Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last hours of 2013

2013 is almost over and a new year with new promises is ahead of us. What have you achieved this past year? Was it an interesting ride? What did you learn about yourself? 2014 will be a year of revelations, the best ones will be those we get from within. You can expect this to be an exciting year, with many ups and downs, clear out the old and let in the new, rid the fear and embrace the odd, open your eyes and change your viewpoint, watch from the heart, share your emotions, have fun, it is just a game and you are the only player.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Continuing on automatic writing

* Start with simple questions such as : " Are you really ___ ? " (name of your guide or the invoked spirit) , " How can you help me? " " Can you show me what you look like? " (if you see an image, which is rare in the beginning, you can try to draw it in your notebook ), " Is there anything you need to tell me now ? "," Do you have a message for me? " .

* Always put down what comes to mind without fear or restriction, even if your thoughts seem irrational. At this stage, you are trying to create the channel between the spirit and yourself .

* After some time but rarely the first few times, you can feel a difference in the rhythm of your writing, and suddenly start to transcribe words which you didn't think of at all. When you go from inspired writing over to automatic writing, your hand will probably first start to draw symbols and incomprehensible signs during a certain time. Then it will seem as though your hand becomes autonomous. It is also possible that you " log off " and while opening your eyes, you see that you have written whole pages without having noticed.

* Do not forget to date your messages, because it is hight possible that you will receive significant warnings about your future or that of your family, events that will thus be more easy to control or avoid.

With time, you will realize that your writings become more numerous and that they reflect a personality that is not yours.

At the beginning, stop you writing session at the end of the preplanned time, then thank your guide and close your notebook. When you are more experienced, the sessions will no doubt last longer. If you are tired after a session, wash your hands under the tap,have a drink and a bite to eat. And do not forget: as for all methods of channelling, the key to your success is half patience and half persistence.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Automatic writing as a choice for communication with the other realms

You will notice that it is more effective to always practice at the same period of the day.

Sit back, with a pencil in your hand and an open book in front of you (a book is preferable to loose sheets, easier for the overview of the evolution of your communication and not lose anything of the messages you receive.) Provide yourself regular sessions, two to three times a week.

* At the beginning, program sessions of half an hour (a soft sounding alarm clock to alert you that the time is up, could be a good idea).

It is good to develop a routine: with a lit candle, a stick of incense, some soft music ... You can also start with a prayer for guidance and protection.

* Close your eyes and breathe slowly, favouring abdominal breathing. 

* Once calm and relaxed, your mind free from daily concerns, ask your guide or the disembodied spirit of a loved one, to show up.

*Pay attention to all your sensations, during a few minutes, tingling, changes in temperature, light, noise etc.... then "put the wheels in motion" so to speak by putting down at the top of the page your impressions. Thanks to these small signs, you will quickly learn to recognize the approach of the spirit.

* After having put down your impressions, in your notebook, continue to hold your pencil on the paper. Keep your eyes closed and start mentally, the conversation with the spirit that has approached. At first, you'll have the feeling that you are only imagining what is happening. Don't worry and don't forget that imagination is an excellent source of psychic energy.

* Ask your questions to the spirit that is listening and note the answers in your notebook as you perceive them.No need to open your eyes, nor to worry about the readability of what you are trying to write.

To be continued...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Automatic writing

This way of channelling is very interesting, because it leaves concrete evidence in the form of written sentences, written by your hand but not necessarily with your handwriting. In general, the person receiving the massage is awake during the communication, but without any control concerning what is written. One have the sensation, that ones arm is guided by someone else.

In fact, the motion occurs unconsciously and automatically. The mind of the channel could remain totally clear and active, or it could be in a state of trance and not remember anything.

Automatic writing has been known for a very long time. It often manifests after the loss of a loved one. The person whom is mourning, one day, discovers that he/she wrote a few words with the handwriting of the deceased. It is often a messages of consolation or a request for prayers.It could be a unique experience or continue for years.

