Saturday, May 31, 2014

Following up on the ritual as such

Now put each candle in its candlestick and light them in the following order: the red one first, the white candle at the right hand side and then the left one.

In the centre of these candlesticks, put the incense burner, in which you have lightened the coal.

If you have a photo of the person you want to fall in love with you, then place it beneath the left candle. You'll do the same with your own photo, under the right one. You can, of course, replace the photos with other witnesses or any other person belongings, even more efficient, and put them beside the candles (your candle, the right, her/his candle, the left).

When your coals are incandescent, put some of your personal incense. Take the incense burner and make it turn seven times around the right candle, representing you, during each tour call your angel, by pronouncing his name.

Then put back the incense burner in the middle of the candle triangle. Spread some incense (the one of your loved one) upon the burning coals and turn the incense burner seven times around the left candlestick while invoking her/his angel each time. 

Within your mind visualise how your angel comes in contact with her/his, their uniting, pronounce their two names, and put back the incense burner in the middle of the candle triangle.

Friday, May 30, 2014


is what we call the belongings to the person you want to bewitch. It consists often in physical elements such as hair or nails. Pictures, letters or threads from clothes are also very efficient.

Ant element that have been in contact with the person will do even if there is a scale of value that should be considered:

*A photo or a letterhead are not as valuable as a handwritten piece of paper or letter

*A written message is less valuable than a piece of clothing

*A piece of clothing has less resonance than hair, nails, saliva or blood

The success of the ritual depends on the quality of the witness.

If you are lucky enough to possess a corporal witness of the person you want to bewitch, such as a strand of hair, for example, and you put it under a consecrated candle, the action that you are putting into place will hit directly and quickly at her/him.

With a witness like a written message, the action will be less effective but nevertheless worth while.

Without witness or with a less valuable one, your action has to be more concentrated and fierce to be efficient.
In this case, it will be necessary to repeat the ritual several times, and its success will depend on your capacity of concentration and visualisation.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The procedure as such...

During the whole procedure you shall be conscious of the fact that your angel listens to you and is by your side to assist you for the success of your demand.

The day and hour of the ritual during rising moon, engrave your name in the wax of the red candle, at the bottom and on one side. Then turning the candle so that you can engrave the name of your beloved so that it comes face to face to your own.

The red candle represents love, body, soul and mind. It symbolises the passion you want to establish between yourself and the one you want to attract.

On the white candle at the right hand side, engrave the name of your angel (corresponding to your date of birth).

On the other white candle, on the left hand side, engrave the name of the angel of your beloved.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Preparing for the ritual

Don't forget to take a shower before the ritual. The physical body once purified by the water becomes a better instrument for the action that you are putting in place. Get dressed in light manner and stay barefoot. Dress a table or a dresser, with your white tablecloth and put the candles in a triangular form: at the centre, at the top, put the red candle laying down and at both sides, at the bottom, put the two white candles and beside them, their candlestick. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ritual for sentimental provocation

This very powerful and efficient ritual allows the establishment of a spiritual and physical link between you and the one you want to be loved by. To accomplish this magic work, we will create a communication between your spiritual guide and his/her.

A few days before the beginning of the ritual, gather the following things( things to be utilised one unique time):

*A white, cotton or linen, table cloth

*A candlestick with a red candle tainted throughout

*A pin

*A square, animal or plant, parchment

*A feather or a reservoir pen with Chinese ink

*A "witness" (an object, photo, a letter, some hair etc. to be explained further in the near future) of the person you want to influence

Monday, May 26, 2014

End of the ritual

Recite the invocation seven times, with a pause in-between with a visualisation into the flame of the candle.

Then burn the parchment with the flame, keep the ashes and rub your palms with it.

Put back your hand on your knees and continue to meditate with frequent visualisations during the rest of the time (the total time of the ritual should last the whole magic hour).

