Monday, January 26, 2015

Prayer for the ridding of bad spirits

While doing the cross sign, upon the person or animal victim of a bad spell, make the cross before pronouncing each name following hereafter:

"Lasgaroth, Aphonidos, Palatin, Urat, Condion, Lamacron, Fondon, Arpagon, Alamar, Bourgasis, Veniat, Serehani."

If the action is for yourself, each morning when you get up recite this prayer or rewrite it on a plant based parchment which you'll bear with you always:

"Oh Almighty Father, Oh most tender Mother, Oh most admirable example of tenderness and love, Oh Son Prodigy of all sons, Oh Woman of all women, Soul, spirit, harmony, oh all things, keep us, protect us, guide us, be prosperous for us, always and everywhere."

Finish by repeating threefold the following:

"My God, I have faith in You, in the Son, in the Holy Spirit and also in myself."

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