Sunday, November 30, 2014

The six feathers or a way to prevent a collegue to harm you

The first Tuesday during waxing Moon,, first hour of the day, go out a try to find feathers from small birds, or if you don't find any you could take hen or dove feathers. You need six. Tie them together three by three, on the first three place something from your "enemy" like a picture, a business card upon which he/she has written something, whatever personal object you can find. Then tie the other three, with a hemp string, the other way around, head to tail. At sunset the Tuesday evening bury the bunch at a forest crossroad while saying three times this:

"Here you are at the road crossing, but all roads are barred. You will never find your way to harm me again. Amen."

The negative value of the number six is failure and conflict. Here it symbolises the bad intentions of the person wanting to harm you.

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