During the following days, throughout a complete month, at least, you could repeat your demand many times over, making sure it's during the magic hours, of course. Day after day, the force with which your demand have been done, will work upon his/her subconscious mind, and will make its way through and bring him/her towards you.
If you have a photo of the person or a hand written message, in your possession, you can put it beneath the for him/her, consecrated candle. This will create an even stronger connection between both of you.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Now visualise the person, and project your wish towards the flame...

a short moment, then read the love inducing invocation that you have previously written down by hand, on the parchment:

"I entrust you with this charm, you so powerful angel Anael, whom is the keeper of the keys
You, unique and blissful, with these cosmic prayers I invoke you
Come to me, you who have give the breathe to the universe, you who have suspended the fire of heavens ocean and separated earth from water
Receive my prayers like traces of fire
Open up, heaven! Listen to my calling, Father of the world
I invoke you by the name of Anael, you who is the keeper of the foundation
You are the sacred and strong, the name sanctified by all the angels
Listen to me, you who are sitting in the sacred sanctuary
You, lord of lightening and thunder, darkness and wind
You, holder of the divine forces of nature
You, bringer of the morning light, you who set at the west and rise at the east
Teach me the secrets of, Venus, goddess of thousand names, and the infinite powers of Mars potions
Nature trembles before you, O powerful master of the worlds 
The name of whom, opens up earth
The name of whom, make stones burst
The name of whom, frightens the demons
Accomplish for me this magic enchantment, by my invoking of you, holy angel!
Rise in my favour and accomplish for me, all my souls wishes that I reveal to you here...(speak out about your wishes)!"

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Now, surround the candle with both hands...

without touching it and continue:

" I consecrate thee, o creature of wax, like the soul, body and mind of........(name the person), so that by thee, I can reach the body, the soul and the mind of...(name of your loved one) and come into contact with her/his conscience.
I urge thee, O divine forces,, by whom lives and reigns with thee in unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Put back your hands on your knees, palms up. Focus strongly on the flame, while breathing deeply and calmly. Your eyes must penetrate the flame of your consecrated candle.

Friday, May 23, 2014

The ritual of itself

The predefined day and hour, take the red candle and inscribe the name of the person you want to attract with the pin. Light it and sit down. Put your hand on your knees and recite the exorcism prayer for the candle while looking at the flame:

" I exorcise thee, creature of wax, by the Creator of all things, so that the harmful forces that could get in the way of my action, be chased from thee.
Upgrade and sanctify O divine forces, this creature of wax and fire, so that it, by the benediction of The Saint Name, brings to me, while consuming, everything I have asked for." 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Preparations

You have the names of your two angels and have also calculated the magical day and hour, during rising moon, for the ritual to be started. You have copied by hand all the texts in the booklet you have for your ritual.

Now take a shower and dress lightly and stay barefoot.

Put the cotton tablecloth on a table or a dresser, in a calm place in your home.

Write down the love invocation, with Chinese ink, on the parchment.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A ritual for creating occasions for the loved one to be attracted by you

This ritual will help you create occasions for you to approach your love one, making her/his thoughts dwell upon you, seeing you with "new eyes". Then it will be up to you to benefit from these occasions to express your feelings, knowing that this person will then be more disposed to hear you.

The material needed

A few days before the ritual, gather these objects:

*A white linen or cotton table cloth

*A candlestick with a red candle, dyed throughout the candle

*Two candlesticks with white candles

*A plant or animal parchment

*A pin

*An incense burner with charcoal for the burning of the incense

*Your planetary incense and the one of your loved one

*A hemp twine

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The rituals for the boosting of emotional events

These rituals are very helpful to help create events when nothing is happening in your life, although you are totally ready and awaiting for love to enter your life. These rituals unblocks the events, boosting them, so thing happens faster and easier.

Monday, May 19, 2014


In all civilisations, salt has been a symbol of purification and incorruptibility. It was commonly used as a conservative for food.

In the liturgy, a grain of salt was put on the baby's tongue during baptising to chase the demons.

The occult practice has exalted its virtues, making it a powerful agent of purification and protection, utilised during the rituals, to captivate the negative energies and thereby dispose of them easily thereafter.

That's why, salt was thrown, in all four cardinal directions within the house, in which a negative event had taken place, to absorb the energies and therefore purify the place.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Charm for a new love after a failed relationship

To start a new life, wait until the new moon, a Friday, the best day to end a relationship that is no longer satisfying and start a new opportunity in love.

Place a bowl of spring water on your altar, light a pink candle and two white ones, all three of them, previously anointed with essential oil from gardenia and vanilla, and put them in a triangle formation. In the middle of the three candles, put an incense holder with amber incense burning.

Sprinkle some non refined,coarse sea salt on the altar, which will captivate the residues of energy from your past love and leave place for a new one.