Automatic writing could also be a choice as a means for channelling, to communicate with the other realms. It then allows your guide, your guardian angel, an entity, or even someone recently deceased, to use your hand to write a message, useful for your evolution or as an answer to your questions. Many people appreciate this method, that can be used without a special talent for writing.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Helping clairvoyance to occur

Clairvoyance  could be favoured through a trance or a state of mild hypnosis. The context of your going into trance must promote your internal vision. Sit in a quiet and darkened room. Once you are totally relaxed, your closed eyes will become a screen upon which images could materialize. Again, you have the choice between letting the images come just like that, or request images as a response to a specific question.

You shouldn't expect result the first times. In the beginning you merely get moving and coloured shapes, while more meaningful images will appear little by little.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


The information provided through this channel, comes in the form of mental images. They may resemble two-dimensional images, holograms, or three-dimensional animated sequences like movies. They show either concrete objects or abstract drawings, symbols, characters, or even energy diagrams... The images are immediately very clear and eloquent, or they could sometimes require the interpretation of the person who received them.

Sometimes they appear during the awakened state. For example: a very upset colleague tells you he is late because he lost his car key and had to catch the underground to come to work. As he tells you this you immediately see in your minds eye, the image of his key under his bed. You tell him, he calls his wife who actually finds it under the bed. Or another example, you take your car to go shopping, and while driving, you see exactly where you intend to park, and once there, it is free, as if was waiting for you!

The most famous clairvoyant yet today is the American Edgar Cayce ( 1877-1945 ). This simple and good man, without any special gift by his own admission, entered naturally a state of hypnosis and received extrasensory messages specifying the diagnostic and the treatment for his clients ailments. These "readings" as he called them, have allowed him to save hundreds of lives. They also permitted the spreading of many messages that have restored confidence and joy to people who was going through difficult times, and are still, today, real messages of hope for us all.

Edgar Cayce believed that clairvoyance developed only in channels had altruistic goals, acting with pure generosity, without the need for recognition. It seems to me that it is a constant that characterizes all kinds of extrasensory communication : we never get convincing results when acting only for our own satisfaction and enrichment... otherwise, all channels would be rich and famous !

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Promoting clear audience

Since the goal is to transcend the hearing, the relaxation session must occur in a supportive environment: a room that does not necessary need to be a room completely isolated from the city bustle but nevertheless quiet, with some gentle instrumental music or some  nature sound (birdsong, sea, wind in the trees ...) that you appreciate. For my part, I have worked extensively with the composer Jean Renard, and together we have imagined elaborate pieces of music that induces trance through specific vibrations and sounds. They have often been useful to me since sound can transport you to the divine world. Moreover, all different religious traditions have developed their own music,  an important ingredient in rituals.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Clear audience

Clear audience is a very common type of channelling. You can experience it consciously or in a state of light  trance. To develop this channel, you need to mobilize the attention of your interior ear, while  relaxing. You continue to hear sounds coming from the exterior while at the same time, you perceive those emanating from another source, like a kind of language that seems to be emanating from yourself, but different from the " internal voice " (the consciousness, the superego) speaking when you focus on a specific situation. This language can be slightly unclear and give the impression of " thought forms " a sensation or an immediate understanding. Those who practice this technique say that the words seem to come from the centre of the head. Clear audience may also occur, but it is not very common, in hearing voices from the outside clearly spoken but without the source of the voice present .

Camille Flammarion (1842-1925), the famous French astronomer, was the first to scientifically study clear audience. In the early 20th century, he collected many testimonies of extrasensory communication related to audition and many of the witnesses owe their lives to this experience. The famous Society for Psychical Research conducted, already during the 19th century, very thorough research upon this same channel.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Different types of psychic communication

Considering channelling , every person is a "receiver" because there are several ways to receive messages in deflecting ones own senses : hearing ( clairaudience ) , sight ( clairvoyance) , touch ( Ouija board , automatic writing ) . .. These different methods to work outside of the ordinary physical senses are called extrasensory . They offer a variety of means of contacts that does not require the intervention of your guide.

Contrary to a popular belief, no need to be gifted in any special way to be able to use extrasensory communication. Anyone can succeed if they believe and practice often . To choose the method that suits you best, trust your own senses. Normally, to relate to the world, you rather rely on your hearing, on your sight or your touch, don't you ? First try the method that corresponds to the sense that you usually prefer to use . But nothing prevents you to test the other methods as well .

