Thursday, May 31, 2012

Exercises for transforming anger

Pile up pillows and cushions that you can hit with all your strength. Take a deep breath and then use your fists and feet to hit and kick as hard as you can as you breathe out.

   Ideally do this somewhere where you won’t be disturbed (and where you won’t disturb those around you). Let yourself go, shout, yell and insult the cushions. Repeat the exercise as many times as necessary to get rid of your pent-up anger.

   Remember, you simply need to make contact with the energy of the "injured child within you" and to have the courage to cross the "ridicule barrier". You will find this exercise is extremely salutary and has a number of benefits.

On the same basis, you can unburden yourself by writing "anger letters". For example, you can keep a sort of journal where you write down everything that sickens you and makes you angry.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


   Anger is a reaction designed to protect your integrity when you feel your personal boundaries have been crossed, when you feel "invaded". Anger is a way of saying "NO" to an injustice or a violation.

   Justified anger is immediate, clear and requires no explanation. It is like the bared teeth of a bitch protecting her litter. Real anger is focused on a very specific object and is perfectly justified. By expressing it, you expose what is inappropriate and defend your integrity in a way that is beneficial to everyone concerned.

   Interiorised and repressed anger is a widespread phenomenon in our society, and leads to family violence, crime, all kinds of misplaced aggression, wars at every level and destruction caused by gestures of despair. Anger is the least acceptable and therefore the most repressed emotion in our society.

   The physical signs of repressed anger can be seen everywhere: tense jaws, clenched fists, stiffened backs, jutting chins, raised voices and blazing eyes.
   If only we learned to get angry in the right way, spontaneously, protecting our territory against a real threat of invasion, anger would be an appropriate response, a suitable reaction to resolve the challenges we were facing, a remedy devoid of negative effects. Instead it tends to be a chronic illness whose powerlessness is ultimately destructive.

   On the path of Initiation, it is therefore extremely important to express your anger and not to leave it buried and trapped within you. You will also notice that when you express your anger properly, it is followed by a feeling of compassion because you can understand what drove the other person to cross your boundaries. Anger then becomes an appropriate form of compassion.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


   Fear is a useful, and even indispensable, emotion. It puts you on your guard, catalyses your senses and intensifies your awareness. Although it may seem strange at first, fear is your friend. It is the radar that picks up on everything and guides you on your journey through life.

   It is the basic instinct of human survival, on the physical, mental and spiritual level. It is vital to have a very acute sense of what can constitute a threat to your well-being. Sensitive, well-adjusted antennae indicate any form of danger, enabling you to identify the threats as they occur and to deal with them.

   But the danger signals emitted by fear are suffocated if you have developed a form of behaviour designed to deny or suppress this emotion. By not paying attention to these particular signals of fear, this energy is dispersed and transformed into a general paranoia, a sort of ever-present "chronic mistrust".

   This is why many people are subconsciously transfixed by fear. They are as it were afraid of fear, which prevents them transforming it into positive energy.
   Suddenly they are afraid of everything: losing their job, losing their loved one, losing their life. They are afraid of success, afraid of being too happy, afraid of the truth, afraid of feeling anything, afraid of moving, afraid of change.

   Have you never noticed (and felt within you) how unexpressed fear grips at your throat, neck, lower back, raises the shoulders, stiffens the jaw, furrows the brow, immobilises the pelvis and locks the knees?

   The various parts of the body bear the mark of fear, but we are so used to it that we are impervious to its messages crying out to be noticed. This all-invasive fear accumulates and expands, paralysing our vital energy and petrifying our emotions.

   There is no need to be afraid of fear per se, or feel inhibited or immobilised by your fears. Instead, give them the attention they deserve and allow them to express themselves as and when they occur. In this way, the energy of fear is released in the right manner.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Expressing your heart

   We have just seen how it is necessary to maintain a satisfactory level of vitality in order to experience the POWER OF BEING, i.e. to allow the mind to completely “inhabit” the body, to be aware of yourself through and by means of your body.

   The second "mission" of the Initiated is to "express their heart", i.e. to give free rein to their emotions in order to experience the POWER OF LOVE.

