Monday, June 30, 2014

Encircle your hands around...

the candle that represents your beloved and in the same manner, read the following:

"I consecrate thee, whom is in the image and name of...(say the full name of your beloved) and who represent her/him in this endeavour.
I consecrate thee, whom is in image of her/him and wears her/his perfume.
I consecrate thee, whom is in her/his image and will help me to re establish our love.
I consecrate thee, whom is in her/his image and whom I reinforce the magnetism so that she/he get more attracted towards me and entangle her/his heart and her/his love.
By the virtue of the holy angels Gabriel, Samael, Mikael, Zachiel, Anael, Cassiel, Raphael, who are here now, with me.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pass the incense burner again seven times...

around the red candle, and around the left white candle, representing your beloved.

Then put it back down in the middle of the circle.

Now, hold your hands, forming a circle, around the right candle, the one representing yourself, and repeat the following:

"I consecrate thee, thou who is in my image and my name...(say your full name) and who represent my in this action.
I consecrate thee who is in my image and my scent.
I consecrate thee, thou who is in my image and who will help me in this endeavour, to bring back love to me.
I consecrate thee, thou who is in my image, whom I re enforce with magnetism, so that my beloved comes back to me.
By the virtue of the holy angels Gabriel, Samael, Mikael, Zachiel, Anael, Cassiel, Raphael, here by me present.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Put a small amount of your incenses upon the charcoal...

and turn the incense burner seven times in a circle above the red candle.

And pronounce the following invocation:

"I invoke Thee angel Gabriel, who preside over Mondays,
I invoke Thee angel Samael, who preside over Tuesdays
I invoke Thee angel Mikael who preside over Wednesdays
I invoke Thee angel Zachiel who preside over Thursdays
I invoke Thee angel Anael who preside over Fridays
I invoke Thee angel Cassiel who preside over Saturdays
I invoke Thee angel Raphael who preside over Sundays
May I by your almighty power and support, have the force to succeed in the endeavour I am undertaking today
By the almighty divine power to whom you have to obey, I call you for help."

Friday, June 27, 2014

Light your candles starting with the red one

then the white at the right hand side and finally the one at the left. 

Take the incense burner and make it turn clockwise, seven times above the three candles, and put it back down in the middle of the circle.

Each evening, standing in front of your altar, holding your hands, palms towards the white candles, invoke the genies of the four elements.

"Genie of Air, Fire, Earth and Water, I invoke you, by your forces, to assist this ceremony, so that I can draw the powers and stability, necessary for the success of my endeavour.
Please give me the fluidity and courage, I need to succeed."

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Now, do the same with the other white candle

impregnate it with the perfume of your beloved, then lay it in the middle of the salt circle, hold your hands, palms down, over it and say, out laud: 

"I exorcise thee, creature of wax, by the divine power, by Gods angels, so that they be present and infuse into this creature, the power of success, so that everything I undertake today will succeed.
May all pitfalls and bad vibrations recede from this creature and may the consecration of this candle bring your blessing to it.

On this candle, at the base of it, engrave the full name of your beloved.

Attach the "witness" of your beloved (a lock of hair, a picture etc. as described before) with the hemp string. Make the string go round the candle seven times, for each day of the week, while pronouncing mentally, the following phrases:

"I consecrate this candle in the image of.....(the name of your beloved) for Monday. I consecrate this candle in the image of...(first name) for Tuesday. Etc.

Then erect the candle in its candlestick and place it at the left hand side of the salt circle.

In the middle put the incense burner and recite:

"O Lord, please bless and sanctify this creature of fire and perfumes so it can accomplish this return of affection.
Mau it become the efficient remedy to my body and soul, by the invoking of your Holy Name.
May all creatures who perceive the odour of this incense receive the influence of the thoughts within my spirit.
By Whom everything has been created.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A lock of your hair

Cut a lock of hair and attach it to the candle (at its base) with the hemp string: make seven turns around the candle, for every day in week, and while doing it, pronounce mentally, the following words:

"I consecrate this candle, in my image, for Monday. I consecrate this candle, in my image, for Tuesday (etc. up to Sunday)."

Then take the candle and put it in its candlestick, to the right hand side of the salt circle.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Conjuration of the Wax

In the middle of the consecrated salt circle, lay the red candle. Palms over it, recite the wax Conjuration:

"I exorcise thee, wax creature, be blessed by the holy name of God and those of his angels, may you be sanctified and blessed, and gain the virtue that I desire by the mighty and holy name of Adonai.
Gods angels, be present, because I invoke you in my work so that it gets the power to succeed.

Then erect the red candle in its candlestick and put it in front of you, as high up in the salt circle as possible.