Friday, December 20, 2013

A passionate traveller

Travelling into the astral world requires steady nerves and some training. The feeling of freedom, can be scary for beginners. Imagine being able to fly! The effect is the same, but in a much more strange environment than your usual framework. If you become passionate about astral travelling, you can transcend time and distance.

But remember: confidence is absolutely essential for everything to work out at its best, because it awakens your own divine self.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The astral world...

* Observe your surrounding without fear and familiarize yourself with these new wonderful sensations. Everything you see, even the familiar ones, reveal another depth.

* Try to, gently, return back into your body. When you are frightened (it often is in the beginning ) you sometimes return too abruptly, causing an unpleasant effect followed by a painful moment with a feeling of "unease". To reassure you, it is possible to invite your guide to accompany you.

* When you feel ready, you need to substantiate your journey with a purpose. In our case, it is a visit to the Hall of Records, but this technique is valid for any trip you want to realize in the astral world.

* So put yourself in the same conditions as during your practise and while breathing calmly, ask your guide to accompany you, to help you and to protect you, during your trip. Then when your astral body separates from your physical body and is floating above, view the records as you have previously imagined. In the astral world, neither time nor distance count. You will therefore arrive there as quickly as a thought.

* The return back from your journey will occur in the same way: think of your body as it is waiting for you and you will immediately find yourself back floating above it, ready to reintegrate it,smoothly.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A journey through space and time...

... continuing yesterdays post

* Then try to to make it move a few centimetres while you continue to observe it. Enjoy being out of your body.

* Then imagine your astral body glide gently back into your physical body, like a hand fits into a glove. Do this several times, for two or three days in a row before moving on to the next step. You have to master the maintaining of the image during the time of the visualisation.

* The following days, proceed the same way, but imagine that your consciousness resides in your astral body. Imagine it from the interior (no longer as if you were standing next to the bed), the sensation of living within this light envelope, making it fly up and down like a balloon, get out and back into your physical body. Watch the silver cord stretching and retracting without difficulty between the two bodies.

* Remember that when you are able to see something, you are able to create it. But if you're afraid or if you do not have faith in it, you'll never succeed. If everything turns out well, after a certain time, you will discover that you really are within your astral body and that it is not only an effect of your imagination ... It is an unforgettable sensation.

* Continue this step for a few days, taking off slowly. Start by going to the ceiling of your bedroom, not far from where your physical body is laying and continue further afield. You can go through the ceiling, or out through a window, a door ... Neither your astral body nor your physical body, or silver cord risk any harm whatsoever.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yet another way...

To travel in the ether, the most important is to first be able to conceive it, ie imagine it (during a visualisation), and then to desire it. If you think this type of travel is impossible, do not even try ! But if, after having read the previous posts, you think that as others have been able to do it, you too can try, your results will be proportionate to your faith in the method .

* Start by lying comfortably on your bed, in the familiar surroundings of your bedroom, lights off . The best is to practice this training at the your usual bedtime. Choose a position in which you are the most comfortable.

* Breathe slowly and deeply ( but gently though ) during a few minutes, while focusing your thoughts on the journey you will undertake and its purpose.

* Once you are completely relaxed, start visualizing your body in the same position but standing next to the bed. - Represent yourself with the same outfit, the same position of your limbs, the same facial expression . Do it in detail.

* Then imagine your body as if it was inside another body, become aware that you are composed of two bodies, one that can withdraw from the other, like a hand may withdraw a glove.

* When this image is clear, imagine an identical but lighter body, that detaches from your physical body and begins to float just above. Don't try to touch it! With your mind, just leave it there and focus on this image. Watch it from all directions and detail it as you did previously with the image of your physical body. It may move slightly like a balloon.

To be continued...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Many ways to journey into the ether...

The astral body, the subtle envelope of the physical body, is one of the most ancient conception of himself that man has ever designed. It can be found illustrated in ancient civilizations, (Egyptian, Hellenistic, Indian), and has persisted throughout time .