   Our emotions need to flow, like the blood flowing through our veins. When the arteries of our emotions are blocked, when our heart is closed, our life lacks intensity and passion. Trying to love without allowing your emotions to flow is like trying to drive a car without any petrol in the tank.

   In today’s society, many of us have unfortunately learned from a very early age to block, suppress or deny many of our emotions. Expressing our emotions freely is often regarded as synonymous with "suffering", so to avoid being hurt we simply don’t take the risk of expressing them.
   We get used to living in a state of emotional inertia, a sort of pervasive numbness which acts as a protective shield against suffering, but which prevents us experiencing the joy of living in the present.

   In fact, there is no point in trying to escape from our emotions since they will emerge sooner or later, in one way or another, however hard we try to resist or deny  them.

   Emotions really exist: they are not thoughts that can be simply dismissed. They are not abstract concepts since they are the use of universal cosmic energy, this fundamental energy which animates us and which certain people refer to as Superior Consciousness, Supreme Power, Creation or even God.

   Unexpressed, repressed or suppressed, this energy becomes toxic. It surfaces in the form of swellings, growths, clots, tumours, spasms, migraines and all kinds of other physical ailments.

   Recently, a great deal of scientific research has shown that the repression of the emotions has serious repercussions on health. It is a well-known fact that people who tend to repress their emotions are much more predisposed to illness than those who don’t.

   The only really healthy solution is to take a firm hold on your emotions, to get to know them, take possession of them and  learn to experience and express them as and when they occur.

   Initiates have understood this for a long time.

   The 5 basic emotions from which all others originate are: fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion.
   These basic emotions are essential to our survival and general well-being. The challenge is not to transcend them, but to transform your relationship with them. You need to regard your emotions as friends and express them clearly and frankly.

   One could take the attitude that there are two sorts of emotions : positive (good) and negative (bad), and that it is therefore desirable to promote the good ones and suppress the bad ones by rising above (transcending) them.

   Since time immemorial, non-Initiates have wrongly confused Illumination (Spiritual Awakening, "Paradise") with the "transcendence" of the emotions. Why transcend something which is real, which is part of life? Why don’t we want to experience our emotions?

   Let me tell you a very basic secret: your emotions are not intrinsically positive or negative; they are quite simply the elements of your vital energy, each with its own vibration and its own function.

   Each of these 5 emotions is in fact an energy that vibrates at a certain level and intensity. This energy must be able to flow freely for you to able to really live in the present.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Learning to relax

   "Instant relaxation" will enable you to restore your energy anywhere and at any time, in only a few minutes.

   To do this, settle yourself in a comfortable position, sitting or lying down. Close your eyes. Carry out an isometric contraction of all your muscles and then breathe deeply.

   With each exhalation let your tiredness, worries and tensions flow out through your heels into the depths of the earth.

   Pause at the end of each exhalation, before allowing the air to flow back into your lungs bringing tranquillity, peace and silence.

   During the pause after each inhalation “feel” the space within your whole body.

   Then visualise yourself in an “ideal relaxing environment" (by the sea, a river, spring, forest, mountain, island, cave, nest, etc.) where you are completely relaxed. Here are a few examples of scenes that you could visualise: a babbling brook, fluffy clouds in a blue sky, waves breaking on the shore, a symphony concert, a garden full of sweetly scented flowers, the different colours of a rose garden, tropical fish in an aquarium, etc.

   In this place, use the energy of the colours to restore your energy. For example, imagine a magnificent rainbow: breathe in the colour – as if the air you were breathing was coloured – which corresponds to your needs of the moment (welcome what flows into you by trusting your intuition) and allow it to spread through your body.

   Then, as you breathe out, let it flow out through your heels. Return to everyday reality by stretching voluptuously.

   This whole relaxation cycle can be completed in only a few minutes, and enables you to recharge your batteries with physical and mental energy.

   All these various exercises are based on the secret techniques of Yoga, carefully developed by Indian Masters. They were specially designed for the needs of disciples wanting to follow the teachings of spiritual initiation. These pupils, who also worked hard to earn their living, usually had very little money, time and space to devote to these teachings.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Walking a gentle source of energy

   Walking is an essential exercise for developing the mobility of the body and the harmony  of its functions. It is a wonderful single source of renewable, gentle energy. The repeated, regular contact with the ground recharges your nervous batteries.
   The best times to walk are at sunrise and sunset, since the earth’s electromagnetic energy is greater at these times than at any other time of the day.

