Monday, June 9, 2014

Pointing out a few things...

If you are a couple or married, or having problems with your fiancé(e) and you have the feeling that she/he is escaping you, or you feel that communication is no longer as it was, your relationship is deteriorating, then the previous ritual is very accurate to deal with the situation. But magic needs some time to act!

You know, very well, that, when communication is complicated between two people, there is no need to call all the time, to question, to impose.
In any of these cases, the person will only feel harassed and try to escape. So have confidence! Don't forget that both your angels will not cease to work on the celestial plane, to bring you together, which will inevitably echoe in your daily life. So instead of harassing the other take this time to recentre yourself: the lunar ritual is a good idea to regain the magnetism, first in your own life then also in your relationship. Don't neglect this aspect if you want to work on the long terms of your couple.
You should respect each stage. Before starting a real work on the return of a loved one (following chapter) which is not always appropriate and should only be done as the last solution, you should first try to regain the initiate quality of your relationship, the one of sharing and harmony. The ritual of provocation is well adapted for that. Don't hesitate to use it to conserve or find happiness.

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