drink this herbal tea morning and evening during at least 5 days.

Friday, September 26, 2014

How to combat frigidity

Every night before going to sleep, drink a herbal tea of Satureja ( a pinch), Borage flowers (2 pinches) and Mint (a pinch). The Mint is a tonic and Satureja is aphrodisiac, Borage gives courage. So their combined forces are ideal to combat frigidity due to a psychological blockage.

You could also have with you a small Artemisia bouquet, picked before sunrise the morning of Saint John, and during night, put it under your mattress, right beneath your sexual organs.  This herb consecrated to Artemis, the Greeks lunar goddess, is famous for its sexually stimulating powers. It is also know for its virtue to chase away spells, so to combat frigidity emerging from fear.

How to make someone who doesn't love you at all, fall in love with you...

This recipe only works if your love is totally sincere.

Get a personal object from this person, an object in wood, fabric or paper, it has to be a material that can burn. Keep this object, on your heart and skin, seven nights in a row, then put it in a secret place.
Each night after, touch the object before going to bed, think about the person intensely.

At sunrise Friday morning, during rising moon, period of construction, burn the object as if you made a sacrifice to conquer the one you desire, while pronouncing the following words:

"By Sheva, I want you to love me!"

Gather the ashes and as soon as possible after, put some directly on the skin of the person you love, without him/her noticing it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

To force a persons feeling

Between 12 AM and 4 AM, during rising moon or full moon, go to the countryside and get seven different herbs, pick them with your left hand, the hearts hand, then seven more herbs with the hand of reason which is the right hand. Any kinds of herbs will do as long as they are all different, what gives the force to this recipe is the gathering of them. So you'll have 14 herbs, twice the amount (7) the number for realisation. Put them to dry in a protected but open space during 15 days, after that, burn them to ashes.
Then put the ashes in a red silk handkerchief, closed with a red ribbon, like a purse. Wear it on your heart, directly against your skin, a long string or chain will do. Wear it a day and a night. Then wait for the moon to descend, between 12 AM and 4 AM and open up the purse and throw the ashes in the wind while saying the following:

"By the almighty powers of magic, may all invisible beings reigning upon this Earth, the people and their affections, go and provoke within...(say the name of the person), a spell bounding love for me, an everlasting love. Amen."

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To preserve your love

A Friday during the first quarter of the rising moon, make a small bag of green fabric and put in a rosemary leaf, (peace bringing) and a pinch of sea salt (protection from corruption) and tie a green ribbon to close it. Put it under your mattress where your partner sleeps. Your love will always stay harmonious ans peaceful.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guarantee the trustworthiness of your beloved

Gather a pinch of hair from your partner, during the rising moon and the same day you want to do this recipe, together with a fresh farm egg, a red ribbon, red paint and a paint brush.

Swallow the egg raw, after having made two holes in the top and bottom of the egg, suck it out, then paint the egg shell red.

Put the hair inside.

Close the holes with some red wax, and finish by tying the ribbon with three knots after several turns. Keep this egg somewhere nobody can get in touch with it and the love of this person will last forever.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to make your partner faithful

During the rising moon, suffice to kiss your beloved, your heart full of a sincere love, while keeping a sage leaf under your tongue.

Sage is famous for its bracing effects and symbolically, is a bearer of wisdom and also is known to strengthen memory. These qualities are very useful to make a partner faithful: wisdom; to not get trapped by temptation and memory; remembering the wonderful moments shared with you.

Friday, September 19, 2014

How to make your beloved wanting to stay with you forever

Purchase some good quality coriander seeds and let 12 of them soak in half a litre of distilled water. Utilise a transparent glass recipient previously washed with spring water. Let it rest in daylight for 12 hours.

Then, above the bottle/recipient, do three cross signs while saying these words:

"Burning heart, ardent seeds, we are united to the end of our lives."

Then put a few drops of this water on a handkerchief and git it to your beloved.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Assure the trustworthyness of the other

In the intimacy of your bedroom, at an hour when nobody will disturb you, burn a hair lock of the person you love while thinking thoughtfully of him/her.

Then take the ashes and mix it with some honey and some of your saliva.
Spread a small amount of the mixture in the sheets where you sleep both of you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

To attach an inconsistant man to you

This recipe is accurate only if you are sincerely in love with the man. 

The morning of Saint John, hide under your pillow, a rose bud, as a symbol of your femininity as a gift to your beloved. Then hide a second one under a tree and a third in a bush. In this recipe, the threefold represents the trinity, that composes the family, the father, the mother and the child.