   If you have the opportunity to walk barefoot (in grass wet with dew or on a sandy beach, for example) this is ideal since you will rapidly build up a store of energy, which passes though the soles of you feet and circulates throughout you body.

   Walk in a natural environment as often as you can: in the countryside, forest, along a river bank, in a park, a garden, etc.
   Fifteen to twenty minutes’ walk a day is in itself an excellent way of keeping fit!
   Walk smoothly and evenly without anything in you hands so that your arms can move freely.
   To improve your mobility and suppleness, walk using the “toe-heel” method, placing your toes on the ground first, then your foot, then your heel. To learn how to do it, practice walking backwards until you feel comfortable with the movement.

   The method avoids subjecting the spine and intestines to sudden shocks. It also stimulates the energy of the toes (where the reflex points of the head and the sense organs are located).

   The spine will automatically find its correct position while you are walking if you practise carrying a – real or imaginary – object on your head.

   To release the tensions that interfere with your breathing, you can practice breathing out against resistance : breathe out through almost closed lips as if you were breathing through a thin tube, completely emptying your lungs. 
   You can also regulate your exhalations to the rhythm of familiar tunes or emit a sound that you allow to reverberate in your mouth, nose and throat (the vibrations of the sound will stimulate the sensitive areas of the palate and nasal fossae which will in turn stimulate all the parts of the body via reflex channels).

   Then let the air enter your lungs of its own accord, feeling your stomach expand first. In this exercise exhalation is active and inhalation passive.

   These exhalations against resistance increase the supply of oxygen to the brain (your memory and concentration improve) and stimulate the blood circulation throughout the body.
   Yawning, sighing, growling, grunting, humming, singing, shouting, laughing and crying are also invaluable ways (used spontaneously by small children) of releasing your breath and expressing your emotions (all emotional tension automatically affects the breathing by blocking it in an inspiratory position).

The Principles of Isometric Exercises:

1.  - Continuing to breathe normally
2.  - Tensing (without external movement) one or several groups  of muscles
3. - Achieving maximum contraction
4. - Maintaining this contraction for between one and seven even breaths, while keeping the rest of the body relaxed
5. - Releasing the muscular tension
6. - Breathing out deeply to relax.

  Above all do things gradually and NEVER STRAIN.


a) To strengthen your back

   Say goodbye to painful and debilitating back pain!
You will now be able to create a strong back by strengthening the deep-seated musculature that supports the spine.

   Here is a specially adapted isometric exercise:

   Join your hands in front of your head, with your palms pressed against your forehead. Pull your arms backwards, pushing your head forwards against the resistance of your hands.

 Join your hands behind your head, with your palms resting on the back of your head, above the nape of your neck. Push your hands forward against the resistance of your head.

   Observe the techniques of isometric contraction. For this exercise, which can be done sitting or standing but with the back straight, your head must be perfectly aligned and your eyes looking straight ahead (you can check your position by standing in front of a mirror).

b) To strengthen your abdominal muscles

   This will enable you to accumulate a great deal of energy around your stomach area and consequently form abdominal muscles that maintain the digestive organs in place (crucial to prevent you getting a “stomach”!)

   Lie down on your back, with your arms resting on the ground at your sides (use a relatively firm surface, for example a carpet or, better still, an "exercise mat " rather than a soft mattress).

   As you breathe in, raise your legs, keeping them straight and without supporting yourself with your hands. Maintain the contraction for several even breaths. Then release the contraction by lowering your legs to the ground.

   Start from the same position and raise your legs and your back. At the same time raise your arms, keeping them straight and  parallel in front of you. Only the lower back and upper part of the buttocks should remain in contact with the floor.
   Look at the tips of your toes, while trying to keep your back straight.
   Maintain the contraction, for several even breaths. Lie back on the floor as you breathe out

   Practising this exercise each day, for a few minutes at a time, will ensure good digestion and clear intestinal transit. No more flatulence or constipation!

  c) To relieve pelvic congestion

   This exercise, which aims to draw blood into the muscles of the buttocks, is an effective cure for bleeding of the uterus, period pains, gynaecological problems, haemorrhoids and to prevent prostate problems.