Now place the white candle that have previously been anointed with your perfume, in the middle of the circle, hold your hand over it, palms down, as before and say:

"I exorcise thee, creature of wax; by the divine forces, by the angels of God so that they can be present and transmit to this creature, the power to succeed everything I undertake today.
May all pitfalls and bad vibrations recede from this creature and that this operation the candle receives your blessing. Amen."

In the wax of this candle, engrave your first and second name.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Let us now start the ritual

The first day, a Friday if you are a man wanting to rekindle with your beloved, or a Tuesday if you are a woman wanting to inflame her lover or husband.
I should be during moon rising, meaning between the new moon and the full moon, at the appropriate magical hour, put your white linen or cotton tablecloth on the table or whatever furniture you are using for the purpose.

Face the moon.

Take a handful of salt and draw a circle with it on the table. It will protect your demands and make them thrive.

Consecrate the salt by passing your hands, palms down, and trace above the salt circle, seven tours while reciting threefold the following prayer:

"I consecrate Thee, Oh genie of the salt, by the divine power, by the virtue of the heavens, the stars and the angels who governs over them, by the virtue of the stones and herbs, by the virtue of hail, snow and wind, receive the power to rapidly obtain the, by me, wanted results, in every way in which I employ your services.
by the almighty and divine power of the emperor of the angels.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


The magic side of perfumes has existed since antiquity, when natural essences were utilised to sharpen the gift of divination or as a gift to the gods. Traditionally each day of the week, each planet ans each entity has its own perfume, as explained earlier in this blog. The astrological signs too have their perfumes. Here is the list of them, for your pleasure and also for you to, perhaps get an understanding of why a certain scent attracts you:

ARIES:     lavender, basil, pepper
TAURUS:  rose, ginger, camellia
GEMINI:   acacia, vanilla, mint
CANCER:  lilac, sandalwood, linden, amber
LION:      cyclamen, angelica
VIRGO:    hyacinth, gardenia, rose
LIBRA:     hyacinth, gladiolus, musk
SCORPIO: tuberose, lemon grass, broom
SAGITTARIUS: violet, strawberry, amaranth
CAPRICORN:   lily, narcissus
AQUARIUS:    lily of the valley, reseda, dragonwort 
PISCES:         wisteria, orange flower, jasmine, peony   

In modern times, perfumes no longer have the authenticity (they are often synthetic) but are still very powerful to create a vibrational osmosis between two persons, because they immediately evoke the person who usually wears it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Preparing for the ritual

A few days before the ritual, you should copy the following prayers in your notebook, with the Chinese ink and read them several time so to familiarise with them. The day before, check the position of the moon in the sky.
The same day as the ritual but largely before, take a shower and put on light cloths. Stay barefoot.
Do some relaxation and chase any negative thought of resentment, reproach or anxiety. Do not begin until you are confident, calm and serene.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This is what you'll be needing

*A handful of grey coarse sea salt.
*A dyed red candle and a candlestick.
*Two white candles with their candlesticks.
*Approximately 50 centimetres of hemp string.
*A cotton or linen white tablecloth.
*Witnesses as described previously.
*Some of your and your lovers perfume.
*A photo for the visualisation.
*Headed pins.
*An incense burner and charcoal.
*Both of your planetary incenses.
*A nice notebook, a reservoir pen and Chinese ink.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A love reviving ritual to regain the affection of your lover

For this ritual you will have to anoint the candles representing each of you, with the perfumes you usually wear in your daily life, yours on your candle and his/her on his/her candle. Then following the analogue law, both of your candles will vibrates exactly as you do, that is how high the vibrating capacity of a scent is.
You will be doing this ritual during a period of 28 days, starting a Friday if you are a man and Tuesday if you are a woman, and during the rising moon.

The part of the ritual concerning the consecration of the candles needs only be done the first day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The rituals for the returning of affection

There is a need for such a ritual every time you sense that the other is escaping you, each time there is a danger for the couple. It can be that one of the two lovers are less in love than the other, the husband or the wife feeling a distance in their relationship or even a period of more frequent misunderstandings between the two. Nevertheless, the ritual to utilise is not the same for a disharmonious relationship as for a relationship that has become monotonous after a long life together, neither for a couple separating because of a third person. These are what we are about to discuss here after.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Charm to bring back the person you love dearly

Take a small piece of precious paper or plant based parchment
and write down, with red Chinese ink, with a reservoir pen or a feather, the name of the person you want to bring back to you.

Make a cylinder of the paper and anoint it with essential oil or rose or amber, or even the personal perfume of the person in question.