Three days after, pick them up again and burn the them in a recipient in your bedroom while concentrating on the man you love.

He will be back with you before the end of the month.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

To reanimate the love of the other

Fill a glass of fresh spring water. This kind of water is a highly energising and can become a real love potion, as it is easy to charge with the intentions and desires of the one preparing the charm. 

Put your hand over the water, palms down and pronounce seventeen times, the name of your beloved, while focusing of the love you have.

Then give him the water to drink.

Do it  five times, so his love becomes stronger. No other beverages than water would work.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Make your beloved turn into the tender lover he used to be in the beginning of your relationship

If your sweet heart offers you flowers, after them having withered, dry the bouquet leaves and all, and store them somewhere, don't throw them away.
It will then be a capital of feelings and good intentions, in magic, it is always easier to go from real and already existing emotions.

The first Friday during the rising moon, take a piece of unwashed clothing of his, like a tee-shirt, cut out a 20cm square out of the front of it, at the place corresponding to where his heart would be.

Roll the piece of fabric with some of the dried flowers and leaves, into a tube. Prepare a red ribbon upon which you write his and your first name, one after the other, seven times in a row and wrap it around the tube and tie it. While doing so pronounce the following:

"I attach you to me...(say his name) each day of the week and each hour of the day. May all his thoughts be about me, by the power of the love angel Anael, who reigns today and who will make you become tender and affectionate towards me...(pronounce your name)."

Each Friday, seven weeks, tie a new knot on the ribbon while saying the above words.
Keep the roll in your closet and every now and then, but always a Friday, put a few drops of his perfume on it while again saying the prayer.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to reanimate a lifeless love

At the first Friday of the rising moon, at the moment the sun rises, pick a rosemary flower together with two magnolia petals, the magnolia being the consecrated flower of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Keep them together with a pinch of grey sea salt, in a small, green, silk, sachet, green being the colour of vitality, the sachet closed by a ribbon or a cord of the same colour. The salt will multiply the powers of the flowers.

Attach the sachet on your bed head and don't let anybody touch it!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to keep a love that is fading away

An uneven Friday, after sunset, prepare a verbena herbal tea, add a few drops of rose water, honey, a pinch of nutmeg and a small amount of good quality red wine. Put a bouquet of nine yellow flowers in front of a picture of your beloved and light three candles: a red, an orange and a yellow one.

While watching the picture, say nine times, the following:

"We are one, nothing, nobody, could ever make us part."

Think of the person during a few minutes, and drink the tea.
The following eight nights, do the same, making it nine nights in a row.

Friday, September 12, 2014

How to consolidate a relationship that turns into routine

The first Friday of a new moon, purchase a brilliantly red 50 cm rope or ribbon, the colour red symbolising passion.

The same evening before going to bed, in the dark, the only light coming from the flame of a red candle, recite, nine times in a row the following:

"Enam, Binab, Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, Rotas, Hod, Ketcher, Chokmah, Tedulah, Teburah, Tipheret, Jesod, Sardach, Iod, Ja Netzah"

Then, with your eyes shut, make a first knot on the red string/rope/ribbon while thinking of the person and while pronouncing this:

"....(say his/her name), love me as much as I love you."

Then do the same with the following nine nights, adding a knot each time.

The tenth night, attach the ribbon with its ten knots around your left wrist during your nights sleep. The morning after, touch him/her with the left hand.
Continue to wear the ribbon until you start to see the results.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How to rekindle an uninterested man

Find a red rose petal and engrave into it, the man's name, with a needle dipped in your own blood.

Impose your hands on the petal to transmit your love into it, then let it dry in an open place but where nobody can touch it.

Once dried, crush it into powder and mix this powder into a pastry, he should be given to eat. In this way, he will receive your love symbolised by the blood and red rose and his feelings will be rekindled. You too can eat a piece of the pastry with him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

To rekindle the feelings of the person you love

Purchase Jerusalem and Bethlehem incense in a specialised shop, get some charcoal and an incense burner.

Burn the incense a Friday, day of Venus and love, and while watching the fumes rise toward the ceiling, pronounce the following:

" Oh,....(say the name of the person) I command you to become mine by the virtue of all my guardian angels."

Then repeat three times:

"Incense fumes, arcane scent, animate with passionate love, this man/woman."

Think of the person intensely for awhile, while visualising him/her smiling at you or both of you embracing or kissing. It is important to visualise him/her making a gesture of love toward you.