Tint your bell and pronounce the following prayer destined to the love angel:

"I invoke Thee Anael, eternal angel and master of what is!
I invoke Thee, creator of the heavens and the oceans,
I invoke Thee, Thou who hast separated light from darkness,
I invoke Thee, Thou who maintain Earth on its foundation,
I invoke Thee, Thou who's name is not to be pronounced!
Ban from me, sadness and blisters,
Fill my heart and house with light!"

Tint the bell again and throw away the water, on the porch or front door.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Following up on yesterdays post...

If you are a man, this is rather what you shall pronounce:

"I implore Thee, Mars, by Thou devoted angel Anael, make that, from the moment this charm has been spoken that...(say the name of the woman you want to conquer), will be passionate in love with me, not being able to do anything without thinking of me.

Make her soul turn towards me, offering me her heart and her love. Her spirit and heart consuming in the flames of desire for me.
Make her come to me and speak out about the content of her soul, because I have invoked Thy grand name!"

Tint the bell three times.

"While this candle is burning, a true lover she becomes. While the flame of this candle shines, higher and higher, I feel the fire of my love."

Tint the bell again, three times, and watch the candle burn, as long as you can maintain your attention, breathing calmly while visualising, within the flame, the woman you want to attract

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The third day...

the day of full moon, take a thorn from the rose and engrave the name of your loved one, into the wax of the candle, you utilised the previous evenings and pronounce the following:

If you are a woman:

"I implore Thee, Venus, by Thou devoted angel Ariel, so that from the time I have recited this charm,... (say the name of whom you want to conquer)
will not be able to sleep, that he burns and rave, that he cannot do anything without thinking of me, that he burns, rave of desire for me, that his heart and spirit consume with desire  just like all the cells in his body! (Tint the bell three times in a row.)
During the burning of this candle, a true lover he becomes. With the shining of this candle, I feel the heat of my love."

To be continued... 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let us start the Conquering charm...

Easy and pleasant to realise, transmitted through generations, the love inducing charms and rituals, a good initiative approach to the world of love magic.

Conquering charm

To attract a new love, take a red candle in a candlestick, two days before the full moon.

On the altar, beside the candlestick, place a red rose and a bell. The sound of the bell emits a vibration through which your intention will travel, toward the person you want to conquer.

Put a small amount of essential oil of rose or apple blossom on the wick of the red candle.

Take the candlestick in your hands and direct your thoughts of love upon the flame that you are contemplating, while keeping your mind open, confident and hopeful. Do the same thing the next day as well.

Too be continued...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Love provoking charms...

I am now going to present you several charms and rituals that will make you attract the attention of your loved one and crystallize his/her desires upon you. After having assimilated the knowledge I have taught you, you now understand better the sense and means of it. You will choose the most accurate for the utilisation you intend, executing it exactly as it is specified. The charms are easy to realise? They need a certain organisation and a certain concentration, but all victories acquires a minimum of effort. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

As a complement... the names of the angels, you will find a phrase that defines them, making it easier to evoke them, by calling them out loud, together with the name of the stones that correspond to them, previously mentioned between parentheses. If you happen to get the stone as well as the angel of the person you want to conquer, you can unite them for a powerful talisman. This will strengthen your union on a symbolic level, even before its concretion.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


20/02 to 24/02                      AYAEL
(lapis lazuli)                         God the pleasure of man's children

25/02 to 28-29/02                 HABUIAH
(selenite)                            God the kindest giver

01/03 to 05/03                     RAHAEL
(nacre)                                God seeing everything

06/03 to 10/03                     YABAMIAH
(chrysolite)                          God creating everything with his words

11/03 to 15/03                     HAIAHEL
(topaz)                                God master of the universe

16/03 to 20/03                     MUMIAH
(jasper)                               God the end of the universe

Friday, May 9, 2014


21/01 to 25/01               UMABEL   
(citrine)                        God above all names elevated

26/01 to 30/01               IAH-HEL
(tourmaline)                  God the highest being

31/01 to 04/02               ANAUEL
(topaz)                         The gentle God

05/02 to 09/02               MEHIEL
(emerald)                      The vivifying God

10/02 to 14/02               DAMABIAH
(grenade)                      God the source of wisdom

15/02 to 19/02               MENAKEL
(heamatite)                   God nurturing and maintaining everything