The astral body is an exact replica of the physical body, it is a more subtle and vibrant "matter" and holds a totally different wavelength . This double is supposed to house the mind, the consciousness and is connected to the physical body by a cord of astral matter, the silver cord - along which circulates information and vital energy. The time of death would be when the cord breaks.

During the hours of wakefulness, your astral body coincides exactly with your physical body. But during the hours of sleep or under anaesthesia, in the case of loss of consciousness or under other special circumstances, it may withdraw and float above it. It may even go very far away because of the elasticity of the silver cord and can be stretched to infinity. So it is the opportunity to do of some extraordinary journeys into other dimensions, which perhaps transpires in some of your dreams.

Everyone do travel in the astral but, as with dreams, we do not remember it necessarily and do not always realize it either. In addition, those who remember, generally consider the images of the journey, to too much imagination. Yet if you admit the reality of astral travel, you can also practice it. Enthusiasts, who foresaw the potential of these experiments to gain knowledge of the self as well as the world, have been doing it and still are. They have developed techniques of conscious and voluntary travel. Anyone cannot do it, but it is still worth trying, especially for a visit to the Akashic records.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another way of achieving contact with the records...

The "dream box" can also be used as a mean to help you enter the Akashic records. It then becomes a sort of mailbox into which you put a question, formulated in a simple way, by specifying "Akashic Archives" upon it, as if it was an address.

The answer will come back to you through the intermediary of your dreams, in the form of a visit to the archives or the answer sent to you by your guide, or in the form of a symbol ...

Leave your request in the box until you get the answer.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Akashic archives...

The visualisation of this invented place is necessary, but that does not mean that the consultation of the records will carry out exactly like what you have imagined. It is only a starting point, to put you on the road, while in a state of meditation. Suffice to visualize, without tension, the place you have imagined, for the journey to engage.

You can decide to take your guide with you, if you think that it can make things easier. You only have to invite your guide in the meditative state, before your departure. He/she can play the role of merely a companion during the visit or as an interpreter.

Secondly, you must prepare a question to elucidate when you have "arrived" in the Akashic archive. It's you yourself, or your guide who will formulate the demand. This question will concern your own future or that of someone you love, and it will be asked with a pure and positive intention. How you will get the answer will depend on your visualization: it can be registered in a book or given by a person you encounter or through your guide, it can be viewed on a screen, emitted by a device or by any other means ...

  Once the response obtained, visualize a smooth return to your daily life, and do not forget to thank your guide if he/she accompanied you in this adventure.

You'll not necessarily succeed in getting the expected results the first time ... So be patient!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Preparing for a visit at the Akashic records...

The meditative state is characterised by a cerebral issuance of a particular wave length called alpha waves, slower than beta waves we emit when we are awake, discovered by the German neuropsychiatric Hans Berger in 1910. Your brain vibrates in this same wavelength during paradoxical sleep (the dream state), during drowsiness and also during the beginning of the hypnotic state (the light trance). If the meditation technique, that I have indicated to you beforehand in this blog, work for you and if you practice it successfully, you can schedule for a meeting, and set a visit to the Akashic records.

A specific preparation is needed on two points. First, you have to do a visualization meditation before this trip,preparing your mind for this experience. As I have said before, the Akashic records have no physical existence, such as a library. It represents the concentration of all information existing on a certain energetic level. The human spirit needs to design an identifiable form, to be able to grasp its existence. It is through visualization that it is possible. You must therefore imagine the out laying of the records, following your own desires, in a form that is accessible to you and allows you to journey in the best conditions . It can be in the form of a castle, underground galleries, a spaceship, an administrative building, a school... it is up to you! Think about it often, especially before bedtime. You can even draw or paint it, as you imagine it to be, you can also cut out pictures of any place that looks as you'd imagine it to be.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Akashic records 2

The Akashic records is a "place" in the ether, though some authors even say they are inside of ourselves - in which are kept the memories of every living being in the universe. Each entity has its record about its past and future lives. Some spirits have the responsibility for ensuring this huge library, they are the guardians, and they advise disembodied souls who are in search for their personal records, so they can make the choice of a new life.