   Several times a day, tense the muscles of your buttocks, perineum (area between the anus and genitalia) and the anal sphincter muscle, according to the isometric principle. This exercise can be done in any  position.

d) Isometric exercises for the face

   This exercise is extremely useful for relaxing tension in the face and eyes.
Following an isometric contraction, the subcutaneous muscles placed under tension relax deeply. Their improved elasticity prevents them becoming wasted which is one of the principle causes of ageing of the skin.
   In  fact, imperfections of the skin (wrinkles, age spots) are more effectively treated from the inside, by developing the musculature of the face, than the outside (beauty creams, plastic surgery, etc.).

   The regeneration of the facial muscles leads to a remarkable improvement in the circulation of the blood. This in turn leads to the elimination of waste tissue and revitalises the layers of the skin.

   All you have to do is practise as many different grimaces as possible, stretching the facial muscles as far as you can and holding each position for a few seconds (isometric contraction). Breathe evenly as you do it and then relax the taut muscles as you breathe out.
   All these movements are beneficial, provided they are not excessive or painful.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Developing your strength

   To be strong is to have an efficient musculature.
Isometric gymnastics (muscular contraction without changing position) is one of the most effective ways of developing and maintaining your musculature.

   A muscle that is not sufficiently stimulated at least once a day loses its strength. A muscle that is intensely stimulated by maximum contraction for a few seconds reacts by stimulating the blood circulation and developing the strength of its muscle fibres.

   For people in a situation of enforced immobility (in hospital, astronauts, etc.), it has been proven that a few isometric gymnastic exercises each day are enough to maintain the musculature in perfect condition.

   For city dwellers, it is a valuable way of "doing sport" as part of everyday life.

   You can practice isometric gymnastic exercises anywhere, at any time and in any position.

   For example: at home, at work, in the car, at a show, while you are waiting for someone, answering the telephone, sitting, standing, lying down or walking.

   They enable you to develop your physical strength and your vitality in a discreet and intense manner.
   Believe me, doing these exercises on a daily basis will keep your musculature "super fit" and enable you to gradually achieve exceptional physical efforts… without feeling tired or stiff!


1.  - Continuing to breathe normally
2.  - Tensing (without external movement) one or several groups  of muscles
3. - Achieving maximum contraction
4. - Maintaining this contraction for between one and seven even breaths, while keeping the rest of the body relaxed
5. - Releasing the muscular tension
6. - Breathing out deeply to relax.

  Above all do things gradually and NEVER STRAIN.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Mental gymnastics"

   Through imagination, mental visualisation and sensation, you can use the fantastic resources of your brain to prepare your body for exercise and develop its beauty, strength, mobility and suppleness.

   You only have to imagine, to see your body moving in your mind’s eye for your brain to immediately transmit precise orders to the rest of your musculature to prepare the movements and ensure the necessary co-ordination.

   The positions and movements imagined, and then felt, produce measurable physiological effects. Your body actually benefits from a large part of the exercise that you are visualising.

   Did you know that a few minutes’ visualization each day enables people who are unable to move to maintain their physical energy? People suffering from rheumatism and accident victims can restore the mobility of their joints by repeatedly visualising the free movement of these joints. Remarkable results are obtained in competition sport using this type of mental training.

   The fact that you imagine yourself BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, MOBILE and SUPPLE develops these qualities by creating "mental images" that are crucial to their acquisition. In other words, the considerable power of the imagination "prepares the ground": by visualizing yourself with these qualities, you literally begin to create what you want to become through thought.

   To do this, you must:

-   close your eyes,
-   breathe deeply,
-   relax,
-   imagine or visualize yourself in a situation of your own choosing, in as much detail as possible (surrounding countryside, temperature, light, sounds, texture of the ground, movements and displacement of your body, etc.)

   Do this effortlessly, in a relaxed state, allowing the images to appear "of their own accord" behind your closed eyelids as spontaneously as possible. The more you practice this exercise, treating it a as a game, the easier it becomes. By repeating it you will feel yourself "entering the image" more easily and you will actually feel the environment and movements you are imagining within your own body.

