Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to use invoking in the most accurate way

The interest of invoking the Angels, putting a side the rapidity of results, lies in the fact that it doesn't need a lot of elements to be implemented: suffice, the name, date of birth of the concerned persons, as well as the date, place and time of the particular event you want to influence. However, if you have an object, document or personal item, it should certainly be added because of its strengthened effects of the invocation. There are two indispensable steps before any invocation, able to optimize your demand:
1 The astrological chart
2 Visualization

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Luck gives the little "boost" that can make a difference in all areas, health, love, money, work ...Invocation can be used to promote good luck for you, it will then act upon your "magnetism", it will turn you into a "magnet" for success and achievement.
A photo of you and a lock of your hair, are items which will inform the Angel you want to invoke. You can add an employment contract, a business card, a game ticket, a photo of a loved one ... anything relating to the matter on which you want to interfere.
Following the particular invocation you have decided to undertake, the best would be to take the time and trouble to prepare in advance, to organize yourself, develop a plan, a way to rationally use the elements that you have got to influence your request in the most accurate manner, presenting it in the most convincing and logical way for your invoked Angel to comprehend. I'm soon going to explain how to proceed  in detail.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


A lawsuit can be altered in a positive way by invoking an Angel. In dealing with a prud'homme affair it could favour delays or to the contrary provoke proceedings, The atmosphere during a divorce trial could be soften and one could also ease the regulation of an inheritance case. Details like the precise time and date as well as the motive of the lawsuit, are required, if a detail like the number of the office or chamber where  the case will be pleaded is known, would be great too.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Invoking can give you a "boost" and reinforce your vital energy. This is particular useful for the diminish of stress consequences as anxiety and even complexes like shyness. It works well too to reinforce resistance, sexual vigour and also favour convalescence. There too, one must know the persons birth date and and full name, if it is done for someone else than oneself. The best would be to have a personal item.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


This is a domain where invoking have very good results even if it doesn't replace study and revisions... It includes as well university exams as all other kinds of competitions, evaluations and even driving license.
One can invoke the Angels for being in the best state of mind the day of the exams or stimulate the memory or for the selection of subjects which one is more comfortable with.
The elements for this kind of invoking would be the date and time for the exam and the convocation.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


For the domain of love and affection, invoking works very well, especially for provoking a marriage, revive fading feelings, prevent a separation, bringing back the one that left,, prevent adultery and in any case reawaken passion.
The invoked Angel will intervene and create an irresistible attraction, making the other think of you, dream of you, wanting to be by your side. The invoking force will create an impulsion toward you, totally irresistible.

Friday, February 22, 2013


In the professional domain, invoking, can act upon people as well as on events, turning them favourable for your endeavours. A contract could be signed with the assistance of the invoked Angel, and find new clients too, not lose your employment, or even provoke a mutation, get a higher salary...
It can also be used to favour you for a job, or change for another job within the firm, or even turn a situation into your favour. In the case of wanting to interfere with people, one have to have some elements concerning them, like for example their name and date of birth.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How can you use invoking to your advantage?

Invoking or magical prayer, is perfect for delicate situations  needing a rapid solution. It act like an impulsion and its results will be noticed the days following the calling, but only during a certain limit of time. The angel who have been called during the ceremony, will receive the motivating  "orders" to act upon the event or person, forcing the order of things for your advantage. One can use invoking in numerous domains like:

Work, Love affairs, Exams, Vitality, Justice, Chance etc.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The power of invoking

Invoking is ordering,  commanding. The magicians power comes out of the knowledge of how to command the Angels and also some of the fallen ones. Sometimes it is merely a healing prayer, together with a subtle "blowing" upon warts or a burning, an injury or a sprain.
Invoking is the Verb. Nothing can be done without it. The goal of invoking, or theurgy, is to create a liaison between the magician and the intelligences living within higher realms, giving them a mission, which will be easier for them to realise if the magician has the accurate tools.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


In magic, prayer is called invoking. No ritual can take place without prayers accompanied by precise and ritualised actions and words. The verb is what gives the power to intention. It is the beginning of the realisation. Firstly, one must enter a certain state of mind depending on what one wants to achieve, then formulate very specifically the material or spiritual demand.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Magic is an alliance between man and Nature.

 The magician respect Nature as a living being in which he has total confidence. He is conscious of its power upon the destiny of man. He uses tradition to study the relationship between man and Nature.He cultivates self mastery and keeps a straight conduct corresponding to the goals he has set forth.
Tradition is the environment appropriate for the magicians state of mind and work. Certain rules must be respected to create the accurate environment for the rituals and intentions to manifest. Each aspect that we are about to invoke participates in the magical work. Non can be forgotten and non can be used by itself. Everything must be interconnected.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Bringer of Light or of Dawn if you prefer, meaning Venus...

