Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Prayer for love, seven times...

Put a small amount of incense on the burning charcoal, with your left hand and turn the incense burner, in a circular motion, around the red candle as done previously while reading this love charm, sevenfold:

"I invoke you, angel Anael, pure and delicate flame, who reigns at the sides of the Eternal throne. You are the guardian of my soul and I, humble servant, I implore you to lower your gaze on me and come to my aid.
Please guide me on the path of light on the heights where the sky is always blue, in the lands where the sun never sets, so that I can live in the kingdom of clarity, always.
Let the rays of your intelligence and the warmth of your love, penetrate me, so I can radiate with a shining aura which will attract to me, happiness and the success of my most wanted desires.
Give me the power to live in absolute faith in the future, with total serenity, with the complete knowledge that I am directing my life and decides what is good for me. O angel Anael, you who reign upon marvellous forces, like the eternal thoughts of the Almighty, you my divine guide, who preside the sixth day which is consecrated to Venus, I invoke you holy angel Anael, with devotion, so that you attract to me everything that facilitates love and most important...(say the name of the love one).
For this endeavour, I invoke, my guardian angel.... (the name) and the guardian angel of my beloved...(name of his/her angel) so that they, together, unite us, on the divine plane. Make that the union of our two angels, helps us to rejoin in this life and unite us. By the miracles of the all powerful divine of nature and beyond."

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