Take a red silk or cotton string, turning it three time around the small paper tube. Before attaching it, pronounce the following charm:

"....(say the name of the person you want to bring back) respond to my calling, which is guided by the angel Anael whom I invoke passionately.
By my wanting, your double will be impregnated by the effluvia of my desire.
May your desire by disarmed!
May your soul be united with mine, forever united, with an indestructible link and phrases, both of you, in the following order:

Now, make four knots with the red string,while pronouncing the following, both of you :

"One for the searching of my love"
"One for bringing my love, tome"
"One for linking my love to me"
"For us to be forever linked together, making us become one" may your body accept the happiness of union, with mine."

This charm can be done by and for men as well as for women.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

If you are a man:

"By the powers of Anael, I invoke from within Thee, Mars, the burning forces of love! The desire, that powerful spirit of love that all the gods have created, that is whom I invoke! That is whom I enrol to ensure your love for me.
Lover, be trustworthy! Lover, be true, that is all I demand. Do not give your heart to any other than me, that is my desire!"

And before drinking this mixture with your beloved, whisper or pronounce within yourself:

"Magnolia and honey, goddess of herbs, prepare an excellent enchantment for me. Let...(her name) and me become one, as always, without nuisance for anybody. Then the charm will be accomplished."

The charm should be sealed by a kiss.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A charm for the preserving of fidelity

After sunset, during the rising moon, pick a few magnolia buttons. Infuse them with some tea and honey or mix with a soup. While mixing recite the following charm:

If you are a woman:

"By the powers of Anael, I invoke from within Thee, Venus, the burning forces of love! The desire, that powerful spirit of love that all the gods have created, that is whom I invoke! That is whom I enrol to ensure your love for me.
Lover, be trustworthy! Lover, be true, that is all I demand. Do not give your heart to any other than me, that is my desire!"

Before drinking the mixture, with the one you love, whisper silently or pronounce within your mind the following:

"Magnolia and honey, goddess of herbs, prepare an excellent enchantment for me. Let...(his name) and me become one, as always, without nuisance for anybody. Then the charm will be accomplished."

After the drinking of the preparation, the charm should be sealed with a kiss.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Continuing the charm of the returning of affection

An extra marital relationship can totally spellbind, so that the one under its influence becomes like someone else, transformed into a hostile stranger. One is totally powerless with this kind of witchery. In a case like that, separation could take as long as years, in the ancient times, nowadays it could take just a small amount of time. Society has evolved making divorce such a common thing, even if people continues to suffer. Some people even consider separation as an occasion to start a new life...

Breaking up has become such an easy thing to do, so those who suffer of these situations and would like to preserve their marriage or relationship,have to intervene with force to stop the interference of the other in their life or even block the negative influences from the people around them.
There are very positive ways, within the love magic, to preserve the attachment of your beloved and make you become so important that he/she rediscovers you.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Return of affection" charm

Have you ever had the feeling that everything in your life was favourable, that finally something positive had happened and that love was there, at last, and brutally something happened that made your beloved subside and no longer respond to your feelings?
Wouldn't life be perfect if love was eternal? But unfortunately, sometimes passion doesn't last long, sometimes after just a short time, sometimes after many years of happiness.
Often, it is due to other people, who are perturbing your relationship, as family members who did appreciate your union or  well willing friends who, unintentionally creates discord between you.
Nevertheless, the most common is a seemingly harmonious couple facing breakup because of the sudden interference of a third party, a lover or a mistress. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Enchiridion of Pope Leon, Rome, 1630

"This is the illustration of the wound, in the side of Jesus Christ. Anyone who bear it with him, will not endure any assault of any of his enemies, visible or invisible... For this endeavour it should first be exorcised, drawn upon a new parchment and with new, unused tools, all this on a holy Friday, one hour after midnight, after having recited the whole Passion of Christ. After having drawn the figure, it should be perfumed and always be with you."

Monday, June 9, 2014

Pointing out a few things...

If you are a couple or married, or having problems with your fiancĂ©(e) and you have the feeling that she/he is escaping you, or you feel that communication is no longer as it was, your relationship is deteriorating, then the previous ritual is very accurate to deal with the situation. But magic needs some time to act!