The highest placed entity of the three celestial hierarchies, Lucifer, "The bringer of light", wanted to become GOD-MAN, the great Mediator, through whom anyone wanting to speak to GOD, men or angels, had to go. It was a way to refuse to submit himself to his Master. He managed to convince the nine Chorals of the angelic hierarchies saying: I will be like GOD and you will be gods. Archangel Michael,  the leader of the army of angels took upon himself to chase Lucifer and his followers out of the sight of GOD. The followers, "fallen angels"  having now become demons, was chased from their world, and settled on Earth,delivering a war of disobedience, which man, who had become one of the main issues of this war, has since then tried to exploit to his favour, through the work of the sorcerer.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Magic or witchcraft?

The shaman or the magician has radically changed throughout the ages, the magic work has lost is visibility and has been de-socialised, with the separation of the "white" magic, using the natural forces of Nature, from "black" magic, which is more ceremonial with the invocation of spirits. It was during the Middle ages that this separation occurred,  the church not appreciating the competition, put all magic work in "the same bag" blending "black" and "white" magic together, forbidding its usage, making it clandestine. The adoration of demons was very active during those times, leaving the door open for all kinds of "evil" magic.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Language of the Angels...

The work of magic consists, in the case of Archangel Raphael, for example,  because of his attributions which are corresponding to the work one have the intention to do, using certain of the elements corresponding to his personal chain; one would chose the day of Mercury, making a sacrifice with Marjorie and Narcissus, consisting in burning incense a Wednesday. in proceeding so, one recreates the special universe of Raphael, using his own language, to be able to expect the best results.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two more...

Planet: venus
Day: friday
Organs: right eye, left side of the body (man) and right of the woman, intestins, stomac
Virtue: hope
Vice: envy
Colour: green
Metal: copper
Animals: owl, cat and frog
Flowers: rose and violet

Planet: saturn
Day: saturday
Organs: liver, veins, lungs, diaphragm, muscles, sides
Virtue: prudence
Vice: laziness
Colour: black
Metal: lead
Animals: eagle and deer
Flowers: cypress and black hellebore 

Happy Valetines day my friends...LOVE to all, even if you're single :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three more correspondances...

 Planet: Mars
Day: Tuesday
Organs: bones, teeth, right ear, spleen, bladder
Virtue: justice
Vice: greed
Metal: iron
Animals: toad and hoopoe
Flower: carnation

 Planet: Mercury
Day: Wednesday
Organs: gall bladder left ear, male genitals, kidneys
Virtue: force
Vice: rage
Metal: bronze
Animals: vulture and wolf
Flowers: marjoram and narcissus 

Planet: jupiter
Day: thursday
Organs: throat, breasts, belly, female genitals, lumbar region
Virtue: temperance
Vice: lust
Colour: blue
Metal: tin
Animals: dove and goat
Flower: gladiolus

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The previous mentioned attributions can have some variations following the traditions to which they are referring to. For example, here are the principals of the Archangels Choral:

Planet: Sun
Day: Sunday
Organs: heart, arteries, right side of the body (man)
and left side of the woman, right eye
Virtue: faith
Vice: vanity/pride
Colours: yellow and golden
Metal: gold
Animals: swan and lion
Plants/flowers: heliotrope and mimosa

Planet: Moon
Day: Monday
Organs: thighs, feet, arms, hands, tongue, nerves and ligaments 
Virtue: charity
Vice: cupidity
Colours: silver and pale grey
Metal: silver
Animals: stork and monkey
Plants/flowers: daisy and buttercup

Monday, February 11, 2013

Analogies and correspondences

So there is an infinite chain of analogies and correspondences of all that exists from the highest to the lowest and vice versa. In that manner, an Archangel or a fallen Angel will be given, by the law of analogy and correspondences attributes like: a planet,a day in the week, certain organs of the body, a colour, a mineral, a metal, a plant, an animal, a virtue and a vice...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The entities...

of the superior worlds as well as those of Earth act upon events etc. through correspondences b and existing analogies between the elements, material or immaterial, objective or subjective, which composes the Universe.This mode of action has been erected like a characteristic law of the magical art and is essential for its realisation, being "black" or "white", whatever.This is what is called "The law of analogy and correspondence" perfectly illustrated by this essential affirmation of the Emerald Table, formulated by Hermes Trismegiste (Mythological character -The Three Times Great-100-300 AC): " What is inferior is like what is superior and what is superior is like what is inferior, for the perpetrating of the miracles of what is unique". This is how, thanks to the analogies and correspondences relying everything, the magician, acting upon the physical forms and consequently also upon the psychological states, being part of the same network, transmits his demand by "vertical" direction, up to the superior levels where it will be realised. So all natures forces symbolised by the entities of the superior realms are in symbiosis and correspondence with the equivalent on Earth which will be put into movement.   

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Magic is an alliance one does with nature.

