Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Examples of mental imagery

To make things clearer for you, here are some examples of mental imagery that might be able to adapt to suit your own needs.

Imagine the scene of sensuality, full of tenderness and sincerity. What you imagine may also be quite suggestive, don’t be afraid to use your imagination. Say and repeat to yourself the things people say, imagining this situation : « If I were with him (or her) I would really love to do this or that and then this would happen like that… » Allow your imagination to run wild, you might perhaps even feel excitement and desire, and this will help you to project your feelings towards the person you love.

Money, wealth, work:
As if in a film, imagine yourself, see yourself: you have a cheque in your hands that you were not expecting. It’s « safe » and you are going to be able to spend your money however you like, because you have no fear of running out of money. Your financial situation is enviable, you can see more money coming in. You are someone who is wealthy. Everything is going well financially. So you can afford to treat yourself to things you have long dreamed of, without a second thought.

Imagine yourself in top form. You are looking at yourself in a mirror, you are glowing with health and energy. If an illness is affecting you in a specific place, imagine this place in the form of a dark patch, or shadow. And little by little you will see that dark patch melt like snow in the sun, you will be freed of the illness and will no longer display any of its symptoms. You will be in perfect health.

Visualise the images of success: you see yourself smiling, triumphant, with your arms in the air and this success, this achievement, follows you everywhere. Wherever you go, people seek to please you, to help you. You feel that luck is with you and that it is « solid ». Your determination is stronger than ever. You can do anything. Nothing can ever again stand in your way on the road to success.

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