Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Secret Sun Oil

To attract the favour of important people and material luck you should try and use the Sun.

Take half a litre of virgin olive oil in a transparent glass bottle, and add 20 grams of powdered Veronica and 10 grams of powdered Angelica, to it. Let it sit from full Moon to new Moon. The bottle should be covered in a yellow silk cloth upon which you have previously written the spiritual name of the Sun which is "Nachiel".

The Sunday evening always at the same hour, burn a small amount of this oil in a oil lamp while concentrating on your wishes for some 10-15 minutes.

This should be repeated nine Sundays in a row.

The Sun symbolises power in many civilisations.  It helps you attract light and riches to you. The yellow colour of the silk cloth represents the colour of the Sun and will reinforce its energy.

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