Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The energy boosting trees

When you feel depressed and tired you need something that would boost your energies.

Choose a big, strong, beautiful tree, an Oak, a Birch tree, a Chestnut tree, following your instinct  and attraction.

Place the palm of your hands or your spine on the tree trunk to feel tits energy circulate.

To permit these energies flow through your body and bring the dynamic benefits, some 10 minutes will be enough.

Do not forget to thank the tree for its contribution before leaving.

In ancient time, trees were considered as living beings with mysterious powers given to them by the Gods. Their powers gave birth to many legends. Symbol of longevity and force, they have sometimes even been raised to the same rang as the Gods by many  ancient civilizations.Throughout the centuries their vital power remains strong and it is recommended to gather some for yourself as often as possible.

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