Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Adding perfume...MOON


Influence    :  passiveness, receptivity, submission, docility, inconsistency,                              versatility, indifference, instability, unconsciousness, reverie,                            feebleness,carelessness, indolence, negative imagination

Atmosphere:  convenient for passive situations, for spontaneous clairvoyance,                        looseness, family atmosphere, close relationship with nature or                          for situations where voluntary activity is not favourable.

Occult work:  all work concerning family, the home,                                                             motherhood, femininity children, clairvoyance, 
                    premonitory dreams and intuition

Essential oils: myrrh, lily of the valley, iris, white lily, primrose,water lily

Perfumes for: saffron(3), linden flower(2) cumin(3) honeysuckle leaves(2)

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