Monday, March 31, 2014

The Ritual 4

Now put back the candle and take the other one (which represents water).

Turn around a quarter of a turn towards the right side and read the prayer of the guardians of the waters also known as "The Prayer of the Merfolk":

"O nymphs of the sparkling and blue extended space marked by purity and life source, you who reign over the oceans, seas and rivers and all the streams which represent the mysterious immensity from which all life emerges, guide me towards wisdom and the absolute freedom of your kingdom where all the waters meets at the finite borders of the land. 
Raise within me the vital sap, which brings back to life all the trees in springtime feeding them with the immortal essence, that which re blooms the deserts. 

O ye Merfolk, sovereign of wonders and whose emblem is the supreme virtue, I humble servant implore your help, as the parched earth waits to be watered by the rain of the Land of Darkness, I invoke you, so the source of miraculous life can pour through and into me and invade me with new strength, regenerating me, in the depths of my being, giving me everlasting blessings. "

Now draw a pentagram over the parchment that you are holding in your left hand, as described yesterday (see drawing).

Then with closed eyes, breathe deeply, pronounce inwardly these words:

"I capture the energies of the Water spirits and they give me intuition and sensibility."

Then put back the candle and the parchment on the table.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Ritual 3

With the lit candle that you are holding in your right hand, draw, in the air above the parchment held in your left hand, a pentagram ( a five branched star symbolising  a man), starting with the head, so to speak, descending the left hand side.
Attention not to approach the parchment too close with the flame.

Once this operation finished, with your eyes closed inspire deeply while pronouncing the following phrase:

"I capture the energies of the Earthly spirits which will give me strength and courage."

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Ritual 2

Now, take the parchment with your left hand and the candle representing Earth ( at the left hand side) with your right.

Then make a quarter of a turn to the left, and read the prayer of the guardians of Earth, called "The Prayer of the Gnomes":

"O Genii from the within centre of the world, regents of the underworld and beholders of the buried treasures of precious stones and metals, you who have the power to make invisible objects become visible, please guide me on the path of the Promised Land, that which gives life and takes life, the foster mother of all living beings, animals and plants, fertilized by the rain, the seed of the sky. 

Please give me the ability to be pierced by the lightnings of knowledge, enlightenment and revelations that inhabits your noble souls. 

O deities from the underworld, holders of infinite powers who, day after day, fashion stones, rocks and mountains, who deeply bury the roots of my being into the warmth of your kingdom, so that my seat becomes unshakeable. Elevate my soul to supreme achievements and to regeneration, so that I can be reborn to life and become a being of light before whom darkness will open."

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Ritual

Light the the candle at the head of the triangle while reading this prayer:

"I exorcise thee O wax creature, by whom, all things have been created, by his word, and by his virtue which is pure truth! That through Him and by His Holy Name make disappear, doubt, perversion, anything blocking, and any negativity that I could have accumulated within me. By the virtue and power of God, enlighten my heart and that of all those I love or accompanies me."

Then light the left candle and say:

"Spirit of the Earth, by this flame, I reveal you and ask you for support during this ceremony."

Then the right one, saying:

"Spirit of the waters, by this flame , I reveal you and ask you for support during the time of this ceremony."

Make three long and deep inspirations and put both your hands, palms down, on the salt while reading this prayer:

"El, powerful and magnificent, I bless you, I glorify you, I invoke you. I give you grace so that this salt will be able to rid me of all my emotional blockages, all my relational dams. By Thee, O holy Adonai, and your revered name from century to century, grant that I may accomplish all things.

Take three steps back.

Standing, arm outstretched and palms towards the candles representing the element EARTH (left) and WATER (right), fix the candle in the middle.

Meditate like this for a few minutes while breathing calmly and deeply. Think about all the negative things you are about to let go off.

Then take three steps ahead, to your initial place, in front of the altar, and write down, on the parchment, with the pen and Chinese ink, with just a few words, but very precisely, the object of your suffering, upon which you have previously reflected. For example, your latest sentimental failure or the event that perturbs and blocks you.

Put back your parchment next to the salt.

Put your hands back on the salt and read again, three times in a row, calmly, the prayer of liberation while letting the words penetrate you with their meaning.

