Thursday, January 31, 2013

Testimony from Y.S

Back home from the United States after a course, I had been, for some time, searching for a new employment in the banking sector.
I had been in touch with several banks and one morning I got a phone call from one of them, who told me that they wanted to meet me,  my CV interested them. A meeting was set up for the following week.
I was very excited and wanted really bad to do a good impression, this job was what I've been wanting for years. But the day before the meeting was to take place, I had this "conversation" with my deceased grand father with whom I've stayed in touch, since he passed over, two years ago. He told me not to go to the meeting. I was upset. I wanted this job. He insisted; don't go! No further explanation was given.
That night I didn't sleep much, I was far to thoughtful.
Anyway, the next morning I didn't go, I knew my grand father wouldn't have told me not to go, if it wasn't important, but I still was disappointed. But the same evening at the news report, I heard that there had been a "Hold-Up" at the bank and at the very moment of meeting was to take place, too, that the people present there, had been held hostages during hours, everybody was chocked.
The next morning I called the bank and apologized and to my great astonishment and pleasure I got another meeting,
A few days after that, I had the job, I was in heaven.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Your Crystal can bring you a great many benefits if you wear or 
carry it regularly and use it to amplify positive energy.

You can programme it to your own specifications and according 
to your own personal needs. It also enhances and increases the 
benefits of such practices as relaxation and meditation. 

Your Crystal will also help you with the visualisation exercises I 
have just described, and will develop your intuition.

I sincerely wish you every success with your Crystal and personal 
guide, and trust that they will help you along the path to happiness.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Regular meditation over a period of time will promote a sense of inner 
balance and harmony. It soothes your psychic aura, enabling you to 
clean, purify and improve it. You will notice the effects on your 
behaviour, which will become gradually much more harmoniously 
Friends and family will see you in a different light and will seek your 
company more readily.
You will have greater influence, increased magnetism and your problems
will disappear.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Here is a meditation exercise that you can do with your Crystal 
to increase its beneficial effects.

This meditation exercise involves visualising yourself seated in a 
pyramid filled with coloured light.
The effects vary according to the colour of the light.
Each colour has a different effect on our health and well-being:
Red: energy, vitality
Orange: jealousy, possessiveness, sadness, tears, negative 
Yellow: self-confidence, self-assertiveness, aggression, anger, 
Green: selfishness, solitude, balance; opens the heart, develops 
Blue: brings peace and serenity, counters instability, facilitates 
Indigo: makes you more discerning, develops clairvoyance, 
counters lack of initiative and mental blocks

Violet: brings renewed confidence in life, brings a sense of fulfilment 
and joy, and increases awareness
White: the colour of purity

Choose the colour best suited to what you want to achieve 
and the personal qualities you want to improve.
At a quiet time in the day, when you are sure not to be disturbed, 
choose a quiet, dimly lit place.

Perhaps light a candle, burn an incense stick and play 
soothing music. Make sure you are sitting comfortably,
cross-legged on a cushion on the floor, or on a chair.
Read this carefully before you begin to  meditate: 

Stage one: Hold your Crystal in both hands, with your hands 
resting on your legs. 
Close your eyes.
*  Prepare yourself mentally to meditate for ten to fifteen minutes. 
*  Breathe deeply, slowly and evenly, using your abdomen, in order to relax. 

 Stage two: When you are fully relaxed, concentrate on your forehead. 

Mentally build a pyramid around you. Its base forms a square on the 
ground with you at the centre.

*  Try to see it in your mind, or feel it, or visualise yourself inside 
the pyramid, as if you  were looking at yourself from the outside.
The apex of the pyramid is just above your head.

Stage three: Fill the pyramid with the colour of your choice. 
Relax and let the coloured light  wash over you.
Give free rein to your thoughts, and intruding images. 

*  Try to concentrate on feeling and visualising the pyramid, while 
at the same time relaxing. 
Relax inside the coloured pyramid.
*  If you feel any tension in your body, mentally project a stream 
of coloured light onto the tense area.
*  Let yourself relax completely. Don’t try to control yourself. 
Let yourself float, in a state  of deep relaxation.
 You will probably have spontaneous visions of coloured images. 

Stage four: After a while, re-establish your awareness of your 
body and your breathing.
Take a few deep breaths. Feel your Crystal in you hands. 
Mentally clear the image of the pyramid and open your eyes.
Remain still for a few minutes before resuming your activities.

Friday, January 25, 2013


To keep your Crystal in the best possible condition, remember 
the following points: 

*  Avoid bringing your Crystal into contact with a magnetic 
surface or magnet, as this will delete your programme.

*  Don’t overexpose your Crystal to artificial light, especially 
neon lighting, as this may permanently distort the power
of your crystal.

*  Don’t lend your Crystal to anyone and don’t let anyone else 
handle it. 

* Avoid wearing or carrying your Crystal when you are 
experiencing negative emotions such as anger or unhappiness. 
If you do, you run the risk of your crystal amplifying this negative 
energy which could affect you later. 
When you are not wearing or carrying your Crystal, wrap it in a 
piece of material, of any colour, to protect it, especially the point.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Before programming your Crystal, you can, if you like, 
cancel the programme already "installed" so that you 
can program it to your own specifications.
To do this, hold your Crystal in your hand and
mentally project a ray of yellow light down 
your arm and into your hand. The light will enter the 
crystal through one of its points.
Imagine the yellow light filling the Crystal and flowing 
out at the other end. Continue to visualise the 
yellow energy flowing through and regenerating your 
Crystal for a few seconds.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The power of your Crystal amplifies the effects of the program. 
By wearing or carrying your Crystal with you,
placing it under your pillow at night and 
visualising the appropriate mental
images to achieve a particular goal, it will help influence 
your aura and bring you into harmony with
the energies of the universe, in accordance with the 
programming procedure described.
It can take several days, or even several weeks, before 
you feel the effects and benefits of programming
your Crystal. But when you do, you will be 
able to use them without anyone knowing how
you are doing it. It is better not to discuss it with anyone 
as this can cause significant energy loss and
runs the risk of negating the entire programming procedure.

Monday, January 21, 2013


The images you are going to programme will relate 
to your financial problems. Visualise a large sum
of money that solves these problems once
and for all. Use this visualisation in conjunction 
with the visualisations for attracting money and 
luck into your life.