After their death, spirits go there for there to consult their past lives, to count their errors and their merits, their good or bad karma and to discover what their future life will be. Based on this study and the conditions of their next incarnation - family , location, age, tests to overcome - they preparing themselves to correct their mistakes and improve. Spirit guides can help them understand and accept this new scheme, and admit their past wrongdoings .

Some people can get there during their lifetime. This was the case for, for example, Edgar Cayce and Aron Abrahamsen , because their motivation was fair and totally disinterested. Your guide can also consult your records if you make the request through the intermediary of your "dream box" . Finally, we'll discover later on, that it is also possible to access the records by the means of Out of Body Experience.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Consulting the Akashic records...

There is a particular channel, known as the consulting of the Akashic record. Various esoteric traditions, mention these records as being a universal memory bank, a cosmic record in which is kept the memory of everything that has happened, is happening and will happen in the future... The ancients had the knowledge of these records : ancient Egypt spoke of , for example, a certain "Book of Fate". We can compare these records to a huge computerized library wherein information is stored indefinitely. Most people who have consulted it, did it in a modified state of consciousness : in a trance, a dream or in hypnosis ... In this state , they visited a fantasized place with an appearance matching their own culture and personal experiences , a glass tower , a temple, a Greek palace ... In this place, they could consult books and writings or discover extremely precise science, the same vision as many people having had "A Near Death Experience".

Monday, December 9, 2013

Continuing the previous posts about programming your dreams...

* Then put the parchment in the box and close it with a key, which you would keep around your neck, and the casket shouldn't be touched at all for a duration of a lunar month (about 29 days).

* From the following lunation, you can open your box at bedtime, remove the consecration prayer, and replace it with a piece of paper on which you have written the question you'd like your guide to answer. This question should be written in a few and simple words.

* Go to sleep, thinking about this question.

* The next morning before getting up, write down all the memories from your dreams and see if the answer to your question is within what you have put down. If not, stay alert during the day for signs that might enlighten you.

In this "dream casket", you can also submit a request to your guide, like for example, a visit during your dreams to answer your questions in person.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The planetary incense...

January: Arabian incense
February:Jerusalem incense
March: Nazareth incense
April: Pontifical incense
May: The three wise men incense
June: The three wise men incense
July: Bethlehem incense
August: tear-drops incense
September: myrrh incense
October: benzoin incense
November:Lourdes incense
December: Lebanon incense

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Continuing previous post...

* If you wake up at night, rephrase your request.

* As soon as you wake up, write down on a notebook placed near your bed all the images in relation to your guide and a first rapid interpretation of its content. Later on, you go back and refine the meaning of it.

* Stay tuned for answers from your guide in your daily life, which could just as easily arrive when you are awake as within your dreams. Watch also the events of your life that could confirm or refute, the predictions given by your guide, during your sleep.

There is another way to activate your dreams as a channel. You must first, otherwise you could fail, go through the training of memorization. Then you only have to follow the instructions.

* Choose a box or a casket with a lock and leave it on your night stand or next to your bed. Choose a model that you find beautiful because it will become the magical place from where your messages will be passed on into the higher realms.

* To activate the power of your magic box, you must, the first day of the new moon (black moon) , open it in your bed room, inflame the planetary incense for the month of your birth (list next post) and read the prayer that you have previously copied upon plant parchment, in Chinese black ink :

"I exorcise thee, O creature of wood, by Anaireton , and by the name Adonai , and the name of the One through whom all things were created , that thou mayst aid me in everything I want to accomplish with your help. I consecrate thee, magical box , I bless you in the name of God Almighty that through your help I will be able to discover the secrets that you contain by virtue of the Eternal God who lives and reigns for ever and ever. "

To be continued after the planetary incense list...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Programming your dreams

Once you have improved your performance as a dreamer, it's time you start programming yourself for channelling. The technique is the same as for memorization .

* During the day, often think of your guide and ask him/her to show up in your dreams. Rejoice in advance to meet with him/her in your dream.