IMPORTANT: During periods of visualisation allow yourself to breathe freely and don’t stop yourself stretching, yawning or making any body movements that occur naturally.

   Take every available opportunity to practise these "mental gymnastics"; I assure you that you will find them extraordinarily beneficial.

Programming ourselves...

   Did you know, for example, that by walking briskly for twenty to thirty minutes, five or six times a week, you can achieve three-quarters of the physical stimulation achieved by an athlete following an Olympic training programme? Surprising, isn’t it?

   This has been demonstrated by scientific studies which prove that simple walking, carried out in an enjoyable manner, energises the body in a way that is comparable to hours of intensive daily training.

 You don’t have to impose draconian measures, or suffer and groan, in order to keep fit. You only have to apply the techniques I am about to describe and which are above all pleasurable experiences linked to a feeling of well-being.

   But, to give you a better idea of what I mean, let’s consider why a person’s vitality tends to decrease as they get older… rather than remaining “at the service” of a robust health which would allow them to remain in contact with their natural resources.

   A newly born child receives information from the world around it via the intermediary of its five senses and the sensations that occur within its body. Through exercise and play, it gradually develops the co-ordination of its movements and is soon able to move about and communicate with those around it.

   During this time, it sleeps when it is tired, moves freely and expresses itself unreservedly by means of sounds, gestures and imitation. Its instinct guides it infallibly through the various stages of its development.

   But the educational and social framework soon imposes limitations that will imprison the child within physical, emotional and mental stereotypes.

   And this is the crucial point: this conditioning does not take account of the natural needs of the body and the child loses the spontaneity of sleep, movement and expression. It is forced to adhere to timetables, get used to immobility and artificially imposed positions and to expressing itself in a socially accepted manner. If these educational constraints are imposed to early or too "severely", they lead to disturbances that leave the way open for illness, emotional or mental imbalance.

   And this is how premature adaptation to life in society makes us lose touch with the "child" within us. 

   Fortunately, when we become aware of its existence, we can – whatever our age – give it a new lease of life and allow it to develop.

   But to do this, we have to create "moments of childhood" for ourselves: within the confines of our private lives, we can allow ourselves to experience the natural freedom of the baby, the toddler and the child.
   This involves rediscovering the respiratory movements, sounds, stretching, attitudes, mimicry, sleeping, waking, discovery of the body and the environment specific to each of these ages and experiencing them freely in the privacy of our own home, since few people can bear the sight of an adult behaving like a child…

   These exercises release the tensions accumulated in our body, free us from our limitations, bring us the pleasure of movement and expression free from the constraints of conditioning.

   They form the indispensable preliminary stages to any attempt to achieve physical, emotional and mental fitness.

   The only obstacle to be overcome in order to practice them is the "ridicule barrier". Having the courage to cross it (and I know you have!) will take you into the realms of tolerance and understanding!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


 (synonymous with existence, energy and vitality) means that your mind inhabits your body completely, that your "self" occupies all the space due to it within your body.

   Have you noticed how many people there are who are not in their body, not “at home” so to speak, who do not experience their body in the present?

   The great majority of people live alongside themselves, in their head, in  their memories, in their future projects, and ignore the needs of their body, rather like absentee landlords.
   The main reason for this is that many people lead a sedentary life, an "illness” that involves spending most of their time sitting or lying down, without taking physical exercise, without the movement that is crucial to maintaining physical and mental vitality.

   How often do you hear people say: "I know I should do a basic amount of exercise, play a sport or work out in the gym … but in the evening, I’m so tired I just sit in front of the television; I don’t have the energy to go out to the gym".

   For many people doing exercise means performing the following series of actions: getting up from their chair, finding gym clothes that don’t make them look fat or ridiculous, finding their gym shoes, putting everything in a bag, leaving the house, going to where the car is parked (or to the garage), getting into the car, driving through traffic to the gym or leisure centre, finding a parking space, walking to the entrance, going to the changing rooms, getting changed, going to the bodybuilding or fitness area or joining a class, having a shower … and then doing everything else in the reverse order. It’s hardly surprising that people feel exhausted before they even start!

