Thursday, January 22, 2015


In modern days, incense is particularly appreciated and utilised for the purification of places where dramas and disputes have been taking place.

Suffice to choose the scent of the good quality incense that pleases you. But I recommend you purchase it in a specialised shop, as an esoteric specialist.

Each room should be then purified once a week and the ashes should be thrown into the wind. Even if no drama or upsetting event have happened in your home, you could nevertheless burn some incense every now and then, to chase any accumulating negative energy.

Above a Palo Santo set, Palo Santo being a sacred wood, often used by South American Shamans for the purification before a meditation or a Ayahuasca session.

Incense is known in the tradition, as an intermediary between the physical and the spiritual worlds. The sages could predict future events by observing the movement of the smoke fumes.  

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