Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Prayer to God, the Almighty

"Amorule, Taneha, Latsten, Rahur, Taneha, Latisten, Escha, Aladia, Alpha & Omega, Leyste, Oriston, Adonai. Please have merci with me, oh Celestial Father, infinitely merciful and charitable, please purify me, please spread upon Your unworthy servant , Your so Holy benediction, hold out Your arms toward Your holy angels so that I, with Your permission, can consult Your divine work, attain Your divine wisdom, and always honour and adore Your Holy Name. I invoke You, Oh my God, and beg You, from the most profound of my heart, to make Your angels listen and come to me, the minute I call them, make them answer my questions, directly and without ambiguity, without any nuisance, hurting or offending whatsoever, make them willingly obey me for the tasks I command them to implement. Amen"

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