   And yet you can take exercise in a completely different way, using opportunities in your everyday life.  
 You can develop your VITALITY without unpleasant efforts or tiredness, and absolutely free of charge!

   Is it too good to be true? NO absolutely not.

   I'm going to show you extremely simple, but also extremely effective ways of doing this. Enabeling you to maintain and develop your physical and mental health on a permanent basis. These techniques, adopted and used by all Initiates, can transform your everyday life so that tiredness and pain are increasingly replaced by vitality and well-being.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Secret N° 1: Developing your Vitality

  This is the basic principle: you must make every effort to keep your body healthy and to lead a fit and healthy life. In fact, the first "mission" of the Initiated is to "free" their body from anything that can imprison it (for example: illness, pain, tiredness). 

   This is so that you can experience THE POWER OF BEING.

   And this is where you must begin, since it is also the most fundamental part of you.

   You should understand that your body is the expression of your life; your body is your Bible, your encyclopaedia, your life history. In fact, everything that happens to you is in some way "recorded" and reflected by your body.

   Wisdom is written into your body - in each of the cells that compose it - and this wisdom, which comes from the divine creation, is INFINITE. Your body knows this instinctively; it "feels" its divine origins.

   The close relationship between your inner life (your moods, frame of mind, psychological disposition, mental attitudes, thoughts, emotions …) and your body is indivisible, inevitable and unavoidable.

   In other words, the marriage between body and mind can NEVER end in divorce.

   But for this marriage to be happy and successful, you must  respect the needs of your body, look after it and love it like a friend, your best friend.

The seven secrets of the initiated

   The “Seven Secrets” I am about to be reveal to you have for a long time been the exclusive prerogative of the Initiated and the Grand Masters.

   Their power and effectiveness are considerable.

   They really do have the power to transform and improve your life, provided you really want them to and that you implement them in all seriousness and on a regular basis.

   Use them wisely and with respect, for these Secrets convey a sacred energy that is several thousand years old.

   Many men and women on this earth lead a life of "quiet despair".

   Why so much despair, violence and desolation ?

   For a great many reasons: problems of unemployment, health, social injustice, drugs, child abuse, insecurity, crime, wars, inflation, taxes, pollution …

   And you can probably add to the list.

   The main reason for all these tensions, all these economic and social problems, is that we have enteed a new ERA!

   In fact major changes are about to take place on a planetary scale; they are already written in the stars. A long time ago, prophets and great clairvoyants such as Nostradamus were already predicting the shattering changes that would occur at the end of the 20th century.

   But YOU personally, what can you do to live happily through these great changes, which are unfortunately destabilising the lives of so many people?

   This booklet provides the answer to this very question. With some confidential instructions and precise information, you will soon have the wisdom and expertise of the Initiated at your fingertips… which will enable you, too, to become an Initiate.

   Each of these Secrets involves making simple changes to your way of living and being. Changes as simple as pressing a button to open a door.

    I have solemnly undertaken to dedicate my life, and my occult powers as a medium, to the service of Truth, Justice and Love. In this capacity, I am the repository for the heritage of the Masters who have lived in past centuries.

   These great Initiates have bequeathed all the information required to lead a full and happy life, free from despair, especially in an environment where conditions of life are unfavourable or particularly difficult.

   This heritage has remained hidden for a long time, awaiting the right moment to be revealed to deserving people who will put it to good use.

   At the dawn of this new Era, the time has come to reveal it to a number of specially chosen individuals.

   You have clearly indicated your desire to become one of these Initiates and to change your destiny in a lasting and durable manner so that life finally brings you what you hoped for.

   I know (I "feel") that you deserve it and are worthy of it, and I am pleased to be able to offer you my help by placing my occult gifts and my secret instructions at your disposal.

   By applying them faithfully, conscientiously and with perseverance, there is no doubt whatsoever that you will be able to completely transform your life!

   Let is consider the deep cosmic truths contained in these Secrets, the great Universal Principles to which they are directly linked.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How can we set about attracting benefits for you in the field of your choice as quickly as possible?

As you will see, when you know how to go about it, it is very easy to create a “signal” to emit with the aim of “capturing the benefits of your choice”. To create a good signal, you need a short, clear and precise message (just one message at a time) covering what you most want to see happening in your life.

