Saturday, June 7, 2014

The knots

In magic, the symbolic of the knots is significant. Many rituals and charms uses them, being powerful energy channel, focusing the intention of the magi or the one realising the charm, for a precise purpose. In magic, the tying and untying of knots are greatly significant gestures, with the objective is to captivate the will of the other, his/her liberty of action, and the release of the same once the results obtained.

The most famous and feared charm, utilising the magical force of the knots, was the knotting of the lanyards, totally terrifying for men in the middle ages because it rendered men impotent.

The seven knots of this sentimental provoking charm corresponded to the seven days in the week. Symbolically, it created the necessary impulsion for the loved one to feel the attraction all day, every day. The knots tying both of you together mentally.

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