Thursday, August 8, 2013

• FRIDAY, have a clear-out at home:

you can favour the positive energy in your home by tidying up on a regular basis. Piles of stuff everywhere, objects left forgotten in corners and the back of the wardrobe and dust on the furniture can become « nests » where negative vibrations and harmful energies can gather and take root. It may take a bit of time and energy, but organisation at home is vital to allow renewal in your life. 
Now the holidays are here you can make time for it! While you’re tidying and cleaning, imagine you are clearing out all your woes, all your negative thoughts and the problems that are holding you back in life. As you wash and put things away, visualise the order that is coming over your life. As you throw away things that are old and broken, leaving behind everything that’s no longer useful or needed, visualise how you are freeing yourself of the weight of the problems of your past. The results are guaranteed.

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