For example:

* The “devil’s” luck in love *  Good luck in games *  Meet someone new  *  Great financial success *  Loyal friends *  A pay rise *  Business prosperity *  Doing well in an exam *  An enthralling job *  A job nearer home *  Passing my exam *  Marrying the man meant for me * Marrying the woman meant for me *  Go travelling somewhere nice *  Move to another region *  Open a business *  A house in the country *  Good health *  For my love to come back *  Enough money to pay off my debts. Etc…

Let me straight away give you some wise advice regarding your wishes.

Make sure that your requests are only BENEFICIAL and that your first requests are fairly “modest”. Why? Because if you ask for too much straight away, without realising it in your innermost heart you may well not dare to believe they will be granted.

Then without suspecting it you may unconsciously “block” the process whereby your wish will come true. Be sure to remember that your wishes must be fair and reasonable to start with, and above all must not do wrong to anybody. Proceed by gradual stages and your future results will be all the better.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Good Luck and the Ten days that follows the New Moon

Day 1: A propitious day for everything you start. If you are setting up a business, getting married, have to approach an administrative body or your employer, if you have to ask for a bank loan, choose today. Children who are born on the first day after a new moon will be happy and prosperous their whole life long.

Day 2: A day for sometimes unexpected good news. You can also embark on new enterprises. You are more likely than usual to win at games of chance. The people you meet may well play an important role in your life love, friendship, partnership, anything is possible.

Day 3: Everything seems more difficult. You get behind with your work, you are subject to all sorts of trifling but irritating problems. The smallest problem seems very complicated whereas it would take almost nothing to resolve it.

Day 4: If you want to move, buy a new flat or a house in the country, do it today it is a lucky day for everything relating to land and real estate. It is an ideal day to invest money as shares bought on the Stock Exchange will rise.

Day 5: After the day for money, the day for feelings. Couples who want a child should conceive it today. If lovers arrange their first meeting, it will be followed by many others. It is also the day for tenderness and comfort, an excellent day for everything relating to the home, family or living surroundings.

Day 6: A good day to harvest. In the fishing and hunting season you will not come back empty-handed. Herbalists take advantage of it to pick medicinal herbs. Pick fruit too, and make high-quality preserves or jam from it.

Day 7: The day when love reigns supreme, especially if it falls on a Monday or a Friday.

Day 8: Watch out for your health, relapses or complications are to be feared. Take twice as much care if you are driving a car.

Day 9: Don’t show your face to the moon, it will damage your features and make you age prematurely. If you can, try not to go out tonight: the night is full of malevolent forces. Do not sign anything important today.

Day 10: A day of surprises. There will be unexpected events, intriguing meetings, dramatic happenings. Look forward to a day full of unexpected things.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The importance of the Moon in your daily life

Since immemorial times divinatory arts have taken account of the Moon’s influence. If you are interested in Tarot cards you will know that the 18th arcana represents the Moon.

If the moon turns up in your cards, it has a very special meaning for you. And that isn’t all

Take your hand for example. If a line starts at one end from the Mount of Venus and at the other from the Mount of the Moon, for you this means: success in every field, and popularity.

Likewise the position of the Moon in your astral theme influences your destiny: so you can realise the extent to which the Moon influenced your luck and your prosperity for the whole course of your life at the time of your birth. Let me give you an example.

According to astrology, in the 7th house of 17°8 of Gemini at 0° of Cancer it is conducive to profits. In the 10th house of 25°42 of Cancer at 8°34 of Leo, not only is it conducive to profits, it gives good prospects of achieving wealth.

The Moon is very important according to its position when you were born. It endows you with very specific qualities and characteristics. But you must have known for years whether you are a lucky person, characterised by luck "of the devil"

And if, as I believe, this has not really been the case (or not sufficiently the case), here is what we are going to do thanks to the incredible Beneficent Cosmic Power of the Black Moon. And you will see the extent to which the Moon can have a beneficent influence.

Yes, it is with the very next New Moon that your fateful period will start up, the time when we will act together to achieve greater happiness for you (you can easily find the date of the New Moon on a calendar( In esoteric circles the New Moon is also called the Black Moon.)