Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Celtic Stick

To develop your revenues.

This method can be used to provoke game wins but also to favour promotions, mutations, augmentation of your income... anything that could increase your financial situation.

The mediumistic drawing hereby represents a stick that was seen during a levitation of the megaliths of Morbihan in Brittany (France).The inscriptions engraved into it appear on both sides of the object.
 For it to emit the energy thoroughly it should be held solidly at the base of it while the operator read the following:

"Oh great God, living as One in the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost!
I adore You with the Greatest of respect and submit myself to Your Holy and Worthy protection with the utmost faith: I believe with my most sincere faith, that You are my Creator, my Benefactor, my Support and my Master, and I therefore declare that I have no other desire than to belong to You for Eternity. Amen!"

Here are the characteristics of the cylindrical wooden object hereby so you can reproduce it:

Colour: black
Length: 50 cm
Diameter: 4 cm
Characters: engraved

To utilise this stick, hold it at its base and point it to a picture, a business card, a pay slip or any other attached to the issue that preoccupies you, and concentrate some 10 minutes.

Repeat this action every night for a whole lunar cycle, starting with the day after the black moon.

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