Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wednesday's magic... to shine at work

One can improve ones situation at work by putting oneself in a better light with the recognition for ones competence. 

Take a business card or a header letter from your work and write on it the names of your superiors.

Put down also, with a few words, what it is you want to obtain or achieve.
A Wednesday at sunset, during the phase of waxing Moon, light a coal upon which you'll burn some Jerusalem incense. Pass the paper over the burning incense, dispersing its smoke while concentrating on your wish. 
Put a pinch of "Power Powder" composed of 1 Part of Benzoin, 1 part of Comfrey, 1 part of Juniper. 

Let the paper rest in the incense smoke so it gets impregnated with it and pronounce seven time the following:

"Elevate, eternal doorways, and the king of glory will make his entry."

You should always bear, the business card or letter, with you.

The tradition tells us that Wednesday is Raphael's day, favourable for commerce, contracts and communication.

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