Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Apple

The apple is easy to store and takes a lot of time to dry. When one has succeed to dry an apple without having a rotten apple, then it could be placed somewhere in your house where people pass or an often occupied room, so it can diffuse its protective virtues on the house and its occupants. 

The apple has been blessed by the Gods since Antiquity. In the blissful gardens of the Hesperides (Greek mythology) or in the gardens of Asgard (Nordic mythology) the apple was a magic fruit. The Celt  thought that the apple originated from the mythological island of Avalon, and it is said that Merlin the enchanter himself, gave his lessons from beneath an apple tree. Not only had it magical virtues but was and is still considered to "keep away the doctor if one eats an apple a day".

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