Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The protective star

This is a method for the protection of those you care for. It can be repeated as often as it pleases you.

Cut out a square (50 cm) in a white linen cloth. Draw upon it, a pentacle like the one hereby, with a dove feather dipped in red Chinese ink.

The heading tip should point North wise. A lit red candle should be put right on that same tip and on the two opposite southern tips, a white candle also lit. In the middle, put pictures of the persons you want to protect, starting with the eldest, finishing with the youngest. Around the pentacle, place above each tip, a wrought nail, pointing outwards, then say the following seven times in a row:

"Confound those who persecutes me and keep me from being confound. Bring them fear and free me from it."

Repeat it every Monday at sunrise.

Monday is a favouring day for harmony in your home, it protects the spouses and children. The nails pointing outwards acts like small antennas evacuating the negative energy from inside and creating a protective barrier, the pentacle symbolises the home and family.

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