* Create images such as this: you imagine yourself sleeping in your bed, with your guide sitting next to you, ensuring your sleep, or visualize yourself with your guide,talking together, with one of your latest dreams as background...

* Just before falling asleep, ask your guide to manifest in that nights dreams. Don't ask him anything else in the beginning. Once you have actually recognized your guide in your dreams, in the form of a character, writings, symbols or spoken words, then you can ask a question before going to sleep, and get a precise answer in the morning.

To be continued tomorrow ...

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dream provoking plants

There are certain scents that induce dreams, particularly the important dreams during which important messages are transmitted. Here are a few choices:

* Put into your bath before going to bed, three drops of Lavender essential oil, Rosemary, Thyme, Flax and Cardamom (or Anise).

* Put some dried leaves of "Gentianopsis ciliata" to consume on some burning coal, together with Hypericum also known as St. John's wort, Basil and Sage (or Verbena).

* Drink a herbal tea made out of tincture of Belladonna, dried Poppy, flower tops of Wormwood, Mandrake root, leaves of Henbane (ask your retailer of natural products).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First of all...

* ...you must often think of your dreams during the day, because that reactivate the desire to remember it. In particular, start your day by telling a relative, who lives with you, the details of the previous night's dreams (for example at breakfast). In the beginning they are rather succinct, then you will notice that they expand rapidly.

* Repeat in your head, several times a day, or whisper a sentence like this one: "Tonight, I dream a lot and I remember them when I wake up!" (be sure to always express the affirmative sentence in present indicative).

* The evening, before going to sleep, avoid having too heavy meals, because digestion disrupts dreams. And don't go to bed too late, because the longer your night, the more dreams you'll have!

* Just before you fall asleep, formulate in your mind the desire to remember your dreams once you wake up the following day.

* If you wake up at night , ask yourself immediately the question: " Was I dreaming? " and if this was the case , revisit your dream again as far as you can.

* Do not open your eyes immediately when you awaken. Try to make the atmosphere of your dream last for awhile . Then, before you get up , note what you remember of your dream in a book, you keep ready together with a pencil, near your bed. At first, they will be rather vague, but very quickly, they will gain details and clarity . Always write this report in present indicative, as if you were presently living the dream, and without seeking to produce literature. Use the first words that come to mind.

These simple actions will help you set a condition that will prepare you for memorizing your dreams in the most favourable manner, with results within just a few days.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First stage: learn to remember your dreams...

To use your dreams as a channel, the first requirement is to learn to remember their content. Indeed, the norm is that, unless exception, one doesn't remember ones dreams. There are many reasons to that. First, it depends on the way you wake up. In general, you get up to go to work, so you are timed. It is your dream that makes you jump out of bed, erasing, all of a sudden, all residual images from your dreams. Then there is the fact that dreams are too strange and not enough repetitive, for them to be stored in your memory. In addition, a sort of censorship occurs that prevents you from including the material from your dreams into your awakened memories, to prevent you from not knowing how to distinguish reality from the dream, which could in some situations, become dangerous.

Be assured there are easy methods to remember your dreams.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Continuing previous post...

Some techniques allow you to experience channelling inducing dreams. You'll discover, that over time, having experimented these exercises with successful results that your dreams changes. They become increasingly precise and rich of details making them true journeys into the beyond visible realms.
Within these special dreams you choose to meet the guide with whom you have the most affinities. You can ask the questions relative to your near future or to important resolutions to your problems. You may also receive the messages your guide sees as important for you. This information will take the form of a conversation, symbolic pictures or events experienced during the dream.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Communication through dreams...

The dream state is a state through which communication with entities or the superior realms could be established very efficiently.

The spirit when dreaming (in a state of REM sleep) seems more receptive to paranormal communication, both because of the obliteration of the awake consciousness during the dream and also because of the activation in the same time of another kind of consciousness, just as energy consuming as the awakened state, but disconnected from the meaning and objectivity of reality.

It is then possible to meet a character, within the dream, who speaks to you or to discover symbols that enlighten you. Once awaken, and after some practice, you'll remember the experience, while in general, you forget your dreams as soon as you open your eyes.