You know, very well, that, when communication is complicated between two people, there is no need to call all the time, to question, to impose.
In any of these cases, the person will only feel harassed and try to escape. So have confidence! Don't forget that both your angels will not cease to work on the celestial plane, to bring you together, which will inevitably echoe in your daily life. So instead of harassing the other take this time to recentre yourself: the lunar ritual is a good idea to regain the magnetism, first in your own life then also in your relationship. Don't neglect this aspect if you want to work on the long terms of your couple.
You should respect each stage. Before starting a real work on the return of a loved one (following chapter) which is not always appropriate and should only be done as the last solution, you should first try to regain the initiate quality of your relationship, the one of sharing and harmony. The ritual of provocation is well adapted for that. Don't hesitate to use it to conserve or find happiness.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The days after the ritual

During the days following this ritual you should light the attached candles, regularly during the magic hours, until they consumes down to the knots, making them fall off, (be careful so that the hemp of the cord doesn't burn to much). It could take several days. Once the knots have fallen off, you can blow the candles and go and bury them out somewhere in nature, at the feet of an oak tree or another as long as it is not a resinous.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The knots

In magic, the symbolic of the knots is significant. Many rituals and charms uses them, being powerful energy channel, focusing the intention of the magi or the one realising the charm, for a precise purpose. In magic, the tying and untying of knots are greatly significant gestures, with the objective is to captivate the will of the other, his/her liberty of action, and the release of the same once the results obtained.

The most famous and feared charm, utilising the magical force of the knots, was the knotting of the lanyards, totally terrifying for men in the middle ages because it rendered men impotent.

The seven knots of this sentimental provoking charm corresponded to the seven days in the week. Symbolically, it created the necessary impulsion for the loved one to feel the attraction all day, every day. The knots tying both of you together mentally.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

End of the ritual

Once you have finished the ritual of the knots, put the block of attached candles on its base and light them. Be cautious, the heat will melt them down quickly. A plate beneath them, to protect your table cloth from the melting wax, could be a good idea. Re light the charcoal with some of the two incenses. Then turn the incense burner over the three candles again while reading, once more, the charm of Anael.

Put down the incense burner. Blow the candles. The ritual is now over.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Once you have read the prayer seven times...

put back the incense burner in the middle of the candle triangle. Blow out the candles and remove them from their candlestick. But the ritual is not yet over!

Now, take the hemp thead and attach the three candles together. Symbolically, you will unite your guides with your passion for your chosen one.

Make seven rounds around the three candles with the hemp cord and finish off with seven knots. While doing each knot, pronounce your name and the name of your angel, the name of your beloved and her/his angel and say the following:

"I bring you to me, every day more so than the day before and attach you to me more and more each day."

Prayer for love, seven times...

Put a small amount of incense on the burning charcoal, with your left hand and turn the incense burner, in a circular motion, around the red candle as done previously while reading this love charm, sevenfold:

"I invoke you, angel Anael, pure and delicate flame, who reigns at the sides of the Eternal throne. You are the guardian of my soul and I, humble servant, I implore you to lower your gaze on me and come to my aid.
Please guide me on the path of light on the heights where the sky is always blue, in the lands where the sun never sets, so that I can live in the kingdom of clarity, always.
Let the rays of your intelligence and the warmth of your love, penetrate me, so I can radiate with a shining aura which will attract to me, happiness and the success of my most wanted desires.
Give me the power to live in absolute faith in the future, with total serenity, with the complete knowledge that I am directing my life and decides what is good for me. O angel Anael, you who reign upon marvellous forces, like the eternal thoughts of the Almighty, you my divine guide, who preside the sixth day which is consecrated to Venus, I invoke you holy angel Anael, with devotion, so that you attract to me everything that facilitates love and most important...(say the name of the love one).
For this endeavour, I invoke, my guardian angel.... (the name) and the guardian angel of my beloved...(name of his/her angel) so that they, together, unite us, on the divine plane. Make that the union of our two angels, helps us to rejoin in this life and unite us. By the miracles of the all powerful divine of nature and beyond."

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Love Charm

Now recite the love charm, the one that will be transmitted to your beloved by the two invoked angles:

"I invoke you, infinitely powerful and beloved angels, by the holy name of The Eternal Almighty, who created man in his image and also the woman so that she could attach to him, making one unique being.

Make that the divine wisdom that inhabits me, shows me the solutions and means to achieve a complete fulfilment.

Guide me to your inner richness and fullness so that it will reveal to me, all the best new possibilities for me to go forward.

You, my divine guide, source of life, who presides at the VI day, which is consecrated to Venus, I invoke you, holy angel Anael, so that my solitude will be forever gone and my life will be illuminated by the stars of the splendid encounters that are ahead of me.

I invoke you...(name of your angel),
I invoke you...(the angel of the one you want to attract), so that both of you unite, helping me (your first and last name) unite too, with the one I love (first and last name of your loved one) on the divine plane.

May the union of both our angels help us reunite during this lifetime, bring us together, by the miracles of the almighty divine power, heavenly as well as earthly."