Thursday, May 8, 2014


22/12 to 26/12             MEBAHIAH
(amber)                       The eternal God

27/12 to 31/12             PEOYEL
(selenite)                    God sustaining everything

01/01 to 05/01             NEMAMIAH
(sardonyx)                   The lovely God

06/01 to 10/01             YEYAVEL
(agate)                       The God listening to our sighs

11/01 to 15/01             HARAEL
(turquoise)                  The all pervading God

16/01 to 20/01             MITZRAEL
(crystal)                      God liberating the opressed

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


23/11 to 27/11               VEHUEL
(hyacinth)                     The great and exalted God

28/11 to 02/12               DANIEL
(lapis lazuli)                  God the merciful judge

03/12 to 07/12               HAHASIAH
(haematite)                     God, the impenetrable secret

08/12 to 12/12               IMAMIAH
(lapis lazuli)                  The God hidden in darkness

13/12 to 16/12               NANAEL
(amazonite)                   God humiliating the proud

17/12 to 21/12               NITHAEL
(turquoise)                     God the king of heaven

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


24/10 to 28/10                  VEULIAH
(sardonyx)                        God king and ruler

29/10 to 02/11                  YELAIAH
(cornelian)                        God the eternal, lasting

03/11 to 07/11                  SEALIAH
(haematite)                        The God who stirs all men

08/11 to 12/11                  ARIEL
(coral)                              The revealing God
13/11 to 17/11                  ASALIAH
(chrysolite)                       God the just judge

18/11 to 22/11                  MIHAEL
(topaz)                             God, father, the generous

Monday, May 5, 2014


24/09 to 28/09                 ANIEL
aventurine)                      God lord of all virtues

29/09 to 03/10                 HAAMIAH
(lapis lazuli)                    God the hope of all which ends on Earth

04/10 to 08/10                 REHAEL
(jade)                             The quickly forgiving God

09/10 to 13/10                 YEIAZEL
(nephrite)                        The God delighting every living thing

14/10 to 18/10                 HAHAHEL
(selenite)                        The God of Trinity

19/10 to 26/10                 MIKHAEL
(amethyst)                       Virtue of God

Sunday, May 4, 2014


23/08 to 28/08                LECABEL
(aqua marine)                 God the teacher

29/08 to 02/09                YASARIAH
(topaz)                           The good God

03/09 to 07/09                IEHUIAH
(agate)                           The all knowing God

08/09 to 12/09                LEHAHIAH
(hyacinth)                       The gentle God

13/09 to 17/09                CHAVAKIAH
(topaz)                           The God of joy

18/09 to 23/09                MENADEL
(emerald)                       The honourable God

Saturday, May 3, 2014


23/07 to 27/07                   NITH-HAIAH
(chrysolite)                        The generous God

28/07 to 01/08                   HAAIAH
(tourmaline)                      God listening in concealment

02/08 to 06/08                   YERAT EL
(selenite)                          The preventing God

07/08 to 12/08                   SEHEIAH
(sardonyx)                         God who heals the ill

13/08 to 17/08                   REYEL
(jasper)                            The expected God

18/08 to 22/08                   OMAEL
(cornelian)                        The patient God

Friday, May 2, 2014


22/06 to 26/06                 LEUVIAH
(crystallite)                      The swiftly harkening or listening God

27/06 to 01/07                 PAHALIAH
(topaz)                            God the redeemer

02/07 to 06/07                 NELCHAEL
(hyacinth)                        The only God

07/07 to 11/07                 IEIAIEL
(black onyx)                     The right of God

12/07 to 16/07                 MELAHEL
(haematite)                     The God deflecting evil

17/07 to 22/07                 HAHIUIAH
(lapis lazuli)                    God the Good out of itself  

Thursday, May 1, 2014


21/05 to 25/05                   YEZALEL
(aquamarine)                     God sung above all

26/05 to 31/05                   MEBAHEL
(beryl)                              God the protector and saviour

01/06 to 05/06                   HARIEL
(amethyst)                        The comforting God                        

06/06 to 10/06                   HAKAMIAH
(agate)                             The rousing or raising God

11/06 to 15/06                   LAUVIAH
(rose quartz)                      The exalted or praised God

16/06 to 21/06                   CALIEL
(agate)                             The invocable God