"El, powerful and magnificent, I bless you, I glorify you, I invoke you. I give you grace so that this salt will be able to rid me of all my emotional blockages, all my relational dams. By Thee, O holy Adonai, and your revered name from century to century, grant that I may accomplish all things.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The day of the ritual

Take a shower before starting your ceremony. It will purify you from negative vibrations collected during the day. If you don't have time, wash, at least, your hands and mouth.

To connect with the Earth energies, you should be barefoot and wear light clothes. If your floor is really far to cold, you can put a carpet, but it must be in a natural material such as wool or cotton. Then prepare your altar with the white table cloth and the three white candles in a large triangle, but a small amount of salt in the middle of this triangle, put your piece of parchment besides the salt and the pen and ink outside of the triangle... Now, you are ready to start the purification ceremony.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Things you need to have

* A small table covered with white cotton tablecloth or sheet

* Three white candles that can be used several times, but only for the same type of ceremony. To not mix your different candles up, when you make ceremonies at different lunar periods, i recommend you mark them: FL for rituals to be done during the full and waning moon, and with NL for the new and waxing moon.

* A handful of fresh sea salt, still humid and grey( non refined)which symbolises purification. It is through its food conserving proprieties that you recognise its symbolical value. There are, within the tradition, many ceremonies here salt is an important ingredient, like when salt is put on the newborns baby's lips during its baptising.

* A plant based parchment of 10 x 10 cm that can be purchased in specialised stores.

* A reservoir pen with Chinese ink.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The preparations

I recommend you to read the chronology of the ceremony carefully before undertaking it , and familiarize yourself with the things to do and not to do, so you don't hesitate during the ritual. It would also be a good idea to copy the prayers and invocations by hand and in the chronological order they should be said. Moreover , it would be useful also, to have your own book of rituals, impregnated with your vibrations, inside which you write only with a reservoir pen and black Chinese ink.
All the texts that you will read here comes from the tradition. They have a high charge of both poetic and magical connotation. These words were been pronounced over and over again by successive generations, accumulating over the centuries, the energy of faith of many magi and believers.
You will ensure to organize your time so that you don't get disturbed by your surroundings or by your phone, knowing that the ritual takes about an hour.
In the days preceding the ritual, you will gather and display all the "tools" needed for the ceremony .

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The right moment

This ritual should be performed preferably after sunset, the time of which is indicated on the calendar. However, be sure to restore the true solar time, since there is a lag of one hour in the winter and two hours in the summer. 

You begin this ritual the day of the full moon, or at least, the day after. It can easily be practised inside your house or apartment, as long as you do it in the direction of the Moon. Be sure to spot it in the sky before starting the procedure. In the summer, if you have a garden free from insight and if the weather is OK, you can prepare your altar in the open air. You will then have the pleasure of seeing the moon during the ritual.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Full Moon Purification Ritual

This ritual to be done during waning moon is to help you get rid of what weighs and slows you down, what blinds you, as if you tore down cracked walls and build a entirely new house instead. Because you will never obtain sustainable results if you don't thoroughly prepare the field, in other words, before having purified your own body.

What you want is to break the chains of your solitude and make you go forward towards people.

So to destroy what needs to be destroyed, you will primarily work during the lunar influence of the new moon and the waning moon.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rituals against solitude

To battle against solitude, the tradition is to undertake a lunar  ritual. The moon which influences human relationships, does have a beneficial vibration for the re establishing of communication with people and regain self confidence. So this ritual is a liberating ceremony highly effective to chase away all kinds of blockages amongst people: pernicious influences caused by successive failures, the negativity due to shyness or low self-esteem, stress from solitude, anguish, accumulated harmful vibration from quarrels.

Before starting this purification ritual, you should probe your past, analyse your failures with honesty and measures the degree of your solitude. This introspection, which could take several days, will help you target the future action. It will also help you, more easily and clearly, enunciate your demand during the ceremony. You will write down, in a few sentences, since when you have been suffering from loneliness, the reasons for why you are in this situation today, your own responsibility as well as others, what consequences you have noticed and what is it you would like to see happen for your solitude to end. But you mustn't forget that your objective has to be realistic: you no longer believe in fairy tales! So, please take your time, think about your passed errors, honestly and about your future promises.