The same day, take the ashes from the incense, which symbolises the soil upon which your love will grow, and throw it over your head and into the air.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to provoke the love of someone ignoring you

Keep, close to your heart, during three nights and three hours, three red roses, three white roses and three pink roses.

The first day recite in Latin, three Ave:

"Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum, benedicta tu in mulieribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus, Santa Maria, Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus, nune et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen."

Then recite three Pater:

"Pater noster, qui es in coelis, santificetur nomen tuum, adveniatregnum tuum,fiat voluntastua, sicut in coelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quitidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debitta nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen."

Do three signs of the cross.

After the three days let the nine roses steep in a bottle of wine, during three nights, three days and three hours. Then this wine should be served to the person you love. It is the three fold actions and wordings that gives the force to this recipe.

Monday, September 8, 2014

To seduce someone you love

The egg is, since the beginning of time, a very powerful symbol of novelty and beginning. Eggs are currently used in love magic. Go get a fresh egg in farm and bring it back home. Write your first name and the one of your beloved on the egg with a red ink pen. For both a woman or a man you should write your first name on the point of the egg and his/her on the opposite side. Then keep the egg between both your hands until it warms up, while concentrating upon him/her. Then place the egg in a small box, painted in black on the inside, and store it somewhere where nobody could come in touch with it, preferably in a dark place without air currents. After a moon, 28 days, throw away the egg into running water, a river or if you are in the city, your sink...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to conquer a woman with the sentimental provocation method.

Take an orange, the symbol of pure love and marriage and puncture it with a needle,like Cupid did with his arrows, through the lovers heart. While doing so, visualise with strong concentration, the woman you desire, looking at you. Then remove the needle and keep the fruit on your heart, all night long. The next day give it to her, to eat.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

To make someone notice you

Declare mentally tree times in a row, with conviction, the following words:

"Deus auribus nostris audivimus"

while touching the shoulder or arm of the person you want to attract.
Then during the following 9 days, while being alone, read these words aloud, three times in a row, and three "Our Father" and three "Hail Mary".
The power of these prayers added to the three fold repetition (three being the number for achievement and perfection) is a very powerful magical combination.

Friday, September 5, 2014

To help a love to declare

During the waxing moon, the most constructive phase of the moon, mix and crush dried rose petals, in a wooden or glass recipient together with some fresh verbena leaves, a piece of juniper bark and some grey amber, into a fine powder. Add seven drops of 90° alcohol and some rose water to make a dough.
Roll it into small marbles and put them to dry. Once dried, place them, near a heat source, in a room where your beloved use to be.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

To discover your future partner

In the morning of the 14th of February, Valentine's day, the day of all lovers, sew a laurel leaf at the corners of your pillow and one in the middle of it.

The following evening, alone in your bedroom, recite seven times the following prayer, with emphasis:

"Great Saint Valentine, you who protects all lovers, give me the possibility to see, within my dreams, the one who will be my faithful and loving partner."

Remove the fifth laurel leaf, the one in the middle, put it under your pillow and go to sleep.

In the following days, you will encounter your future partner.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

To attract someone in secret

A Friday morning, Venus day, during waxing moon and before sunrise, go out into a garden and pick the most beautiful apple you can find.
At your home, prepare a piece of red paper upon which you will write, with red Chinese ink, your and your beloveds, full name. 

On another piece of red paper, write: "Sheva" upon it with red ink, then attach the two papers with some strands of hair from both of you.

Now cut the apple in two and remove the seeds and put the two papers between the two halves, fix with two non resinous wooden picks. Put the apple in the oven, rather lukewarm, for it to dry. Once that done, roll it in laurel leaves and  tie them together with a red ribbon or string.

Finally bury the apple under the tree from with you took the wooden picks. Soon, your beloved will start to show the signs of love towards you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Countryside recipes

Rural magicians, deserving our respect and transmitting their secret knowledge from one generation to another, the magi of the poor, in proximity to the natural elements, have existed since the beginning of mankind, through all civilisations, in the forms of shamans, healers and rural magi.

They offer many solutions to all sorts of love issues, that we experience in modern life just as they did in ancient times. They knew and know sill today, how to induce passion, how to create as well as how to end love within a couple, how to revive feelings, preserve faithfulness, or even avenge... They all gather the energies from the relationship that unites man and nature, restoring this relationship between man and the elements at the same time as the relationship between man and woman, reuniting them to authenticity.  To be able to realise these recipes, you will have to gather the ingredients from your garden or from special stores. The ingredients can seem odd to you, but they have magical virtues following the laws of analogy and correspondence. Anyhow, they have been successfully utilised by generations of magi, throughout time.