The magician recognises and respects Earth as a living entity and rely on it as such. He is totally aware of its power and how it intervenes on peoples destiny. He works with these powers, reconnecting people to Nature using traditional techniques, self control and follow a particular life style corresponding to the goal he wants to achieve. The magicians mindset and environment follows ancient traditions.He must respect certain rules to be able to give form to his intentions and to create the necessary conditions for the development of the rituals. I will try to explain some of the aspects of this very complex, magical work during the following posts, they are all interconnected and must be understood and mastered all together, otherwise the work cannot be done correctly.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Even if dichotomy...

between white magic and black magic, between the sorcerer and the magician, do exist, one must not be blindfolded by their apparent opposition. The initiated who is very well aware of the fact that Good and Bad couldn't exist without each other (and vice versa) this dichotomy don't exist, one could even say that it is impracticable.
Nowadays many self claimed rural "sorcerers" are honest men/women, taking care of people following the very ancient teachings while some self proclaimed "magicians" appearing suddenly from nowhere, pretending having stupendous results, in the media or in classified ads, are more interested in magic for their own interest rather than by pure empathy.
The modern magician, the heir of a secular tradition, confirmed by experience, should be a sorcerer having taken his/her place in society, relying modern techniques with ancient traditional recipes and with the enlarged application of wellness together with spirituality.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An art connected to Nature

Each evocable spirit is the vector, by a phenomenon of transposition, to  known or unknown natural forces  participating in the universal energy. Each one of them has its own identity and personality, its own sphere of influence and is a part of a very strict hierarchy which Saint Jerome has depicted.

° The first Hierarchy is composed by three Choral: The Seraphim, The Cherubims and The Thrones.

° The second Hierarchy is composed by three other Chorals: The Dominations, The Powers and The Virtues.

° The tird hierarchy is composed by again three Chorals: The Princes, The Archangels and The Angels.

The Archangels for example, are seven, and are the personification of the planetary energies, very important in magic:

Michael : The Sun
Gabriel : The Moon
Samael : Mars
Raphael : Mercury
Sachiel : Jupiter
Anael : Venus
Cassiel : Saturn

These nine Chorals, nine energies, evolve in the three superior worlds, these are the Hierarchies. But the world of action, Earth, the domain of mankind, has its own entities, which represents the forces having an incident on matter: The Genies (superior spirits) and also the Elementary, The Gnomes(spirits of the earth), The Ondines (spirits of water), The Sylphs (spirits of air) and The Salamanders (spirits of fire), Bringing us to the four elements so important in magic

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prehistoric magic...

is an unknown topic but the archaic man certainly tried to negotiate with the forces of nature through rites, incantations and sacrifices.  The shaman assured the safety of the tribe in unveiling the best chase and fishing spots, provoking or stopping rainfall, curing illnesses and keeping negative forces at distance. The shaman was the one with the knowledge to communicate with nature. he/she knew how to cure, see the future, predict natural cataclysms, find food for the tribe and question the ancient for advice... he/she was the one who managed to keep people in sync with nature...Keeper of the secret knowledge of nature, the cosmos and the ancients, he/she had a very high social status within the tribe.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Man and Nature

In modern times, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other kind of inundations are no longer considered to be the result of the wrath of the divine, rather nothing more than the "metabolic" reaction of the ecosystem of our planet. But originally, mankind felt very much the energy emanating from Earth and was aware of its implications on every living being. So he has tried to reconcile with the power of nature, symbolised by the four elements Water, Earth, Wind , and Fire,interacting within the influence of the cosmos, taming and using them to his advantage. The Shaman or the sorcerer had the task to detain the knowledge of the power of the universe as well as all kind of the natural phenomenon, to study and observe "the invisible". The archaic man believed that the natural powers were governed by supernatural forces with which one had to reconcile; one could say that in fact, magic was a precursor to religion

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Practising magic...

The magician is a solitary. He/she study magic for his/her own spiritual elevation and reflection and applies the techniques for his/her own understanding. It is an exchange between him/herself and the forces of nature, in a mutual comprehension.
Who utilises rural and traditional magic, with methodical incantations and preparations for the sake of his/her clients, is to be considered a magician. But magic is also a life path, a way of considering the world and nature, a guide, a vision.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Our planet Earth is a living entity, like our bodies it is an energetic system reacting to its environment: the cosmos. Mankind was born out of our Mother Earth, who modelled and directed humanity into what it has become. Symbolically she is our mother and since all times, man has been aware of the link uniting him to her, knowing the intimate relationship and dependence between them for his survival and existence. Nevertheless, since the Renaissance, "man" has become more materialistic and has lost little by little the notion of respect and admiration held by the archaic, antic and middle-age man, towards his planet. Today most people don't even see our planet as a living being but nothing more than property for man to conquer and form as he wish.