Charms for encounters

The charm of Anael, one of the angles devoted to love, is very efficient to get rid of solitude and favour contact with people.

Copy the charm on a parchment, with a reservoir pen and Chinese ink, and make an imprint of your right thumb with some Lilac oil beneath the text.

On a Friday during the rising moon, the day of Venus, establish yourself in a quiet place of your home, with the thumb put a small amount of lilac oil at the base of a green candle and light it. 

Standing barefoot, take your parchment and read seven times the charm of Anael while letting the words penetrate your being.

"I invoke you infinitely powerful and beloved angels by the name of the Eternal and Ever Powerful Lord who created ​​man in his image and woman to be attaches to him so that they together become one being. Make the divine wisdom that resides in me, show me the solutions and ways to achieve total fulfilment. 
Guide me, so that I can connect to your inner richness and fullness, please reveal to me new and better opportunities to move forward. 
You who are my divine guide, the source of life and goodness, you who preside over the sixth day which is dedicated to Venus, I invoke holy angel Anael, so that my loneliness will be forever broken and henceforth the illumination of my life, by the starry brightness of each of my encounters with love. "

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A charm for a new love

Every Friday in a lunar month starting with the waxing moon, perfume the inside of your wrists, your neck and chest at the heart level with the essential oil of jasmine or rose, with the powerful vibrations that can attract and charm a lover. 

Before lighting a red candle, take care and anoint it with some of the same oil. 

Look into the flame of this candle during the faithfully reciting of the following charm (previously learned by heart).

Version for a woman:
"Venus, let your light shine on me! 
May your name and your breath bring me love. 
Enter my mind and my thoughts and accomplish all the wishes of my soul. 
Because you are me and I am you. 
What I order, must always be realized. 
Always bring me the realization of my desires, reveal to me, love and the pleasure of lovers. 
Put a veil over the eyes of those that resist me. 
Inflame my heart with love so that I can be a goddess today. 

A strong partner, brave and true I want, as a reflection of you. "

For a man:
"Mars, let your light shine on me! 
May your name and your breath bring me love. 
Enter my mind and my thoughts and accomplish all the wishes of my soul. 
Because you are me and I am you. 
What I order, must always be realized. 
Always bring me the realization of my desires, reveal to me, love and the pleasure of lovers. 
Put a veil over the eyes of those that resist me. 
Inflame my heart with love so that I can be a god today. 

A sweet partner, brave and true I want, as a reflection of you. "

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love Charms

To fight isolation, it is necessary to approach people! But the one who suffers from loneliness has lost this ability. Through the power of charms, tradition offers a way to cause events and create opportunities. 

"To charm someone" finding someone charming, is exactly just that, the magic attraction that captivates, wheedles and bewitches.

Without charms, magic wouldn't exist. It is the enchantment, the magic formula, the subtle spell, the prayer or the love potion that entangles the one that has been targeted.

Charms have always existed and have been transmitted through time by generations of magi. Sometime they are even more subtle than words and become a perfume, a jewel, an elixir, a flower... It can be offered like an insignificant gift by the one receiving it but in reality have a great occult importance for the one offering it, or be kept as an instrument of realisation.
It can instigate certain energies for oneself or be used as a discrete but permanent influence for the person one want to charm.

It is a subtle but very efficient tool, captivating the terrestrial and celestial energies, indispensable complement for any magical action. Not to forget, they are very easy to implement too.

Before the realisation of a love charm, it would be a good idea to construct a small altar, your power place, which should be a reflection of your profound self as well as your desires.
So find yourself a small table and drape it with a precious cloth of some kind, silk, satin, brocade or velvet, in a rich colour, a variant of red, symbol of passion, should be perfect. Put a red candle- or the colour specified in the recipe of the charm you choose- in a candlestick, after having anointed it with an essential oil. Prepare some sweet incense- for example of amber, rose or jasmine, three incenses that have a very powerful impact in love affairs. You can use these three for all the charms here unless another one is specified. Also, you should decorate the altar with things representing love for you, like rose petals, a picture, a gem, a jewel...

