Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Magic Dust

To be luckier than your competitors.

If you have issues in your business or trade, try this secret recipe to success and attract the same or even more luck than your most successful competitors.

A Thursday AM, solar hour, go to the shop of one of your principal competitors, a very successful one. Gather some dust from the floor, discretely, keep this dust in a plastic or cardboard box. Once back in your shop, release the dust in your shop while pronouncing this prayer:

"I send this prayer to you, with confidence, so that you intercede for me to God, that he makes my business flourish. Like a tree, thriving upon the bank of a river, giving beautiful fruits, season after season, never losing its leaves, that is how I want my business to thrive, always."

Like the other shop, my shop will have as much clients.

In this recipe, the dust as well as any other item from the prosperous shop have been "magnetised" by the positive energies of the successful shop. The dispersing of the dust in your shop will attract to it the clients of your competitor. No need to have much dust for it to work, a pinch will do just fine.

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