Sunday, January 4, 2015

The garlic sachet

If you feel that someone has bad intentions towards you, sow a small, all white sachet and fill it with a whole unpeeled garlic, a strain of mint, one of parsley and some incense. Then after having closed it, repeat the following three times:

"Protect me from those who want to hurt me."

Keep the small sachet in your bedroom, where it will repel any negative wave that could be sent your way.

Garlic has been, since ever, considered to be a magic plant, at least since Antiquity. It had the reputation of repel bad spirits. Many of the medical virtues that were attached to it, have been verified by science, anti parasitic, bactericide and a good stimulant for the cardiovascular system. But its virtues as a good luck charm was also very much appreciated, for example, the Mediterranean sailors never forgot to bring some with them on their journeys. It is also said, a few years ago, that the Spanish soccer/football team always want to have some garlic growing near their goal, to keep away bad luck. 

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