Note also that friday is the most suitable day for love charms!

Monday, March 17, 2014

To overcome loneliness

More and more people suffer from loneliness. It might be your case. The origin of this feeling of loneliness is often a difficulty to establish solid relationships, repeated setbacks in love affairs, perhaps a divorce, or simply shyness, making any relationship complicated...

The most often, solitude isn't chosen or accepted. But how could you get together in a society organised in clans or hierarchy, at the workplace and everywhere else in your daily life. Everybody has heard the expression "Be from the same world". Whom doesn't have access to one of these clans is condemned to stay outside and try to find a partner or a friend by any means possible... or stay alone!

But, solitude is a interior energy with a tendency to expand: filling every empty space in the life of the lonely until there is nothing left but the heavy feeling of solitude. Many of my clients have spoken about their solitude like it was a companion: finding it when they comes home in the evening, together wit it during the week-end, an eternal face to face with it. The crushing weight and the long monologue with one self, finally achieves to break down ones confidence, bringing about great weariness and even depression.

After a few years, or even less for the most fragile, these victims of loneliness have become introspective, tired of life, with no desires nor beliefs. When finally, a meeting occurs, often it ends with a setback. A vicious circle is in place breaking any attempt. Then comes the desire to try to work against what seems to be "fate" and one accepts just any relationship that comes by with a series of deceptions...

In reality, one of the components of love is a, sort of "witchery", an attraction by one upon the other, consciously or not, a magnetising effect. This is what favours relationships, pushing us to utilise our major assets: the eyes get animated and shiny, the body speaks its own language, even the voice sometimes changes, together creating the perfect alchemy for the attraction of love and friendship. These phenomenon, are in reality a natural magic that those suffering from solitude have lost.They no longer know how to use the magnetic force of their body, to shine and project themselves to others in an attractive way. They have forgotten that no one needs to be a beauty or "Einstein" to be attractive. They have forgotten that you only have to be yourself and to harmonise your body, mind and soul, to be able to create the mysterious alchemy capable of bringing together two people. When you doubt, you create an unbalance, an energy leakage, a weakness. Shyness, for example, is often experience as a handicap making everybody escape. The one suffering from shyness isolates him/herself for fear of being judged, almost like a halogen lamp almost extinct, even if in the middle of the room,full of people but without anybody noticing him/her. But If you can manage to intensify the light, people will no only notice but even get attracted. It is this magnetic radiance that must be brought back to be able to chase away the solitude. But how?...

So here will follow a few magical solutions. I will start with the charms, easy to implement and very efficient for targeted actions. Then you will discover the rituals, where more time and organisation is required but where the action is more profound and durable. They will be presented in a certain order: from general to particular, from easy to difficult.
If you are new to the practice of the occult arts, you should start with a charm to familiarise with the magic universe and its procedures.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It has to be taken seriously...!

To practice love magic in a serious and effective manner, you must be in harmony with nature and its vibrations,like a musical instrument that gives the right note. To be able to achieve this, you must observe the rules that I will show you. They will allow you to work in perfect harmony with the heavenly and earthly laws.

All that will be unveiled is easily achievable by those who bother. Most rituals are simple to implement, others are more complicated ... But " who wills the end wills the means " ! Magic does not like mediocrity, it is a noble art, accessible to motivated practitioners.

The magical art works on two levels: the humane and the divine. To be able to see your wishes fulfilled, the work must be done in the respects of traditional beliefs and have a complete desire to arrive at perfect achievement. In life, everything is a struggle. Nothing is achieved without effort, especially when it comes to sustain your happiness. It is important when it come to practising the immutable and sacred rites, never to act lightly.

