Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tap into the universal cosmic energy

From the very moment when you become aware of the reality of universal energy, it will respond to your needs.

Information of any type (verbal, chemical, electric, magnetic, luminous, telepathic) will always arrive at the right time. To be more specific, information is a permanent flow of energy that you can filter consciously according to your needs; you willpower automatically selects the information you need to have.

As you get nearer and nearer to the higher vibratory level, the information and messages will tend to arrive more quickly. And if you use your skill and power in the pursuit of good aims, things will come to you as if by magic!

A calm, serene state of mind is an absolute prerequisite if you want to ‘tap into’ the universal cosmic energy. In this regard, it’s absolutely vital you learn to relax. Wherever you are, you need to be able to ‘breathe’. It’s usually possible to calm down and relax quite swiftly, just by controlling the rhythm of your breathing for a few minutes.

If you’re feeling tired or stressed, try to find a quiet place to sit down, with your back nice and straight. First, take three breaths, emphasising the exhalation so as to expel all the polluted air from your lungs. Breathe deeply and calmly for a few moments, close your eyes, then imagine, visualise, a thick cord linked the bottom of your spine (coccyx) with the Earth. Imagine you are drawing a little of the powerful energy of the Earth through that cord, up into the centre of your chest.

Continue to breathe calmly … then imagine that the top of your cranium is opening, like a flower that is blossoming, to allow the golden cord to join up with the sky. All the positive, rejuvenating, regenerating energy descend the cord to your chest and meet up with the energy from the Earth. You will very soon feel a surge in your energy levels.

There may be other times when you feel over=stimulated – after an argument, for example. If you feel the need to calm down, go into another room, or some other neutral, relaxing place, settle yourself down comfortably, back nice and straight, and close your eyes. Once again the act of visualising a thick cord connected to the bottom of your spinal column and plunging into the Earth might help you. Let your surplus energy dissipate through this cord and return to the energy of the Earth.

A way of mobilising this energy or resolving a problem more easily, is to imagine you are enveloped in light. This exercise is particularly good when you have a break at work, for example, or when you have a few moments to yourself with noone looking at you. Close your eyes for a few moments (or place the palm of your hands over your eyelids).

Then imagine, visualise, a great cascade of light that streams over you and envelopes you with its gentle, benevolent rays. Let yourself bask in this light, enjoy its warmth and brightness. Imagine that the room where you are is flooded in it. Take a few moment to make that image more intense. Repeat this exercise several times every day for a week and then see if you notice any change either in yourself or those around you.


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