Saturday, February 7, 2015

Smudging, how to proceed..

Undress and take a shower or a bath. After that, prepare your incense burner with the incense corresponding to your date of birth. Light enough incense for it to release a large amount of smoke. 
Place yourself above the incense so that you are surrounded by the nicely smelling smoke. It could be compared to a smoke bath. Then take a sheet or a blanket and hold it around you so it creates like a tent, keeping the smoke under it and enveloping your body totally.
Make it move slowly so you don't get asphyxiated. 
Stay like this for a few minutes

The smudging could be renewed once a week for four weeks and then once every six weeks for maintenance. 

The planetary incenses:

Sunday-Sun: Arabie incense
Monday-Moon: Myrrh
Tuesday-Mars: Nazareth incense
Wednesday-Mercury: Tear drop incense
Thursday-Jupiter: Benzoin
Friday-Venus: Bethleem incense
Saturday-Saturn: Libanese incense

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