Particularly in the field of love, magic has made its proofs. The legends are full of love attracting potions, aphrodisiacs of all sorts, strange and wonderful prayers that have no other functions than to attract love. Many very old books and "grimoires" dealing with the subject have been found. Alas! regardless of their value, they often remain airtight to those who have not been initiated. I therefore had to adapt the rituals to our age and our way of life, but I have not changed the tradition. Instead, I tried to make the most of these techniques that bring us back in time. I have raised the veil that hid some of the mysteries and I have reunited them here, for you.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Occult Philosophy

"The elders had also a representation of the head and tail of the Moon, which had the effigy of a serpent with the head of a sparrow hawk, placed between two circles, one representing air and the other, fire. 
And surrounding these two circles in the likeness of the Greek letter theta, they made this image when Jupiter and the head of it, occupied the centre of the heavens, and they believed that it aided a lot to do make requests succeed... "

Occult philosophy (Chapter XIV), 1727.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The right environment

It is good to practice in a quiet location, with the certainty of not being disturbed during the time of the magical work. The bedroom is not recommended because of it being so intimately impregnated by you and your sleep could also be disturbed afterwards. The kitchen is not the right place either because it is a place where we conduct too "rough" tasks. Rather, choose a neutral room, like the living room, an office or a unoccupied room such as a cellar or an attic. 
Your body and mind should be as calm and serene as possible. If it is necessary, lie down a few minutes before you start, breathing calmly. Or take a bath if that relaxes you. Practice barefoot and dressed in non tight clothes so that the energies circulate better.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The magic tools...

The art of magic needs like any other art, specific material. For more simplicity, I will indicate in the text of each recipe or ritual, everything you need for its realization. This material could be found as well in your home or garden, in a book store or a in specialized store. In any case, you shouldn't have any problems finding them. 
Some items require a specific consecration before being used. It is generally a prayer which will be indicated as well. 
The magic material must not serve for anything other than the magic intent! Store these objects in a place where no one else can touch them.

Reflect thoroughly upon your true desires before acting

The different recipes and rituals that you will discover over the following weeks are intended to attract or rekindle the love in your life, provided that you are motivated and respectful of the rules, but also that you know what you want! To be effective, the magical action should be thoroughly defined. It will then act as an arrow that hits in the middle of a target.

Most people want love, but do not really know in what form. Or they are not honest with themselves, wishing things they already possess. Do you really know what is your problem ? Do you suffer from loneliness? Do you have difficulties to express your feelings ? Do you think that you lack seduction ? Do you go from failure to failure ? Do you love without hope of shared feelings? Do you fear a rival? Do you have any sexual problems ? Have you been cheated on? Are you searching for your soul mate? The domain of love can have many different issues and magic many different solutions.

Before you take action, take the time to define a goal in your quest for love. The more you are precise in your demand the more the response will be accurate to the reality of your life.

Do not scatter your energies and do not use just any recipe! Choose the one that targets your demand in the best way and concentrate on its action, so it can develop its full can develop its creative intensity totally.

You should always keep, your goal and the result you expect, in sight, together with the joy you expect to attract, take time to visualise the happiness you would feel while meeting a new companion; savour the happiness of the return of a loved one; enjoy the sweetness of a harmonious couple; or even think of the sexual pleasures shared with the one love. If the images correspond to what you desire in life and to what you are capable of assuming then go ahead without hesitation!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The importance of faith

Finally, you should be made aware of the fact that without faith in what you are doing, magic couldn't exist. You must understand the divine aspect of the energies that we discuss here and show them respect when you make your request. 

Entities, angels and archangels invoked during rituals are the same as those who responded to magi and believers for centuries ago. If you doubt their power or their kindness, if you do not have faith in them and if you treat them with carelessness, they will not serve you as well as you'd wish them to.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Lunar Phases

In white magic, we attach great importance to the two lunar phases with very different energies. A pentacle or a magic ritual executed in ascending or descending moon will therefore not have the same destination:

* the vibrational energy of THE RISING MOON, comprising the new moon (or black moon ) up until the full moon - elevates the energies towards the sky, and makes things positive. It is a force which is used to build, to activate and recharge ;
* but , the THE DESCENDING MOON- which decreases from the full moon to the black moon - it directs its vibrational energy to the earth. It is used to break free from bad influences and to destroy what should be destroyed. Executing a ritual during the waning moon is not necessarily negative. If the intention is good , the result will be too. Nevertheless, we usually reserve this period for protective actions and release as it is very effective for this.

When you do not meet these characteristics, it reduces the energy of the ritual. It is a bit like as if we sailed against the wind or rowed against the current ...

A lunar month is 28 days: 

* the waning moon phase includes the full moon for a week and the last quarter about a week too:

* the ascending lunar phase includes the black moon(Lilith) for a week, and the first quarter another week.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lunar energy

The discrete influence of the moon is responsible for many phenomena, particularly on the tides, and today we know that the immutable and regular stirring of the water on Earth was one of the conditions for the emergence of life on our planet. The ancient observed the moon, which was the most visible celestial body, and considered its phases and changes in shape as a manifestation of life and power. This is how the moon came to personify all biological rhythms, from the birth to death, the passing of time. Associated with the Sun, it represented the feminine part of the celestial couple, and also fecundity. But the moon, also possessed a dark side, and magi have always given it a negative side, at least an evil power of coercion.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Harmony of the planets

The basis of all magic work is the necessity to put the planetary vibrational energies into correspondence. For example, what invigorates and empowers a pentacle, which might otherwise be considered as a mere parchment adorned with a drawing, is the magical time when you will draw and consecrate it. This time corresponds to the precise moment when it captures the planetary energy in harmony with the angel that you request. 
To activate the system of correspondence, just imagine a ray of a specific colour across the sky every hour. For example, for the first hour, the one corresponding to the Sun is yellow, for the second, the one of the Moon, is silver or grey, etc.. When you make a magical work, you activate the influence of the star corresponding to the hour by visualising the corresponding colour. In the same way, when you recite an incantation, you'll visualise the the colour of the current hour to put you in harmony with the angel you've requested to come forth. 
Your magical work executed under this particular colouration will be charged with a very positive vibe in full correspondence with your wish. For magical work that requires a specific magic hour that needs to be specially calculated, I will indicate how to proceed later on. 
The totality of the magic art is based on the harmony of the planets, but not only that... It is equally important to respect the lunar phases.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


It is now easier to understand, how we can intervene upon beings and events: suffice to possess a few items of the person upon whom we want to act, some hair, nails, a piece of writing, anything that has kept the persons "print" and can enter into "resonance" with him/her. So, the magical action "excite" the vibration of the "chain" that connects the person and will send the applicant's intention, with more or less force depending on the quality of the thought that has been sent, and the means that have been utilised. 
And to communicate the request to the Divine, you simply do the same thing, using the Elements related to the selected entity, its colour, scent, incense, etc ... to put into vibration the corresponding chain until it matches .

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Angel         Day           Planet         Colour       Incense       Perfume

Michael      Sunday       Sun             Yellow/Gold    Arabia          Sandalwood

Gabriel       Monday      Moon          Silver/Grey     Myrrh             Aloe vera                                                                                                         
Samael      Tuesday     Mars            Red           Nazareth       Lavender

Raphael     Wednesday Mercury     Purple       Tears             Narcissus

Sachiel      Thursday     Jupiter         Blue          Benzoin         Saffron

Anael          Friday         Venus          Green       Bethlehem    Cinnamon

Caffiel       Saturday     Saturn           Black          Liban            Sulfur

Monday, March 3, 2014

I came across this very interesting article written by a woman named April Holloway that I thought was an irresistible interlude to our subject

"We speak the names of the gods on a daily basis and most people do not even realise it.  Every day of the week, religious and non-religious people alike follow the old pagan tradition of giving thanks to the gods of old.
In ancient Mesopotamia, astrologers assigned each day of the week the name of a god. In a culture where days were consumed by religion, it is unsurprising that the days of the week were made in homage to the gods believed to rule the lives of mortals.  
Many centuries later, the Romans, upon beginning to use the seven day week, adopted the names of the week to fit their own gods. These were then adopted by Germanic people who also adjusted the names according to their gods. It is predominantly these Germanic and Norse gods that have lived on today in the days of the week, which are outlined below.
Sunday, as you may be able to guess, is the “Sun’s Day” – the name of a pagan Roman holiday.  In many folklore traditions, Sunday was believed to be a lucky day for babies born. Many societies have worshiped the sun and sun-gods. Perhaps the most famous is the Egyptian Sun-god Ra, who was the lord of time.
Monday comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘monandaeg’ which is the “Moon’s Day”. On this day people gave homage to the goddess of the moon.  It was believed by ancients that there were three Mondays during the year that were considered to be unlucky: first Monday in April, second in August and last in December.
Tuesday is the first to be named after a Germanic god – Tiu (or Twia) – a god of war and the sky and associated with the Norse god Tyr, who was a defender god in Viking mythology.  Tiu is associated with Mars. He is usually shown with only one hand. In the most famous myth about Týr he placed his hand between the jaws of the wolf Fenrir as a mark of good faith while the other gods, pretending to play, bound the wolf. When Fenrir realised he had been tricked he bit off Tyr's hand.
Wednesday means “Woden’s Day” (in Norse, ‘Odin’), the Old Norse’s equivalent to Mercury, who was the messenger to the gods and the Roman god of commerce, travel and science. He was considered the chief god and leader of the wild hunt in Anglo-Saxon mythology, but the name directly translated means “violently insane headship” – not exactly the name of a loving and kind god!  Woden was the ruler of Asgard, the hoe of the gods, and is able to shift and change into different forms. 

Thursday was “Thor’s Day”, named after the Norse god of thunder and lightning and is the Old Norse equivalent to Jupiter. Thor is often depicted holding a giant hammer and during the 10th and 11th centuries when Christians tried to convert the Scandinavians, many wore emblems of Thor’s hammer as a symbol of defiance against the new religion. 

Friday is associated with Freya, the wife of Woden and the Norse goddess of love, marriage and fertility, who is equivalent to Venus, the Roman goddess of love. 

Lastly, Saturday derives from “Saturn’s Day”, a Roman god associated with wealth, plenty and time. It is the only English week-day still associated with a Roman god, Saturn.  The Hebrews called Saturday the "Sabbath", meaning, day of rest. The Bible identifies Saturday as the last day of the week. The seven-day week originates with in ancient Babylon prior to 600 BC, when time was marked with the lunar cycle, which experienced different seven-day cycles. A millennium later, Emperor Constantine converted Rome to Christianity and standardised the seven-day week across the Empire.  Rome may initially have acquired the seven-day week from the mystical beliefs of Babylonian astrologers. But it was the biblical story of creation, God making the Heavens and Earth and resting on the seventh day that will have led the first Christian emperor of Rome to make sure it endured to this day." 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

In the world of magic...

 - where reign order and method - each angel is closely connected with a planet and a day of the week through which we define the right time to address our request. It also assigns a colour, essence and fragrance in resonance with its universe and which, with its vibration level, can create the ambiance that suits the best, to have all the chances on our side. 
As expressed in the following table, everything that makes up the universe, from the initial forms to the finished concepts, is part of the whole.
Each element of this Totality is connected to the other in a subtle way, and together form a chain in the invisible reality. From that perspective, suffices to act on one of the links to automatically create a chain reaction and see an effect through the chain all the way to the end of it. This banal phenomenon with its simplistic force, was known to all primitive and ancient civilizations. 

Ancient peoples have always been very respective of Nature which they worshipped as a part of the Divinity. For them, Nature was the link between God and man, making it the ideal intermediary between the heavenly and the earthly level.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Celestial Entities

To succeed in your application, you must approach an entity with charms or prayers. Because you cannot seek to join the celestial entities just any time and anyhow: you have to approach each of them in the proper manner, they have all different ways of approaching. It is the planets that will tell us the right time and the right way to do it. Only beneficial entities will be named here. You can safely solicit their help to solve your love problems. 
The magic speaks to angels, and mainly to seven of them, each with different personality and powers. Here they are presented with their attributions in the field of love:

* Michaël helps attract success, favours projects in love affairs and help to develop self-confidence. 

* Gabriel is invoked to protect your home, to help you become more attractive and remove the temptations of the man or woman you love. 

* Samaël is effective for the increasing of sexual potency and for the pushing away of rivals. 

* Raphael promotes communication, causing a wedding or avoiding a divorce. 

* Sachiel operates to promote chance of a meeting and also to calm disputes.

* Anael can help you meet the one that is destined for you, bring back the loved one, and also protects and encourages marriage and can make the other more affectionate. 

* Caffiel protects against bad luck in love affairs.